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Tear me in Two. by MyMyMiss
Chapter 1 : The One where Fred Introduces Fred.
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Chapter One.
The one where Fred Introduces Fred.

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He had fallen in love.

Falling in love is not so hard to do really, No, not when you think about it, actually it's quite easy. I have been in love multiple a couple of times, first I fell in love with Angelina Johnson in my Fourth year, then, during my fifth year, I was apparently devoted to Katie Bell, according to my brothers; After that in my Sixth year, I had this sudden short term puppy love sickness for Alicia Spinnet, stolen right out from under Lee Jordan’s nose, my was he pissed.

Finally in my Seventh and last year of Hogwarts, and after my other brother so vividly stated I had done my rounds of the Gryffindor Qudditch team and suggested I looked in another direction, I fell for Brainy bookworm, goody two shoes, Hermione Granger. God Did I love her, I think I still have one of her favourite books I stole for her room, hauled away in secret in my old room.

You thought this story was going to be about me falling in love with some other idiot didn’t you? Well sorry to disappoint you but I'm not going to be in love with anyone, not this time anyway.

But you see that girl there, sitting right in front of me, the girl with the long light brown hair? The one with freckles, loose pinned back hair,Dark Chocolate eyes and no-make up? The plain Jane girl, well her name is Chasity. That there, the boasting bimbo, who is watching as people swoon over Chasity, is her brother Chance. Chance is taking over the seeking position of the Slytherin Quidditch team and is the biggest jerk ever.

The two Wellington siblings are completely polar opposite, in my opinion anyway. Both are from different houses and from what I can tell have different personalities. Chance is a Slytherin, Quidditch star, seventh year and has the biggest popularity status sense since The-Boy-Who-Lived-Twice, plus, he is a total jerk; especially when in the spot light.

Chasity however has a brain full of knowledge. Honestly I think she is Hermione Weasley's kid. She just has to be. Her Brain is sure to overload shortly and explode. She's a Hufflepuff, but with the heart and courage to be in Gryffindor, she's somewhat cunning for Slytherin and she is the brains to be in Ravenclaw, go figure right? Perhaps this time the Sorting hat was wrong. Or perhaps that Hat itself got confused.

Chasity wasn't in to the latest fashion or had to have the perfect make-up or hair. She loved the rain and was rather entertained with mud. When I first glanced upon her, she appeared to be the kid that I swore was going to be picked on, but when she was placed into Hufflepuff everyone thought she was the coolest kid ever. In Hufflepuff? What is Hogwarts doing?

But now finally in her sixth year at Hogwarts she has blossomed and apparently all the guys are noticing that they have an attractive young girl amongst them. Including that boy there.

His name is James Potter. Son of Harry and Ginny Potter, cousin to that idiot picking his nose there, Hugo Weasley, and brother of Albus Potter. If he could see my glare he would probably laugh right in my face. You see he’s my nephew.

Oh, you finally realised. Yes, great now we’re half way through the introduction you’re just realising that I am Fred Weasley the First, Son of Molly and Arthur Weasley, The Famous twin of George Weasley and residential ghost of Hogwarts who kicked Peeves out the day after the battle. Hi, pleased to meet you.

Now here's another thing I might mention, Even though I love James considering he’s my nephew as well as Hugo and Albus too, I have a certain soft spot for that boy sitting at the Hufflepuff table.

You see that tanned swarthy young man over there. Handsome facial features, sitting next to Chasity and ever so quietly watching her work on an assignment due tomorrow, well that's Fred Weasley, the second, George’s son - whom he named after me, which I'm very honoured about- and he’s in love with Chasity Wellington.

He’s the boy who has fallen in love, and I as Uncle Fred, the first and clearly more talented in the area of love, am on a mission. It would almost be suicide if I wasn't a ghost already, but however as Fred's Guardian it is my duty to help when I can and this is one of those times.

I, Fred Weasley, am about to embark on the quest of helping Fred Weasley the Second, win the girl that he is so hopelessly in love with even if it tears me in two.

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