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The Return of Miss Potter by Zyii
Chapter 2 : A Tale Entirely Unforgettable
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I own nothing but Hannah and the plot (:

They rushed her to the hospital wing in the middle of the night. She was in bad condition, Kingsley related to Dumbledore that they’d found her in an abandoned mansion, alone and bound. The mansion was believed to have been one of Voldemort’s last hideouts. Her body was badly bruised and beaten, a series of odd shaped cuts and scrapes covered her body, dried blood still caked on her skin. Her face appeared to have served a murderous beating, leaving her skin in multiple shades of colour and her left eye slightly swollen. Her body was swollen like she hadn’t eaten in days, whether she could talk or not, no one knew and she refused to look anyone in the eye.

It was unwise to talk to her in this state, and as Madam Pomfrey bustled over, followed by some expertly trained healers, courtesy of the Kingsley and the Ministry. The majority of people left until only Dumbledore, Kingsley and a couple of choice aurors remained.

“Dumbledore, there is more to this than we thought. Look at her” Kingsley remarked sadly.

“Yes, it’s a miracle she’s still alive”, he turned and motioned two aurors to him. “You, please send a letter to Mrs. Malfoy requesting her presence in my office 9 o’clock tomorrow morning. And you, send both Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy to my office for the same time” both aurors nodded and disappeared.

“And now we wait” sighed Dumbledore.

“And now we wait” repeated Kingsley.
An awkward silence filled the walled of Dumbledore’s office and the occupants of Harry, Draco and Narcissa waiting in a deep silence, each knowing why they were there but afraid to acknowledge the reason, let alone talk about it together. Dumbledore had asked them to remain patient until he returned. He hoped to ask Miss Potter some questions of his own before involving the others.

“She’s awake” Madam Pomfrey stated as Dumbledore entered the hospital wing. He merely nodded in her direction before moving to the closed ward housing the injured Miss Potter.

Dumbledore was most surprised however when he found Miss Potter awake and leaning up against her pillows.

“Professor Dumbledore” she barely whispered his name, again causing him to be momentarily startled, he was not aware that she would know who he was.

“Miss Potter-“

“Hannah” she replied.

“Hannah” he repeated.

They studied each other for moments.

“I know you want my story Professor. I know you want my memories and my truth. By all means, I’ll drink veritesirum for you” she paused for breath.

“I’m so glad you’ve consented to that Hannah” Dumbledore cut into her silence.

She did not seem particularly happy with his interrupting comment and merely continued, “I have not finished Professor. I will tell you my story, but I will not utter a word until my brother, Narcissa and Draco are standing in this room”

Dumbledore looked at her, and sighed, “I was hoping to avoid involving them until at least I’d heard your story for myself” he paused at the look of determination on her face, “but it seems I shall have to bow to your word, they will join us in a minute I’m sure” and with a flick of his wrist, he’d sent a patronus into his office, relaying her message.

The three figures Hannah was longing to see arrived much quicker than Dumbledore expected, though Hannah was not deterred by their speedy arrival. The sight of them made her heart weep with gladness and she felt some of the darkness she’d been shrouded in slip away.
Upon seeing Hannah Narcissa let out a strangled sigh of relief and Draco’s heart leapt with joy. Harry however stood rooted to the spot, complete shock preventing him from moving. Dumbledore stepped back and observed the scene for a slight distance. Both Draco and Narcissa rushed towards Miss Potter, intent on embracing the one they had worried over for so long, while Harry stood meekly at the foot of her bed. When their hugging was over, Hannah leaned forward to hug the brother she’d been waiting years to see, only to be pushed back by Dumbledore’s invisible command.

Hannah swallowed the hurt and betrayal she felt at that gesture but let the tear roll down her face, Narcissa hissed under her breath, penetrating Dumbledore’s eyes with her own fiery ones.

Before angry words could be thrown, Hannah spoke into the silence, “I understand that was necessary, you do not trust me, but I won’t pretend it didn’t hurt”.

Dumbledore walked towards Hannah carrying a glass containing a few drops of veritesirum, “Here, drink this” he said, as he handed her the glass and watched her drink. “Now, Miss Potter, tell us your story, from the beginning please”.

Taking in a deep breath, Hannah began her long story. “I suppose you mean from the very beginning. I escaped the night James and Lily died because in fear of the possibility that James and Lily would die, Lily cast a very complex piece of magic on me that would only come into action should they both die. Part of it was a glamour spell to hide my true appearance, which you can now see has been broken. A complex memory block was placed in my mind, that if activated would both store every memory I’d ever had and every memory Harry had ever had. I would have access to all these memories only if the situation became so dire that hope of survival was slim, I think Lily wanted me to know who I was if the end was near. And lastly she cast a spell that would send me to a house of muggle parents should she or James ever die.

And so my life from the night James and Lily died to the time I received my Hogwarts letter passed without incident. I see you look shocked to see I attended Hogwarts, none of you remember me of course, I was a nobody. I had but one friend, best friend, Luna Lovegood. She was always so kind to me. I was sorted into Gryffindor house, like Harry and I remember even then as if I knew him but not understanding why.
Then came the night Harry fought Voldemort in the graveyard and it was not long after that that I was snatched from my home. Those people I’d believed to be my parents, nothing more than complex magic, as soon as I was taken from the house they dispelled into fragments of dust. Voldemort took me, he knew who I was and being in his presence broke the mind block. I guess at that point the situation was deemed life threatening. So everything rushed out in a big torrent of memories, everything I’d seen, everything Harry had seen tumbled into my brain, our memories linking together created hope. A sense that I wasn’t alone and if I dared to dream, someday I might meet this twin of mine”
Hannah paused for breath and wiped a tear falling from her eye, her audience waited breath held, for her to continue.

“At first Voldemort showed lenience towards me and sought to charm me into doing what he wanted. He wanted to train me you see, make me into his personal assassin. He wanted me to kill H-H-Harry, he thought it was ironic see, one twin killing another. But I could not do that, I was not, am not a follower of darkness, I wouldn’t kill the only bright thing left in my life. So I sought to tell Voldemort this, I told him I would not carry out this murderous deed, that I would not be a pawn in his game of power. He didn’t like that, I thought for certain he would kill me and I welcomed death, for at least I would have kept my brother safe for a time. But my death did not come, instead I got this”

Hannah turned to the side slightly and pulled up the back of her shirt, removing the concealment charm she’d place and revealing to her audience a jagged deep red scar running from her right side up to the middle of her back. Narcissa gasped in shock as tears ran freely down her cheeks, while both Harry and Draco looked deathly pale and shocked. Dumbledore opened his mouth to speak but Hannah stopped him.

“Please Professor, don’t, it doesn’t not hurt at the moment. It was done with a knife and then enhanced with magic. The cut will close in time and I’ll be left with a scar. After my defiance to Voldemort, he ordered me to be locked away, tortured but not killed. He still planned to use me against Harry, he just didn’t know that Harry had no idea I existed. It was while I was restrained and locked in this dark damp room that I met Cissie and Draco who were to care for me, well Voldemort’s definition of care, which was merely torture.

I guess you could say this is where my life started a new. Cissie and Draco cared for me; they looked after me and protected me as much as they could. Neither Cissie nor Draco has ever been death eaters or followers of the dark. I see your scepticism Professor but we cannot argue that I am not telling the truth for you know I am. Cissie became my adoptive Mother, she was the one to show me true love, and Draco made life bearable, he’d hold me close and comfort me when the tears came.

Severus Snape also became part of my life, a very important part actually. I am sad that he is gone, oh and Professor, he’s been absent from his portrait because he’s been avoiding you. He was my Godfather you see, he didn’t want you to know until it was time. Severus taught me occlumency so Voldemort could no longer interfere with my mind and he told me stories about Lily and James and about Harry’s life and troublesome streak. He also gave me Dora”

On uttering that name a crack sounded and in its place stood a very smartly dressed house elf. She wore a purple pleated dress pulled over a bright green t-shirt. Dora took no absolutely no notice of the people looking at her and promptly jumped on the bed and curled up on Hannah’s lap.

“Dora was Severus’s elf but he assured me that she’d said something big was coming. When she saw me, Severus realised I was the big thing she’d mentioned. We became tied by a very old piece of magic, Dora is not my house elf, she is my best friend. We have a kind of telepathic link, she can tell if I’m in trouble or angry, sad, etc. She used to sit up with me when I was locked away, she’d read me muggle fairytales or made up stories and allowed my mind to find retreat. I made the dress she’s wearing; she said she wanted to wear my favourite colours.
Life continued like this for close to three years, the torture quickly becoming separate from the privacy of love behind the locked door. And then suddenly I was left, I realise now they’d all come to Hogwarts for the final battle, but I didn’t know that then, I’d been left to die. Before Voldemort left for battle, he tortured me close to within an inch of my life. He thought it was funny to leave me barely alive, awaiting death.

And I was left chained and stuck in that mansion, Dora finding scraps of food for us where she could; she couldn’t apparate from the mansion. So I awaited death, while Dora comforted me. Then your aurors appeared and I told Dora to hide. And suddenly there was light in my life again, so bright but barely there” Hannah finished her story in barely a whisper, looking at three pairs of tear stained eyes, yet the eyes she craved to see the most would not look at her. Waving away her disappointment, she used her wand to extract her memories into a flask and handed them to Dumbledore.

“Take them” she said, and watched as both Dumbledore and Harry walked from the room. As soon as they had left, the tears she had held while talking came spilling out. Cissie compassionately squeezed her hand in reassurance, while Hannah cried into Draco’s shoulder. “I…thought I’d n-never…see you again” she cried between sobs.

Cissie, who couldn’t stand to see her in so much pain, reached forward and turned Hannah’s face to look directly into hers. “Little girl, do you ever think we’d let you go! We love you too much for that, you are part of our family. We are so glad to have found you” Cissie wiped the tears from Hannah’s face as she comforted the girl she had come to love as her own.

She felt the young girl quiver beneath her, but Hannah spoke before she could ask. In the smallest of whispers, Hannah asked, “What if he doesn’t want to be my brother?” Cissie looked at Draco over Hannah’s head. Draco was about to answer when the door opened again revealing a very pale emotionally drained Harry Potter, with tears falling fast and hard from his eyes.

Cissie moved out of her embrace with Hannah to allow Harry access to his sister. In one swift moment he held her in a bone crushing hug and she wept on his shoulder at his complete acceptance of her. Cissie smiled knowing Hannah’s worry of her brother’s love was now completely forgotten.

Harry pulled back from the hug just enough to whisper, “I love you lil’ sis” in the ear of the family he vowed to protect forever.

Note: Ok was that alright? This chapter was basically what my dream was about. Now I’m on my own for the storyline (:

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