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Keep Breathing by Loving_Sirius_4eva
Chapter 1 : A New Beginning!
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Chapter 1- A new beginning

“Are you sure she’ll be alright Albus?” My mother questioned… again.

I was sitting on the kitchen counter eating an extremely juicy red apple, listening to my mother’s conversation in the next room.

“I promise you Alison, she’s in good hands. She’ll have a nurse there.” Professor Dumbledore reassured once again.

At the beginning of last year, my mother found me in my bedroom lying on the floor unconscious. When I went to hospital to get a check-up they found out that I had a brain tumor.

Mine was in an extremely dangerous position which could kill me immediately if I went for an operation. So basically, there is no cure for me.

Doctors say that I have around three years left. My parents were devastated but became strong for me. I accepted it after a few weeks. I told them that I was fine and that everyone has to die someday.
Maybe god wanted me a bit earlier.

“Lindy” I looked up to see my mum and Dumbledore staring straight at me. I wonder what decision she has made. “You better start packing.” She broke into a smirk.

I laughed and ran to hug her. “Thanks mum. I love you.” I whispered in her ear.

“You’re welcome baby” so that’s it, I am finally going.

When I was young I didn’t go to Hogwarts. My parents use to home school me but I told my parents that I wanted to attend my last two years of schooling at Hogwarts. I wanted to enjoy before I left this world.

“Thank you so much professor Dumbledore.” I turned to face him.

“Not at all Miss Hill. You better start packing the train is leaving tomorrow to Hogwarts and every Wednesday you will visit St Mungo for a regular check-up.” I groaned. I hated these check-ups. “Now, if you would take a seat and find out which house you’re in”

I sat down on the couch and watched him place a brown crumpled hat on my head.

'I see, you are in an interesting condition.' I listened to the hat ramble on about me. 'You won’t be any good in Slytherin but Gryffindor, maybe. Where loyalty lies and where friendship will be presented. People will learn to love you and grow strongly attached to you. This only means one place.'


Dumbledore smiled at me. “I thought you’d be in there. Well that’s all”

I nodded and run up to my room. I took out some parchment from under my pillow and crossed out number 4.

4. Going to Hogwarts

I placed it back under my pillow and walked to my desk, where I found my new trunk lying on my bed with the name ‘Lindy Roselyn Hill’ engraved on it. I was in Gryffindor, the house where both my parents were in. I was delighted and excited for tomorrow.

I am Lindy Roselyn Hill as you may already know. I am known as a shy girl who isn’t noticed by anyone. I have soft curly long hair that is up to my chest. It is blonde with a few brown streaks and my eyes are an ocean blue colour. I am thin but to my doctors I am underweight. And I was finally attending Hogwarts.

I bounced down the stairs with wand in my hand. I was finally going to school.

“I’ll miss you my sweetie. Take care and be careful.” I hugged my dad tightly and kissed him on the cheek. He wasn’t coming.I had insisted that he went to work since he had an important meeting at the ministry.

I sat in the front of the car and watched outside. I had my novel ‘The Hobbit’ with me. I got it for Christmas from my mum.

‘Here we are” my mum announced. We were now parked in front of King’s Cross Station. “Are you sure you don’t want me to come honey.”

“I’m sure mum.” She passed me my luggage and hugged me tightly. I didn’t want to see her cry. I rolled my trunk and waked away from her.

I honestly had no idea where to go.

I walked further until I collided into someone.

“I am so sorry” she started. I looked up face to face to a young aged girl. Her eyes were green and her long locks were an enflamed red colour.

“it’s okay’ I replied.

‘Are you sure.” I nodded. “Wait, are you going to Hogwarts too?” she asked suddenly.

“Yes, I am in sixth year.”

“I’ve never seen you before.” She looked confused.

‘I’m new.” I whispered quietly.

“Don’t be scared, I’m in sixth year too. Lily Evans” she held out her hand towards me.

“My name is Lindy Roselyn Hill”

“That is a really pretty name.”

‘Thanks” I already liked her. She was so kind.

“Come let’s get on the train” I followed her around and laughed when she told me that we had to run through the brick wall. I thought it was a joke until she told me to follow her.

When I went through safely, she grabbed my hand and helped me on board.

“Hey Alice” Lily hugged another girl. She had dark brown hair up to her shoulders and light brown eyes. “This is Lindy. She’s new and in Gryffindor”

“Hi I’m Alice. Nice to meet you Lindy.” She came to me and hugged me. I smiled back.

“Nice to meet you too.”

“And I am Marlene, welcome to our group Lindy.” Another dark haired girl came from behind Alice.


“Come on let’s find seats.” Lily guided us towards the train.

I was talking to Marlene while Lily and Alice searched for an empty compartment. “So, you were home schooled all this time.” She asked again.

“Pretty much.”

“Wow, that is so cool.”

“it was really lonely.” She smiled sadly and changed the subject.

“Evans! Want to join our compartment.” I looked forward to see a tall boy with jet black hair (sticking in every possible direction) blocking Lily’s way. He had round glasses which to me suited him.

Behind him were three other boys. One was a short fellow with a pointed nose and mousy eyes. The guy on his right had sandy brown hair and was fairly tall. He looked intelligent and had his eyes on my new friend Marlene.

I smiled and then noticed the last boy who had his eyes on me. He seemed very attractive. He had long black hair that was messed up and stormy grey eyes which I stared straight into. I broke it when I heard Lily scream.

“Get out of my way Potter or you’ll see the worst from me!” she looked livid.

“Your wish is my command, my flower” Lily walked past him and walked into the compartment door next to theirs. I walked past them and felt someone’s eyes on me.

“You mustn’t like them much.” I commented.

“Like them. We dislike them a lot” Lily informed.

“Who are they?” I asked.

“They are the famous most wanted bachelors, who are called the Marauders.” Alice spoke up.

“There is Peter the shortest one among them. Then there is Remus who is the tall one with sandy brown hair.” I could picture Remus now, the intelligent looking one. “James is the one that blocked Lily’s way.”

“The insufferable git who can’t stop annoying me, you mean.” Lily interrupted.

“Yeah, James has a huge crush on Lily and has been asking her out for the past four years now.” Marlene laughed.

“I remember the time he sang you a song in front of the school. You threw your pumpkin juice at his face.” I laughed at what Alice had said.

“Lily my love, Life is so tough

Without you there, life seems so bare.

I always care but you always glare.

I always stare, whenever you’re there

You are my air and my only affair

Please be aware, that I’m so rare

Give me a chance, and take one glance.

Shall we go to France and have a dance?”

Marlene was now on one knee holding her hand out to Lily. She had recited the song and started laughing. “I can’t believe that I remembered it” Marlene exclaimed.

“Yeah, well I remember the fact that he was left dripping wet with NO as his answer.” Lily smirked and sat down.

What are they like?” I asked.

“Well, Peter is Peter, shy and can’t talk to girls. Remus is sweet and intelligent and is like a brother to me. James is a git and Sirius is just serious.” Lily concluded with a smile. ”Stay away from them, they are the number one trouble makers in this school.”

“You only say that because James got you you’re first detention. I remember everyone was working on their essays when you and James started pulling on a quill and started shouting.” Alice believed.

“Yeah, that’s because he was trying to steal my quill.” I laughed I felt like I knew them already.

“Tell me about yourselves.”

“Well, I am a muggle-born and I have an annoying sister named Petunia.” Lily started.

“I am a half-blood and an only child.” Marlene said next.
“And I am a pureblood who is madly in love with Frank.” I smiled they all seemed so nice.

“Speaking of crushes, Marlene are you still interested in Remus?” Lily asked.

“Yes Lily, I am not going to forget my second years crush that easily.” She replied.

“I’m sure he’ll ask you out.” She smiled at me.

“Thanks Lindy. I hope so.”

I needed to go to the toilet real bad and also because it was time to change into our uniform. “Does anyone know where the toilet is?”

“Yeah, just walk down the aisle and you’ll find yourself there. Want me to come?” Lily offered.

“No, I’ll manage.” I closed the door and decided to go left. I passed the Marauders compartment while going.

I finally came to an end. I must have gone the wrong way. I turned around to see two boys wearing their uniforms but theirs had green on it.

“Hello there. Are you new?” one asked.

“Y-yes” I replied.

“Don’t be scared. We’re just here to be friends. My name is Regulus, I’m in Slytherin.” He held his hand out. He was smiling softly at me, seemed friendly enough to me.

“I’m Lindy, I'm in Gryfindor. Nice to meet…” but before I could finish someone interrupted.

“Stay away from her Regulus.” He growled. I recognised him. He was the one staring at me and he looked so much like this other boy named Regulus.

I just looked at him then back at Regulus as they fled away. “Hi, sorry about that but you should stay away from them.” Funny that’s what Lily told me about him.

“You look like…” I just pointed at where Regulus was.

“Oh, that was my brother.” He looked a little uncomfortable so I decided not to push any further.

“Are you okay?” I turned back to face him and nodded. “You don’t seem to talk much. What’s your name?”

“My name is Lin…” I started.

“There you are. You went the wrong way!” Lily appeared from behind the boy. “What are you doing with him?”

“She was stucked with some Slytherins”

“Come on Lindy let’s change.” Lily pulled me along.
"Is his name Sirius?” I asked.

“Yes, he is a very loyal friend but has never found love. He dates the weirdest girls but he realises that they don’t like him for what he truly is. He has his very own fan club.”

“Like Sirius, named after the star.” Lily just nodded back. He seemed nice.

After a few more conversations, we realized we had arrived at Hogwarts. Hgwarts was amazing and very beautiful.

They brought me to the great Hall and told me that they’ll show me around later.

Marlene was telling us a joke, which only Alice and I laughed at. Lily just looked confused and shrugged. We all became quiet when Professor Dumbledore stood up.

The feast was amazing. They had all different kinds of food.

I was now walking around the castle with the rest of the girls. They showed me the Astronomy Tower, Black Lake and ways to get around the school. It would probably take a while to get used to.

We were all now heading back to the Gryffindor common room where we found the Marauders lounging on the chairs.

“Good Evening lovely ladies.” James called out when we entered. I looked over to see Remus reading a book, Peter playing chess with that boy who is named after the star and James relaxing.

“Good Night, girls” we all watched Lily walk up the stairs with Marlene and Alice. I didn’t know if I should follow her or to stay. I didn’t even know why Lily disliked him so much!

I looked around the room and smiled. It was so welcoming and warm.

“Hi I’m James Potter, and you are?” I looked over to see James standing and smiling at me. I really didn’t know what to do.

“Hi, goodnight.” I quickly followed behind Marlene and Alice. I wasn’t really that good at introductions, especially with boys.

I heard one of the boys whisper. “You didn’t have to scare her Prongs.” Prongs? What was that?

I went to my dorm and I stood there wondering what to do.“That’s your bed Lindy, sorry we left you there.” Alice showed me my bed which was next to Lily’s. I thanked her and went to change.

Tomorrow I would officially start school and meet new people. I just couldn’t wait.

I went to the bathroom and swallowed my pills. I didn't need anyone treating me differently.  

Once I was done I pulled my bed covers on top of me and closed my eyes, slowly drifting off to sleep waiting for a rather exciting day.

Sirius POV
Peter was good at wizard chess but not so good. I looked up at the sound of Prongs greeting. I found four girls standing there. Now it became three.

I looked at Lindy. She seemed lost in her own world. She was looking at the common room and smiling. 

“Hi I’m James Potter, and you are?” I watched to see her expression. She looked nervous probably since everyone was staring at her.

“Hi, Goodnight” she responded. Her voice was so sweet and lenient.
I watched her walk slowly up the stairs, taking each step carefully.

“You didn’t have to scare her Prongs” I smiled and went back at the game. I caught Remus smiling at me.

“Why are you smiling Moony?” I asked out of curiosity.

“Nothing, just wondering what the girls name was.” I looked at him.

“Lindy, I don’t know the rest of her name though.” I frowned slightly.

“Suits her” James spoke up still staring at where she stood before. I scowled and looked away from James's amused face. 


Authors Note: I hope you enjoy this first Chapter. Please review it and tell me what you think. Am I going too fast? It might take a while to post the next chapter since I have other stories chapters to post. I haven't been writing lately but i'm back. I just have to tell you that I like to show the girls and the boys POV, so sorry if you don’t like that but it will mainly be Lindys POV. PLEASE REVIEW. Thanks.


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