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Only a Piece of Wood by daliha
Chapter 6 : A Day With Wood
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October 30th 1993


            Robin felt her cheeks heat up as she burned the letter.  The rude letters kept pouring of course she had her suspicions of the possible culprits still she wouldn't let these ridiculous not to mention childish letters get to her.


             Robin twirled her wand around a small smile crawling onto her lips.


            Tomorrow she'd go to Hogsmeade with Oliver Wood.


            Her roommates had all fawned over the idea except for a sulky Sarah Stimpson, the girl's ignored her but Robin still was curious. Sarah was usually a cheerful, kind girl but lately she had been a complete...


            Robin frowned struggling to find a word only to come up with curses. The redhead stood deciding today she wouldn't change out of her pijamas, after all the sun had only just rose from the now orange sky. She walked down the spiral steps hoping to find herself in an empty common room.


            With her N.E.W.Ts classes there was almost no time to just sit and lounge around. Especially with Percy Weasley breathing down one's neck making sure the Gryffindors were kept in line.


            She smirked at her last thought jumping the last few steps, the common room was being occupied at the moment. Robin saw the person turned staring back at her with a glare her dark eyes burning holes into Robin head.


            “Sarah” she whispered giving her a small wave. The brunette stood up wiping the tears from her face. “Are you-”


            “I'm just fine Watson” she said her voice dripping with sarcasm as she gave Robin a sweeping look from head to toe before snorting “I still can't believe it...”


            Robin raised and eyebrow “believe what?” Sarah walked past her without another word muttering something only she could hear. Frowning Robin turned to watched Sarah walk up to the dormitories. “Really someone's hormonal!” she huffed her quiet morning had just been ruined.


            Sarah Stimpson had been Robin roommate for the last seven years. They weren't best friends nor were they enemies. The girls were on speaking terms with one another after all they did live together for ten months a year. During all that time Robin had never seen Sarah Stimpson look at her the way she just did now, or call her Watson...


            Usually that was done by Slytherins and Percy Weasley.


            She tried to shake it off reminding herself that none of those girls had ever been real friends. All of them had their silly little group that Robin was forced to accept so who was to say she couldn't have a little fun.


            She smiled at the thought of the brown haired boy. Everything from his eyes to  his thick Scottish accent. The boy was absolutely adorable but Robin was curious to know Oliver Wood.


            Something about him was curious...


            Robin put her feet up on the coffee table as she usually did in the morning. After what seemed like an hour people started to arrive down into the common room. A tall dark haired girl took a seat next to her.


            Perhaps Robin Watson did after a friend after all.


            Dai Chang was the prettiest girl in their year. She had long black hair, high cheekbones and dark eyes. For the past seven years she, like Robin, spent most of her time away from their roommates. Instead Dai spent most of her time with the Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs.


            “Morning Ro'!” she said cheerfully turning to Robin. “Say what's gotten into Sarah?”


            Robin shrugged.


            “Alright then” began Dai putting her finger on her chin “say we have a game of chess!”


            Robin snorted “Chess is boring, how about exploding snaps?”


            Dai stood up “I like you already Watson” she smiled pulling Robin up “let's shower and get some breakfast!”


            “Your strange Chang” stated Robin as they walked up the stairs. Dai winked in response as they walked into the dormitory.


            Breakfast was as normal as could be, besides the fact that people pointed and whispered as Robin walked towards the Gryffindor table.


            She took a seat across from Elliot Ashdown and Oliver Wood.


            “Morning Ashdown!” greeted Dai taking the juice jug from Oliver's hand “morning to you too Wood.”


            “It's Elliot!” snapped the boy frowning. It was common knowledge in Gryffindor house that Elliot Ashdown hated to be called by his last name.


            “Sorry then.”


            Robin kept quiet as she stared at Oliver who stared back fumbling with a magazine. “Hullo Robin...” he mumbled. She pulled the magazine from his hands.


            “Which Broomstck?” she read off the covered as he blushed “I thought you had a broom.”


            “It's not only 'bout brooms” he said running his fingers through his hair as Robin skimmed through it. “It has up to date information on all the teams in the English league.”


            Dai looked over Robin's shoulders “So in what place are the Tornadoes in?” Immediately Oliver turned to Dai raising an eyebrow.


            “You're a Tornadoes fan” he rolled his eyes “they're at the bottom with the Chudley Cannons.” His Scottish accent was more notably than what Robin thought.


            Dai's eyes narrowed as she glared at Oliver “Don't you dare compare them to the Cannons!”


            Robin and Elliot watched as they argued back and forth about Quidditch.


            “Oliver! Chang stop it!” snapped Elliot fiercely slamming his Muggle Studies book onto the table between the two.


            They turned to Elliot glaring.


            “Fine!” they said in unison. Robin handed Oliver back his magazine.


            “You'll have to explain whatever you two were talking about” Oliver opened his mouth a few times before just nodding.


            Dai giggled while Elliot patted Oliver one the back all these reactions went unnoticed by Robin who simply filled her plate with the nearest foods.



October 31th 1993


            Halloween morning had arrived too soon for Robin's taste. She sat up on her bed untangling her messy red hair.


            “Up already?” she heard Dai's voice asked or rather yawn.


            “It's nine o'clock” responded Robin swinging her feet off the bed. “The rest of the girls are at breakfast” she added walking towards her trunk.


            Dai who now sat on the edge of her bed yawned once more as Robin pulled out her clothes. “Why aren't you getting dressed?” asked Robin standing throwing her towel over her shoulder..


            “Not going” answered Dai simply stretching “got piles of homework to do.” Robin gave her a disappointed look.


            “Oh don't give me that Ro'” Dai dismissed the matter with a wave of her hand “you'll be with Wood!”


            Robin rolled her eyes as she walked towards the bathroom. “Fine then, hope you have fun!”


            Dai snorted “yeah fun studying for Potions with Sophia” with that she threw herself back onto her bed.


            Robin smiled at Dai's comment.



            After a quick shower she threw on her clothes and ran down to the Entrance Hall. Breakfast must have been long over.


            She had taken the right guess. The Entrance Hall was packed with students waiting to be inspected by Filch before they could get onto the carriages.


            Robin squinted hoping to spot Oliver in the crowd. “Now where the hell can that boy be?” she muttered take a step down the stairs.




            She turned facing a tall burly boy. Smiling she patted him on the back “I'm thinking you were late to breakfast yourself.”


            Oliver nodded stuffing his hands into his pockets as he stood now at full height. “I was...sorry I was trying to get a hold of Katie-”




            He nodded looking past her. “It's okay, you have a team to run” Robin yawned taking a step down the stairs “c'mon I'm starving!”


            With that Oliver walked side by side with Robin.


            Their inspection had gone fairly well. For once Filch didn't accuse Robin of anything, though he sniffed Oliver in some rather uncomfortable places. His attention was soon taken away from Oliver onto the Weasley twins and their friend Lee Jordan.


            They took their chance and ran off. Robin pulled Oliver towards the first carriage they could find. Inside she laughed still holding Oliver's hand.


            “If you had seen the look on your face!” she said her green eyes sparkling. Oliver nodded his face as red as his Quidditch robes.


            “W-wh-” he sputtered as she giggled.


            “Filch?” she said trying to jog his recent memory “almost sniffing y-you-your-” Robin burst into laughter as his eyes widened.


            “Filch almost sniffing my behind is not funny!” he had to almost yell to get her attention. Her face was now pink from her excessive laughter.


            She smiled at him biting her lips “I still think it's funny” Robin whispered. Oliver smiled his eyes now on the window. “You don't mind if we get something to eat first?” she asked bringing back his attention.


            “Of course not” he answered as the carriage came to a stop. He stood up opening the door to the carriage whilst muttering to himself.


            Robin couldn't help but feel amused, he was such a nervous guy. “Probably hasn't gone with many girls before” she thought taking his hand as he helped her of the carriage.  They walked into the crowd both of them looking for a place to get breakfast.


            “What do you want to eat?” he asked stuffing his fist into his pockets looking around. She shrugged.


            “Don't would be nice though” she pulled on his robes. “Let loose” Robin pulled his hand out of his pocket, he looked down at her surprised.


            “You act like your out on a date with Snape” she added linking her arm with his. Past them walked a group of Slytherin boys, who turned as soon as they recognized Oliver.


            He immediately pulled Robin away hoping to avoid a conflict. “I'm surprised how low you've gone, why going out with a mud-blood” called Terrence Higgs.


            Oliver walked on determined to ignore him, Robin felt herself blush. Even after seven years it was still embarrassing to have Terrence Higgs making comments about her blood status. She felt Oliver squeeze her hand as if apologizing.


            “Go on!” he went on “dirty yourself with the likes of that whoring-”


            Terrence apparently got what he wanted. Oliver turned his dark eyes narrowed in Higgs direction. The Slytherins smiled as he walked towards them releasing Robin hand.


            “Oliver don't!” she held on to his robes knowing she couldn't do much to stop him. Flint pulled out his wand as her whispered something to Higgs who nodded. Robin's eyes widened.


            Oliver Wood never noticed Flint pulling out his wand. The Scot instead lifted up his sleeves before Robin could open her mouth Flint sent a spell at Oliver.


            He fell back onto the stone road landing on a fellow seventh year. Robin ran over towards him as he stood up holding his nose. “Oliver you okay?” she asked helping tilt his head back. The Slytherins boys began to taunt Oliver as they walked past them.


            “Have a fun date!” called Higgs, Robin gritted her teeth as she helped Oliver stand. She couldn't tell whether he was blushing or if his cheeks had been bloodstained.


            “I'mb fiane” mumbled Oliver as she pulled him through the crowd.


            “Well let's get you cleaned up” she whispered as they took a stop at the end of the village. He looked down at her his hands covered in his own blood, Robin took a deep breath.



            “Blood... and lots of it” Robin put her hand over her mouth as she pulled out her wand. With a flick the blood disappeared momentarily only to gush back out of his nose. Oliver screamed as Robin apologized.


            Robin Waston pushed Oliver up the hill towards the castle.


            So much for a pumpkin fizz. 




            October 31th 1993 Hospital Wing


            Oliver rubbed his nose gingerly as Madam Pomfrey walked away. The sharp pain was gone from his nose though his clothes were still bloodstained. He turned to Robin shyly, she stood up.




            “Er..” he swallowed pulling at his shirt, she smiled at him. “Listen Robin I'm sorry-”


            “Just say you owe me a date” she patted his shoulder tucking her hair behind her ear. Oliver nodded as he tapped his fingers on the nightstand, he tried to keep himself from running his fingers through his hair as she stared at him.


            “I'm going to er..change” whispered Oliver keeping his eyes off her. Already he could feel his cheeks heat up as she giggled.


            “See you at lunch!” she yelled after him as he bolted out of the room. Her laughter still rang in his ears.


            Although things hadn't gone his way Oliver couldn't help but smile, Robin had spent the whole morning with him.


 AN: So I usually don't write author's notes but I thought it'd I start them. :) Readers sorry for the delay after this I'll update regularly :) In fact at the top of the page and in the forums I'll let you all know when I update my stories. It will usually be by turns since I got three on going projects.  This is one then Building Dollhouses In The Sand (a drama about lies and secrets George/Oc) , and Fragile (A angsty ted/vic.) Also I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about this or any other fic on my MTA :) 

Remember to read and review :)           














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