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Bedposts and Broomsticks by potterwriter340237
Chapter 15 : Space
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AN:Wowww, Im so sorry about the ridiculously long wait, this chapter is unbetaed right now so bare with me :) Enjoy! It's a long one!

"Proud of you." Roxanne said through a spoonful of ice cream.

I managed a small smile, "It was like kicking a puppy Roxanne. An adorable, sweet, perfect puppy."

She hid her snort at my forlorn expression, "At least you bucked up and did it."

Yes… I had finally gotten the guts to end things with Eric. I had stuttered, nearly cried but finally gotten out what I was trying to say. And true to his form Eric had been unbearably nice about it and insisted that we could still be friends. The  problem was even I wouldn't want to be friends with me right now. No matter how I put it, no matter how much I was attracted to Luke, I cheated on the nicest boy I knew.

At least I had Roxanne back.

"If only people knew that you were a cheating hussy, we could be quite the duo Lily Bean."

For all that was worth.

I looked at her carefully for the first time since I dragged her down to the kitchen. Other than the dark circles underneath her eyes she seemed perfectly normal.

"Cut it out Lily. I'm fine." Roxanne said, rather snappily. 

Obviously concern still covered my face because she sighed and stuck her spoon into the butterbeer flavoured ice cream. 

"McGonagall pulled me into her office this morning." She said, attempting a casual tone.

"What for?"

"'Spect everyone's heard the rumours now, even the staff. Wanted to ask me if I was alright."

"What did you tell her then?"

"Told her I was fine and she offered me a ginger newt cookie."

I cocked my head connecting the dots, "Well that explains what Davies was raging about in the Great Hall after breakfast."

Despite herself Roxanne looked curious, "Oh yeah?"

"Yeah, apparently McGonagall gave him five weeks detention with Filch for littering in the Charms hall."

Roxanne allowed herself to smile, "Bless that woman."


We both ate in silence and I let the sweet flavoured ice cream melt on my tongue before I spoke again.

"What happened Roxanne?" I asked tentatively.

"Do I really have to explain the birds and the bees to you Lily?" 

I rolled my eyes at her elusiveness, "Roxanne."

Compulsively, her hands twisted together, "Well…after, you know. I told him I didn't want to again for a while. That we moved too fast. He didn't really take it that well, and I kind of came to my senses about the type of boy he was. A little too late obviously."

I reached out my hand and she grabbed it, "I'm sorry about our fight Lily."

"I'm sorry to. You were right though, that's why I took it so badly. But you know whatever happens I'm here for you?"

Roxanne smiled but rolled her eyes and let out a slightly watery laugh, “Thank Aggripa for that, Edie and Sam are so damn dull.”

“They’re too nice for you, that’s why.” I remarked and Roxanne snorted.

“So glad you, at the very least, are able to sink down to my level.”

She clinked her spoon against mine in a type of mock cheer, and then got up from her seat, "Alright enough with the sappiness. I've got to go talk to Fred, try and convince him no matter how much Davies deserves it; he should not commit murder to defend my lost honour."

The expression on her face made it seem as if she was going to face Voldemort himself.

"I'll just finish this ice cream alone then." I sighed dramatically. 

Before she could answer the kitchen portrait swung open and a slightly dishevelled Luke Wood entered.

I blushed furiously and Roxanne grinned, "Maybe not alone."

Luke offered Roxanne a smile as she made her way out of the kitchen and he turned on me his hands in his pockets and a strange expression covering his face.

I was still too busy trying to calm the blush on my cheeks to think of anything to say.

"So you and Creevey ended things." It was a statement, not a question.

Due to my guilt and general uneasiness I felt defensive, "I didn't break up with him 'cause of you."

A smug sort of grin crept up on his lips and I ignored how attractive he was, "Okay."

I tried to think of something clever to say but his warm hazel eyes were travelling up my legs. I had forgone the usual stockings in my haste to get Roxanne to the kitchen and now with my short skirt and bare legs I felt extremely exposed.

"Stop looking at me like that."

He grinned like a school boy caught doing something naughty, "Like what?"

"Like you've seen me in my knickers or something."

His smirk only widened, "But I haven't."

"I know that." I answered tartly, trying to remain composed.

"I'd like too." 

Well there goes my composure. 

Gaping at him and trying to will the blush of my cheeks I came up with the always witty response… "You are such an arse."

He sat down across from me, his long leg brushing against my bare one and sending a shiver up my spine.

Running a hand through his curly hair, he offered me a crooked grin. "You're trying not to laugh."

I crossed my arms over my chest trying to contain the giggle that was erupting from my throat, "Am not."

He abruptly sat forward, grabbed my face and kissed me roughly. I gasped in surprise and managed to push him back gently, though my hands remained resting on his chest. Hey, a girl can only have so much restraint.

His expression showed both surprise and concern.  

A small surprised ‘Oh’ made me drop my hands and turn around quickly.

Two pairs of huge yellow eyes peered up at us, one of the house elves twisting her hands in her tea cosy hat.

"Miss Lily, I'm sorry we didn't means to interrupt your snogging with Master Luke. We just wanting to know if yous was done with your ice cream."

Flushing as I took in the melted ice cream on the wooden table I replied, "Yes-er-I'm all done Mitsy, thanks."

Extremely flustered, the two elves bowed hurriedly and rushed off. 

"Oh Merlin." I groaned and rose from my seat, determined to not look at the handsome boy.

Luke chuckled as he pushed the portrait open, "Could have been worse."

I scowled at him; being caught in a compromising position by house elves was not my idea of a good time.

Avoiding Luke's gaze as we walked, I kept my head down letting my auburn hair fall in front of my face.

I heard him sigh and then he yanked me into a side corridor  covered by a tapestry of two fighting Minotaurs.

Luke gazed down at me, unexpectedly serious, he said,  "Look Lily, I feel just as confused as you do."

"Ohh I doubt that." I muttered, as he placed a finger underneath my chin and lifted it up so we were eye to eye.

His eyes were full of questions. 

“You make me nervous.” I admitted, feeling my hands shake and what felt like Grawp doing jumping jacks in my stomach.

This didn’t seem to be what Luke expected me to say and his eyebrows furrowed, “Like in a bad way? Lily the last thing I want to do is make you feel pressured or uncomfo-”

I interrupted him; I really did not want him to get the wrong idea. “No. No, definitely a good nervous.” 

That damn sexy smirk covered his mouth again. He bent down as if to kiss me and seemed to catch himself, "Look I came to the kitchen so I could talk to you, and then, well I got distracted."

Thank Merlin he stopped himself, ‘cause I didn’t quite trust myself to resist him a second time. Though as I thought of the reason why I was not jumping his bones at this immediate moment,  the feeling of guilt seemed to outweigh anything else.

"Anyway, I'm attracted to you. And I shouldn't be, but I can't help it. And well I think you might feel the same?" 

His sounded confident, but there was an undertone of insecurity, which I couldn't help but adore.

"I do-"His face split into a wide smile that made butterflies erupt in my stomach, "But it's so much more complicated than that."

"Right, your brothers and-"

"I cheated on Eric with you." I blurted out.

For the first time Luke look troubled, "I know. And I feel like shit about it, and after that I promised myself that nothing would happen as long as you guys were together. But now..." He ran a hand through his curly hair looking slightly sheepish.

"I don't know how I'm going to stop feeling guilty." I bit my lip deliberating.

He surprised me by pulling me into a loose kiss, "I could distract you."

"I don't know if it will be that easy." 

He dropped his face into my neck, his lips raking temptingly across my skin, "I'm pretty convincing."

I grabbed his face with my hand and used my other to smack his broad shoulder, "Okay stop that. Give me some time to think about this."

Luke's lips pulled into a slight pout, and all I wanted to do was kiss away his sulkiness. 

"What do you need to decide?" He asked. 

I sighed and stepped away from his embrace,

"I just need a break. I only ended things with Eric this morning."

Leaning against the wall, he shrugged, "Okay."

I nodded, still unsure of myself, "Okay." 

He grinned down at me and before I knew what I was doing I had risen up on my tip toes and kissed him, ever so quickly, my lips brushing against his chapped ones.

This was going to be much more confusing than I originally thought. 

A shy smile tugged at my lips as I stepped out from behind the tapestry and Luke right after me. We walked down the hall silently our hands occasionally brushing, sparks flying at each small contact. 

Two minutes was enough time to think it all over right?

"So what are Freddie's plans for Ashton then?" 

"For now we are just letting Davies sweat it out, make him nervous and all that." Luke said offhandedly. 

I frowned, "That doesn't sound like my cousin."

Luke looked guilty, "Well…you know that whole situation with Alex McLaggen last term?"

"Yeah, put him in the hospital wing for four days."

He grimaced, "Yeah, so don't tell Roxanne but he's still on probation for that."

My eyebrows must have risen to my hair line because Luke hastened to explain, "If he gets another major detention or in trouble for duelling or Muggle fighting he will be suspended."

"Like not allowed back?” I asked astonished, Merlin Freddie was a prat.

“Yeah. Not sure how long it would be for, but his mum said he wouldn’t be able to work in the shop if got himself suspended. And since his grades are shit and that’s the only thing he’s ever wanted to do…”

“Well, bollocks.” I swore, what an awful situation.

Luke nodded, "yeah, so our plan against Davies has to be clever not brawny."

I snorted, "not really Fred's strong point." 

He grinned, "exactly."

“So does my brother have any of these possible punishments hanging over his head?” I inquired casually. 

“Well now Miss Potter, I may think you are far, far, far too pretty for your own good but that doesn’t mean I’m that easily persuaded to reveal classified Marauder secrets.”Luke replied, speaking in a mockingly offended tone. Though the warmth in his hazel eyes made it seem all the more flirtatious.

“Well then Mr. Wood, I’ll just have to think of a better way to persuade you.” I replied cheekily and it was his turn to gape. 

"I'm off to lunch, see you later!” I spoke before he could retaliate with something I was sure would make me blush. That and I was suddenly far more aware of how close we were standing.

”On that note, I’m suddenly really looking forward to our tutoring session tonight.” Luke offered me a wink as he went to make his way up to Gryffindor tower and I couldn't help but grin widely.

Trying to fight the giddiness that was erupting through me, it was more or less deadened for me as I ran into Eric at the doors.

Guilt fell heavy in my stomach as I took in his smiling face. I made a decision. 

“Eric, I need to talk to you.” I said, interrupting what would have undoubtedly been a friendly greeting.

“I’d be worried if this was the first time you said this to me today. But as you’ve already broken things off, can’t get much worse can it?” He chirped, rather cheerfully.

Oh bloody fucking hell. 

“I kissed someone last night.” I managed to mumble out. 

In an instant his face dropped and his expression darkened. 


“It really doesn’t matter, because it’s got nothing to do with how I feel about you or why I ended things with you. It just put thing in perspective I guess. I wasn’t being fair to you Eric and well you are just way too great of a person for me to lie to you.” 

“Okay.” He looked sad, not angry like I expected him to be. For some reason this was worse. 


“I still want to be friends with you Lily. I like you, but to be honest I’m glad you told me. Hopefully it will help me get over you.”

Well then…that went better than I hoped.  

He offered me a tense smile and made his way out of the hall. 

I walked to the Gryffindor table and sat down heavily next to Roxanne.

“What a shit day.” I grumbled, and my cousin nodded her agreement as she read through a copy of Witch Weekly.

Serving myself some soup, I was interrupted by Roxanne groaning. “Looks like it’s about to get worse.” 

Bridgett Harris was making her way over to our nearly empty table, her triumphant smirk evident from the other end of the hall. 

Finally she arrived in front of our table, her two friends like a pair of bookends beside her.

She was about to speak before Roxanne interrupted her, all the while idly glancing at her nails and speaking in a bored tone.  

“Listen Harris, Lily nor I really have any inclination whatsoever to listen to whatever you have to say, as you have a terribly annoying voice and we really don’t give a damn what you think, say or do. So now, if you and your posse can crawl back to whichever rock your parents found you under that would be brill.” 

I began to laugh loudly, seeing the verbal showdown between my cousin and Harris was enough to lighten my mood. 

Bridgette looked rattled but soldiered on, “We just wanted to say that we hoped you weren’t going to shag your way through all of our Ravenclaw boys. We don’t want them all to be contaminated by you.”

“Oh no worries, I’ll leave the fourth years and below for you girls. Merlin knows there the only ones that would be desperate enough to sleep with you.” Roxanne’s tone was pleasant enough but her words were acidic. 

All three of the Ravenclaw girls looked offended and rightly so. Thank god Roxanne and I were mates again. 

“Whatever Weasley, now everyone in the whole school knows what I’ve been saying all along is true. You’re nothing more than a cheap slag.” Bridgette retorted scathingly, and for the first time Roxy paused.

“Funny thing is Harris, you don’t have to do anything but be yourself and the whole school already knows you’re a pathetic, jealous cow.” I retorted and Roxanne squeezed my leg underneath the table, silently thanking me.

Bridgette sneered, turned abruptly on her heel and stalked out of the hall, her friends trailing after her. 

Roxanne sighed and returned back to flipping through the magazine; I on the other hand subtly flicked my wand and added a well placed ‘hex me’ sign on Bridgette’s back. Immature I know, but somehow satisfying.

“So did you convince Fred to lay off Davies?” I asked tentatively.

“Yeah, and he said he would-“

“Well that’s great!” 

Roxanne frowned, “No its not. This is Fred we’re talking about. He’s up to something; you should have seen how shifty he was acting.”

I muttered something unintelligible and before Roxanne could pester me more Edie and Samira sat down greeting both of us cheerfully.

“What are you girls talking about?” Edie asked brightly as she smoothed out her school skirt. It’s beyond me why she wears it on the weekends.

Before I could come up with anything, Roxanne spoke, “How Lily wants to go blonde.” 

Edie looked thoughtful, “Well you can’t do that Lily.” 

Taken aback my matter of fact tone and her insistence, we all simply stared.

The small blonde girl blushed, “Well it’s obvious isn’t it? We all have different hair colours…Sam’s brunette, I’m blonde, Roxanne has black hair and Lily, you’re a ginger. It’s like our dorms thing you know?”

I scowled and Roxanne laughed. Edie continued to plough on through our reactions, “So if you went blonde it would totally mess up the dynamic.” 

I rolled my eyes, “Okay you convinced me Edie. I’ll stay with my auburn hair.”

She smiled satisfied and smoothed her own blonde locks as Sam shook her head.  

Roxanne rose from the table, “As intriguing as this conversation is, I’m still hungover so I’m off to have a kip. Lily, wake me for practice?”

After assuring her I would, I decided quickly after she left that I deserved a nap too. My warm four poster bed had never seemed so welcoming. 

“Bloody hell Lily, we are going to be so ridiculously late! Hurry up and find your damn gloves!” Roxanne shouted at me from the door of the dormitory. 

We had both overslept and now we were both going to be murdered by my over-zealous brother.

“Go ahead, I can’t find them anywhere.” I offered and Roxanne nodded then bolted down the stairs, running as fast as she could down to the pitch.

I swore under my breath, frantically searching around mine and Roxanne’s messy half of the room. 

After a fruitless ten more minutes of searching I gave it up as a bad job and ran down the stairs to the common room to find my messy haired, tall and lanky brother tapping his foot with a scowl on his face. 


“I’m sorry James, it’s just been a rough day and I couldn’t find my-“

“No excuses, you’re going to stay late after practice for this.” He said authoritatively.

“Fine,” I muttered angrily as he grabbed my cloak and roughly began half marching, half dragging me down to the pitch.

“I can walk James.”

“I would believe you, but you seemed unable to walk down to the pitch twenty minutes ago when practice actually started.” He answered snippily. 

Circe, the boy was late for everything but Quidditch and now he thought he had the right to patronize me?

I took a deep breath. Okay admittedly he was the captain, so he had every right to be pissed with me being late. But I wouldn’t give the satisfaction of  acknowledging his authority.

So I stamped on his foot.

“Bloody effing hell Lily!” He swore and pushed me away from him as he danced around on the spot. 

I laughed and James finally stopped his jig, my humour was short lived now he was completely fuming.

“You’re staying half an hour after practice now Lily.” 

“That means I’ll miss most of dinner James!” I yelled. 

“And whose fault is that?” 

I let out a small scream of frustration and began to stalk down to the pitch leaving my brother to catch up to me. 

“Heard you and Creevey are kaput.” James remarked casually a grin covering his thin lips; his anger seemed to dissolve in favour of taunting me.

“Heard you are the newest manwhore of Hogwarts.” I responded, my anger had yet to disappear. 

“Relax sis, it’s not a big deal.”

I turned on him. “Yes it is! It’s disgusting, and so unlike you, and frankly I’m disappointed in you.” 

“You’re not mum Lily, stop trying to change the subject from your tardiness and stop lecturing me.” 

“Someone has too!” I threw up my hands in exasperation, “God James, I thought you were actually a decent guy, I looked up to you strangely enough and now you threw that away just to lose your virginity to the easiest girl you could find!”

James was looking at his feet, shuffling and seemed rather uncomfortable. I ploughed on through my tangent. 

“And as if Erin will even think about dating you now, because you are just another disgusting, disrespectful-“

“I still haven’t shagged anyone Lily.”

“-Cocky, hormonal- wait what?” I stopped surprised.

James looked sheepish and a blush was covering his cheeks. 

“I lied to Fred, Violet and I didn’t shag, just snogged a bit and then-well I didn’t want too. And she didn’t care if people thought we did, so yeah…”

“Oh James…you complete moron. Why would you pretend you did?” 

He ran a hand through his hair embarrassed, “Merlin’s pants, this is not a conversation I wantto be having with my baby sister…” 

I frowned at him and he continued on, “Fred was just on my back about it, and everyone of my mates have all-you know-shagged someone, and I just…it’s a bloke thing Lily, you wouldn’t understand”

Ignoring the fact that now I was positive Luke had at least slept with Natalie I said, “Well if it’s any consolation I’m glad you didn’t James.”

I stepped forward and hugged him, he returned it while he laughed into my hair, “That makes one of us.” 

I grinned and let my big brother go, “Well you know James, you will find the right girl eventually and it will be…er-special.”

“Oi shut it, you really are starting to sound like Mum.”

“Bite your tongue James.” I said scandalized.

He laughed and slung an arm around my shoulder, “Now let’s get you to practice, slacker.” 

“After our whole heart to heart do I still have to stay after practice?” I asked grinning innocently up at him.

“Hell yes you do.”   

I elbowed him in the stomach and thus ensued him chasing me down to the pitch, me screaming the entire way down. 

After a relatively easy practice due to James’s good mood he called everyone down to the ground. 

“Can someway stay with Lily while she makes up her lateness? I want her to practice racing someone to the snitch.”

I sat down tiredly on the ground beside Luke who offered me a small smile. 

“Why can’t you James?” I asked, “After all, you are the one making me stay late.


“I have tutoring. Roxanne can you?”

She shook her head, “Freddie and I are sneaking into Hogsmeade to go to The Three Broomsticks.” 

Her brother nodded in agreement. 

James looked to Noel, “How ‘bout you? You’re pretty fast.” 

“I’ve got detention for blowing up the Slytherin’s caldrons.” Noel said, managing to suppress his grin.

James also smiled, “Knew I liked you for a reason. Albus? Family obligation and all?”

“I’m meeting up with Rose to study for a test tomorrow in Defense.” 

Wow, I’m popular. “James, I don’t mind practicing on my own.”

“Nonsense, Luke can help you, you guys have tutoring together anyways.” 

“Sure I can mate.” He nodded, and I felt his pinkie finger graze the side of my thigh.

Good Godric, how was I supposed to focus on catching the snitch now?

“You know what James, I can always just meet Rose later, I don’t mind helping Lily out.” Albus interrupted, looking warily between me and Luke. 

Bloody hell, he was already suspicious. The day Albus willingly helps me, out of the good of his heart, is the day Mum leaves the three of us alone in the house longer than three hours.

Luke spoke up, “It’s okay I don’t mind. I could use a bit of a change from keeping.” 

James clapped his hands together, “So it’s settled! Good practice everyone. Slytherin is done for next Saturday. Luke mate, make sure the snitch goes away in the equipment shed when you’re done.” 

The rest of the team trudged away from the pitch, but not without another suspicious glance from Al and a knowing smirk from Roxanne.

Luke rose from his spot on the ground and grinned at me, running a hand through his curly hair. 

He reached out a hand and pulled me up so I was standing.

“Ready to lose?”

He was still holding my hand.

“Let’s see if you can keep up Wood.” 

I kissed him quickly and while he was still touching his lips, I released the snitch and jumped on my boom taking off.  

“Oi! That was a dirty trick Potter!” He yelled as he mounted his own broomstick and tore after me. 

“I let you catch the last one.” I laughed, breathlessly as we walked to the equipment shed to put away the tired snitch. 

He snorted in amusement and pushed me through the door into the dark shed. “Yeah right Potter, you may be faster but I'm a better flyer.” 

“You’re also far too cocky.” I grinned, the small golden ball fluttered in my fingers, a feeling similar to what was going on in my stomach at the moment.

Luke leaned up against a wooden desk, “Well that’s kind of a given. Though I had no idea you were so competitive Lily.” 

“I like to win.” I shrugged mimicking his stance on the opposite desk.

“You bit me.”

I laughed feeling giddy; the thrill of competing with Luke and flying at breakneck speed was making me jittery. “So I play a little dirty, James taught me to do that, says it’s hard for the ref to catch.”

At his raised eyebrow I spoke again.

“That’s the only time I’ve ever done that.” I assured him.

“Lucky me.” He crossed his arms and smirked, he was far too handsome with his windswept hair and tight Quidditch uniform.

“Lucky you.” I agreed.

The same type of nervous feeling I had felt in the kitchen came over me again but this time it was upstaged by another feeling, one of recklessness and curiosity.  

There was a pause, where neither of us said anything or moved until I closed the small space between us, flinging my arms around his neck I kissed him roughly on the mouth.

My one hand curled around his neck and my other hand tangled itself in his hair, releasing the snitch from my grasp. The winged ball hovered for a second in place before taking off out of the window. 

James was going to murder me.  


Luke responded equally as eagerly and wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me close.

He broke away only to kiss lightly behind my ear before whispering, “Done thinking?”


He spun us around and lifted me up onto the desk so we were at equal level before kissing me once again.

After several breathless minutes of another adrenaline filled snog we broke apart and Luke rested his forehead against mine. 

“What are we doing?” I asked, my voice hitched as his noise brushed against mine. 

He laughed and kissed me deeply before replying, “No idea.”

“We should probably stop this before it gets out of hand.” Too late for that Lily. My fingers had made their way to the hem of his jersey and were slipping underneath. 

“Definitely.” Luke pulled me into another heady kiss, his strong hand was under my shirt caressing my back and the other was holding my thigh as if keeping me in place on the desk.

Merlin, like I ever wanted to move from this exact spot. 

His tongue had just danced across my bottom lip when a yell from outside the shed made us jump apart.

I nearly fell of the desk in our haste to look normal and I frantically tried to smooth my hair as someone pushed open the wooden door to the equipment shed.

The surprised face of Scorpius Malfoy greeted us and we all remained quiet until Luke cleared his throat. 

“Sorry Malfoy, we were spending some time after practice working on Lily’s catch and we seemed to have lost the snitch.”

Scorpius continued to look between us, a confused look on his face. “No worries, I’m sure our seeker can find it. Should be somewhere on the pitch yeah?” 

We both nodded and said our goodbyes to the Slytherin while he collected to rest of the team’s equipment. 

Luke and I made our way quietly up to the castle, thrilled from the fact that we almost got caught.

The silence was only broken as we reached the empty Gryffindor tower when I noticed he was grinning from ear to ear.

“What’s with you?” I asked nudging him lightly with my shoulder.

“Now I really can’t wait for tutoring.” 

I must have looked slightly confused because he continued, “You, me, alone in the darkest corner of the library…” 

“You’re mean.” I pouted, knowing the only reason he was saying it was to make me blush. 

“And handsome.” 

“You’re a prat.” I retorted, though I did agree with him.  

He grinned, “You fancy me.”

“Prove it.”   

He tucked a loose piece of hair behind my ear and it was all I could do not to sigh. “Deny it.”

And with a wink and quick peck on the cheek he was up the boy’s stairs and out of sight. 

Merlin, I was in trouble. 

"I saw you kiss Luke Wood."

Deep, deep trouble. 

AN: Pleaseee read and review, It means alot to me, especially because this is such a story changing chapter I really want to know what everyone thinks. Thank you so much for all the support and the nice words, you guys are AWESOME :)

Reviews are better than Luke Wood's kisses (though only just ;)

Much love...Miranda. 

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