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Turning the Tables by explosion
Chapter 13 : Haters in the Building
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Disclaimer: I am not JKR as much as I wish I was. Chapter title and summary come from the song The Show Goes On by Lupe Fiasco... I could listen to it for hours.



“Please come with me.”




“Corinne, you’re being so unreasonable!” Dom said, taking the magazine I was reading out of my hand, rolling it into a tight cylinder, and snapping it on the table with a resounding whack.

“You’re expecting me,” I said, giving her a look of disbelief, “To wake up at six in the morning, so that I can watch you, watch your boyfriend try out for the Quidditch team, and I’m being unreasonable?”

“Why must you twist every favor I ask of you into something that makes me seem like a right cow?” Dom asked, putting a hand on her hip and looking annoyed.

“All I’m saying,” I said, raising my hands up showing that I didn’t want to argue, “is that I’m not getting up early Sunday morning to watch tryouts. End. Of. Story.”

“Oh Coco, come on! You can’t expect me to sit all alone in the bleachers,” Dom whined, widening her eyes at me and trying to get me to change my mind.

But she could widen her eyes all she wanted, there was no way that I was going to go and watch the Gryffindor tryouts with her. Not only was James Potter captain of said team, but Freddy was also on the team, along with all of their little friends and egger-onners. It did not seem like a welcoming atmosphere for me to be a part of. Not that Dom seemed to care.

“Dom,” I stated, giving her a serious look, “There is no way I’m going to watch a bunch of people I hate, fly around on their broomsticks. Especially if that involves getting up early.”

“But you don’t hate Chaise!” Dom exclaimed.

“You know he’s not who I mean,” I said rolling my eyes.

“Freddy? He’s not going to say anything to you, Corinne. I think you scared him from doing that ever again,” Dom reasoned.

“Shut it, Dom. That’s not changing a thing,” I said.

“Well than what am I going to do? I can’t go alone!” Dom trilled, her eyes seeming worried at the prospect.

“Ask Wyatt to go with you,” I suggested.

“He said that he was going to go watch the Slytherin try outs to see if Tyson makes the team so he’s going to be too tired to go to the Gryffindor one the day after!”

“So then I’m your last option?” I asked, pointing out the fact that she had already asked people to go with her, making me a last resort.

“For this you are! I knew you’d say no,” Dom shot back.

“Well then, you’d be right,” I said cheekily, grabbing the rolled up magazine out of her hand and opening it back up to the Beauty Spells page I was on.

I heard Dom sigh extra loudly and then plop on the couch next to me in defeat, her shoulders slumped. I knew this was mostly just her way to bring the guilt trip on me, but I still managed to feel bad.

“It’s just not fair,” Dom said softly, looking at me with her sparkly brown eyes. “I mean, we’re supposed to be enjoying our last year together, and because of this stupid mentorship thing I don’t even get to see you anymore. You’re always with Tyson, Wyatt and the Slytherins now…”

Dom was right. I had yet to make any sort of effort when it came to befriending any of the Gryffindors. I still remained my distance away from them, and spent all of my time at the Slytherin table, which Dom had yet to join me at. She still spent most of her time with Chaise, whom I also hadn’t seen much of either. I missed hanging out with them.

“And you’re always with Chaise,” I pointed out gently. “Who else am I going to sit with?”

Dom seemed to consider her words carefully, before speaking again, “My point is that you, Wyatt, and Tyson could hang out with Chaise and I, but since we sit at the Gryffindor table, you don’t spend time with us, therefore you don’t spend time with me.”

It was almost funny, because both Dom and I were having the same sort of feelings. We both felt like we were being alienated. Although while I blamed it on the fact that her and Chaise were now going out, she thought of it as the fact that I stayed as far away from the Gryffindor House as possible.

Maybe I was looking at things the wrong way. Maybe Dom was right. Maybe I was avoiding her just because of the fact that I hated the Gryffindor house. Maybe I was alienating her, so that she felt the only person she really could hang out with was Chaise.

But maybe she was just misunderstanding everything. I mean, she could make the effort to sit with us at the Slytherin table; she could make the effort to spend more time with me. Couldn’t she?

“Look, never mind,” Dom said, after I didn’t say anything for a long moment. “Forget I said anything. I just thought that maybe you were letting your first two years at this place dictate your happiness.”

I thought about her words and felt the pit of my stomach twist in guilt. I had been avoiding the Gryffindor table like the plague because of Freddy, I barely walked to classes without one of the guys because of James, and I avoided our common room as much as possible because of the rest of the Gryffindors. Dom was spot on; I was letting other people dictate my life.

Wasn’t this the one thing I had promised myself I wouldn’t let happen at this school? That I wouldn’t let my fear of Freddy or James or any of the Gryffindors, stop me from being happy? It was obvious I didn’t listen to myself.

“No, Dom,” I started to say, causing her to look at me again. “You’re right. I’ll go with you to the tryouts.”

After saying this, Dom’s face broke into a huge smile and she let out a squeal. This caused me to laugh in response, as she wrapped her arms around me in a huge hug.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Dom exclaimed, her arms pulling themselves tighter and tighter around my shoulders. “You’re the bestest friend ever!”

With those words said, I found my face breaking out into a huge smile and I managed to let myself forget the past week. I didn’t care that she had been ditching me for Chaise, I didn’t care that I had barely seen her, and I didn’t care about whose fault it was. All I cared about was that she was my best friend and, in the end, she stuck with me too long for me to let such a small span of time without her dictate our friendship.


“I’m so freaking tired.”

“Oh hush, hush now. You knew what you were signing up for when you agreed.”

“Yeah but that doesn’t mean I’m not tired.”

“And that doesn’t mean you have to vocalize your thoughts,” Dom said eyeing me up with a steely glance. “You’re ruining my happy bubble.”

“Well then pop goes the fucking weasel because I’m tired,” I replied back, annoyance laced throughout my tone.

The Quidditch tryouts had just officially started, and we were sitting in our own little area, in the corner of the Gryffindor bleachers. There were scatterings of girls of all years, sitting towards the front, ogling all of the Quidditch players, and Dom and I were either a.) cheering Chaise on whenever he was out on the pitch or b.) making fun of all of the younger girls that were squealing over the seventh years with their shirts off.

Ah yes, apparently, the boys of seventh year thought that just because there was a bit of sun in the sky, it meant they could take their shirts off and fly around like they were the gods of the wizarding world. The sad thing was, they probably were to those younger girls. But let’s face it: those girls were bloody idiots.

Besides the fact that I was watching the tryouts for what had to be the dullest sport in the world, Madison and Elise were here, to my complete dismay. Since Roxy was Keeper on the team they had both shown up, donning matching crimson shirts that had Roxy’s face emblazoned on them, which I found a bit disturbing. Apparently, Roxy and Madison were no longer on rocky waters, and Elise and Madison were cheering Roxy on excitedly as she re-tried out for the team, which I found a bit surprising. I mean, Roxy and Madison had barely talked since the incident where Madison ditched her. I mean sure, they still sat next to each other in classes, but they didn’t actually talk. Roxy would stare at the board taking notes as if her life depended on it, while Madison would crack her gum and zone out. But it wasn’t my place to pry, so I wasn’t about to go over to Roxy and tell her she was a dumbarse for staying friends with Madison and Elise.

“Well maybe if you would smile and pretend to be excited, you wouldn’t be so tired,” Dom shot back.

“Dom…” I said looking at her seriously. “I highly doubt a smile is going to not make me tired.”

“You never know,” Dom responded flipping her silver blond hair over her shoulder and giving me a pointed look, just begging me to disagree with her.

I found myself laughing at the sheer stupidity of Dom’s suggestion. More than that, she had looked as if she thought her statement was truly correct. “You make absolutely no sense.”

“Oh come on, you love me,” Dom said, smiling at me and giving a cheesy wink, her lips puckering up into a seductive look.

“You’re delusional,” I responded rolling my eyes.

“You’re jealous.”

“You wish.”

“Actually, I know.”

“Oh you know, do you—” I started to say, but my words stopped as I watched a face I recognized walk onto the Quidditch pitch, a familiar bounce in her step.

“What?” Dom asked, sensing my immediate mood shift and following my gaze. When she saw who I was looking at, her lips pursed and she inhaled a sharp breath.

“Are Hufflepuffs allowed to watch Gryffindor tryouts?” I asked, as Bailey walked up the stands as peppy as usual, blatantly ignoring me and sitting by a blond with unfortunately bushy hair.

Dom looked at me and shrugged her shoulders. “You act like I actually know the rules here.”

I, however, wasn’t paying attention to Dom’s words and was instead studying the bottle blond she was sitting by, something oddly familiar about her. “Hey Dom,” I started, keeping my eyes trained on the girl, “Isn’t that one of your cousins?”

Dom seemed to study the girl as well, who was chatting away with Bailey as if they were the best of friends, and then opened her mouth in shock, “Oh my god! That’s Rose!”

I vaguely remembered Rose Weasley from my previous years. She had been a bit bookish, and you could always see her doing homework or studying in the common room. But most of all, she had had a shocking shade of auburn hair… definitely not blond.

“Didn’t she have red hair…?” I said, asking the inevitable question.

“She did last time I saw her…” Dom said keeping her wide eyes transfixed as we both studied the newly blond Rose. The hair color was nice enough I suppose, but it totally clashed with her skin tone. She definitely had looked better as a red head.  “I guess I’m not surprised though.”

“Why not?” I asked, just as Bailey leaned in and said something to Rose, causing both of them to laugh.

“Well I mean, Rose is kind of a bitch,” Dom stated.

“Really?” I asked, looking surprised. “I always thought she was quiet.”

“She was,” Dom started to say, still watching Rose, “but something happened to her last year I think. Like I came back for winter break and she was totally different, and started being really mean.”

I sensed Dom was starting to feel a bit sensitive about the subject, so I asked softly, “How was she mean?”

“Oh you know,” Dom said waving her hand in a leave-it gesture, “the usual. Making it known I don’t belong in the family and everything.”

I felt myself growing quiet, not knowing what to say to comfort Dom. I knew how insecure Dom was about her father’s side of the family, even if she didn’t mention it much. She always tried to put on a strong face as if it didn’t matter, but I knew deep down it really hurt.

“Oh,” was the lame response I came up with. Yeah I know, I’m not the best when it comes to these situations. But did you really expect anything better? I’m just as bad, if not worse when it comes to my own family.

“Well anyways,” Dom said, immediately brightening up and pretending our previous conversation hadn’t happened, “It looks like the chasers are coming back out!”

Finally remembering that I was there to watch Chaise tryout, I looked at the Quidditch pitch where there was a mass of people (who I recognized to be the prospective chasers), all dressed in their Qudditch robes, walking towards the middle of the pitch where James Potter stood. The wind was blowing his hair into his face, and he brought his hand up to push the hair away. I definitely saw a couple of the girl chasers that were trying out, swoon. I on the other hand, felt like I was about to vomit.

“Do you ever think it’s funny that Chaise is a chaser?” I asked, trying to lighten the atmosphere.

“Corinne, nice try, but you’ve made that joke about a million times,” Dom said rolling her eyes.

“Yes well it’s still funny every time—”

“Shush! Look! Chaise is going!” Dom said excitedly, getting up from her sitting position on the bleachers and starting to clap excitedly.

I watched James say something to the group of Chasers, then he clapped his hands and suddenly they had all kicked off the ground and were flying around the pitch. Chaise was, of course, among them, and his curly hair started to whip behind him as he sped ahead of the rest of the players. Show off.

“Go, Chaise!” Dom shouted, bouncing up and down in excitement and causing a couple people to stare at us like we were senile. I found myself slouching down in my seat next to her, trying to pretend I didn’t exist.

“Have I mentioned I hate sports?” I asked Dom, as I watched the blur of Quidditch players fly past us, causing a gust of wind to rush across my face.

“Yes, yes,” Dom responded waving her hand telling me to be quiet and keeping her eyes focused on the pitch. I let out a sigh and leaned back in my seat, while she continued rocking back and forth on the balls of her feet and clapping excitedly.

“You’re so embarrassing,” I stated as people kept staring at Dom being her overly excited self.

“Embarrassing?” Dom said arching an eyebrow at me. “That’s preposterous! Now join me in my cheering.”

“Nah Dom, cheering is specifically for the girlfriend. It’s common knowledge,” I responded.

Dom narrowed her eyes at my response, and I immediately knew why. At Beauxbatons, I would’ve immediately joined her, not questioning it. I wouldn’t have cared what people thought, and I would’ve made a fool of myself willingly. Dom definitely knew Hogwarts was affecting me.

“Cheering is also for the best friend,” Dom said commandingly.

“Well…I don’t think that’s a good idea,” I said nervously. “People will think I’m psychotic or something.”

“I see,” Dom said although you could tell she didn’t really understand. “So you care what these people,” with this Dom gestured to all the people sitting in the stands, “think of you.”

“Um…” I started to say, not sure how to answer this. “Not necessarily.”

“Corinne.” I recognized the tone of Dom’s voice. It was the one she always used before she was about to give one of her insane pep talks. “It doesn’t matter what these people think. If they think I’m crazy for cheering my boyfriend on, so be it. They don’t matter, and you shouldn’t let them matter either.”

I let Dom’s words sink in, as I always did. She was right, of course she was. She always is. Nobody sitting here mattered. They were just bystanders that weren’t any part of my life, and never would be. So, why is it that I was so scared of being myself and have them judge me? I wasn’t the old Corinne, and I knew that. So why the hell was I starting to act like her?

“Why the hell are you always so right?” I asked, standing up from my seat and knocking my hip into Dom.

“Because I’m awesome,” Dom answered, sticking her tongue out at me and scrunching up her nose.

And standing there in the harsh glare of the sun I decided to just let go and stop giving a shit about anyone else there. None of them mattered and they never would. So, when Chaise finished his laps first, I found myself jumping on top of the bleachers along with Dom, cheering him on, our voices louder than anyone else’s. And the best part about it was finding that I didn’t care what the hell anyone else thought.


“YOU MADE THE TEAM!” Dom and I shouted at the same time, as we ran off the bleachers and onto the Quidditch pitch right after tryouts ended. We both flung ourselves at Chaise, creating a group hug that was all too familiar from years of friendship.

“I know I’m hot and all, being the best chaser on the Gryffindor Quidditch team and everything, but you guys are strangling me,” Chaise responded cheekily, acting as if he was in immense pain at our attack.

Dom slapped Chaise on the back of the head in response, and I pulled away from the two laughing hysterically.

“So we take the time to wake up insanely early and watch you tryout, while cheering you on, and that’s the thanks we get,” I shot back to Chaise, arching my eyebrows. Dom nodded her head along with me, crossing her arms in fake-annoyance.

“Oh yes, thanks for those cheers by the way, everyone could hear them and was insanely jealous they didn’t have two beautiful girls wishing them luck,” Chaise responded grinning.

“Really?” Dom asked interestedly. “What did they say?”

“Oh you know,” Chaise said waving his hand nonchalantly, “the usual talk about how lucky I was to have the hottest girlfriend ever.”

Dom broke out into a smile after hearing this, and Chaise wound his arm around her shoulders, pulling her to him so that her head was leaning against his shoulder. “They’re right by the way,” Dom stated, her voice muffled by Chaise’s Quidditch robes. “You’re one lucky sod.”

“Of course I am,” Chaise responded, rolling his eyes. He then turned to me with a smirk on his face. “A bunch of them were asking me if you were single, you know.”

“Mhmm,” I responded. “And why was that?”

“Apparently,” Chaise started, looking as though the weight of the world depended on what he said, “Half of them thought you and Tyson had a thing, and the other half thought you and Wyatt did.”

“Really,” I said, while Dom started to crack up in laughter at the thought. A romantic relationship with either of them was laughable; they were my best mates.

“Yup, really,” Chaise said hiding his own laugh, “I set the record straight though, which they were all very happy about. And then James told us to stop gossiping like girls and play.”

“Oh yay,” I said dryly, “Now the Gryffindor boys, who I all hate, think they have a chance and will try and talk to me.”

 “Oh come on, they’re not that bad,” Chaise said. “They seemed pretty cool.”

“Oh yeah super c—“

“Chaise, my man,” Aidan Finnegan said, interrupting what I was going to say and clapping Chaise on the shoulder. “Congrats on making the team! You were awesome.”

“Thanks, dude,” Chaise said as they did some sort of man hand shake that involved him letting go of Dom, while Aidan and Chaise clapped each other on the back. Dom looked annoyed and I felt myself tense. Why was Chaise acting so friendly towards James and Freddy’s friends?

“And Corinne,” Aidan said, turning away from Chaise and looking at me with a cocky grin, “nice cheering.” He then winked at me and walked away, while I felt my fists clench.

“I hate guys,” I stated crossing my arms while Dom glared after Aidan’s retreating form, being the loyal friend she is.

“Oh come on, he’s a laugh,” Chaise defended. This caused Dom to snap her head towards him and narrow her eyes, while I crossed my arms, glaring at him.

“He is also best friends with my sods of cousins,” Dom stated through gritted teeth.

“And he’s an arsehole,” I helped.

“Oh come off it,” Chaise said waving his hand to tell us to leave it. “He and a bunch of the guys just think you’re really hot.”

“Well then they’d be right,” Dom chimed in, swinging one of her arms around my shoulder, and the other around Chaise’s. “But they’re still arses.”

Chaise seemed like he was about to open his mouth to say something, but Dom cut him off and started to talk again, “So, I think it’s time for us to celebrate don’t you? I mean you and Ty have both made your prospective Quidditch teams, so we need to honor that by all getting together for a chill sesh.”

“Always have to share the glory with someone,” Chaise pouted, faking annoyance. Yesterday, Tyson had tried out for the Slytherin team, and made it instantly. According to him, his beater skills made all the other people running against him for the spot drop out. Although he could’ve been exaggerating. Scratch that, he was exaggerating.

“Oh don’t be a spoil sport,” I said giving him a look, “you should be happy we even want to celebrate, seeing as you’ll now have to spend all of your time with Satan, Hitler, and their followers.”

I was referring to Freddy, James, and the rest of the boys on their team. Dom cracked a smile at my reference, but Chaise just furrowed his brow a bit and didn’t say anything. This caused Dom and me to exchange a look.

I found my eyes wandering back to the bleachers, just out of curiosity and saw that Bailey and Rose were now gone. They had only been there to watch one of their friends try out (and let’s face it: she was bloody awful), so I assumed they had left with their miserable friend. However, Madison and Elise were still there, and instead of talking to Roxy and congratulating her like I expected, they were chatting with James and Freddy.

Not that I was really surprised. I mean I knew Madison and them had been friends from my previous years, but I thought maybe that they had drifted apart or something. Wishful thinking on my part.

James was saying something to Madison, and she laughed, laying her hand on his arm and then tossed her dark hair in a flirtatious way. James was grinning at her while Elise was smiling just as big to Freddy.

“How cute,” I stated out loud as Dom and Chaise followed my gaze to the four of them.

“Am I detecting a hint of jealousy?” Chaise asked, smirking as he took in the scene.

“Not at all,” I responded coolly. I mean jealousy is absolutely laughable, let’s be honest. “It’s just nice to know some things never change. Arseholes will be arseholes, and the world keeps on spinning.”

“You should write a book,” Dom joked, which caused Chaise to laugh looking away from them, and me to crack a smile, with my eyes still transfixed.

James now looked away from whatever riveting conversation him and Madison were having, and he locked eyes with mine, causing me to look away instantly. Then I started to feel insanely awkward that he had caught me looking, honestly there’s nothing more embarrassing, but instead of keeping my eyes away as you should do when the situation arises, I looked out of my peripheral vision to see James say something else to Madison with a grin. He then started walking away from the bleachers, Freddy in tow, and looked as if he was heading right towards us. Shit.

“Well, guys, let’s get going!” I exclaimed, immediately barging forward and pulling Dom by her arm, who grabbed Chaise’s arm in response, causing what probably resembled a chain of paper dolls.

“Um, Coco why are you walking so fast?” Dom asked, looking slightly confused.

“Hmm? No reason! Just want to get back to those dorms—”

“Hey, Peddington, wait up!” The familiar voice I was trying to avoid said as I still continued to try and move us forward. Dom seemed to finally understand why I was walking so fast, and she continued to walk with me, while Chaise slowed down. This caused Dom to send him an exasperated look, and slow down as well, which in turned caused me to. Bullocks.

James was grinning as he caught up with Chaise, and seemed to take no notice of me or Dom. Freddy, however, was standing behind him looking at me a bit awkwardly, as if worried I would attack him.

Yes, because that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Jump on him in the middle of the Quidditch pitch and tear his hair out like a bloody hyenna. Actually, now that I thought of it it’s not really a half bad idea…

“You did bloody amazing out there! We’re totally going to win the cup this year because of you,” James stated, while Chaise grinned back. Freddy was nodding along with James now, having looked away from me, while Dom and I crossed our arms.

“Thanks, but we’ll see,” Chaise said, running his hands through his hair and looking insanely flattered, “I mean we have stiff competition now that Slytherin has Tyson.”

“He won’t be any trouble, trust me,” James said, looking as if it was laughable that Tyson could be a threat.

This caused my face to morph from annoyed to angry, and I found myself glaring at James. How did he know how good or bad Tyson was? He was downright insulting Ty without even knowing him! I was so tempted to say something— anything— but my head was telling me not to.

Must not say anything stupid. Must not say anything stupid. Must not say anything stupid.

“Too true, that new kid is way too dense to figure out how to swing his beater’s bat,” Fred stated, interrupting my inner monologue and causing me to snap. Dom immediately tensed as she noticed my posture change, and seemed to be bracing herself for the inevitable.

“Oh that’s rich coming from a Gryffindor who doesn’t even know the right end of his broomstick,” I retorted, my voice scathing. Fred and James snapped their head towards me, James looking amused and Fred looking worried/pissed (couldn’t be sure which one).

“Shut up you snake, why don’t you go hang out with your own kind,” Fred responded, really thinking that what he said insulted me.

“I’d rather be thought of as a Slytherin than a Gryffindor any day,” I shot back icily.

“Well, Dominique you have wonderful choice in mates,” Freddy said turning away from me and smirking at Dom, “but I guess that can be expected I mean your choice in family was great too.”

Dom’s face immediately morphed into one of pure anger, joining in with mine, and we both looked as though we were out for blood. I mean seriously Freddy? Bringing up the fact that Dom chose Beauxbatons over Hogwarts. It’s like he knew just what buttons to push to piss people off.

“Woah, woah,” Chaise said, putting his hands up and trying to diffuse the situation, “Let’s not say anything rash—”

“Yes, let’s,” Dom hissed, her eyes narrowing and her face growing red. “Wouldn’t want to get beaten up by a girl again, would you, Fred?”

Freddy’s face changed to one of complete ire, while Chaise looked as if he wanted to be anywhere else but in this situation.

“Well at least I’m not a pi—”

“Fred, mate,” James said clapping his hand on Fred’s shoulder, “I think you should calm down a bit.”

“Me?! Calm down?! Did you hear what those—”

“Yes, I did,” James interrupted, giving Fred a steady gaze. “And I think you don’t want to finish your sentence.”

Freddy sputtered in anger, looking back from Dom and I to James.Then, he huffed away, muttering something that sounded along the lines of "crazy bints", while Dom and I glared after him, before switching our glances to James and looking confused. Why wasn’t he supporting Freddy? They were best mates.

“Well anyways,” James said calmly, looking back at Chaise and acting as if nothing happened, “Our first practice is on Tuesday at five, so be on the Quidditch pitch no later than that.”

“Yeah, sure,” Chaise responded.

“Alright, see you then,” James said backing away and looking all business. “See you Dom, Corinne.” As he said my name he seemed to give me a quick smirk that I didn't quite understand. Then, he turned away and walked back to where Freddy was now standing, surrounded by Aidan Finnegan, Oliver Wood II, and a couple of sixth year Gryffindor boys.

“Well… that went well,” Chaise said after a long silence. Dom and I both glared at him, before grabbing him by the shoulders and marching off the field.

Bloody idiot.

A/N: Woaahhhh Freddy really can't keep his mouth shut now can he? When is he going to learn that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all?

Well, anyways, I hope you loved this chapter! I had fun writing it, because you know how much I love conflict, and this one was chalk full of conflict! :)

So then, what did you think? Are you still a bit miffed at Dom? What do you think about James defending Dom and Coco? What do you think about Chaise not defending Dom and Coco? Anything else you want to let me know?

I just have to say that you guys have been the most AMAZING reviewers/readers in the world. Honestly I can't believe how wonderful you've all been with the response to this story, and it really means the WORLD to me. Just a bit of a reminder though, if you review please keep the reviews 12+(aka no cursing), I've sadly lost some of my reviews because of it. But again thank you for even taking the time to read it's totally awesome of you!

Alright well enough of me, I'm sure your bored now with this boring Author's Note!



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