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Screw it! by LunarLuna
Chapter 1 : Adel-Jane Reagan Gesinger (AKA. me) and her unravenclaw-like decisions -to which she WILL stick to.
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DISCLAIMER: Harry potter is owned by a woman who's name I'm sure you've never heard: JK Rowling. Jim Benton's jokes (Marqued by an asterix) belong to well, Jim Benton, the song "All Star" and it's lyrics belongs to Smash Mouth. 

A/N: I hope you like it! See you at the bottom!^^



*chapter image by me*

  Okay. It’s decided. This year is going to be the best year of my life. Why? Because I said so. I am a fifth year Ravenclaw who’s decided to screw the rules, screw my grades and screw being a good girl. Now, I’m going to have fun. A lot of fun. In fact, I’m going to have the most fun I’ve ever had. I’m fifteen, I’ve never went on a date, I have tons of friends, but no best friend.

   I’m too old to miss out on all of that, and too young to worry about the impact that this might have on my future.

   Today I’ve made a decision, made a decision to just SCREW IT!

   And I will stick to it.

   I’m Adel-Jane Reagan Gesinger, a slightly crazy fifteen years old Ravenclaw living the moment and not caring about her future, and guess what?

   I love myself.

   But you know, I’m not saying I’m awesome,

   (That’s your job)*

    Okay so I stole that one to Jim Benton -a really cool muggle cartoonist- he really rocks the world, if I was a muggle I’d want to be him. Definitely. But, I’m not a muggle, I, am a Ravenclaw.

    And, you know what, if I’m going to have fun, I might as well start now. I run to steal my little brother’s muggle radio in his room, picked up one of my CD, chose the song I wanted to listen to, put the volume up to the max, and started dancing and singing “What the Hell” from Avril Lavigne at the top of my lungs.

Seemed appropriate.

I’m jumping on my bed, the music is too loud but I don’t care, I’m alone right now anyway.

…Well the years start coming and they don't stop coming, fed to the rules and I hit the ground running, didn't make sense not to live for fun, your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb…


   “My head huuuuuuurts!” I moaned.

   “Yeah, I hope, you banged your head on the ceiling. Aren’t you too old to jump on your bed?” That was Seamus, my eleven year old brother.

   “I wanted to have fun…”

He laughed. “That is such a fail!”

   “Go awaaaaay!” I yelled.

   Ouch. Too loud, that hurt.

   He just shrugged and left.


   Don’t worry, I didn’t faint, I just hit my head and went to go to sleep after swallowing three pain pills -That’s two more than necessary, but it knocked me out and that’s what I wanted, paying the price now but hey, didn’t I say I was living the moment?-

I look around my room and jump up in realizing that I’m going to Hogwarts tomorrow, and I still haven’t finished my summer homework.

Ah crap! Is that what happens when you live the moment? A major headache you can’t fix because you’re underage and your parents are at work, and load of homework you have to do for the next day? That’s a whole lot of shit!

But as I think of it, I break a smile.

It was so worth it.


   “I can’t wait to start school!” exclaimed my younger brother. I sigh.

   “You are such a Ravenclaw.” I told him.

   “So are you!” he protested.

   “Only because I bewitched the sorting hat to put me there, I’m actually an evil Slytherin!” I told him then let out an evil laugh.

   He looked at me strangely and started backing away slowly, palms up.

   Why do they always do that?

   On a whim, I decided to throw myself on my little brother and started evilly tickling him, under the eyes of muggles who either smiled at our family “love” looked at us like we were crazy, (which we aren’t I mean Seamus is reasonably sane isn’t he?) or looked disgusted (I hate those)

“Adel, please leave your brother alone, and have a good time at Hogwarts! I need to go now, but send me owls every day okay?” My mother told me.

“Okay, by mom” I replied and let Seamus take a breath. He said goodbye to mom, Then yelled:

“You’re still a brainiac!” and ran straight towards a wall.

“Be care-“ I started, before I saw him disappear, and realized that was the way to platform nine and three carters. 

And he left his cart behind.

What a git-faced stupid little-

“ADJ!” someone squealed, hugging me from behind. I knew who it was, but I decided to make sure she remembered my sarcasm so I threw:

“Who are you mysterious stranger!?”

“Your worst nightmare!”

“You’re an evil Easter Bunny?” I asked (I didn’t have many nightmares okay? Don’t judge.)

“Wha-? No!” She turned to face me, and I stared at her short red hair, she’d cut her them.

“You cut your hair?”

Her face brightened

“Yeah! Does it look nice?”

“Of course it looks nice Rosie!” I smiled and hugged her again. Rose Weasley was a Gryffindor, but also a top grade student who nearly cried when she had an “Acceptable” she wasn’t even that happy with an “Exceeds Expectations” but whenever she had an ‘O’ –that is, quite often- she was bouncing up and down and talking very fast about very random and stupid things. She played around and joked all the time, but she was the most sensitive person I’ve ever met, though she hid it well, one little insult could crush her if it was really felt, but not many people could tell.

   I told her about what my brother did and she just laughed.

   “Meany” I pouted.

   She raised an eyebrow “ Weren’t you the evil Slytherin?”

   I just stuck my tongue at her, then smiled and took my brother’s cart, ran to platform nine and three quarters leaving her behind with my cart.

   As I arrived on the platform I saw my brother conversing with a little girl his age. Well, let’s pop in now shall we? 

   “Hey Seamus, is she a new crush of yours?”  I asked, giving him his cart. They both turned tomato red. Ah the midgets! How fun they are to mess around with. I ruffled my brother’s hair as he hissed “don’t do that!” I heard him mutter something about his “stupid older sister” to the cute little strawberry blonde girl. I ignored that comment and walked towards where Rose was standing, with two carts, in deep conversation with Kathleen Sanders, her best friend, and another one of our “gang” of friends.

   “Hey Kat!”   I greeted her. She smiled

   “Hey ADJ!” Yes ADJ is my nickname, don’t ask me how they came up with that- they just did.

   “so, Rosie told me about your evil little brother!” She grinned.

   “Yeah, he’s a Slytherin for sure!” I told them, then smiled, Seamus was a Ravenclaw, or a Hufflepuff, I was sure of it. Kat giggled a bit, then hugged me and told me we should get on the train. I nodded. Kat was the sweetest little puff, all nice and cute and shy. The typical, cliché Hufflepuff, but I know her, and I know that, bring her to any kind of party and she is wild I swear she rocks the dance floor all the time. Too bad we’ve never been to a real party one with more than five girls. Because she would get all the guys drooling on her I swear. With her long golden blond hair, eyes that change color depending on the time of day, long legs and nearly anorexic slim body -which is a miracle because she eats like a freaking pork- you’d think she’d attract a lot of attention. But strangely, she was the kind of person no one ever saw in a crowd… but they’d see her is they saw her dance!

   I laugh a bit at my interior statements and they both frowned.

   “Adel… you okay?” asked Kat.

   It made me laugh more

   “Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?”

   “Well it may be the fact that you look crazier than my granddad when he talks of rubber ducks...” that was Roxanne Weasley (Rosie’s cousin) Roxy was in Ravenclaw like me but a year younger than all of us, she always found a way to reply according to the person she needed to reply too, and manage to shut their mouths. She was awesome for that, while she came out with snide remarks, I had two replies: Sticking out my tongue, when I didn’t care, and a typical “Go to Hell!” or “Fuck You!” or a simple middle finger… hey wait a minute! That makes One… Two…Three…Four… Five replies! I’m awesome! I love myself! I rock way more than Roxy!

   “Or it might be because your just being yourself, which, quite frankly, is enough to scare anyone really.” She continued. Okay, so I don’t rock more than Roxy…I pulled out my tongue at her and she replied the same way.

   “Go to hell Roxy!”

   “Go to hell Roxy!” She mimicked. I raised an eyebrow.

   “Really Roxy? My brother enjoyed doing that when he was four”

   “Really Roxy? My brother enjoyed doing that when he was four”

   “Stop that!”

   “Stop that!”

   “No but really Roxy stop it”

   “No but really Roxy stop it!”

   I yelled out and ran away, only to stumble and fall smack dab in the middle of a gang of slytherins, I hurried up, mumbled excuses, and ran in the train. My friends would take care of my cart wouldn’t they?

Roxy really had it…


    I’m sitting in the train next to April Longbottom, facing Rosie, next to who was Kat, and on her other side, facing April, right next to the window, a laughing Roxie. April was the daughter of our Herbology teacher, Mr. Longbottom, the Gryffindor head of house. But surprisingly, she ended up in Slytherin. Don’t worry, she isn’t evil, just a little rude sometimes, and I suspect her ambition is the reason she was sorted there, she is actually a pretty chill girl! Okay, so she dates a different guy nearly every week, she put way too much makeup on, and she constantly attempts to put some on our faces. The fact that I already put make up isn’t an excuse, apparently it’s an insult to make up that I only put some occasionally, and very little! (She scares me sometimes)Her best friend is (obviously) Roxy, and they were now in active conversation. I was debating which conversation I least wanted to join. Rose and Kathleen, taking about the transfiguration homework I’d finished in extremis this morning? Or April and Roxy discussing April’s new boyfriend?

   I sighed and decided to join neither.

   I need a best friend!


   “Reagan Gesinger, Seamus”

    This  ceremony was so long! I sighed and turned to Roxy who was sitting beside me, . I was discouraged because there were so many bleeding puffs! Thousands of puffs, a few snakes, and handful of gryffies and one claw. I looked at her across the table. Meredith Jordan, a particularly short little girl with dark brown hair and eyes. Roxy looked just as discouraged, but I could tell it was more from lack of food than house pride. My little brother. He has to be a claw right? He acts like a claw, breathes like a claw, talks like a claw, annoys people like a claw. He’s more of a claw than I am at least! I can feel the clawness in him! It’s so obvious-

   “GRYFFINDOR!” cried the sorting hat. I knew that. I was… you know… testing you. Yeah, I was defiantly testing you, because, that’s what claws do don’t they? They test people because…

Okay I’ll justs hut up now.

   “Scamander, Lorcan”

   Lorcan Scamander? He has to be a claw! I know, it I can’t feel it he’s a claw! Claw, claw, claw, claw, claw, I know it, he’s a-

“GRYFFINDOR!” ah great another gryffie! Their all gryffies aren’t they?

  “Scamander, Lysander” well, their twins so he’s obviously going to be in Gry-

   “RAVENCLAW!” cried the sorting hat, about a second after touching his head. I cheered, because, well, we finally have at least two members, and I had obviously guessed. I was going to say Ravenclaw of course.

Is it pathetic to lie to yourself?

Yeah it kind of is…

Okay, I’m just listening from now on, no guessing.

   “Sandleton, Derek”

   “He’s going to be in Slytherin” said a voice next me. I turned and saw the freshly sorted Lysander Scamander.

   “You think? He looks more like a puff to me!” I replied. Screw not guessing.

   “Nah, you’ll see!” he told me.


   I turned towards him and saw a smug look on his face.

   “Weasley, Lucy” I jumped as I spotted the strawberry blonde little girl Seamus was talking to earlier  walking towards the hat.

   “She is definitely a Gryffie”

   Lysander looked at her a bit then smiled.

   “I bet you ten galleons she’s a claw” He smirked.

   “I don’t have ten galleons but I bet five she’s in Gryffindor.”

   “Deal!” He said.


  I turned and he looked smug again. I grumbled and pulled out five galleons from my pockets.

  “Do you like, charm the sorting hat or something?”

   “Nah, I just figure out people, like you, used to be all angst and hardworking, but decided to loosen up!”

   My jaw dropped.

   “No way! How do you do that!”

   “It’s just my style!” he responded, I suddenly turned around, noticing Roxy hadn’t said a word in ages, which didn’t sound like her, then noticed she was very busy eyeing Noah Cornwall, a particularly good looking seventh year.

   “He’s too old for you” I told her, she jumped

   “He isn’t!”

   “Sorry to break it too you, but he’s seventeen and looks twenty, whereas your fourteen and look ten, it’s not gonna work out!” said Lysander, grinning.

   “I like your style.” I told him.

   “I like your lack of style.” He replied. My jaw dropped. Told off by a firstie!  I saw Roxanne laughing.

   “I trained you well rookie.” Hein?

   “Thank you, master” Master? What the…?

   “I used to babysit him and his twin all the time. I trained him and his brother to reply like masters!”

   “Roxy, you’ve created a monster!” I told her.

   “Roxy created you?” Lysander asked innocently.

That was going to get old pretty fast I could feel it…

Suddenly, food appeared and didn’t care anymore.

Yum, pumpkin juice…


“And so, I decided to live the moment!” I told them. “You girls in?” I asked. We were in the Ravenclaw common room, and just told them about my plans for the upcoming year. April smiled and put her arm around me.

   “I’ve been doing it from year one, but I’m ready to let go even more, I’m totally in with you Adel!”

   “Definitely in!” Rose exclaimed.

   “You can count on me!” Said Roxy. We all looked at Kat.

   “Well… I supposed I could try…”

   “Brilliant! We’re all in then!” I said

   April gave us a wicked look.

   “First step. Get you all on your first date!”

   “There’s no way I’m dating a guy whom I barely know as my first date” I warned her, Kat nodded, and Rose looked in the distance. Her first date, last year, hadn’t ended up so well, she hadn’t dated since.

   April crossed her arms “you’re all no fun!”

   I wanted to cheer her up so I let out a very small: “I’ll let you put make up on my face?” She immediately brightened up, as she squealed and got up.

   “Where are you going?” Asked Kat.

   “I’m getting my make up! I’ll need it to do all you girls a major make over.”

   Rose frowned “We didn’t say-“ But it was too late, Tornado-April was heading towards the Slytherin common room, and when she’d return, she wouldn’t let us go until we looked like Barbie dolls.

Why did I agree to this again?


   “DON’T YOU COME NEAR ME WITH YOUR STICK OF DEATH!” I yelled, as I ran in the common room, other claws watching me and looking highly amused. I jumped on a couch where two sixth years were working on their homework -Or pretending to, as they were actually staring at me and laughing -at least I was entertaining.

   “Eye liner is your best friend! Not your death!” She told me, as she grabbed my arm and attempted to shove back stuff around my eyes.

   “No way! Get off daughter of the devil!”

   “Right now, I’m only helping you.”

   “Hey. Would you two cut it out? I have N.E.W.T’s this year!” Yelled an angry Noah Cornwall. April immediately let go of me and walked towards Noah.

   “I’m sorry we disturbed you!” She fluttered her eyes seductively.

   “Will you please leave now? Go to your common room you filthy Slytherin!” She looked a little shocked. Then smiled.

   “Someday, you’ll regret saying that” she told him menacingly. “I never forget, and I hold long grudges.” On that, she left.

   I inwardly thanked Cornwall for his jerk-ness, as it saved me from becoming Barbie doll number two.  Then I turned to see I my friends, but I only saw Roxy.

   “They all left while you and April were too busy fighting to notice. In an attempt to avoid Barbie-ness”

   “No way, you were thinking of Barbie dolls too?” I laughed.

   “Of course, our minds are connected aren’t they?” She laughed, and I giggled a bit.

   I put my arm around her shoulders and said, looking in the distance with a superhero like attitude:

   “We must be the chosen ones of a secret prophecy!”

   “Or we both have a sense of observation.” She replied, I threw my head back and laughed.

   “You rock Roxy!”

   “So do you Madam Adel-Jane!” She told me, we burst into fits of laughter.

   “May I know why you girls are laughing like madwomen?” asked Lysander as he walked in the common room.

   “BECAUSE WE ROCK!” We yelled at the same time.

   “WILL YOU ALL SHUT UP ALREADY?” scolded Cornwall.

  I turned to Roxy and nodded as she whispered something in mine and Lysanders’ ears. We walked up to Cornwall and…

   “OF COURSE WE’LL SHUT UP YOU DUMARSE!” We screeched in his ears. He clung them tightly and left to his dorm, huffing and puffing. We all burst into laughter. And hit each other’s palms.

I love my friends!

   A/N: So... did you like it? It's basically a lot of craziness but it DOES have a plot (somewhat) Please tell me what you think in that cute little box right under this! Reviews always make me happy and I always respond as soon as I see a review! Favorite quotes? Favorite characters? Constructive critism? tell me EVERYTHING! (Please?) 

Thanks for reading! :D

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