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Harry Potter and the Slytherin Heart by RandomDante
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2 -The Minister and The professor talk.
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It was dark.

Very dark.

In fact it wasn't darkness as such, it was more a complete absence of light. It was a void that he now found himself in, however he had no idea how he got here. In fact he had no idea who he was. Memories and thoughts appeared around him but they where disjointed, incoherent and always seemed to be just out of his reach. He knew instinctively that he should have a body with arms, legs, eye and a voice but he could not get any of them to respond. It was like he was just pure energy.

He pondered this but every time he neared some form of conclusion on his predicament it became increasingly difficult to concentrate and his thoughts bubbled into nothingness. Time no longer had any meaning to him, he could have been here for seconds, hours, days, months or even years and to be truthful he didn’t even care.

The only thing he knew for certain was he was at peace and finally after all these years it just didn't hurt any more.........



“Any change from last night Minerva?”

The strained voice of the minister of magic cut through the tired professors thoughts and brought her out of her self imposed stupor. She looked up from the desk in her office, and thought that she should have moved into the headmasters office as technically it was now her office as she was acting headmistress but she couldn’t bring herself to sit in that office, at least not yet.

“The Prophet is declaring Harry dead after the scenes in the Great Hall yesterday, as well as the fact that no one has seen him since.” The minister continued on, unable to keep the weariness and worry from his voice as he sat himself down facing the aged professor who was showing every one of her years.

“Well Kingsley they to be honest are not far from the truth” She sighed placing her head slowly in her hands. “There has been no improvement in Mr Potter since he collapsed last night and his wound keeps reopening and bleeding. For all intensive purposes he is in a coma, but at least the screaming has stopped. Oh Kingsley, I haven’t heard such horrible noises in my life the pain that the boy must have been going through is not worth thinking about.” she tailed off with her head sinking ever further into her hands.

“Is it wise to move him to St Mungo's?”

“He wouldn't survive the move Kingsley. We have even tried stasis charms but nothing will stop it, all we have been able to do is patch him up the best we can and feed him regular potions to make sure he has enough blood.”

“Is he isolated? We don't want many people to see him in this state. It wouldn't do for Rita and the Prophet to get photo's would it?”

“Only the Weasley's and Miss Granger are allowed anywhere near Gryffindor tower.”

“How are Arthur and Molly holding up?”

“The death of Fred has hit them hard as you would expect to be honest. Molly is inconsolable both her and George haven't left Fred's side since she finished with Harry last night. As for Arthur he is holding up well for Molly's sake but he is very worried about the kids.”

“How so?”

“Well George as I say is absolutely devastated. He hasn't slept or ate since yesterday. He refuses to leave Fred's body, Percy, Bill and Charlie are all trying their best to support Arthur, Molly and George as well as alternating between seeing Ron and Hermoine who haven't left Harry and Ginny who has locked herself away in the Girls Dorm and won't speak to anyone.”

“Any Idea why?”

“I thought it would be obvious Kingsley, not only has she to deal with the death of her brother but she is dealing with the potential death of her boyfriend.”

“Harry and Ginny, when did that happen?”

“Last year before Dumbledore, but they broke it off after his funeral Harry felt she would be in too much danger otherwise.”

“How did you know”

“Miss Granger and Miss Lovegood explained it to me, they have also advised me that she has not left her bed since she seen the state that Harry was in.”

“This is a mess Dammit!” Kingsley growled slamming his fist into the desk that separated them “It's not supposed to happen like this we won! Harry won! No one deserves to be punished like this why is it happening Minerva Why?”

“I know I know it doesn't seem fair after all he has been through, after all he has given to us and the wizarding world. I mean the boy has been through enough to destroy the most powerful wizards and has come out laughing and still getting on with life. We can only hope he passes this trial as well.”

“Lets hope so Minerva.”

The darkness continued. It enveloped him becoming part of him. He felt nothing, no pain, no hunger and no longing for the life he had left behind him.

A/N I Know this is a short chapter and I do apologise but I’m doing a slow burn on this one so please keep with it and please review with any criticisms you may have

Thanking you Most Kindly

Random Dante.

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Harry Potter and the Slytherin Heart: Chapter 2 -The Minister and The professor talk.


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