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The Very First Kiss by katiefelton
Chapter 9 : Breaking the Curse
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"You drive me crazy, I just can't sleep."

-(You Drive Me) Crazy, Brittney Spears
            Draco and Blaise trailed behind Harry as they entered St. Mungo’s through the reception hall.

            “Good Afternoon, Mr. Potter,” chirped the secretary from behind the desk.

            Harry paused to speak.

            “Could you please send Healer Mismick to the private ward? We need her,” Harry asked.

            “Of course, I’ll send her there straight away.”

            Before they could continue, Malfoy halted.

            “Potter, what did I tell you about broadcasting this to the entire world?” he snapped.

            Harry turned on his heel.

            “She’s our Healer, Malfoy,” Harry spat before turning around.

            Malfoy made some mocking gesture with his face as they reached the lifts. Quietly, they stepped inside, and Harry punched the button which would take them upwards. With a slight jolt, the lift began to climb its shaft. Draco and Blaise leaned against the wall, while Harry stood close to the entrance, anxious to leave the confined area in which he was stuck with two former enemies.

            After a few minutes, the lift halted, and Harry quickly stepped from the entrance. Draco followed, but before he could follow Harry further down the hall, Blaise grabbed his shoulder and yanked him around.

            “Draco, will you please explain what exactly is going on here?”

            Draco grunted as he looked at his friend.

            “It’s complicated.”

            Blaise threw up his arms.


            “Yes, quite complicated actually,” Draco muttered.

            Blaise was growing more agitated by the second.

            “Wait a damn minute. So you’re telling me that you kissed Granger first?? What?”

            “Maybe, yes,” he half mumbled.

            “Are we talking about the same Granger? The one you despised and constantly insulted?!” Blaise shouted.


            Blaise’s eyes widened in shock.

            “But…but when did this happen?”

            Draco paused.

            “Third year…it was sort of….an….accident.”

            “Alright, and accident in which you just happened to put one on Granger!” Blaise shouted again.

            From down the hall, Harry intervened.

            “Are you two finished with your little spat yet?” Harry shot.

            Draco glanced at Blaise, whose eyes were still bulging in shock.

            “Don’t test me, Potter. I can leave as quickly as I came,” Draco snapped before looking at Blaise.

            “Will you PLEASE explain what happened? This secret encounter which you never seemed to share with me, your best mate??!” Blaise yelled with an exasperated sigh.

            Draco held up a hand.

            “Look, Blaise, I don’t want to get into this right now. I just want to get this over with as soon as I can.”

            He turned from his friend and continued making his way in Potter’s direction.

            “Alright, fine! But after this you owe me an explanation,” Blaise shot as he hurried to Draco’s side.

            When they reached Harry, Draco’s stomach began to turn. Now, he wasn’t so sure that he was capable of doing this. A part of him was glad that Blaise was with him, so he could have some form of an ally in case things went sour. After the three reached the entrance to the private ward, they stopped.

            “Listen, Malfoy. I want you to do this without causing a massive scene like last time,” Harry shot in his direction.

            “You don’t have any authority to boss me around, Potter. And remember, last time-“

            “Alright, you get my point. Just go in,” Harry angrily sighed as he turned the handle, and opened the doors.

            When Draco surveyed the ward, his eyes narrowed at the amount of people in the room. He figured it would only be Potter and Granger, but he was mistaken. He spotted Weasley and his annoying sister, the strange Lovegood girl, and Longbottom staring silently in his direction. An older healer was also bent over the still sleeping Granger, and was surrounded by a few other healers. Before he could continue, he turned his head in Harry’s direction.

            “Potter, you promised me that no one would find out. What are all these bloody people doing here?” Draco shot under his breath.

            Harry rolled his eyes.

            “We’re her friends, Malfoy.”

            Malfoy threw him an “I could have figured that out myself” glare as Harry stepped in front of him.

            “Well, alright, everyone,” Harry announced, “Let’s get this over with.”

            Ginny, followed by a hesitant Ron slowly made their way to Harry.

            “Harry, how on earth did you manage to bring him here?” Ginny asked in a hushed whisper.

            “It’s the right thing to do, and he didn’t have a choice,” Harry quietly responded.

            “And the apology…?” Ginny continued.

            Harry sighed.

            “As bitter as it tasted, it worked.”

            Neville and Luna stared at Draco with a form of shock, as Ron looked at Harry, his face white and clammy.

            “So…he really did…I mean it’s him?” Ron softly moaned.

            Harry responded with a silent nod.

            “Potter, in case you weren’t aware, it’s rude to keep your guests, especially your guests who are here unwillingly, waiting at the door.”

            Harry glared at Draco as Ron stepped forward.

            “Listen, Malfoy,” Ron spat, “You’re going to get this done fast, and leave.”

            Ginny and Harry casted worried looks in Ron’s direction, fearful of another outburst like last time.

            “Trust me, Weasley, I have every intent to,” Draco snapped.

            From behind them, Healer Mismick came to their sides.

            “Is this the man who is responsible?” She asked.

            “Yes,” Harry nodded.

            “Well, Mr. Potter, I’m glad that you managed to solve this little mystery.”

            She looked at Draco.

            “Mr. Malfoy? As in Head of Malfoy and Zabini Enterprises?”

            Malfoy nodded.

            “Yes,” he grunted.

            She looked over his shoulder.

            “And you are?”

            “Blaise Zabini, also of Malfoy and Zabini Enterprises,” Blaise half muttered, still in shock about the entire situation.

            “Well, Mr. Potter, it seems that Ms. Granger kept in the company of celebrities.”

            Malfoy interrupted.

            “No, she most certainly did not.”

            Healer Mismick raised an eyebrow.

            “Whatever do you mean?”

            “I mean, that whatever happened was an accident….and it shouldn’t have happened.”

            Healer Mismick nodded unconvincingly.

            “Well, shall we wake Ms. Granger, now?” Healer Mismick asked.

            Draco became suddenly nervous as Healer Mismick ushered him to the bed where Granger was still laying.

            “Now, everyone wait just a bloody minute,” Draco announced, halting in the middle of the room as he raised his hands.

            “I’m not having a story time where I share what happened. It was…it was an accident, and a mistake that should never have happened.”

            “Here we go,” Ron muttered under his breath as he rolled his eyes.

            “Your friend Granger can explain if she wants but you’re not hearing anything from me. It was in the past, and after this, I’m never thinking about it again.”

            “Some of us would like an explanation…” Blaise mumbled  behind him.

            “Not now, Blaise!” Draco retorted.

            “If you’re done giving your election speech, please hurry up,” Ginny shot in Draco’s direction.

            After glaring at Ginny, he began to turn, but suddenly stopped.

            “And for the record, Granger and I…we were never...never an item, and I want to make that very clear,” Draco snapped.

            “Get on with it, Malfoy!” Harry half shouted.

            “So pushy, Potter,” Draco shot as he began to walk over to the bed, where Healer Mismick was standing over Granger herself.

            This was it; it was the moment he had begged would never happen. The thought of even thinking about what he was about to do made him want to vomit. Why did he have to put himself in this situation in the first place?

            “And can I just say-“ He began.

            “NO!” Everyone in the room shouted in unison.

            Draco sighed as he began to walk once again. His entire body seemed to be uneasy as he finally reached Granger. Her appearance startled him a bit. She was lying almost lifeless on the hospital bed, her skin pale and cold. Her hands were draped over the comforter, seemingly grey. The golden chestnut curls which usually bounced happily on her shoulders were strewn over the pillow, and seemed to have lost their spring. He expected her to jump up, and start engaging in another battle with him, and it was strange that she still hadn’t yet.

            He had always despised Granger, and he knew that. But it still was surprisingly strange to see her so helpless and vulnerable. In essence, he held Granger’s life in his hands. Draco lowered himself onto the bed beside her, and glanced at Healer Mismick.

            “Just on the lips, dear,” She comforted with a warm smile.

            Behind him, the others began to gather closer, but kept their distance.

           “Alright,” Draco mumbled through a sigh.

            Seconds seemed to past like years as Draco bent his head, and slowly brought his face to Granger’s. He felt his heart accelerate with each inch, and his palms became sweaty beneath him. When he was a few breaths from her face, Draco paused, surveying her closed eyes, which ended in gracefully eyelashes. Draco sighed as he finally placed his lips upon her cold ones.

            Draco went rigid at first, but seemed to forget. He was startled by the way that her lips fit perfectly into his own. His mind raced with the memory of their first kiss, and it surprisingly felt similar. It was the same range of emotions, and the same feelings. Draco wasn’t sure why, but he felt her lips grow warmer with each moment.

            Suddenly realizing where he was, Draco released his lips from hers, but remained bent over her lifeless body. He didn’t seem to be angry anymore; he was somewhat anxious, wondering if she would wake.

            Behind him, Draco heard Weasley moaning to himself as he continued to survey Granger.

            “Did it work?” Ginny stated breathlessly from the end of the bed.

            Healer Mismick placed a hand on Hermione’s wrist.

            ‘I…I don’t know. She still seems cold.”

            Draco continued to stare at Granger, hanging on every breath that he released. His eyes began to narrow as her skin seemed brighter, and her tiny freckles became more prominent. From beneath him, he was startled as her chest began to slowly rise and fall; Granger was waking up. Draco stared into her closed eyes, waiting for them to open. Soon, her eyelids began to tremble. Before he could react Hermione began to slowly open her closed eyelids. Draco first saw the whites of her eyes, then the deep brown pupils. She seemed to squint blankly into the room as she lifted a hand from her side. Everyone watched silently as she brought her fingertips to her lips, running her pads over the small ridges that were now a healthy pink color. After a few moments, she suddenly began to focus on the man bent over her. Hermione’s eyes narrowed even further.

            “Malfoy?” Hermione silently whispered, the first words to escape her lips in weeks.

            In one fluid motion, Hermione lifted a hand and slapped him hard in the face.

            “OUCH!” Draco shouted as he jumped back in a sitting up position, “WHAT the hell is WRONG with you, Granger?!”

            “Get off of me, Malfoy! What do you think you’re doing!?” Hermione shouted and she pushed herself into the headboard.

            Draco leaped from her bed, and silently stood beside the bed.

            “Where am I? What’s going on?” Hermione yelled in panic.

            Harry, Ron and Ginny rushed to Hermione.

            “Harry, where am I?” Hermione asked again as Ginny grabbed her shoulder, and Ron sat beside her, “And what is Malfoy doing?!

            Harry glanced at Malfoy, then Blaise, then Healer Mismick.

            “Harry Potter, you tell me where I am this instant!” Hermione shouted again.

            “Hermione, calm down, everything is fine,” Ginny comforted.

            “Ginny, will someone please tell me what’s going on?” Hermione pleaded, “And please tell me why on earth is Malfoy here!”

            Harry seemed to swallow something larger than saliva as he began to talk to Hermione.

            “Hermione, do you remember the raid we conducted in the abandoned farm estate in Surrey? Where we went after the deatheater Wallace and his followers?”

            Hermione’s eyes narrowed in thought as she nodded.

            “Yes, yes I do.”

            “Well, we fought for a little bit, and captured most of the followers, except the leader, Wallace.”

            Hermione nodded.

            “I know. I helped Dean bind one.”

            Harry paused.

            “Do you remember that you went after Wallace? On your own?”

            “Yes, I do.”

            “And do you also remember dueling him?”

            “Yes, I was winning.”

            Ron jumped in.

            “I tried to help you, Hermione, but you wouldn’t let me.”

            Hermione’s eyes widened as she glanced at Ron.

            “Oh, Ron, I just wanted to beat him myself.”

            Harry glanced at his friends before continuing.

            “Hermione, when you were dueling, Wallace disarmed you, and you fell to the ground”

            Hermione’s bottom lip dropped a fraction.

            “Yes, I remember.”

            “Well, Wallace hit you with a curse. A rather dark curse.”

            Hermione glanced around the room once again, before suddenly placing her hands on her chest.

            “I…I…what happened Harry?” Hermione asked in fear, “He…he didn’t kill me?”

            Harry shook his head.

            “No, thankfully he didn’t. But he did curse you.”

            Hermione’s eyes widened once again.

            “Well, what curse was it?”

            Harry paused.

           “Dormio perpetus satim.”

            Hermione was silent.

            “I don’t know that curse.”

            “We didn’t either, until Healer Mismick investigated for us.”

             He waited for Hermione to ask another question, before continuing.

            “The curse refers to an ancient tribal tale, called Satim’s Torpor. To sum up the story, the goddess Satim is cursed by the God Roydem after she refuses his hand. The curse sent Satim into an eternal sleep, which lasts forever of course. And the only way to wake Satim was a kiss from the very first person who kissed her.”

             Hermione shook her head.

            “I’ve never heard of that particular legend.”

             Harry bit his bottom lip, feeling a bit apprehensive.

           “Well, the curse that you were hit with put you in an eternal sleep.”

            Hermione jumped backwards.

            “What??! Eternal Sleep?”


            “How long have I been…asleep?”

             Harry threw a glance at Ron.

            “Maybe a little over a month.”

             “A month?!” Hermione shouted as she brought a hand to her forehead, “I’ve been sleeping for a month?”

            Ron held up his hands.

            “Don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything.”

            Hermione’s breaths began to quick, and she became more frantic.

            “Well, didn’t you say it was an eternal sleep? How did you wake me up?”

             Draco couldn’t help smirking to himself; her face was going to be priceless.

             “Like the legend,” Harry began, “The only way to wake you was for you to be kissed by the very first man that kissed you.”

             Hermione seemed to digest everything Harry said for a few moments. A minute or so passed when Hermione was obviously deep in thought. Suddenly, she glanced frantically around the room, and landed at Draco.

             “But that means….Oh, no!” Hermione yelled before she covered her mouth with both hands.

              Draco crossed his arms over his chest menacingly.

              “That’s right, Granger. You are forever in my debt.”

              Hermione’s expression was of complete horror as she looked at her friends.

              “I…I…I don’t know what to say,” Hermione whispered as she shook her head, “I mean, it happened to long ago, and it was an accident…I’m so sorry.”

            Harry sighed as he glanced at his friends.

            “No, we’re sorry that we couldn’t wake you sooner. We just didn’t know who kissed you first. To be honest, we all thought it was Krum, and when it wasn’t, we were a bit lost.”

             They all watched as Hermione sat silent again. But in an instant, Hermione jumped off the bed, and exploded in front of Draco.

             “This is YOUR FAULT!”

              Draco jumped backwards, surprised at her outburst.

              “WHAT? How is this MY fault?”

               Hermione let out an exaggerated sigh as she thrust a finger at him.

               “You were the one who KISSED me FIRST!”

              Draco’s eyes narrowed in retaliation.

                “ME? You were basically begging for it.”

              Hermione let out a horrified noise.

             “Begging for it? BEGGING FOR IT?! You were the one who shoved me into the wall and kissed me!”

           “I think your memory is a bit cloudy, Granger.”

           “It most certainly IS NOT!” Hermione screamed.

           “All because of you, my friends didn’t know how to save me. You stole my first kiss from me, Malfoy! A kiss that I should have been giddy about, and a kiss that would make me run straight to Ginny and tell her. You pigheaded ARSE!”

           Draco paused, and for a split second, believed she was right. Before he could respond, Hermione turned to her friends.

           “Did others know what happened?”

           “It was in the prophet,” Ron muttered, a tiny bit fearful of her tone.

           Hermione began to continue their argument.

           “What is WRONG with YOU?”

           Draco’s face twisted in confusion.


           “Well, let’s see, you knew all along that you were my first kiss, and you waited out for weeks to do anything? YOU POMPOUS GIT!”

            Draco opened his mouth, but for the second time today, was utterly speechless.

            “I really Don’t KNOW what goes through that ARROGANT head of yours, MALFOY!”

            Hermione began to charge him, hand raised in another slap, before Ginny grabbed her arms.

           “Hermione! Calm down!”

           “Will someone give me my wand!” Hermione shouted.

           “Hermione, no!” Ron yelled as he also wrestled with her arms.

            Draco backed up, and stood closer to Blaise.

            “You better be more gracious to me, Granger! Whether you like it or not, I just saved your BLOODY LIFE!”

             Hermione stopped trashing, and became silent.

            “He did, Hermione.” Harry stated beside her.

            Hermione sighed as she glanced at each of her friends. After placing one of her curls behind her ear, she continued with a much calmer tone.

            “You’re right, Harry.”

            She paused.

            “Thank you, Malfoy.” Hermione stated, the words seemingly bitter on her tongue.

            From behind all of them, Blaise shook his head as he rubbed his check with a hand.

           “I really can’t believe any of this…”Blaise mumbled.

           Draco threw a small devilish smirk at Hermione before walking to Blaise’s side.

           “Well, this really has been lovely, but I’ve had enough of you all for the time being. Granger, your outburst was quite entertaining.”

           Draco turned on his heels, and motioned Blaise to follow. As the two departed from the room, the group of friends watched silently as their figures disappeared through the double doors. Draco ushered Blaise into the lift, and punched the button which would take them to ground level.

          “Blaise, my work here is finished. How about lunch?” Draco asked with a grin.

          Blaise’s expression of utter confusion and shock hadn’t changed since they had left their offices earlier today. He lifted a hand, preparing to speak, but suddenly went mute.

          “You know what? I’m not even going to ask,” Blaise sighed.

          Draco smiled as he leaned his head against the back wall.

          “That’s probably for the best.”

           As the two listened to the sound of the lift sliding down its shaft, it was Blaise who spoke for the first time in minutes.

            “Damn, Granger has some lungs on her.

            Draco half-chuckled.

            “She sure does.”

Hello Everyone! The first kiss finally happened :) Yay! What did you all think?? I loved writing this. So, as the chapters go, there is one more left...but I may add an epilogue b/c I have an idea swirling in my head:)

Ok, I also have to thank you guys for being amazingly awesome! Your feedback has been incredible, and it motivates me to write, which is something I love to do:) To anyone and everyone who has read this story from the beginning, to just read this for the first time today, thank you so much for your support! I LOVE you all!

Please review! It only takes a few tiny tiny little seconds:)

Until Chapter 10,


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