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Harry’s History Rewritten by Morpheus_Dream_Maker
Chapter 2 : Chapter One: The Battle that Changes Everything
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                                                        Chapter One:

                                    The Battle that Changes Everything






         “Lily, get Harry and your wand!” The masculine voice of James Potter shouted out between coughs as clouds of blackening smoke billowed upward from the ground floor. The smoke bellowed thickly up the staircase from the foyer to the first floor landing. “Turn down the wards and then disapparate with Harry to safety!” “I’m not going to simply leave you James.” Lily Potter replied back in a fierce shout that betrayed only a small hint of fear the young, slender built, dark redheaded witch felt.


       As she intensely watched from the left hand side, first floor balcony as her husband who began to be engulfed in the black smoke. “You saying that truly proves why I love you Lily Evans Potter,” James replied back before he shouted ‘spīra’ and aimed his wand into the smoke cloud. The spell caused a whirlwind of air erupt from the wand tip and despised the smoke from the first floor balcony. James Potter then ran his left hand’s fingers through his black unruly hair as he moved closer to the edge of balcony’s first floor landing and stared down into the still smoke filled foyer.


         “You and Harry are most important to me so you must li--,” James’s words trailed off as a black massive ball leapt out of the smoky foyer below and struck him squarely upon his bare chest. The impact caused James to stumble back into the wall in front of the staircase while the black mass ball exploded into a webbed net that latched onto the wall and trapped him there. Lily’s deep emerald green eyes opened wide as she watched a figure in black robes trimmed with crimson suddenly soar out of the smoke. She barely had time to realize that it was a slender old man with a frail appearance and whose head was encased in a bubble head charm before the wizard trained his wand on her. Lily had only a second or two warning as a black ball mass erupted from the wizard’s wand and soared over the balcony’s banister. The ball exploded against her body and trapped her to the wall just as cries of mommy and daddy came from behind the door that stood slightly ajar on the first floor balcony.  


             So Lilly struggled against the bonds that held her securely to the wall while she stared in despite hope of being able to save her son. So despite was she that she didn’t take notice as the frail, old wizard remove the bubble head charm about his white unruly hair and bearded face or to watch as he wheezed and coughed up a little bit of blood.  Her attention remained on the door as her son continued to cry out for her and her husband. Until suddenly the she heard the benevolently, elderly voice of the wizard who had attacked her and her husband drew her attention. Lilly than turned her head to watch him as he stood before her husband his wand gripped securely in his right hand. “Actually James, your life along with that of your wife and child are all more important than you know.”


           The elderly wizard abruptly turned to face her and his wrinkled lips formed into a very tender smile as he stared at her with emerald green eyes behind silvery framed spectacles. The wizard than turned again this time to face the stair case he had seemly flew up from the foyer. “I am truly sorry for attacking you both but it must happen if only to save your lives and that of your son and those witches and wizard who will come afterwards.”  The wizard then raised his wand into the air before he swept it downward and call out the word ‘alohomora’ followed quickly by a ‘spīra’ that blew the black smoke out of the foyer. He then coughed and wheezed while he slipped his wand into one of the pockets of his robe. His right hand then rose slowly from another pocket and held a strange black pearl, slender crystal object.


            Lily watched as she continued to struggle the wizard slide the dark crystal object over the lens of his silver framed spectacles, and after the wizard was certain that the crystal was secured over his eyes the wizard then reached into another pocket of his robes. With a flourish he pulled out a silvery cloak, that Lily realized with some shock was an invisible cloak. Just like the one that had been passed down in her husband’s family for centuries and that Professor Dumbledore had borrowed after they went into hiding. “What do you mean by that, and what are you going to do to me and my family?” Lily asked in a very loud and angry voice as she watched the old wizard’s body disappeared beneath the invisible cloak and she darted her eyes to her husband who looked to be focused completely on escape from the net that snared him.


         Lily’s eyes snapped back to the old wizard as his head began to descend down the staircase before it the wizard flipped the hood over his head and caused it to disappear from sight as his body had moments ago. After the wizard’s head had disappeared she too began to struggle with all her might against the web like net that pinned her to the wall. Her eyes stared through the pillars of the balcony’s banister down into the now smoke free foyer. The click of the front door as it was closed suddenly caught her attention and she watched as a silver ball arched upward through from the foyer and towards the ceiling of her family’s home. Her mouth opened wide as she heard the kind elderly wizard’s voice again say simply “open” before the silver ball exploded in a shower of blinding light and that seemed to melt away the net from her body.


          Lily Potter blinked her eyes several times before she then glanced about her surrounded and spotted her husband his wand in his hand before the staircase to the foyer. “James what are you do--,” her question was interrupted by an ear shattering shriek of her son, “mommy!”  With a sigh she shook her head and then quickly made her way down along the first floor balcony and slipped quickly into room her husband and she shared with their one year old son Harry.                        








         Elderly Harry Potter watched from the foyer through the spell filtering visor as his mother hurried along the first floor balcony in a long flowing white dressing gown and then slipped into one of the first floor balcony bedroom. He smiled warmly while he removed the visor from his spectacles and watched through the doorway as his mother’s hands moved to the back of her head and pulled her dark red hair out of the messy bum at the nape of her neck. “I am coming my sweet little one.” Lily Potter spoke and it caused a slight stabbing pain in the elderly Harry to hear words he was too young to have remembered his mother ever saying during his life time.


         It was lucky that her words had shocked him out of his trance for it allowed him to be aware that his father had descended the stairs without his notice. The elderly Harry now turned his gaze to his father as James Potter dressed only in a pair of dark red short pants trimmed in gold thoroughly swept his eyes over the empty foyer.  As his bare feet touched down on the smoothly polish and dark wooden floor of the foyer his right hand’s fingers wrapped tightly about the handle of his wand. Harry stepped backwards three steps and to one side to get out of his father’s way. James Potter raised his left hand to push his black framed spectacles to the bridge of his nose.


         “Alright, then whoever is here show yourself now,” Inquired James firmly as he stood up straighter and turned his head from side to side looking over about the foyer to the doors that opened out onto the foyer. “If you don’t show yourself now I will use a spell to reveal you no matter how you are hiding yourself.” James Potter threatened and paused while he raised his wand high above his head and this caused Harry to hold his breath and reach out for the elder wand in one of the pockets of his robes. Harry had barely wrapped his fingers about the elder wand’s handle when the swing door of the kitchen to the right of the staircase swung into the foyer and out slinked the figure of British Bombay Cat.


        “Merlin’s beard Sebastian, you bloody cat what are you doing in the kitchen at this hour?” James asked in both a stern and slightly annoyed voice after he had spun about and then lowered his wand. The cat in question was silent as it continued to slink its way up along the passage way between the wall and staircase within the foyer. The elderly Harry watched in amusement as the cat then stopped beside a rounded oak end table that stood beside the base of the staircase. Sebastian than then looked up at Harry’s father and hissed sharply at him as the wizard marched over to the cat. “Oh, for Excalibur in Avalon don’t give me any of this hissing you troublesome cat. I guess we will have to keep you in our room to keep you out of trouble tonight.” Remarked James as he then bent down and gingerly scooped the cat off its paws with his left hand and then cradled it to his bare chest as he marched up the stairs back to the first floor landing.


         Harry stood still for a few minutes after his father and his mother’s cat Sebastian disappeared behind the door of his parents’ bedroom before he made his way passageway to the kitchen. He quietly opened the swing door and carefully closed it behind him before he looked over the simply kitchen with its four windows that let in both the star and moon light of the night. Cautiously made his way through the kitchen taking notice of the very old seventies styled refrigerator that stood in the corner across from the door he had entered through. Briefly he looked over at the door to the pantry and the cabinets that lined three of the four walls and to the old four hob cooker beneath one of the kitchen’s four windows. He carefully traversed around the square kitchen table and to the opposite corner of the kitchen. He was busied himself with ball of yarn he had retrieved from another of his robes’ pockets when a soft ethereal voice spoke up from his chest.

        “I believe I have been silent long enough and to hope you shall now set me free as we agreed young dying wizard.” The elderly in question sighed at the grand eternal phoenix’s words as he then looped one end of the ball of yarn about the inside handle of the kitchen’s side door. “Patience oh grand eternal phoenix, elderly Harry replied back in a whispered voice as he briefly glanced back to the kitchen’s swinging door and then down at the blue stone badge attached to the chest of his robes. “Once we are out of this house and far enough away.” Harry added as he looped the other end of the ball of yarn about his wrist. He then opened the kitchen’s side door and stepped out into the starry and moon filled night. “So no one shall see you when I release you from your prison.”


         After that it was a short and silent journey across the back garden and to the back of the remodeled carriage house garage. There Harry discarded the invisible cloak onto the ground before he peeled the stone badge off his chest and tossed it to the ground. Harry then moved quickly to retrieve the elder wand from its pocket and then began low chant in the same ancient language he had used to summon the grand eternal phoenix. As the chant ended Harry snacked a vile filled with a red, gold and blue colored liquid and tossed it forcefully onto the badge on the ground just moments before he sent balls of fire to ignite the liquid. The flames had barely cooked the liquid when the badge shattered into a million pieces from which columns of fire sprang. Within less than three minutes time the flames had formed together into the ancient phoenix.


        “You truly are a wizard of your word young dying wizard,” the ancient phoenix spoke as its fiery wings stretched wide at its side and it began to slowly ascend higher into the air. The tail feathers swishing just inches above the grassy ground as the phoenix trained its eyes downward upon the wizard who coughed and wheezed up blood. “For both keeping your word and the honorable desire in your heart, know that I shall give you a gift when the time is right young honorable and dying wizard.” With those words the phoenix preformed a backward flip through the air and then disappeared in a flash of intense flames. After the elderly Harry had recovered from his coughing fit and pondering briefly the grand eternal phoenix’s parting words he slowly and quietly snuck back into his family’s home. He headed up through the house and into the loft where he hunkered down with the Eurasian Eagle-owl there for the rest of the night. 


           The night pasted without any more incidences and slowly Halloween day dawned for the Potter family both in the first and ground floor along with the dying elderly man in the loft. Harry Potter watched with the use of a large magical crystal ball as the family went about their day. He watched James and Lily Potter played with their son on the first floor balcony and foyer and saw how happy his parents made his younger self. Between the times he watched the happy family he had to avoid his father who had come up twice to feed the Eurasian Eagle-owl whom James Potter affectionately called Syntyche. Midway through the afternoon the elderly Harry took several wigs of both a strengthening poison and a wakefulness poison to keep from nodding off into the unconsciousness of sleep. Though the potions’ effects flowed through his system he still felt the weariness brought on by the lack of sleep he had before his journey into the past. That coupled with the after effects of using magic while the magical poison his son’s followers had poisoned him with to shorten his life with the use of any magic.


           Gradually as the afternoon gave way to evening the elderly Harry Potter laid out the tools he would need to save his parents and younger self. His old eyes sweeping over the elder wand, an action figure with the strikingly realistic appearance of his father and two vials each vial marked with either a J or L and filled with a silvery white liquid. Lastly the most important object a glass flask filled with an almost completed Polyjuice Potion along a crystal orb filled with what could be called dancing lightening.  After making certain everything he would need was there Harry gave a heavy sigh and threw back to the hood of invisible cloak. He then allowed his eyelids to droop only half way down over his emerald green eyes. He having taken the last of both Strengthening and Wakefulness Poison and yet he felt the weariness creeping into his old wizarding bones.


             The elderly Harry Potter truly wished he could close his eyes completely and rest but knew that he couldn’t risk dying before ten forty-five that evening so he could replace his mother and die at Voldemort’s wand. How he wished that time would speed up to the appointed hour so he could rest eternally in afterlife. The morbid thought caused him to chuckle to himself and then his eyes opened as he heard a clock signal that it was ten o’clock. The elderly and weary Harry Potter then picked up and stowed away the orb and glass flask back into their pockets. His wrinkled and slightly aching hands picked up both the elder wand and the action figure as he rose from his seated position against one of the loft’s higher walls. He then walked into the center of the loft and sat the action figure upon its feet on the floor before he then slowly raised the tip of his wand at the action figure and said aloud.


            “Engorgio maximum,” elderly Harry then stepped back while the action figure began to grow and grow until in short time the action figure had grown into a life sized that stood in the center of the loft. Harry grinned with satisfaction at the figure and then moved to the perch where the owl Syntyche rested.  He pulled out both a scroll and two owl treats and feed the owl the treats while he carefully secured the scroll onto the owl’s leg. “Alright Syntyche now deliver this to Professor Albus Dumbledore my dear. It will explain what he needs to do to protect my family and even perhaps Neville Longbottom’s parents.” Elderly Harry said in a soothing soft voice as he carried the owl to the circular loft window and then released the owl into the night sky. 


         “Piertotum Locomotor,” Harry murmured as he aimed his wand’s tip at the life size action figure as he strolled back towards it. He smiled widely as he watched the figure come to life. “Good to have you wake up my boy. Now pick up the vials from the floor and followed me.” Harry murmured in a stern voice as he gestured to the other objects on the loft’s floor before he turned and marched to the stairs down to the first floor. He halted and pulled out the crystal ball with his left hand as he held his breath as his mother’s voice spoke on the other side of the door to the stairs that led to the loft.


          “Alright little mister, now that you’ve had your bath it is time for beddy-bye.” Her words were followed by a childish happy laugh and a soft adult giggle as the elderly Harry watched in the crystal ball his mother cradled in her arms a younger him wrapped in a black fluffy towel. She was dressed in a pair of grey sweats and white t-shirt with a Union Jack on the back. The elderly Harry watched in the crystal ball as his mother and younger self headed down the first floor balcony towards the double doors of the two storey library. “So are you going to be feeding Syntyche?” Lily’s voice carried down the length of the balcony as James stepped out through the doors of the library and answered the question asked.


        “No I think I will allow Syntyche to go hunting when she feels the need darling.”  The Harry on the stairs to the loft released a sigh and quickly stowed the crystal ball back into its pocket. The elderly Harry then eased the door further open and peeked out to watch his parents. His father was dressed in a pair of tanned trousers and dark red buttoned up shirt as they spoke in front of the library’s first floor doors. “Alright dear,” Lily said as she bounced the toddler who had become a bit restless in her arms. “Well I have to put the little mister to bed. Will you be coming to bed soon or staying in the library?”

          “No I think I am going take some time to relax in the lounge and watch something on the Muggle telly this evening.”  James replies back as tucked his hands into the front pockets of his tanned trousers. They both then strolled off along the rear first floor balcony and headed for the staircase. “Okay well I will join you there shortly after I get the little mister to bed, darling.” Lily murmured they stopped at the first floor landing. “Mummy and daddy go beddy-bye?” The toddler inquired as his mother lowered him to the carpeted floor and leaned over to kiss husband’s cheek and corner of his lip. Both his parents chuckled and then started to part company with his father descending down the stairs and his mother bending over to pick up the fluffy black towel that had pooled on the balcony’s carpeted floor. The elderly Harry realized that the time for action had arrived.

             He couldn’t wait for his mother to join him down stairs in the lounge for by that time Voldemort would be ready to strike. So he threw causation to the wind as he then threw open the door with the beginning of the first stunner already on his lips with the second and third followed in rapidly succession. Elderly Harry watched as the scarlet light of the spell streaked through the air over the balcony’s railing and traversed halfway across the foyer to his three targets.  Proudly Harry grinned as he watched his father mother and younger self collapse either on the rear balcony or the steps of the staircase. His years as and Auror having paid off not that he didn’t know that his ambushed had truly caught his parents more or less by surprise.


          The feeling of elation was short lived as he had barely gotten a few feet before he collapsed onto his knees onto the balcony floor. He covering his mouth as the violent tremors ripped through his body again and was thankful that the action figure puppet of his had followed him onto the balcony. “Leave the vials here with me and carefully take the child into the bedroom and put some clothes on him before laying him gently in his cot.” He barked those orders between coughs up blood and wheezed as he felt his chest tighten sharply. With a weak laugh Harry rose back to his feet and snatched up the two vials and began to limp towards his fallen parents near and upon the stairs. “When you finish taking care of the child return back to me,” Harry suddenly ordered just as the action figure had halted to open the door to the bedroom as it cradle the younger Harry Potter in the crook of its elbow joint. The action figure simply nodded its head before it disappeared with the toddler into the bedroom.  


          As the elderly Harry collapsed to the balcony between his parents he chuckled darkly and set the vials in his left hand down onto the carpeted floor. His eyes shifting back and forth between the partly surprised and peaceful expressions upon his parents’ faces and took in a deep breath as he mentally repeated that he had four more spells to cast. Though would he survive casting the memory and Portkey charms needed to protect his parents? Harry shoved that thought from his mind as he set down the vials in his hand and wondered what James’ Dark Mask followers would think if they knew that their actions had spurred him to even think up what he was about to do. It was a year before he had summoned up the grand eternal phoenix that they had poisoned him as revenge for him killing their master and his own son. 


         The memory of what he had been forced to do to his own son snapped him from his trance and then slowly got to work. Swiftly he moved the elder wand over both his parent’s foreheads and muttered the memory charm obliviate as he wiped away their memories of the last few minutes. As he suffered the tremors sharp pain after effect he spotted the action figure stopped in its tracks in front of his mother. “Pick up my mother and take her into the bedroom and wait there for me.” Harry murmured before he turned slowly to face his father who lay unconscious on the stairs. He watched briefly as the action figure did obediently as it was commanded and then he Harry opened the other vial with the silvery white memories marked with a J. Carefully he then turned it over against his father’s forehead and watched as the false memory of what James Potter would remember happened that night was absorbed into his brain through his forehead.  


         That done he reached his wrinkled and boney left hand down to take up his father’s while he watched as the action figure carried his mother back to the bedroom. Harry focused intensely on the greenhouse and the eleven o’clock as he tapped the tip of his wand to his father’s wedding ring. He then turned it into a one-time Portkey with the silent word portus that briefly caused the ring to glow a bluish color. “One, two three,” Harry then murmured aloud as he tapped the ring and in a swirl of shadow and light his father’s body disappeared. Portkeyed to the greenhouse were he would remain until eleven o’clock and he would be returned back to the staircase within the house. There to be found alive and well by Hogwarts gamekeeper Rubeus Hagrid upon his arrival a short time afterwards. With a great deal of effect Harry forced himself back to his feet after he picked up the unopened vial marked with an L, and then marched off for the bedroom ready to do the same thing for his mother.


          “Alright now lay her out gently before the cot.” Harry ordered the action figure as he entered the room and set down both the elder wand and vial with the false memories meant for his mother. The action figure did as ordered and then rose and turned to the elderly Harry as it waited for any more orders. Harry though had reached into his robe to pull out the orb with the dancing lightening and as he moved to the night stand beside the king sized bed against the wall opposite his younger self’s cot within his parents’ bedroom.  Quickly finding his father’s mahogany, dragon’s heart stringed wand and snatched up it up by the tip and strolled back towards the action figure. “Here take this,” the elderly Harry said as he extended his left hand out to the action figure and as it took hold of the wand’s handle. Harry plunged the orb in his right though the figures chest with ease as if it was play dough as he continued to give the action figure his last commands.


             “Your last mission is to delay Voldemort for at least six minutes all the while shouting out that he is here and that Lily should get Harry and escape. After that portkey into the greenhouse in the back garden, there give my father his wand before you then portkey again into the nearby forest. There you will wait for further orders,” Harry said firmly as he slowly removed his right hand without the orb from the action figure’s chest. “The orb is filled with all the magical energy the Healer’s drained from me to keep me alive this long. It should be enough to delay Voldemort though not defeated him. Now go on and do your duty my good magically created soldier.” Harry then stepped aside as the action figure nodded its head and then marched out head held proudly and closed the door to the room behind it.


            Now alone with his mother and younger self the elderly Harry moved around his mother and stood at the side of the cot as he stared down at the still stunned toddler that was himself. “Hopefully you will cherish gift I am giving you to have more time with your parents my young boy. Harry murmured as a few tears escaped from his emerald green eyes and rolled beneath the frames of his spectacles and down over his cheeks. “They may not always give you what you want but they are your parents and they love you and give you what I missed when I was raised by our Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon Dursley. Of course that is if I can sacrifice myself in the place of our mother and have it protect you and them.” With that said the elderly Harry sighed heavily and pulled out the glass flask filled with the Polyjuice Potion and uncorked it as he then gingerly knelt down beside his mother on the floor. He stared down at her unconscious face so at peace with the world.


         “It is him Lily, get Harry and escape now!” Shouted loudly the mimicked voice of James Potter through the closed solid bedroom that shattered the peace the Elderly Harry had gotten from the peaceful expression upon his mother’s face. The shout was followed explosion shook the bedroom walls and so quickly reached down his right hand to a few locks of his mother’s dark red hair over her temple. “I am sorry about this mother.” Harry commented and then yanked out a hair that he quickly added to the Polyjuice Potion and watched as the liquid turned a deep pink or purple color. Harry then lifted the flask and gulped down the content of it before he hastily removed his spectacles stowed both them and the flask away in his robes. The transformation acted quickly and as he rose his hands had already morphed from the wrinkled and boney hands into slender and youthfully smooth hands. The Polyjuice Potion form of Lilly Potter then dropped down and waved the elder wand above the head of the unconscious Lilly Potter and quickly said obliviate and wiped away the memories of his attack upon her earlier.


          With a joyous smile as he felt only a small tremor ran through the youthful body of his mother and he moved quickly to tap her wedding ring processed to focus on the same thing as he had done for his father’s wedding ring. He then sat back as the ring glowed briefly the same bluish color and then simply spoke one word aloud. “Now,” Lily Potter then disappeared to join her husband in the greenhouse as the elderly Harry Potter in the Polyjuiced form of his mother quickly swept the elder long along the length of his body. His clothes then were transformed into the clothes his mother had been wearing and soon he was dressed in a pair of grey sweats and white t-shirt with the union jack upon the back. The sounds of the duel outside seemed to have dropped and the elderly Harry Pottered nervously at bedroom door as his mind suddenly raced with questions of whether there was anything else he could do to give his younger self any aide he might need for the future.


         The elderly Harry’s emerald green eyes widen as they locked onto the elder wand in his hand and a single thought erupted within his brain though he knew that he would need a wand to perform the spell. He then spun about and pointed the elder wand at his mother’s willow, phoenix feathered wand and summoned it with a silent accio that caused the wand to zoom swiftly through the air and snatched it up. Harry then spun around to face the cot where his toddler self who lay still stunned and reached down to pull up the shirt to expose the child’s chest and stomach before he placed the elder wand down along the center of the child’s body. Then he swept his mother’s wand down and then up over his body and watch as the first swept shrunk the elder wand to fit upon the exposed part of the toddler’s body. The second sweep caused the wand to dissolve into a simply boiling liquid that was absorbed into the flesh of the young toddler.


           The side effect of the spell seemed to awaken the toddler who began to cry loudly yet the elderly Harry couldn’t focus on that. For he had just tossed his mother’s wand onto his parents’ bed when then the bedroom door exploded into a hundred thousand pieces.  Through the door less doorframe slowly stepped Voldemort in his black robes that billowed out behind him. “Not Harry, mercy have mercy and don’t kill my son. Take me instead but don’t harm a hair on my son’s head. The elderly Harry Potter pleaded in his mother’s own voice very loudly as he moved to position himself between the cot with his younger self and Voldemort who strolled casually further into the bedroom.


        “Step aside Mudblood I care little for soiling my magic on you, but your child must die.” Voldemort spoke a very deadly cold and silky voice as he stalked closer and closer to the elderly Harry disguised as his mother and his younger self in the cot. “Show some humanity and allow my child to liv-,” the elderly Polyjuiced Harry plea was cut short as with a swing of Voldemort’s left arm and hand before he gave a loud and mirth laugh. The elderly Harry was swatted away in his mother’s body until he stumbled to the foot board of the king sized bed. Voldemort then raised his wand high into the air in his right hand and began to swing it downward.


          “Avada Kedavra!” Voldemort shouted the killing curse as the sound of a huge thing rushed into the room as dark green bolt of light streaked towards the cot and the objective that had brought Voldemort to Godric’s Hollow that night. The curse would not reach it for at the last minute the elderly Harry in the Polyjuiced leapt forward between the cot and the evil Dark Wizard. The last thoughts that raced through the mind of the elderly wizard was simply a pray to any deity that would make certain that his sacrifice for the love of his younger self and parents would have the same effect as his mother’s original sacrifice.


          The corpse had barely landed upon the bedroom floor when Voldemort sneered with disgust at the dead witch before him casually kicked forcefully the body aside with the outside of his left foot. “Now it is your turn Harry Potter.” Voldemort said in a silky cold voice before he began broke into a high pitched laughter before him again cast the killing curse. With a swish his wand downward and pointed the tip of his wand at the toddler, who had climbed up into a standing position within his cot while he continued to cry. “Avada Kedavra,” said Voldemort as he aimed the tip of his wand directly at the child’s forehead and the dark green light struck its mark this time. A twisted smile briefly appearing on the lipless face before fear radiated within his scarlet cat like eyes as the green streak seemed to rebound off the child’s forehead.


         Though the curse didn’t kill the toddler it had enough force to knock the toddler off his feet and onto his rum as the green streak reflection off his forehead like countless green shooting stars. The first hundreds or so stars quickly riddled the body of the Dark Wizard within the bedroom, while his wand flew out of his lifeless hand and slide out into the first floor balcony. While the other stars exploded over and over again against three walls the ceiling and caused them to either collapse inward or be blown outward away from the first floor bedroom.


          The only living creature within the house being a brown rat that had scribbled pass the open doorway to the bedroom twice and the child who continued to cry and cry some more. While the corpse body of the disguised elderly Harry wriggled and twitched violently a few times before the skin began to boil and it grew smaller and smaller until the corpse seemed to just evaporate away like and ice cube in a sauna.  


         The next fifteen minutes or so the house was silent expect for the now occasional cry from the toddle trapped in his cot whose throat had become sore from all the crying he had done. The child’s cries suddenly being dwarfed by the billowing voice of a giant man as he bowed his shaggy head entered through the opened front door. “Oy, James Lily is you two alright?” The giant of a man paused within the entrance way to the foyer and then reached out to easily lift the large piece of the first floor balcony that blocked his path. His dark beady eyes then swept over the foyer and a smiled formed in his beard as spotted James Potter stir slowly on the staircase atop bunch of rumble from the high ceiling above.


         “Hagrid is that you?” James Potter inquired in a slightly dazed and confused tone as his left hand rubbed repeatedly at the side of his face and slowly propping himself up onto his right elbow. The fingers of his hand tighten slightly about the handle of the wand as he lay out upon the staircase. “Yeah, James it is me big old Hagrid.”  Hagrid replied comfortingly back between panting breaths as he crashed his way through more fallen rumble until he could kneel down close to James Potter and help him gradually to his feet. “Where are Lily and Harry, Hagrid?” Asked James in a very concerned and frightened voice as he slowly engaged himself from Hagrid’s giant hands and stumbled slightly upward on the staircase. “Don’t know where they are James cause just arrived and only found you.” Was Hagrid’s simply reply and it seemed to send James into a frighten panic as he spun around and sprinted up the staircase and turned left on the first floor balcony.


         “Lily, answer me are you alright?” James shouted loudly while his panic seeped more and more into his voice as he received no answer as he sprinted around the left hand corner of the first floor balcony while Hagrid followed a few strides behind James. The giant man came to a halt while he watched as James leap across a very wide gap in the balcony. “James shouldn’t you fix the balcony?” asked Hagrid as he breathed a sigh of relief as James landed with a roll on the other side of the balcony. “I’ll do that later Hagrid. I have to find out if my family escaped safely or if they are still alive first.”  James responded back as he quickly rose up and sprinted down the balcony and through the open doorway. There he coming to a halt for a few heart beats as his gaze took in the body of his Lily as it lay out before the cot within the nearly completely destroyed bedroom. 


         “Lily,” James cried and he staggered into the bedroom and dropped down onto his knees and reached down to turn her onto her back. He cradled his upper body as tears streamed down his cheeks so much that he didn’t hear his wife speak his name in a weak whispering voice. “James,” Lily barked as loudly as she could muster as she snuggled out of her husband’s arms in order for her to sit up on the floor. “Oh, thank Merlin’s mistress the lady of the lake that you’re alive.” James exclaimed as he dropped backwards onto his hunches and stared lovingly at his wife a wash of relief danced within his hazel brown eyes. “James is Harry alright?” Lily inquired suddenly fearful as she didn’t want for her husband to reply and scrambled up to her feet and stared down into the cot at a blurry eyed young toddle nose was runny with snot as he blinked his eyes tried up at his mother’s matching green eyes.   


          “Thank God my little sweetheart you’re alive and well.” Lily murmured as she leans over to scoop her son out of his cot and into her arms. Her left hand stroking back black fringe lovingly and abruptly stopped as her eyes widen at the sight of a sharp lightning bolt mark scar dab smack in the center of his forehead. “James he has a scar on his forehead.” Lily cried out as she darted her gaze back to her husband who had just gotten to his feet. “What does it mean?” She inquire in a panicked voice as she squeezes her child tighter to her chest and her gaze darted back and forth between her son and husband repeatedly. “I don’t know what it means Lily but I think we should focus on getting out of here first and we can talk with Professor Dumbledore about the scar when we are safe and sound.” Lily quickly nodded her head and then began to stride for the doorway only to stop within it and glance back at the rumble of support beams and tile from the roof littered the bedroom.


          “My wand where is my wand?” Lily asked in a calmer and more controlled tone. “I don’t know but I can summon it quickly and then we should really move Lily.” James replied back and quickly casted the summon spell within seconds Lily’s wand soared through the air and was snatched out of thin air by the witch before she followed by her husband exited the bedroom their child held securely in his mother’s left arm. The two adults were briefly held up by the hole in the floor that both of them repaired within mere minutes with a double reparo and soon the trio of adult wizards and witch had exited the house and made it to the road outside the wrought iron fence before they stopped again.


           “James do you think we should inform Bathilda Bagshot that we are alive and well before we leave?” Lily asked as she followed behind Hagrid and James as they turned left down the lane in the direction of the Gryffindor ruins. “No we can contact her later on to tell her tell her that we are fine Lily. James replied back as he glanced to his wife and the slightly sleeping toddler she held in a make shift sling tied about from her shoulder to shoulder. “So Hagrid do you have any magical transport because I don’t believe Lily or I are in any shape to Disapparate or Apparate very far and car we have in the converted carriage house garage is a Muggle car.” Hagrid nodded his head in understanding and then in a low voice replied as he gestured towards the woodland property next door to Number Seven Hollow Lane. “Yeah, have a few thestrals hitched to a sleigh hidden in the forest that we can use to get you tw- oh I mean three safely to Hogwarts.” Hagrid quickly corrected himself as the toddler yawned and stretched against his mother’s body.


          The trio had only gone a few yards when the sound of an engine roared through the night air while a spot light appeared in the air. This caused both Lily and James to draw their wands out a while a motorbike descended upon them. It soared over their heads before the rider turned the bike around in a tight circular motion and then landed upon the rural road. “James and Lily you’re alright?” The dark haired rider inquired in a concerned tone as he climbed off the motorbike and then hurried up to the group. “Yes, Sirius we are alive though seems Peter has betrayed us to Voldemort.” James Potter murmured as he lowered his wand and moved to then grasp the offered forearm and then the two black haired wizards briefly gave each other a manly hug.


        “I would love to get my hands on him right now but right now I have to look after my family and get them to Hogwarts.” James added as he stepped back and Lily moved forward to kiss Sirius’s clean shaven cheek briefly as Sirius said firmly while he stared over at James. “I see and look you can take my motorbike to get you quicker to Hogwarts and I will try and capture that rat Peter for you.”  James opened his mouth but quickly closed it and simply nodded his head before he turned back to face Hagrid and said calmly. “Hagrid you can follow us in your sleigh while we use Sirius’s motorbike alright.” Hagrid simply nodded his head and then easily stepped over the stone wall that divided the woodlands from the road. “Please take care of yourself Sirius.” Lily comments as she followed her husband onto the back of the motorbike behind him.


        The engine of the motorbike roared back to life as Sirius Black moved off down the road in the opposite direction and only glanced back to watch the ruby red tail light of his motorbike slowly ascend back into the air and he moves down along the lane before transforming into a large black dog who then began to sniff at the ground and seeming to search for a scent to follow.  Gradually the motorbike sped off through the night sky and cut a new path that would rewrite history in the wizarding world.

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