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The Unspoken Truth by HannahLizzieeex
Chapter 3 : A Corridor Tainted With Lust
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A/N - Third chapter up! This is from Luna's PoV.. in this story, Luna's strong side is shown a LOT more. She's still her unique little self, however she doesn't tolerate any crap or anything(: I basically loved Luna's "Harry Potter you will listen to me right now!" in DHpart2 and focused on that side of her :) sorry if she's not your cup of tea!Please leave a review! :)








“Was he bothering you, Luna?” Harry asked, glaring at Draco as he scurried off down the corridor.

“Bothering me? Oh no, Draco and I were just talking.” I smiled back.
“No offence, but why would Malfoy talk to you?” Ron asked.

“He found my fathers article interesting, so we talked.” I shrugged. That was it really, there was nothing more to it. I obviously wasn’t going to tell them that I was secretly thrilled as I’d always thought of him as a charming young man, despite his mannerisms towards my dear friends.

“He reads the Quibbler?” Ginny scoffed, “Oh now there is good gossip, I wonder if anyone else knows about this?!”

“He seemed interested in the Wrackspurts…”

“My day just keeps getting better!” Ginny laughed.

“He was actually quite polite, I didn’t get any negative vibes off him… not until Nala turned up.”

“She’s hateful,” Hermione growled, “Did she say anything to you, Luna?”

“Say anything? No… she didn’t seem very pleased that I was talking to Draco though.”

“What’s new?” Harry muttered. His change of subject caught me off guard, but I was pleased to see that he’d noticed my new earrings.

“Oh do you like them?” I said, waggling my fingers behind my new onion shaped earrings, “Daddy sent me them this morning! He felt that radishes were a thing of the past, you know?”

“Uh, Luna, ‘What’s new?’ was a rhetorical question, basically meaning Nala dislikes anyone that talks to her Draco.” Hermione said matter-of-factly.

“Oh…” Well… at least I’d had the opportunity to show off my new earrings. Ignoring Ron’s failed attempt at hiding a smirk, I continued. “Draco told me that when her mother died, she went to live with the Malfoy’s, they’ve been best friends since they were two… it’s quite understandable really.”

“Whatever,” Ginny said, “There’s no excuse to be hateful.”

“She’s got a point.” Harry said. As much as I wanted to believe that Harry genuinely agreed with Ginny, he was bias – his crush on Ginny was unmistakeable and went unnoticed by none of us, so that naturally clouded his judgement.

“I’m hungry,” I announced, puzzling everyone. Really, what was so hard to understand about that?

“Luna, we just ate breakfast.” Ginny said, confused.

“Oh my… you’re turning into Ronald!” Hermione laughed. I, along with Harry and Ginny joined in with her laughter as Ron argued that he was “a growing man and needed his protein


As our laughter died down, we concluded that as it was a Saturday, I’d walk to my common room so that I could raid the mini fridge in search of munch, whilst the others went and occupied our usual corner in the court yard. I waved at them as they said their goodbyes and started off up the long spiral staircase towards the Ravenclaw common room. As she approached the large door, she was greeted by the bronze eagle-shaped knocker that guarded the room.

“Good afternoon Luna! Can you answer this? What came first, the Phoenix, or the Ash?” I hesitated for a moment. A phoenix is born from its ash, but for a phoenix to be reborn, the phoenix must die – in which case it bursts into ash. After another pause, I realised what the answer must be.

“A circle has no beginning or end.”

“Right you are, young Raven. You may enter.”

I quickly made my way towards the mini fridge, waved quick hello’s to Cho and Penelope and invaded the fridge. Much to my sheer disappointment, there was no pudding left over, so instead I settled for an apple.

“Luna?” I turned to see Terry Boot, fidgeting nervously with his hands.

“Hello, Terry.”

“I – er – I saw you talking with Malfoy earlier on.” He confessed. As if the word ‘Malfoy’ was one of the unforgiveable curses, those within hearing distances had stopped their private chatter and instead focused in on our conversation.

“Yes, I was talking to Draco earlier on.” I emphasized his name. I never did understand why people called others by their last name, so I never participated in the surname calling business.

“I just wanted to see that he wasn’t, y’know, being - ”

“You should never judge others without having experienced their presence. This was my first encounter with Draco Malfoy, and I’ll have you know he was a perfect gentleman,” As I continued with my speech, I had realised that I was more talking to the rest of the common room, than just Terry Boot, “I understand that many of you despise the boy, however I do not believe that many of you have never spoken to him – alone. Many of you are aware of who my ‘inner group’ are and so many of you are aware of their hatred towards Draco, however I never let that cloud my judgement of him, to me, he’s always come across as a misunderstood, lost soul. And from today’s experience, my suspicions were confirmed. If you must know, he was a lot nicer than the majority of you in this room have been to me. He found my father’s article interesting and never once did he refer to me as ‘loony’ as many of you do. He ever stood up for me against his own best friend. Now if you must know, I’m going to the court yard to spend time with my friends.” As I concluded my speech, I analysed all the gawping faces and once I was satisfied that I had made my point, I turned towards the exit. As I reached the door, I turned and noticed something peculiar about Marcus Belby, “And Marcus,” His eyes widened, “Be careful of the nargles, your heads full of them.”

Taking a bite out of my apple, I made my way down the stairs until I reached the long corridor leading to another corridor which led to the court yard where my friends would be waiting for me. I had an urge to skip, and so that’s exactly what I did. When I was a young girl, my mother told me I should never ignore a certain feeling I had about something or and urge to do something, as in this world full of magic, I may never have that opportunity again. I didn’t believe her at first, however later on that week, she died in a terrible magical experiment. Ever since then, I’ve stuck to every bit of advice my parents have given me.

Just as I was nearing the end of the corridor, the door swung open and in came Draco.

“Oh! Luna… you’re, ugh - ” His head tilted as examined me, “You’re skipping?”

“Yes, I am.” I smiled. I can honestly say I was happy to see him, after my speech, I felt a strong connection to him, no matter how oblivious I was as to the relevance of the connection, I still felt it.

“Cool, yeah, skipping’s cool.” He said with a smile.

“This is the part were you tell me what you’re doing here.” I giggled.

“I wanted a walk, so I walked and I just ended up here.” He shrugged sheepishly. A small bubble of excitement popped inside of me as I realised that a small part of his story must have been a lie. Everyone knew that this corridor led to the staircase leading to the Ravenclaw common room, so no one came here without the intention of seeking a Ravenclaw.

“Were you looking for me?”

“I – I – I may have been.” He confessed with a mild blush.

“Really?” I smiled, “Why?”

“I just – ugh – wanted to tell you that earlier on, I wasn’t just being nice because I felt sorry for you or anything like that, I genuinely like you, Luna, and I, ehm, I’d like to get to know you a bit better… if that’s okay with you?” Only now did I realise that throughout the whole time he was talking, I had been grinning manically like the Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland is my favourite film of all times!).

“You don’t need to ask if it’s okay with me, you need to ask if it’s okay with Nala.”

“Who gives a rats arse about her?” I raised my eyebrow at him. She was his best friend, how could he dismiss her so easily to spend some time befriending me, unless… he wanted to do more than just befriend me? I could just ask him. I know I was known for my blunt honesty and sometimes eccentric way about life, however even I knew that you don’t just ask a man if he likes you. Especially if it’s a boy you happen to find quite intriguing. Instead, I settle from something completely barbaric. I stepped closer to him, not breaking our eye contact. He didn’t even flinch. I slowly crept onto my tiptoes and leaned closer into him. He still didn’t flinch. We must have been inches apart before I spoke.

“What is it you really want, Draco?” I whispered, making my voice sound slightly husky instead of it’s usual distant dreamy tone.

“You really want to know?” He whispered back. I felt his hot breath brush against my skin, and I soon realised that if he didn’t kiss me, I would certainly kiss him.

“I really want to know.”

And there it was. He leant in closer. As our lips brushed, he hesitated, allowing me time to back away if I wanted to – not likely! He pressed his lips against my own. I’d never experienced a feeling like this before. Much to my disappointment, this wasn’t my first kiss. No – I had the misfortune of Terry Boot in my first year. We’d known each other since before Hogwarts, so to us, it was just logical that we should get together. I cringe at the memories, Ginny and I often refer to him as ‘saliva boy’. But this… this was different. This felt right in the wrongest way, like it had meant to happen all along. Before I had the chance to end the kiss, I felt his mouth open slightly and his tongue gently caress my lips. He was asking for my permission! I, of course, allowed it and our kiss deepened. Never in a million years did I ever see myself standing in a corridor making-out (and yes, by now we were definitely making out) with Draco Malfoy!

As the kiss ended, we were both breathing hard. He looked me in the eyes before taking my hand in his, he bowed his head and kissed the back of my hand. As his soft lips touched my skin, he gave me the cutest ‘lost-puppy’ look and started down the corridor in the direction he’d previously come. I pressed two fingers against my lips before letting a wide smile dominate my face. Then, as if I hadn’t stopped, I continued skipping down the corridor (although slightly more breathless than the last time) and towards the courtyard.  

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The Unspoken Truth: A Corridor Tainted With Lust


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