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Last Words by nikkihoot10
Chapter 1 : Last Words
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It was a dark and stormy night that night. Severus Snape was waiting outside of the Potter’s house for his master to return to him. Screams pierced his ears as he waited in the dark night. Finally everything went silent and Snape looked up to find his master but he did not return. The other people around him were also silent when finally one of them screamed “he’s gone.” Shouts of sadness and agony came from that crowd but soon one by one they left the scene to go about their lives.






“It’s time to go Severus” said a man to his left but Snape shook his head and continued to just stand there silent. The man soon disappeared and Snape was left to his thoughts. It started to rain as it usually does when someone innocent dies.






Snape went into the house and started to head up the stairs with only the sound of his breath, heart, and the rain to comfort him. He saw a room with a light shining brightly and decided to go into it. There in the doorway was his old enemy James Potter lying dead on the floor. He saw a crib with a crying baby in it and on the floor in front of the crib was the love of his life Lily Potter.






Lily was somehow barely still alive and when she heard footsteps she managed to say “help.”






Snape ran to her when he heard her voice. He knelt down and picked Lily up in his arms wrapping his cloak around her. “Lily I can save you don’t worry everything will be ok just hang in there ok” said Snape.






Lily looked up into his eyes and barely said “I’m dying Sev don’t worry about me please protect the baby.”






Snape started to cry his tears were falling into Lily’s beautiful auburn hair. She smiled at him and started to wipe his tears away.






Snape then said “I wish it were me.”






“Please protect my baby Sev, he is everything to me” Lily said no wanting Snape to be said. Snape nodded and looked at the baby in the crib seeing Lily’s eyes in his. He quickly turned back to Lily.






“I promise to always protect him for you Lily” said Snape. Lily smiled up at him and mouthed the words thank you to him. “I love you Lily I always have and I always will” said Snape softly to her. He bent down and kissed her on the forehead.






Lily was losing breath quickly and all she managed to say back was “always.” She turned silent and still after that.






Snape cried “NOOOOOOOOOO” and he pulled Lily’s limp body into his arms by his chest and wrapped his cloak around her. For hours Snape just held her and told her how much he loves her and how sorry he was for everything.



11 years later Snape had to look into the eyes of the woman he loved painfully but on the boy whose looks reminded him of the man that he hated and stole Lily away from him. He would still keep his promise to Lily to protect him but he wanted to take his anger out on this boy that he never could on James. Seven years would go by before Snape would ever reveal the good in him.




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