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Actions Have Consequences by nmegirl
Chapter 40 : My Stress is Not Good for My Condition
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Pacing in one’s dormitory is not good stress relief.

Not to mention it annoys your friends.

“Can you please stop pacing?” Holly begged. “You’re making me dizzy.”

“Stop Pacing?” I shrieked. “If I stop pacing, it will allow me to think over everything that happened this morning, making me panic, which will make me stressed, which is bad for the baby. If I stop pacing, there’s nothing stopping me from sprinting down to the hospital wing. You want me to stop pacing? Really?”

“Sorry I asked.” Holly mumbled.

It had been hours. Hours since Jason had thrown a beater’s bat at the back of James’ skull. Hours since I’d last seen Rose run off to see if he was okay. I dropped onto my bed, and held my head in my hands. My eyes started to well up. It was torture waiting around to know if someone you loved was going to be alright.

Wait, love? Did I really just think that?

I took the time to think it over. I thought about him constantly. I missed him whenever he wasn’t around. I pictured the future we could have, living in the big house with the white fence. And for the first time, I imagined walking down the aisle, and seeing James at the other end.

I think I love him.

I was broken out of my thoughts by Rose and Dom walking into the room. Neither looked particularly happy.

“Is he okay?” I said, tears falling down my face. “I need to see him.” I stood ready to leave, but Rose moved in the way of the door.

“Move Rose.” I growled.

“You go down to the hospital wing now,” she said calmly. “And your relationship will be found out quicker than you can say ‘Have you met my new boyfriend?’. His siblings and his friends, including your brother, are with him at the moment.”

“I don’t care.” I said, “Let them find out. James wanted me to tell Jack anyway.”

“I think that James wanted you to tell him when you were ready to.” Rose argued. “You know that when James is better, you’ll regret it, because you’re not ready. You’re still lying to some of your friends. Why would you be ready to tell Jack?”

I ignored the very reasonable argument that Rose put forward. As true as it was, I wasn’t going to wait until he was out of the hospital wing.

Rose seemed to realise where exactly my thoughts were, because she added “Look, can you wait a few hours?” When I looked curious, she said “I swiped this from Al’s stuff just now.” She pulled out what looked like a normal cloak from her bag. “You can see him after curfew.”

“I could wait until curfew.” I agreed, grudgingly. “But how is a random cloak going to help me?”

“Put it on.” She replied, smiling at me. I pulled it around my shoulders, and span around when I heard Holly gasp.

She stood up and came to stand next to me. “Your body just disappeared!” I looked down and saw exactly what she meant. From the neck down, I couldn’t see any part of me. Which, with a abdomen the size of a watermelon, was a pretty mean feat.

“An Invisibility cloak?” I asked, in awe.

“It was Albus’ dad’s.” Dom said, smirking at our reactions. “Good for mischief makers, and those doing things they shouldn’t. Like going out after curfew.” She winked at me.

“You’ll have to be quiet,” Rose added. “But they won’t be able to see you if you make sure your head is covered as well.”

I took off the cloak, folded it and placed it at the end of my bed. Wiping away the tears, I looked to both Dom and Rose for answers.

“How is James?” I whispered quietly.

They looked at each other before Dom started explaining. “He’s been better.” she said, trying to think of how to explain. “His skull was cracked at the back, and he was unconscious for a while, but Pomfrey was able to heal him up. He’s been awake the last hour or so. We thought it best not to overcrowd him.”

I nodded, not knowing whether to sigh in relief, or worry until I’d seen him for myself. Rose could see the conflict I was facing, and came over to give me a hug. “He’s going to be fine, Ames.” She pulled back and smiled. “And you can see him soon.”

After running down the first corridor, and realising how much noise it would make, I made my way to the Hospital Wing by walking calmly. No matter how eager I was to get there. When I was almost to the Hospital Wing, I had to duck into the History of Magic classroom when I heard footsteps approaching. Thinking it was most likely Filch roaming the halls, I tried to keep the sound of my heavy breathing as quiet as I could. I didn’t think Al would take too kindly to me getting his cloak confiscated, especially after Rose had nicked it without his permission. So I waiting until all was silent, before I carried on to my destination.

The doors to the Hospital Wing were closed. I cringed when the door groaned as it opened, hoping that Madame Pomfrey wasn’t woken up in her room. I did wake someone else up however.

“Who’s there?”

There was no fear or hesitation in the voice, only curiosity. I recognised it instantly. Slipping into the room, I noticed he was in the only occupied bed, sat up and scanning the room.

“James.” I whispered, getting his attention.

“Ames?” he replied, keeping it quiet. “Where are you?” Walking over, I took the cloak off from around me before sitting next to him and grabbing his hand in mine.

He looked amused as he said “Is that my dad’s cloak?” When I nodded, he added “Does Al know you got it?”

“No.” I grinned. “And he won’t have to. Rose is going to return it tomorrow.” I looked him over in the small amount of light coming in the window. His head had a bandage wrapped around it, but other than that, there seemed to be no sign he was injured at all.

“How are you doing?”

“Massive headache, but I’m coping.” He said, rubbing his head through the bandage. “Don’t quite know what I did to Radley to deserve it though. Lily said it was his bat.”

I didn’t know whether to tell James what I’d seen. People were obviously under the impression that Radley had lost it and attacked James in a crazy outburst after they lost the game.

If it were you, I thought, you’d want to know what happened.

“It was Radley’s bat,” I started, grabbing his attention. “But it wasn’t Radley who threw it.”

He raised his eyebrows in surprise. “It wasn’t?”

“Jason did it. Let Radley take the blame.”

The surprise disappeared and was replaced with a mix between anger and annoyance. “Shouldn’t be surprised, but he’s certainly reached a new low.”

I nodded in agreement. “I never thought he would ever do anything like that.”

“Can’t believe you ever went out with him.” I hit his arm playfully, as he chuckled.

“How was I to know he’d turn violent?” I squeezed his hand, more as a comfort to me rather than him. “How was your visit with your family?”

“Pretty uneventful.” He shrugged. “The moment that Al realised I would be okay and that I was conscious, he said that I could congratulate him on his wonderful catch. It feels so good to know my family care about me so much.”

I giggled, before sobering up quickly. “He was worried you know. We all were. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone run so fast in my entire life. Al was the first one to reach you.”

I hated seeing him injured, even if he was going to be alright. My internal conversation I’d been having with myself in my dorm popped into my head.

You love him. Why don’t you tell him?

Yeah right. Because it wouldn’t be awkward if he didn’t feel that way about me.

Oh don’t be such a coward.

To be honest conscience, you haven’t exactly been much help up until now, what makes you think I’m going to listen to you.

“Ames?” James said. “You okay? You zoned out.”

“I…..” Say it. SAY IT. “I think I should let you get some sleep.” He looked confused, but nodded hesitantly anyway, before leaning in to kiss me. On the way out, as I was pulling the cloak back on, my conscience couldn’t resist one more jab.

Are you sure you’re a Gryffindor?

I was stuck.

This morning, Rose was meant to take the cloak from the end of the bed, and sneak it back to Al’s trunk while he was sleeping before she went to the library.

What I didn’t count on was Rose going straight to the library and forgetting the former.

Holly walked in to the dorm while I was sat on my bed, the evidence in my hands.

“What’s got your wand in a twist?” she asked, staring at me like I was criminally insane.

“I need to get this to Albus without him knowing I took it.” I stated, trying to brainstorm for ideas. She didn’t even hesitate before saying “I know how.”

“Trust me Holly, when I want a ridiculous, insane and idiotic plan that won’t work, I’m going to come to you.” I ran a hand over my face. “Until then, I’m going to try and come up with a way to do it.”

She shrugged. “I’ll be waiting when you give up.”

Several moments later, I sucked up my pride, and wandered over to her bed. “Providing it’s not too out of this world, I’m willing to hear you out.”

“Hear me out?” She said in amusement. “I much prefer to just act.” Grabbing the cloak off my bed, she ran out the dormitory before I was able to react.

“Not again.” I grumbled, chasing after her. I ran behind her all the way to Al’s dorm. Due to the fact that he was still asleep, She then proceeded to jump onto his bed. Superman style.

“Ow Gerroff me” He mumbled, pushing her off the bed.

“Wake up idiot.” She answered. “I have something to give back to you.” Opening his eyes, he reached for his glasses on his bedside table. Once he could see properly, his eyes widened at the item in her hand.

“That’s my cloak!” He said. “It was in my trunk. Did you take it?” The accusing look in his eye didn’t even faze Holly in the slightest.

“Well of course I did. Did you seriously think I’d go haunting first years without being invisible? Do you think ‘Boo’ would be quite as affective if they could see me? Well? WELL?”

Al sat with his mouth wide open, not knowing quite what to say in response.

“I would’ve been a joke, the firsties would never know my wrath. DID YOU WANT ME TO BE A JOKE ALBUS SEVERUS POTTER?”

The shout caught him off guard, and he ended up stuttering. “Ummm….I..I ….No it’s just….y..y….”

She then pretended to faint. Why it was necessary I’ll never know. We both stared at where she fell. I was seriously worried for her mental health.

Opening her eyes, she asked “We all good?”

“Dare I say no?”

She jumped up smiling, saying “Thanks Al.” before skipping out his dorm. The grunts from all the other beds in his dorm clearly stated that the others had been woken up by Holly’s shouts, and they weren‘t too happy about it.

“I’m gunna go.” I said awkwardly.

“I think that’s best.” Al yawned. “She needs someone to watch her twenty four seven.”

After another night in the hospital wing, and a lot of moaning on James’ part, Madam Pomfrey had finally relented and allowed him to leave. A few cheers and a small round of applause greeted him as he walked in through the portrait hall with Jack, Weasley, and Wood. With grins all around, Jack started to make a path through all of James’ adoring fans. Sadly one wouldn’t move.

“Jimmy!” Veronicas squealed. Again, who keeps letting that girl in our common room? It had been so quiet as far as she was concerned, that I had thought she’d been eaten by the Giant Squid. Well, more like hoped, but there’s still time.

I scowled at my parchment to the girls’ amusement, and ended up writing so hard that I made a hole in it.

Would anyone really notice if I hexed her face?

“Yes Ames.” Rose chuckled. “They’d notice, not to mention wonder why you did it.” Did I say that out loud? My bad.

“Did you get my gifts?” She giggled, trying to stroke his arm. I snapped the quill I was holding.

“Of course he did Hastings.” Weasley said, pulling James straight past her. “He just loved the chocolate frogs you sent to the hospital wing.”

“And the Liquorice Wands.” Jack smirked.

“He was so grateful for the Skiving snack box.” Weasley added, taking his turn.

“He adored the Pot Plant.”

“And he couldn’t get enough of the singing balloons.” Wood laughed. James sighed as he dropped onto the sofa by the fire.

“I think we get it guys.” He said, resting his feet on the table. The comments from James’ friends didn’t deter Veronica though, and she rushed to get the seat next to him before Weasley could sit in it.

“So I know Valentine’s Day is just under a month away,” She said, making all the boys groan around her. She glared at the three friends, before turning back to James. “But I wanted to beat the rush and ask if you wanted to like, get together for the Hogsmeade trip.” When he didn’t look instantly thrilled like she expected him too, she added “A bunch of guys have already asked me, but you know, if you wanted to….”

“Thanks for asking.” He replied, looking like he wanted to say something entirely different, but his mother obviously taught him better. “But I’m already going with someone.”

Anger clouded her eyes as she threw a hissy fit. It was one of the funniest things I’d ever seen, even calming down enough to fix my quill with my wand.

“But I asked you a month in advance!!” She whined, stamping her foot.

“She asked sooner. Sorry.” Though he didn’t sound it.

Veronica looked like she was about to blow. I didn’t know whether to laugh or dive for cover. I’d just do the opposite of whatever Holly decided to do. That way, it would be the right decision. She let out a frustrated scream, before marching out the portrait hole. But not before she took off one of her heels and threw it across the room.

Because that’s the way to get a guy you like to ask you out.

“It’s nice to know things are nearly back to normal.” Dom said, with a smile on her face. We all grinned in agreement, turning back to our homework as if the last few minutes didn’t happen.

“So James just told us that his cousin Louis saw Davies chuck the bat, not Radley.” Jack said putting down a card on top of the pile. It had been days since the actual incident.

Jack, Aiden and I were sat around in the Charms classroom, having some family time. It was after the last class of the day, but before dinner would start. The guys were playing exploding snap while I sat and watched.

Aiden dropped the card he was holding, and looked surprised. “Davies?” He asked. “Never thought he had it in him to do some actual physical harm.” He placed a five of clubs on top of the five Jack just put down, and yelled “Snap!”, making the cards explode in Jack’s face.

I couldn’t contain the giggle that wanted to escape, especially when I saw Jack looking shocked, with one of his eyebrows smoking.

He poked me playfully before saying “If you find it so funny, why don’t you play a game?”

“No thanks, I’m good.” I smiled. All three of us hadn’t been this comfortable around each other since before Aiden had told us he was gay at the Hog’s Head. It was good to know we were back on good terms, especially now Aiden had grown a lot closer to me and Jack.

“I got to run soon.” Aiden stated, dealing the cards out for one more game between them. “I have to meet someone.”

“Is it a date?” I asked, joking around. When the tips of his ears burnt red, and he avoided my eyes, my mouth fell open into a comical ‘O’.

“It is a date!” I realised, the corners of my mouth twitching, trying not to embarrass him any more than was necessary.

“It’s not a date.” He replied, looking back and forward to me and Jack trying to gage our reactions. Jack just sat with his eyebrows raised. “I’m just meeting up with him in the library to study.”

I gave up trying not to embarrass him, the moment was too perfect. “Study eh?” I winked and nudged his arm, causing the redness to spread from his ears to his cheeks.

“Leave him alone Ames.” Jack chuckled, for once being the one not to joke around. He turned to Aiden. “Do we know the guy?”

“I don’t think so.” He said, still not making eye contact. “He’s a sixth year in Ravenclaw, Anthony Vetton?”

“Oh I know him! He was in my Divination class last year.” I mentioned. “He’s gay?”

Aiden nodded. “Yeah, we were talking about how hard it was deciding when to tell the family, comparing stories and such.”

“Well what are you waiting for?” I asked. “go meet him!” He gave a shy smile as he gathered the cards together and put them in his pocket, before standing and walking to the door.

“Hey Aiden?” Jack called. Aiden turned at the door, to look straight at him.

“Am I still allowed to use the phrase ‘Get in there’?” His face went bright red, mumbling as he left the room.

“Now who’s being mean?” I sighed, watching Jack laugh in response. I leaned back on the table I was sitting on, stretching my back. “So Jack, any girls that catch your eye?” I asked, looking straight up at the ceiling. I waited for a few seconds but there was no response. Looking towards him in confusion, I realised that he had a cold guarded look in his eye, and that his face seemed frozen in place.

What had I done?, I thought.

And then I followed his eyes to what he was staring daggers at. Looking down, my heart skipped a beat.

When I had leaned back, My school robes had fallen open, exposing my very obvious and prominent baby bump.

Oh Shit.

A/N: I’m thinking this was a chapter that a lot of people were waiting for :P

Jack knows she’s pregnant! The next chapter is going to be intense will it not?

With a cliffy like that, I’d be mean if I didn’t let you see a small slice of the next chapter.

“What. Is. That?” He said through clenched teeth. I’d never seen him so angry. He looked like he was about to hurt someone, and in that moment, I’d never been so afraid in my entire life. Not when I found out I was responsible for another human being. Not when I had to tell James. Why did everything dramatic have to happen in this classroom?

“What Bastard knocked you up?” he whispered menacingly. I just stood still. There was no way I could tell him. All the mental images of Jack killing James I’d had in the past few weeks all came flying back, only they seemed a lot more serious. James never got back up this time, like someone would in cartoons. And Jack was a lot more frightening.

“Tell me who the fuck he is, Amy!!” Jack yelled, anger rolling off him. I started to shake. This wasn’t happening, This wasn’t happening.


I hope time passes quickly : )


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