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Different life by Cyra23
Chapter 2 : The story
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Snape and petunia give each other a long look. They then turn to Harry with sorrow in their eyes.

At first Harry doesn't want to know what is going on, but then again his curiosity got the best of him. Aunt petunia took a deep breath and said "go up to your room Harry with Severus here and he will explain it all. Your uncle has to leave early and will be gone most of the day so I will just let him know I told you to stay in your room since I have many many things for you to do and I don't want you to make breakfast since that will just be a distraction."

Harry just looked at his aunt in shock. He couldn't believe she would let him have the day to stay in his room with no chores and lie to his uncle about it. But then again the story must be long. So Harry nods his head and helps his professor up the stairs to his tiny room.

Snape PoV

Wow would you look at this room snape thought. The bed is so old the springs could be seen, the dresser and table are falling apart and the wall paint is coming off. What type of people let someone live like this? Snape then thought bitterly my father did. As he came to that thought another one came to him..."maybe I was wrong about Potter and he doesn't live like his father? Hell he lives like me. I wonder if...." but his thought wasn't completed as he heard Harry close the door.

Snape then turned to Harry and sat down on the bed well after he put a cushioning charm so he wouldn't feel the springs. Snape looked at Harry for a minute taking him in, but truly taking him in. He noticed how truly thin he was and how the clothes just hung off of him since their so big, and how when his aunt brought up his uncle there was a flash of fear in the poor Childs eyes, Lilys eyes. Snape sighed. Well I better tell the child the truth and see what happens.

Harry PoV

Harry looked at professor snape and took a seat on the chair by his table. He noticed professor snape surveying the room and himself, well mostly his eyes. Harry then watched as his professor used a healing charm on his cut. Harry watched and wondered wow wonder when I can learn something like that? Harry then shook his head thinking I have to stay focused I have to know what story they are keeping from me.

Harry then asked snape "professor what is going on? What don't I know?"

Snape looked at him with a sort of sad look and said " well potter I mean Harry I guess it's time you know the truth but I must tell you something before I begin my story."

" ok professor what is it?" Harry asked

"in one part of the story you will hear something that will probably anger you since it could have saved you from this place. Don't give me that look I can see well what goes on here and you will understand how when I begin my story but please potter do me a favor and stay quiet until I finish even if it does anger you."

Curiosity was truly eating him up but Harry said "ok I will stay quiet."

Snape then began his story.

(I will not write most of the story since most of you know how it all began I will jut summarize it but I will be changing the outcome to fit into my plot)

Snape began telling Harry how he grew up being beaten and how he met harrys mother and petunia and told lily how she was a witch. Harry was fascinated, he never knew his mother and Snape were child hood friends. Snape told Harry how they got into Hogwarts together and even though they were put in separate houses they remained the best of friends. (now here is where the story will change) Snape then told harry how his mother met another girl in Griffindor and how different she was from everyone. He explained she looked very beautiful even for an 11 year old she had beautiful straight black hair with a tanned skin and such green eyes that shown like emeralds. But yet the odd thing was she had eyes and a tail of a wolf. Snape explained how apparently she was the daughter of the fairy queen then princess and a muggle. The problem was the muggle had been Injected with wolfs blood containing wizards magic. Apparently it was supposed to kill the man but before it could happen he had sex with a fairy princess who loved him on site. And since fairies only get pregnant when they love someone she got pregnant and the result was the 11 year old girl whose name was buffy, who was considered a mutt by the wizards. Part fairy part wolf part muggle and part witch. And back in those days those of mixed blood was not thought highly of but lily didn't care. So by the end of the year we all became the best of friends. Snape then told harry "this next part of the story you may not like or understand but please just listen". Harry nodded. Snape explained further how the three became inseparable and how he fell in love with lily at first. Then as they got older and fifth year came around he realized he loved lily but as a sister and she only loved him like a brother. So then he was heart broken until Buffy came and stole his heart and made him truly see what love was. Also around that time between 5th and 6th year Buffy and lily became friends with James and his little marauder friends. "At first I was hesitant to become their friends since they bullied me a lot but we came to finally understand one another and also lily got with James. So we were all good friends after that. Your mother and I were married on the same day since her and Buffy had gotten so close they wanted to have a double wedding. And also they got pregnant around the same time and lily had you while me and Buffy had our twins." "don't worry potter you don't share a birthday" snape laughed. "my children were born in the beginning of July. July 2 to be exact. Your mother and father were godparents to both and you know your godfather is Sirius Black but what you don't know is Buffy is your godmother."

Harry was dumbstruck. He had a godmother? And snape and both his parents were good friends? What the hell? If fel like the world was being flipped upside down. But then Harry remembered the story wasn't over. "so what happened afterwards professor? Why weren't you both around before and why is it you are always mean to everyone not in Slytherin?"

Snape sighed " well Harry let me finish my story. My children who were born before you are twins, fraternal twins Cyra and Dillon. And a year later while your parents were in hiding me and Buffy had another child named Mia. After that your parents were killed and well you know the rest."

Harry sat just taking everything in. A few hours had passed while snape was telling his story. Harry just sat while every emotion went through him, sorrow, happiness, anger, every emotion until..." why didn't Buffy and yourself take me in professor?" Harry asked. Snape sighed looking sad,"well Harry that's a story you have to hear from her."

Harry sat there and said nothing. Ten minutes past and still nothing was said until snape asked Harry a question harry never thought he would ask in a million years. "potter, Harry, would you like to move in with my family?"

What will Harry say? What happened that his godmother couldn't take him in? And why is Snape so nice? Find out in the next chapter...leave some reviews!!!!

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Different life: The story


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