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Christmas Magic by Sarah_Bee
Chapter 14 : A Wedding and Future Surprises
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“Daisy, where are my earrings?” I frantically asked as Ginny finished fixing up my hair.



My daughter had been impatiently waiting for me to finish getting ready and I was doing everything I could to keep her from ruining her adorable white dress. She sighed and walked over, grabbing the pearl earrings from the table. I hastily put them in and then the door opened, with Ron poking his head in, “Are you all finished yet?”



“Patience, Ronald!” Hermione stated sternly as she finished her hair.



“The wedding can’t start without the bride anyway!” Ginny added.



Ron sighed, “Fine but everyone is getting anxious and nervous-”



“We’ll be ready in two minutes!” Molly cut him off, “Now out of this room!”



He quickly left and Hermione shook her head, smiling. Ginny held up a mirror for me to look at myself, “Well? How do you like it?”



I turned around in my white gown and smiled, almost ready to cry. I had never imagined this would ever be happening to me. I was actually getting married in less than five minutes. I swallowed and Molly smiled happily, “You look beautiful!”



“Thanks,” I smiled, hoping I wouldn’t cry during the ceremony.



Molly grabbed something from her bag, “Now, this is just the final touch.”



She pinned some of my brown curls back with a beautiful silver pin with a daisy on it. I smiled and then someone knocked on the door. Hermione walked over, “Who is it?”



“It’s only me,” I could hear Arthur Weasley on the other side.



Hermione opened the door and Arthur Weasley walked in, proud as could be and as happy as ever. He beamed, “Natalie, you look wonderful.”



“Thank you,” I grinned happily.



“Are we all ready then?” He inquired.



I nodded and Molly handed me my bouquet of white gerber daisies and Ginny lifted the train of my dress as I walked with Mr. Weasley to the doors of the chapel. My heart started pounding in my chest as the doors opened and I could hear the music playing and everyone was standing, looking back at me. Mr. Weasley walked me down the aisle and I met George’s gaze. He was grinning and standing next to Ron. Once I reached the end of the aisle, I handed my flowers to Daisy and took George’s hand. I smiled a little, hearing Mrs. Weasley sobbing in the front row along with Martha. Once the vows were said and the rings exchanged, we shared our first kiss as a married couple. I wound my arms around his neck and he kissed me deeply before pulling away, softly whispering, “I love you.”



I smiled, kissing him, “I love you, too.”



Our reception was at the Burrow and Molly was still crying with Arthur trying to console her. Ginny helped me alter my dress so it wasn’t as long and I wouldn’t trip over the material. George grabbed my hand, leading me to the dance floor that was set up underneath the large tent.  I mentioned, “Your mother hasn’t stopped sobbing since the moment I walked down the aisle.”



“She tends to get emotional over her children growing up and stuff. Just wait until Ginny’s wedding,” George grinned, glancing at his mother who was reaching for a box of tissues.



He kissed my forehead and then mentioned quietly, “Look over to the left.”



I glanced and saw the last person I’d ever thought I’d see at my wedding. My mother. I swallowed, “How’d she-”



“I didn’t invite her, trust me,” George stated with a slightly bitter tone.



I bit my lip, “I suppose I better go talk to her.”



George nodded and then Daisy came over. She tugged his sleeve and he smiled at her, “I think I owe you a dance, young lady.”



Daisy giggled and I smiled as he picked her up, waltzing her around the dance floor. I walked over to where my mother was and she smiled tensely, “Natalie, congratulations.”



“Thank you,” I nodded and asked, “What are you doing here?”



“I couldn’t miss out on my only daughter’s wedding,” She insisted.



I bit my lip, “Mother, you caused me enough problems to last a lifetime.”



“I know darling, but I only wanted what was best for you,” My mother sighed, touching my arm.



I said nothing and she smiled, glancing over at George who was making Daisy laugh, “And I can see that he is what is best for you.”



“He makes me happy,” I stated firmly.



My mother nodded, “I see that. I’m terribly sorry for everything, Natalie. I never meant to hurt you.”



I looked at her, seeing the tears forming in her eyes and I softly said, “I know and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to let go of how you and father treated me.”



“I understand,” She bit her lip, fiddling with her bracelet, “I just wanted to see you and tell you how sorry I am.”



I touched her shoulder, adding quietly, “I’m glad you came. Maybe we can talk over tea sometime?”



She nodded, smiling a little, “I’d like that. I would also like to see my adorable granddaughter at some point.”



“If George will let her go for more than three seconds,” I smiled, “She’s got him wrapped around her finger. He adores her.”



My mother smiled, “If she’s anything like you, I’m sure that’s the case.”



I nodded and introduced my mother to Molly and Arthur before excusing myself to sit down. George walked over with Daisy who happily wandered over to the dessert table. He sat down next to me and Molly walked over with my mother as they were chatting. It seemed to me like they were getting along quite well. Molly mentioned to me, “Now, I should hope that we see another addition to the family at some point.”



Instantly, I blushed and George groaned, “Mother..”



“Now George, Daisy needs a sibling and she is five years old. You can’t have the age gap between them be too large,” Molly stated firmly.



I looked at George who was about as red in the face as I was. Daisy interrupted, innocently asking, “What sibling?”



Ron interjected, grinning, “The one you’ll be getting in less than a year.”



I groaned, “George, make them stop.”



George stood, grabbing my hand, “We’ll just let you all discuss this without us.”



We wandered away from the crowd and I asked him, “Where in the world did your mother come up with the idea that Daisy needs a sibling?”



“Well since she had so many children, she thinks we all need to have large families,” He sighed, “Sorry about that by the way.”



I shrugged, “It’s fine but I have one condition on the next future Weasley.”



“What’s that?” George asked curiously.



“If it’s a girl, you can pick the name but if it’s a boy, I’d like the first name to be Fred,” I stated firmly.



George looked surprised and he looked at me, seriously asking, “You would do that?”



I nodded, softly saying, “I think we should keep the name in the family. He was your twin after all and I think he’d like it but if you don’t then forget I ever brought it up-”



He cut me off with a kiss and smiled, “I like it but you are in for a heck of time if he’d turn out to be the troublemaker like his uncle.”



I smiled and Daisy happily ran over, “Guess what, mommy?”



“What?” I grinned at her.



“Grandma Woods says she’s going to take me to Hogsmeade sometime. And Uncle Ron is getting married next summer!” Daisy stated, smiling.



“That’s wonderful, honey but don’t let Grandma Woods spoil you too much now,” I stated.



Daisy tried to reach into George’s pocket for one of the many magical tricks he usually kept on him but he grabbed her, tickling her, “And I thought you learned your lesson the first time you tried to sneak around.”



She giggled, “Sorry.”



A moment later, she asked curiously, “So, now that you finally married my mommy, does this mean you’re really my daddy?”



“Yep,” He nodded.



“And that’s going to be that way forever?” She inquired.



“Looks like it,” George smiled at her, “I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere anytime soon.”



“Good,” Daisy nodded then asked, grinning, “Do I still get surprises?”



“Hmm, I’ll have to think about that,” George teased her.



She pouted for a moment but he reached in his pocket, handing her a daisy that changed colors. She brightened up immediately and he smiled, softly telling her, “I love you, you know that right?”



She nodded, hugging him, “I love you too, daddy.”



Next to having Daisy, this was probably one of the happiest moments of my life. I was finally married to a man who I truly loved and I couldn’t ask for better. 



Five Years Later........



The sun was just coming in through the blinds and I sighed, snuggling closer to George. He yawned and I mumbled sleepily, “how long before she barges in?”



“Five minutes at most,” He sighed.



I rested my head on his chest and closed my eyes. George and I had been married for a little over five years. We had lived in his apartment above the jokeshop at first but decided a year later to find a bigger place. Suddenly, the door to our room burst open and I groaned as Daisy started jumping on the bed, “Mom, dad! Wake up!”



I sleepily lifted my head to glance at the time, “Honey, it’s 8:00 A.M. on a Saturday.”



George yawned, slowly sitting up, “Alright, we’re awake.”

“Flower, what do you need?” I sat up, rubbing my eyes.



“Well maybe my letter will come today and you promised I could go with you and Dad to Hogsmeade today!” Daisy stated.



I smiled, “Your letter will come and you’ll be wide awake for it, trust me. Is Freddy awake too?”



“He is,” Daisy nodded and was about to get off the bed when George grabbed her, making her giggle.



He grinned, “Hold it, young lady. You didn’t wake him too, did you?”



She grinned mischievously, “So?”



George sighed and kissed her head, “Alright.”



He let her go and she skipped from the room. I got up and dressed before going downstairs. I smiled seeing a red-haired three-year-old boy sitting on the floor, playing with a toy bear. He saw me and instantly got up, running towards me. I picked him up and smiled, “did your sister wake you up?”



He nodded innocently and Daisy sighed, “Freddy...”



I kissed his forehead and set him down on a chair at the table to make breakfast. Minutes later, George came downstairs, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. He walked over to me and kissed my cheek. I smiled as he wrapped his arms around my waist, gently touching my baby bump, “How are you feeling this morning?”



“I’m fine,” I reassured him.



When I’d been pregnant with Freddy, I’d had terrible morning sickness. I was four months pregnant and hadn’t had near the trouble with being sick this time. Daisy started to grow impatient and I sighed, setting a plate of toast in front of her and Freddy. 



After breakfast and everyone was ready, we set off for Hogsmeade. I held onto Freddy and George held onto Daisy as we apparated to the village. Once we arrived, we set off for the candy shop first in the warm summer air. Freddy held tightly onto my hand and stuck close to me as we entered the somewhat crowded shop. He was a lot like George in many ways. He was very quiet but a very sweet little boy. He tugged my hand and I smiled at him. Freddy asked curiously, “Can I get a sucker?”



“You can but you can’t eat it until later,” I nodded, watching carefully as Daisy was at the other end of the shop.



George picked Freddy up, “Alright buddy, let’s go find you something.”



Freddy grinned just like his uncle Fred had and I smiled fondly, watching as Daisy grabbed a

caramel sucker for Freddy. As we were leaving the shop, I nearly collided into someone. I quickly apologized, “Sorry.”



“No, it’s quite alright,” I recognized the voice and I froze where I stood outside the door.



Daisy clung to me and George put a hand on my shoulder. I looked at Larissa. She smiled, “Natalie, how are you?”



“I’m fine, thank you,” I stated, not sure of how to even communicate with her.



Larissa seemed oblivious to my state of shock and smiled warmly, “That’s good. I split from Kevin, you know.”



I nodded, “Good for you.”



“Yeah and I met someone about a year ago and we just got engaged,” She happily announced, showing me the ring on her finger.



I smiled, “I’m glad things are working out for you.”



Larissa nodded and said, seeing Freddy, “I see you have another addition to your family.”



I nodded and she looked at Daisy, smiling a little, “Hi Daisy.”



Daisy’s grip on my arm tightened and I stated quickly, “Well, we have to be off. It was nice seeing you, congratulations on your engagement.”



Larissa nodded and we walked past her. Daisy still wouldn’t let go of me and I stopped, asking her, “Flower, what’s wrong?”



Daisy looked at me with her adorable eyes, softly saying, “I don’t ever want to go back with her.”



George set Freddy down and knelt in front of her, “You are never going back to her, I promise.”



He whispered something in her ear and made her smile. She hugged him and Freddy tugged my hand, “Mommy, why is Daisy sad?”



“I’ll explain it to you when you’re older,” I stated.



“I’m never old enough,” Freddy pouted, folding his arms over his chest, just like his uncle had and it tugged at my heart.



George smiled at him, ruffling Freddy’s messy red hair, “I don’t know about that, Fred.”



He picked Freddy up and whispered something to him, making him grin mischievously. I groaned, “George Weasley, don’t you dare start corrupting his mind too. You’ve done enough to Daisy with your scheming.”



“Who said anything about a prank, dear?” George grinned innocently.



I smiled knowingly at him, “I think I’ve known you long enough to know when you’re plotting something and it better not involve the exploding watermelon like last time.”



Daisy giggled and I sighed, “I don’t know what I’m going to do with you three.”



“Actually, you mean four, mom,” Daisy pointed out, “The new baby is part of the family too even if it isn’t here just yet.”



I smiled as we walked down the road, “And this baby isn’t going to spend nearly as much time at the jokeshop like you three do.”



“Aw c’mon, Natalie, the kids are learning the family business,” George smiled.



“And learning a bit too much from their father,” I teased him.



“Well someone has to carry out the Weasley tradition,” George grinned, kissing my cheek.



I teased, “Maybe those stories of Uncle Fred should stop.”



“I like those!” Freddy protested.



“I know, that’s what worries me,” I smiled, ruffling his hair.



George added, “You know Natalie, we never told them about the time we snuck into honeydukes or about the map-”



“You got in trouble?” Daisy looked at me, shocked.



“Only once,” I stated, “And it’s your father’s fault.”



“You begged me to let you come along,” He protested.



“And I had no idea you and Fred were sneaking about Hogsmeade-” I added.



“I like this story already!” Daisy grinned.



I smiled, shaking my head as George started telling the story while we walked down the road. After having lunch at the burrow with Molly and Arthur, we headed back home. Freddy was all tired out from the exciting morning and I tucked him into bed for a short nap. Daisy happily ran upstairs to play in her room and I asked George, “Are you certain you don’t have to work today?”



“Positive,” He pulled me into a kiss before adding, “He’s been complaining lately about how hard it is having a newborn daughter.”



I smiled, kissing him, “Wait until he has two, we’ll see how he handles that.”



George kissed my forehead then the owl arrived at the window with the mail. We grabbed the mail and George smiled, holding a familiar looking envelope with a familiar seal on it. I called out, “Daisy! There’s something in the mail for you!”



Before we could even blink, Daisy followed by Freddy, came racing down the staircase. Daisy grabbed the letter from George, excitedly tearing it open and reading it, squealing in delight. Freddy looked a little disappointed that his older sister was going somewhere he couldn’t. George reassured him, “You’ll get your letter in a few years, Fred. But you know what? I’m going to need someone to help me around the jokeshop since Daisy is going to be gone.”



Freddy smiled happily at the thought and I smiled as they sat on the floor and George started chasing Daisy, with Freddy holding onto his leg. They started laughing and George finally ended up on the floor, with Daisy and Freddy tackling him. George looked at me, grinning, “love you.”



“Love you too,” I smiled back at him.



       Life couldn't be better or happier and it was all because of one little girl that touched his heart and mine.

a/n: thanks everyone for reading and reviewing and supporting me through this story! This fic has really been dear to my heart and I'm sad to see it done. But I've posted a new Dominique/OC that I am working on as this is now completed. Thank you so much for reading! :)

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