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Harry, Ginny, & Their Love Story by HarryandGinnyForEver
Chapter 24 : Something Worth Living For
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Author’s Note: I’m rather proud of this chapter and how fast I got this done, so I really hope you enjoy it :D review after?

Chapter 24

            While Ginny sat inside of Ron and Hermione’s flat, she sat back on the couch and relaxed. Hermione had picked a movie out for the both of them to watch, and Ginny was bored within a matter of minutes. However, while Ginny sat there comfortably, Hermione was fully engaged in the plotline of story.  

            Ginny had her socked feet propped up on the coffee table, even though Hermione had told her not to many times before. Hermione hadn’t told her to take her feet down for a few weeks now, and Ginny guessed that a certain brother of hers had showed the specific habit also.  A bowl of freshly popped, microwave popcorn sat in-between them, ready for them to chow down on. Hermione had been very clear to Ginny that she didn’t like messes so she said to pick up all the dropped kernels after they had fallen.

            While Hermione watched the movie, Ginny had created a game that she found incredibly amusing. While Hermione was watching the movie, Ginny would reach over to eat a piece of popcorn and throw a few over on Hermione’s side. Only time would tell, but Hermione would soon turn around and roll her eyes and picked up the popcorn off the sofa, thinking she had dropped it. Ginny thought it was the most fun game and she would laugh silently behind her hand whenever this happened.

“So where do you think Harry and I should go on our honeymoon?” Ginny asked, while combing through her hair with her fingers casually. Hermione turned to Ginny quickly and muted the movie in the process.

            “You don’t know where you’re going on your honeymoon?” Hermione asked, stumbling on many of the words.

            “Should I?” Ginny asked.

            While Hermione stared at Ginny with disbelief, she went to push her hair back but realized that it was in a ponytail, and quickly lowered her hands. “Ginny, where are you going to go? If you have nothing planned--,”

            “Hermione,” Ginny held up to her hand to quiet Hermione, who fell into a silence. Ginny then said, “Harry and I don’t plan, surely you know that. We just make do with what we have, we plan if we have to. If all goes wrong, then all goes wrong.”

            “Well,” Hermione began, and Ginny was ready for an argument. Hermione straightened up. “I don’t blame you. Just if you want my help, all you have to do is ask.”


            “Hermione!” Harry flagged her down as she walked out of work one afternoon. Holding a book tightly to her chest, she turned around to see a frazzled yet calm Harry running towards her. She stopped in her place. “Hermione.” He repeated once he had reached her.

            “Hi Harry,” She greeted him, putting her book in one hand to go around for a hug. But instead, Harry reached out and put his hands on Hermione’s shoulders.

            “I need your help.” He looked her straight in the eye, and she was almost sure on what this was about.

            “Don’t know of any place to go?” She questioned, her head tilted slightly to one side with a grin smacked on her face. Harry sighed and dropped his arms to his side.

            “No idea.” He said while pushing his hair back. Ginny had told Hermione that it was a habit of Harry’s and from that moment since; Hermione couldn’t help but to notice it. “We’ve put it off because I didn’t know when I could get off work, but now that I know I get off tomorrow…”

            “Wait Harry,” She said, trying to interrupt in the nicest way possible. “You only have until tomorrow to plan this? Do you have any idea how difficult this is going to be?”

            “I’m sorry Hermione but I don’t need the guilt infested lecture here, yeah? I just need ideas, and I thought who better than my best friend.” He said, a weak smile on his face. Hermione rolled her eyes.

            “Ron didn’t have any ideas did he?” She asked, her arms still crossed.

            “Not a single one, well a useful one at that.” He replied with a laugh. “He’s useful, no doubt about that, but not when it comes to situations like this.”

            “I know exactly what you mean.” She laughed. “You’ve known him for a while, you’ve ought to feel like me sometimes right?” Harry laughed at this statement.

            “Sometimes it feels as if I know too much about him like we’re married or something, but it’s a shame he’s already taken.” Harry joked, and Hermione snickered.

            “Shame isn’t it?” She said.

            “But from what I heard,” Harry said, bring his voice down into a quiet but clear voice. “The girl that’s with Ron is utterly mental.”

            “Harry!” Hermione said smacking him in his arm, he winced as she did but a smile was still present upon his face.

            “Ummm—sorry. I was only joking.” He replied, stepping back timidly while laughing. “Well, if you have any ideas, just write me yeah?”

            “Sounds like a plan.” Hermione answered. “And Harry?” Hermione called after him.


            “How about you talk to her about it, and come up with the idea together.” Hermione suggested. “You two have both come to me for ideas, and the best I have is Italy but---,”

            “ITALY!” Harry said, grinning like mad. Hermione shook her head in disapproval of the situation. “Thanks Hermione!”

            “That’s not what,” Hermione began, but Harry ha already started to run off while shouting, “Thanks again, see you later!”

            “I meant…” She finished her sentence with a sigh as he disappeared out of sight.


            “What’d you reckon Harry—Cannons or Puddlemere United?” Ron said, glancing at the newest Daily Prophet as Harry strolled into the office. He glanced over at Ron, who sat with his feet propped up on boxes upon boxes of paperwork with the unfolded Daily Prophet stretched out in front of him.

            “Puddlemere, without a doubt.” He snatched the paper from Ron’s hand to read the score of the match and Ron let his feet fall off the boxes as he spun around in his chair.

            “I WAS BLOODY READING THAT!” Ron said loudly.

            “Sorry mate, but there’s no point in reading it when you know who lost.” Harry said, flipping through the pages as he took a seat. Ron pouted stubbornly like a child schoolboy, too ignorant to admit that Harry was right. Harry chuckled at this, remembering that this was one of the many reasons why Ron and Hermione were bound to be together. But Ron soon got over it, as he almost did everything else.

            “What’s the final tally?” Ron asked, stretching his neck and leaning over towards Harry attempting to see the paper. Harry merely turned the corner of the paper just to make Ron a bit bothered.

            “Griffiths caught the snitch,” Harry browsed the paper, his eyes darting over each word skimming for anything important.

            “Well, I kind of saw that one coming, Gudgeon hasn’t caught the snitch since…well, when he catches the snitch it’s a bloody accident. Bloke doesn’t even know how to play Quidditch.” He shook his head disapprovingly, and turned back to his work. A few minutes went by while Harry read, and then Ron spoke again. “So the tally then?”

            “The final was…” Harry fixed his glasses and continued to read on. “Three-hundred and ninety to forty in favor of Puddlemere.”

             “There you go.” Ron said, shrugging his shoulders and turning back to his desk as Harry did the same. They both began to work on pieces of paperwork, some on death eater cases but some on mental cases that made Ron a tad bit frightened. As Harry read over this, he noticed that Ron’s typing became more and more audible with each stroke of each key to which he assumed was a result of the match.


            “I’m home Gin,” Harry laid his cloak over the chair as he walked in and glanced around the sitting room to find that Ginny hadn’t been in there like usual. He peeked into the kitchen to find that nothing was different than this morning, just a box of cereal on the counter that Ginny had neglected to put away. “Gin?” He said, peering into their bedroom to see an unmade bed and Ginny’s Quidditch robes thrown over the dresser carelessly.

            “In here Harry.” He heard a voice come from their spare bedroom they used as an office across the hall. He walked into the sunlit room to find her curled up on the couch under a handmade Weasley blanket while reading. “How was work?”

            “Slow day,” He responded, sitting next to her and instinctively putting his arm around her, to which she responded by snuggling closer to him. “Not much to do really.”

            “You’ve had quite a few slow days lately, are they letting you off anytime soon?” She asked, playing with his hand with her fingers.

            “It’s soon.” Harry grinned, and Ginny looked up at him.

            “Soon as in how soon?” She asked. “Gwenog says she wants me back in three weeks to start the captain position, and I have to read these bloody playbooks--,” She held up the so called book she was reading, but Harry cut her off.

            “Soon is tomorrow.” Harry said and Ginny, who had been snuggled against him, pulled away. Her face wore an expression crossed between what-the-hell-is-going-on and this-is-the-best-news-I’ve-heard-all-day.

            “Seriously?” Harry nodded his head, and Ginny pointed her finger at him. “Don’t lie to me, Harry James Potter.”

            “We’re going, okay?” He leaned over and kissed her gently, pulling away before Ginny realized it. She looked into his emerald green eyes, seeing an undying love in them, and nodded at him. He gently placed his hand on Ginny’s cheek, and withdrew it as he stood up. “I love you Gin.”

            “I love you too Harry.” She responded as he walked out the door.  She pulled her Weasley blanket over her legs and picked up her book on Quidditch plays, hoping that she could find a memorization spell. Soon.

            Turning the page of the book, Ginny took notice to something. She and Harry had no idea where they were going to go, or at least she did not. She folded the page of the playbook and threw the blanket off of her, letting it carelessly fall back onto the floor. She walked out of the office and into the kitchen, where Harry stood against the counter with a grin, sipping a pint of Butterbeer, as if he were suspecting her.

            “Where are we going exactly? I didn’t catch it.” She asked, and Harry smiled with a small whipped cream moustache. She couldn’t help but laugh quietly at him.

            “Italy.” He responded, and Ginny didn’t make any sudden movements, so he repeated it again. “We’re going to Italy.”

            “Are you serious Harry?” She asked, and Harry could see a slight sparkle in her eye that he noticed to be pure happiness. Harry just smirked and took a sip of his pint. “Tell me you’re serious Harry.”

            “I’m serious.” He set his butterbeer down just in time for Ginny to run over and crash her lips on top of his. They broke apart for just enough time for him to mutter a word, the last syllable being muffled by Ginny’s lips. “Seriously.”

            Smiling, she pulled away to find that Harry’s cream moustache had vanished and she had the very sweet taste of whipped cream on her taste buds.


            “It’s about bloody time you lot decided where to go,” Ron greeted both Ginny and Harry with a hug. Ginny brushed the tiny bit of floo powder from her jeans.

            “We actually had a lot of help from Hermione,” Harry said, ruffling his hair a bit. He glanced around at Ron and Hermione’s flat, astonished at how incredibly clean it was. Though, he was always surprised at how clean their flat was, considering that Ron lived there. He always thought this, even though he knew that Hermione and Ron often bickered about the flat being clean.

            “You both gave me quite a headache—,” Hermione strolled in the room and enveloped Ginny in a hug. “Ginny told me yesterday that you didn’t know where to go,”

            “And she freaked out.” Ginny finished for her, and Hermione opened her mouth to object, but then she lowered it, knowing Ginny was right.

            “Seriously?” Ron nudged her, and she leaned her weight towards him.

            “Shut up Ron…” She laughed. “So, you are always welcome here,” Hermione told Harry and Ginny. “But why so short notice?”

            “We’re just coming by to say goodbye before we leave tomorrow morning.” Ginny said, sliding her hand into her jean pocket.

            “We’re due to the Portkey at six, and Merlin knows Ron isn’t going to get up that early.” Harry commented.

            “Hey!” Ron interjected, and he crossed his arms childishly. “Six is rather early in the morning, I don’t understand why people wake up that early.”

            “Neither do I,” Ginny muttered, and Harry looked at her with a hidden smile inside his eye, as he was hinting that Ginny was the least bit of a morning person.

            “Would you like a cup of tea?” Hermione offered, her thumb pointed to the kitchen where a kettle lay on top of the gas powered, Muggle stove. “I just brewed some up.”

            “We actually didn’t mean to stay long,” Harry rubbed his neck awkwardly. “We haven’t exactly packed yet.”

            “Oh no, that’s fine Harry.” Hermione brushed it off with a flip of a hand. “Ron and I completely understand.”

            “Well mate,” Ron said, walking over and giving Harry a manly hug. Hermione walked over to Ginny, hugging her and swaying goofily on the spot, and they could hear the girls laughing. “Take care of my sister yeah?” He said just barely loud enough so neither of the girls could hear over their laughter.

            “Always do Ron,” Harry said, as they broke their embrace. “Always do.” Ron then lankily walked over to his sister, and hugged her goodbye.

            “I’ll miss you, Harry,” Hermione scurried over to him, and hugged him tightly.

            “I’ll miss you too Hermione.” Harry let go of Hermione and she stepped back from him, a smile plastered across her face. She always seemed to have a smile on her face ever since her and Ron started to live together. He couldn’t recall a recent memory of Hermione with a frown, and that made him happy. She was happy.

            Ron then walked over to Hermione, and gently placed his arm around her waist, pulling her closer to him.

            “Harry,” Ginny said, gesturing towards the clock. “I think it’s time we head home.” He nodded and walked over to the floo network.

            “Hey Harry,” Hermione called, and he turned around.

            “Be safe.” A smile spread across Harry’s face, and his eyes lit up while he grabbed a handful of floo powder.

            “Aren’t I always?” He laughed. “I love you guys.”

            “I love you too Harry,”

            “Love you too mate.”


            “All packed?” Harry questioned, as Ginny folded her clothes and shrunk them into her tiny purse.

            “Just finished.” She said, zipping up her leather purse gently, and then threw it onto the chair in the corner of their room. “I think I’m going to go to bed now,”

            “I think we both should,”

            After both of them had showered and dressed for bed, Harry walked into the darkness to find Ginny already facing his side of the bed, her mesmerizing brown eyes facing his side of the bed. He climbed into bed, and Ginny took notice to this.

            “Harry,” She whispered.

            “You’re beautiful Gin,” Harry placed his left hand gently on her blanketed waist. She fidgeted a little and looked down at his roughly carved hands. Her eyes followed to his delicately shaped fingers to the shining gold band on his ring finger. She closed her eyes and a small smile crept on her face.

            Harry lay mere inches from her, and kissed her cheek softly. Ginny opened her eyes and looked at him for a moment, and lifted her hand to touch his forehead. The roughness of the lightening scar slid underneath her fingers as she traced its unique pattern.

            “Does it still hurt?” She asked, lowering her hand back to its original position. Harry took in one last breath before he spoke;

            “No,” He exhaled. “It doesn’t.” He pulled back the sheet a bit, exposing Ginny’s shoulder that bore a small but noticeable gash two inches above the armpit. Harry brushed it with his palm and he felt sickened by the thought that dark magic had hurt her, but he knew that she was her own woman and was bloody good at standing up for herself.

            “I see that look in your eyes Harry,” Ginny whispered. “Don’t feel guilty, don’t feel sorry. I’m quite proud of that scar.” She said, pulling down her top a bit more to expose the full length of the scar, which stretched for three inches. He traced it with his finger just as he had done hers.

            “Who?” He whispered.

            “Bellatrix.” She responded back quite calmly, and she felt Harry’s hand make a sudden movement, as if he were clenching his fist. She took his hand in hers, and he immediately relaxed. A few moments later, Harry spoke.

            “I never noticed how many scars you had,” he admitted. “Seems like you have quite a few.”

            “I do, but I reckon the reason you never noticed is that you had other important things to focus on.” Ginny gave a wink and the corners of Harry’s lips rose to form a grin.

            “I did,” He said, gently kissing the tip of her nose. “Let’s get to bed, love. We have the rest of our lives to talk to each other.”


Author’s Note: My muse= BACK :D It’s come back thanks to you guys:) All of your support and reviews and reads have gotten me to this point and I couldn’t thank you enough for everything this has done for me, thank you:) I was at my friend’s house painting her room a sickening bright green (she picked it) when I saw that I had passed 50,000 reads :O I was excited when 50 people read my story… and now it’s 50,000? I’m speechless.

And… If you could, please please review… You took the time to read the chapter that I spent my time over, and I’m just asking for a moment more of your time. That’s all I’m asking for. I would love to know what you think of the story:) Favourite quotes, things you think I should put in the next chapter, what I should’ve done in this chapter and anything I need to work on (if said nicely), nice comments. I love you guys:)

*The Quidditch names are actual names JK Rowling put out there, so they aren’t fake, just thought I would clarify that… xP



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