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More to Live For by PenelopeClearwater
Chapter 20 : Scorpius Hypherion Malfoy
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Harry and Ron stood at the edge of the tunnel waiting until the right moment to bring Marietta down. First they needed to ensure the safety of the hostages. The aurors watched as Kingsley conjured several magical stretchers with a simple flick of his wand. He nodded to Harry. It was time to return these people to their lives.

Ron produced a strong shield charm around he and Harry and the two proceeded with caution. As soon as Kingsley's magical cushioning charm was in place Harry shouted "stuperfy!" at Marietta. The witch flew off her broomstick and landed on the magical balloon. None of the hostages fell.

"She's not the one levitating them!" Ron shouted. One of the death eaters in the air began firing curses at Harry and the cushioning charm. Harry could hear the other aurors rushing onto the pitch behind him. He started throwing curses and jinxed as fast as he could, but the enemy was prepared this time. Quick shields and counter-curses allowed the Slewyns and Lestrange to stay in the air. Lestrange flew over to where Hermione floated.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," he said menacingly. He slashed his wand and a gash appeared on Hermione's right sleeve. Quickly a blood stain appeared there.

Ron let out a yell of fury. The Slewyn woman fired a curse at the ground where three MLE officers were detaining Marietta. One guard was blown into the home team's tunnel as the curse hit the cushioning charm. Time seemed to almost stop as Harry watched what happened next.
Seamus and Jones hit the the Slewyn man and Lestrange as the woman cursed the cushioning charm again. The pop of the charm breaking hit Harry's ears as he watched Astoria and Hermione plummet to the ground.

Harry froze. He could only gear the women scream above Ron's roar. Then suddenly Kingsley's deep voice stood out above the din. "Arresto momentum," he shouted and the falling bodies slowed dramatically, hitting the ground with thuds. Harry took down the remaining death eater and slowed the three floating hostages with the same spell.

He ran to the women, his heart in his throat. They had to be OK. He couldn't bear to think about what this had done to the two pregnant women and their babies.

He reached Hermione and Astoria just after Ron and suddenly remembered the portkey in his pocket.

"Ron we have to get these two to St. Mungo's now!" he shouted. Astoria was no longer conscious and Hermione's wounds looked much worse up close. He pulled out the soup can and grabbed hold of Astoria. Ron did the same with his wife and the four disappeared as Harry shouted the name of the hospital.

Harry opened his eyes as he felt his feet hit solid ground. They were at the Welcome Witch’s desk in St. Mungo’s.  the middle-aged woman standing behind the desk looked too shocked to speak. As she tried to sputter out a few words Harry and Ron rushed forward, cradling the pregnant women in their arms.

“We are here on ministry business,” Harry half-shouted at her. Then he realized it was so quiet at the hospital compared to the chaos they had just left at the quidditch pitch. “These women have been held captive. They are both due very soon.”

The welcome witch found her voice back as she realized just how critical the situation was. She motioned for Ron and Harry to follow her. She lead them through a door on their left. As they passed through Harry read the small sign. “Critical Care Unit.”

“Once we find out what their injuries are, then we can transfer them to the specific ward they need,” the witch explained. As they entered the ward, healers and mediwitches and wizards surrounded them almost immediately. They floated the young women onto gurneys and wheeled them into separate rooms. Ron followed Hermione into her room with a last, scared glance to his best friend.

Harry took a deep breath and went into Astoria’s room. “Are you the father?” the healer asked quickly, not looking up from her patient. “No...” harry said, realizing Draco was still at Hogwarts. Before the healer could tell him to get out, Harry interrupted. “I’m the auror entrusted with her safety. I’ll notify her husband now.  The healer nodded and harry stepped back into the hallway. A glowing stag patronus could be distracting and harry knew that Astoria was barely holding on.

Harry waved his wand and the message sped off to Draco. Harry stepped back into the room. He was shocked at what he saw when he took a good look at the woman laying in the bed. Astoria’s body was covered in cuts. There was a large wound across her stomach. The healer was attending to this wound with a thick salve. Another witch was pouring a potion down Astoria’s throat.

“Blood-replenishing potion,” the witch said, noting Harry’s stare.

“Will she....?” Harry couldn’t finish the question.

“Survive?” The healer asked as she put the cap back on the salve.  She looked at Harry. “I don’t know but we need to get her baby out right now. I don’t know if this cut hurt the baby and the sooner its born, the sooner we can help it.”

“He,” Harry said quietly. “I think they were having a boy.”

“Well he is very lucky you were around Mr. Potter,” the healer said. “They both are.”

Harry stepped out of the room briefly to check on Hermione. To his relief, she was awake. Ron was sitting next to her, his hands surrounding hers.  Both had tears on their cheeks.

“Harry,” Hermione said weakly when she saw her friend in the door. “How is Astoria? How is her baby?

“She is in bad shape,” he responded. Hermione always know when he was lying so he figured the truth would be easier. “they are going to deliver the baby soon.”

Hermione began to cry softly. “How are you?” Harry asked.

She shrugged and wiped her eyes. “Well I’m mostly OK.”  She grimaced as she tried to sit up a little. “Marietta definitely tried to repay me for the D.A. contract curse. She used a spell on my stomach. It made the word mudblood appear in a sort of rash. We’re still not sure if it affected the baby.”

Harry was startled by a disturbance in the hallway. “I want to see my wife,” came the desperate voice of Draco Malfoy.  Harry rushed into the hall to see him struggling with a healer and a guard. “This woman is under ministry protection,” the guard said. “We can’t just let you in.”

Harry approached the group. “Draco, where did we agree to duel in our first year?” Draco turned to face his former enemy, relief on his face. “The trophy room,” he said.

“That’s Draco Malfoy,” Harry told the guard. “He is Astoria’s husband.” The guard let go of Draco and the young man rushed into his wife’s room. Harry followed. Draco knelt beside the bed and cried out. “I can’t believe I let this happen. I should have never married her. I have put her in so much danger.”

He continued to cry by his wife’s side as Harry conferred with the healer on Astoria’s condition. The healer approached Draco gently, a chart in her hand. “Mr. Malfoy we need your permission to perform a spell to induce labor. Your son needs to come early so we can make sure he’s OK.”  Draco nodded. “Of course,” he said. “Do whatever it takes to save them.”

The healer nodded to the mediwitch. The woman pulled bottles of potions out of the drawer and arranged them on a table next to the bed. The healer conjured a blanket and cast a warming charm on it.  

Harry began to walk toward the door, to give the Malfoys privacy, when Draco reached out and grabbed Harry’s arm. “Please stay with me?” he said, looking at the floor. “I don’t want to do this alone.”  Harry nodded and sat down in a chair in the corner.  The healer stood over Astoria and began waving her wand over the woman’s battered body. Within moments Astoria’s face was contorted in apparent pain, although she was still unconscious.

In fifteen minutes time, the healer positioned herself to delivery Draco’s son. The mediwitch continued with the wand movements. Astoria’s body went rigid as the mediwitch completed the spell. A cry broke the silence of the room and Harry let out the breath he didn’t realize he had been holding.

The mediwtich placed the baby in the blanket while the healer began administering potions to Astoria. After doing an examination of the baby boy, the woman declared him healthy. “You can hold him,” she said handing the bundle to Draco. He took his son into his arms and looked down at his face. “Scorpius,” he said. “Scorpius Hypherion Malfoy.”

A tear trickled down his pale cheek. “that’s the name we chose for him,” he explained to Harry. “When we found out it was a boy.”

Draco looked at the woman caring for his wife for a moment before turning to Harry. “Could you hold him for a minute?” he asked as he handed the baby to Harry. “I need to see what can be done for Astoria.” Harry took Scorpius into his arms and took him into the hallway. He prayed that the little boy would have the chance to know his mother. He hated to see short-sighted evil take a mother from yet another young wizard.

He looked down at the baby in his arms. Scorpius was bald. He blinked up at Harry with the same steely gray-blue eyes Draco had. There was no coldness in this baby’s eyes, however. Only curiosity and innocence. Maybe young Scorpius could help continue the redemption of the House of Malfoy.

He walked across the hall into Hemrione’s room. Her eyes lit up when she saw Harry enter with the baby in his arms. “Is that Scorpius?” she asked. Harry nodded. “How did you know his name?” he asked.

“Narcissa told me,” she said. “She made sure I was staying as healthy as I could while we were being held. By the time they took Astoria, we weren’t allowed to speak to each other any more.”

The healer entered the room at this point. he looked concerned. “Ron, Hermione, I think the baby may be distressed,” he said. “You will recover, but you need to stay here until the baby is born.”

Ron squeezed his wife’s hand before turning to the healer. “Will she be OK? The baby I mean.”

The healer looked sad. “I honestly don’t know,” he answered. “Hermione doesn’t know the nature of the curse her capture used, so it’s hard to say what the effects will be. You’ve been without proper care and nutrition for weeks and obviously been under a lot of stress. At this point all we can do is monitor and wait.”

The healer left the room promising to return later to answer their questions. “Ron, we need to check in with Kingsley and your family. i need to make sure the other hostages are OK.”

As if on cue, Astoria’s mediwitch entered Hermione’s room. “Mr. Potter,” she said. “I’m afraid I have to take the baby. I need to monitor him and get him fed. I’m surprised he’s not wailing by now.”

A whimper came from within the bundle and the woman smiled. “There it is,” she said, gently taking Scorpius from Harry’s arms. Harry smiled.  “Could you tell Draco that I’m going to check on his aunt and mother?” Harry asked. The witch nodded and carried the baby out of the room.

Harry and Ron went down to the family room at the end of the hall and pulled out their wands. Harry’s stag delivered a message to Kingsley asking how to report and Ron sent his Jack Russel Terrier to his parents telling them that Hermione was fine for now. Within minutes a silvery lynx appeared in the room. “On my way to you with Weasleys,” Kingsley’s voice said slowly.

The two went into the hallway to wait for Kingsley and the Weasley’s arrival. Molly’s voice rang out through the hall as she entered the critical care ward. “Oh Ron, thank goodness Hermione’s OK,” she said, hugging her son. As the family gathered around Ron, asking about Hermione and the baby, Kingsley approached Harry and got right to the point. “All the suspects have been captured and are at the ministry,” he said. “Andromeda, Narcissa and Mary are being cared for here as we speak.”

“They are a little banged up and will have to be here a couple days, but they are OK,” Kingsley reassure harry when he saw the look of concern on the auror’s face.

Harry filled everyone in on Astoria’s condition as more of the Weasley clan arrived. Ginny and Teddy rushed to Harry. He hugged and kissed his wife before picking up his godson. “Your grandma is just fine Teddy,” he said. “And you have a new cousin.” The boy smiled as his hair turned black. His familiar green eyes looked excited.

“Can I see Nana Tonks?” Teddy asked. Fleur stepped up from behind Molly and Arthur. “I’ll take you Teddy,” she said gently. She handed Louis to Bill and told Victoire and Dominique to be good before leading Teddy out of the Critical Care ward.

“You lot can come in with me to see Hermione one at a time,” Ron told his family. harry nodded to Ginny and she followed her brother into the room. “Harry I have to get back to the ministry,” Kingsley said. “Keep me updated.”

When Kingsley left Harry went back to Astoria’s room to update Draco on his mother and to check on the couple. Draco was sitting next to the bed with his eyes closed. Harry thought he looked like he had aged 10 years in the past two days. Harry cleared his throat, trying not to startle Draco. It didn’t work. Draco’s eyes jerked open as he involuntarily reached for his wand.

“Oh, it’s you,” Draco said, sinking back into his chair. “I don’t know if I said this before, but thanks for saving them.” Harry nodded. “How is she?” he asked. “Astoria’s wounds and bruises looked fainter than they had before.

“They gave her a sleeping potion so that she won’t wake up before they have treated all her injuries. She has two broken ribs and too many lacerations to count. The cut to her stomach would have killed her if it had been any deeper.”

Harry conjured a chair and sat next to Draco. “Your mother and Andromeda will be OK,” he said. “They are in a different ward. Teddy and Fleur are visiting them now.”

Draco’s jaw tightened a bit as he fought against his emotions. “How are Hermione and that other woman? I heard they kidnapped a squib.”

“Mary is OK,” Harry answered, surprised by Draco’s concern. “Hermione is stable, they are worried about the baby though.” Draco’s face fell at that news. “I’m so lucky Scorpius is OK,” he said. “I don’t know what I would have done if he hadn’t been.”

Harry heard something familiar in Draco’s voice: guilt. He knew that tone well. Ginny always pointed out when it got too bad in his own attitude. When he was feeling guilty about Fred or about how Teddy had no parents. He looked at Draco until he looked up. “Draco this is not your fault,” he said firmly. “You chose to love instead of to hate. In my experience that’s always the better option. You refused to be your father and now your son will have a better life for it.”

The two men sat silently for a while, watching as Astoria’s chest rose and fell steadily. “I have to go attend to some ministry matters,” Harry said standing. “Let me know if you need anything and update me if anything changes. I really hope Astoria will be all right.”

They shook hands and Harry turned to leave. As the door closed behind him, Harry heard Draco’s emotions finally taking over. The sound of the Draco’s sobs rang in Harry’s ears as he left to go question the people responsible for this man’s agony.

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