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Phoenix in the Ashes by HPFF United
Chapter 148 : A Badge, Friends And Advice
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Angelina turned the letter in her hand. It was heavier than the years before, something was bulging the envelope.Judging from the shape, it could be a badge. She was a bit at a loss. She wasn't a prefect, so it couldn't possibly be the Head Girl badge.

"Only one thing for it," she told herself, taking a kitchen knife to slit open the envelope.

Several sheets of parchment fell out, and a golden badge. Angelina's eyes widened. Could it be ? She grabbed the envelope, verifying it was the real Hogwarts seal and not some botched-up version of it on a prank item, and McGonagall's signature seemed legit enough. Tentatively she lifted her hand, touching it lightly to the cool metal. It didn't disappear under her touch. So it wasn't some elaborate prank courtesy of the Weasley twins.

Angelina traced the ornate 'C', intertwined with the Gryffindor emblem. The same badge she had seen Charlie and Oliver wear.

Captain. Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. She had thought for sure Harry would get it. How could he not? With him, they hadn't lost a game except for the one against Hufflepuff where Dementors had invaded the grounds, and he had won them the game over a year ago that secured them the Quidditch Cup. How was she Captain?

Angelina shook her head, trying to accept it. She'd joined the team in her second year, together with Fred and George, when Charlie Weasley had been Captain. Charlie had been strict, but she'd learned a lot that year. Then with Oliver in that position, practice had turned murderous. Especially in his last year, Oliver had worked them tirelessly, desperate to win the Quidditch Cup after it had been cancelled altogether one year because of the opening of the Chamber of Secrets and last year, there hadn't even been a Quidditch Cup due to the Triwizard Tournament.

She'd have to look it up, but when was the last time the team had been led by a girl? She couldn't say it from memory. Could she take that role? Most of the team was still the same, and they all were used to Oliver's way of coaching. He had been signed by Puddlemere United, so his method was definitely tried and tested, and most importantly, it was successful. She'd have to be a lot tougher if she wanted to keep that up.

Standing with a decisive nod to herself, she was beside the mantel of the fireplace with a few strides, grabbed a handful of floo-powder, and threw it into the fireplace. "The Burrow," she said, and stepped into the green fire that had flared up.

Angelina greeted Mrs Weasley with a warm smile, and asked for Fred.

"In his room, dear. Both of them. Don't know what they're doing now," Mrs Weasley added in an exasperated tone.

Angelina went up to where she knew the twins' bedroom was located. Fred and her been seeing each other since the Yule Ball last year, it was a kind of friendship/casual relationship which they both felt comfortable with. Fred was far too involved with his pranks and whatever he and George were dedicating so much time to, to let it get too serious.

"Hey you two," she greeted, entering after she heard Fred's call and the clicking of a lock.

"Angelina! Hey! What brings you here?" Fred asked, picking her up enthusiastically. She thought she saw George flick his wand so several items zoomed into boxes and cupboards, but she didn't pay it too much thought.

"I need an opinion, and I wanted to show you something," she said as he put her down again. Fred put on a serious expression, which Angelina took as a sign that he was listening. "You can stay, it's nothing you can't know," she called out, as George was retreating towards the door.

When she had their attention, Angelina opened her palm to show them the badge.

"Brilliant! You're Captain! Ha, you beat Harry to it! Let me tell Mum and we can celebrate!" Fred beamed at her and was halfway out the door, before he came back to pick her up again and spin her around. That was one thing she liked best about Fred, his enthusiasm and how he could immediately find the good things about anything. And why couldn't she just be overjoyed about it like Fred?

He'd put her down again, and Angelina wondered if she should follow downstairs, or wait where she was. She felt a pair of eyes on her and realised that George was still there and watching her.

"I guess we celebrate, then," she said, trying to concentrate on the part of her that was happy.

"There's still something that's bothering you," George commented, ignoring her feeble attempt.

Angelina sat down again, not surprised he had picked up on that. "I just don't know if I'm any good at it."

George contemplated this for a moment before he answered her. "Well, apparently McGonagall did. And I'm a hundred percent positive she wouldn't let anyone she doesn't think is competent enough near her precious Quidditch team. Just remember how she reacted when Malfoy had grabbed hold of Harry's broom to stop him from going after the Snitch? She went nuts, didn't even stop Lee's 'commentating'."

The thought made her laugh. Yes, McGonagall wouldn't make just anyone Captain. Maybe she could do this. "Thanks," she said, standing. She had just needed someone to point that out. It was time for some celebrating.

And afterwards, she had practice schedules to write. After all, there was a Quidditch Cup to be won.

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