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Phoenix in the Ashes by HPFF United
Chapter 142 : Bloody Harry Potter
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Just a normal dinner in the Great Hall- Victor Krum sitting with slimy Malfoy (I scowled, he didn't deserve to sit at the same table with a legend like Krum) , the pretty girl from Beauxbatons sitting at the Ravenclaw table, and the Goblet of Fire sitting by the staff table. But who cares about that? I scanned the table for something foreign and French looking... there, that stuff she took last time! I grabbed the dish and placed it next to me were the girl could see it. Hopefully she'd see it. Now start up an interesting conversation in case she did come over.

“Hey Harry.” I said tapping my best friend's shoulder. His mouth was full, but when he looked at me it was one of those Can't this wait, I'm eating looks. I waited until he swallowed, then continued

Umm lemme see, what was an exciting thing to talk about. “You remember in second year when we found the Chamber of Secrets?” Harry looked at me as if I was crazy, bringing that up so randomly

“Yeah, what about it?” He asked Oh snap, now I had to think of a way to keep up the coversation. Thankfully, before I could stutter a reply, Dumbledore silenced the hall, and the food disappeared. Then the Goblet appeared, and it started spewing out names- each parchment accompanied by fire from the goblet and applause from the students. Krum! Fleur... that hot girl from Beauxbatons! And... Diggory? What kind of Hogwarts champion was he? “Well, this will be an exciting tournament.” I said, turning to my friends. “Though Diggory's gonna get crushed.” But they weren't paying attention. They were looking at the Goblet, which had spewed out another name. Dumbledore caught the parchment and read the name.

Harry Potter?? I stared on numbly as my best friend's name echoed through the suddenly silenced Great Hall. Dumbledore must be joking. There was no way Harry's name could have come out of the goblet. He didn't enter... or did he? Hermione had the sense to push Harry up as Dumbledore called his name yet again. I heard the whispers of many students as Harry walked to the front of the hall; the accusations and anger and confusion flowed through the room, even after the door shut.

“I hope he's okay. That was probably one of the biggest shocks of his life.” Hermione said nervously as she started playing with the silverware on the table. Shock? I wouldn't be surprised if her did that on purpose. Attention grabber. The invisibility cloak would have been big enough for me to sneak across as well. But noooo Harry had to go all by himself. He probably snuck out last night while I was having that dream about Snape poisoning my mum's pudding so his army of evil bunny rabbits could take over the Burrow... “When do you think he'll be out?”Hermione asked setting down the silverware and craning her neck to see the door that the champions had gone through.“I have no idea Hermione.” I said dully. I stared at my empty plate, wishing the pie I hadn't gotten to finish would return. Bloody Harry Potter. I can't believe he would leave me, his best friend, out on this entire thing. He was just trying to be all heroic and stuff so he could get noticed. That's what he always did, and everyone always payed attention to him. I was jealous, to say the least, but I didn't admit that to myself. Harry brought my anger upon himself. No one cares about Ickle Ron, Harry's sidekick. Well I don't need to be his sidekick anymore if he's going to desert me like that. I turned away from Hermione and to Seamus,who was discussing with Dean how Harry could have gotten over the age line.

“Maybe he jumped over it?” Dean suggested doubtfully. Ha, good one Dean, but I know he used the invisibility cloak. As I listened to the whispered discussions filling the hall, my anger boiled. This was it, the last straw No, there was no way Harry was going to get away from this and still believe I'd trust him. The git. Harry Potter, the git, who couldn't even confide in his now ex- best friend. Bloody Harry Potter.

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Phoenix in the Ashes: Bloody Harry Potter


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