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Phoenix in the Ashes by HPFF United
Chapter 138 : Weasley, Welcome to the Grave!
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"Get back in position, she's fine! But as you're passing to a teammate, do try not to knock her off her broom, won't you? We've got Bludgers for that!" *

How could they be that clumsy, that stupid, that... She had to calm herself. She really had to calm herself.

Come on, Angelina... You know you can do it... Na na na na na... Everything is fine. He’ll just be alright. Everyone would be just fine... ARG! Who am I kidding? Not even I am alright!

Everything went wrong. God, everything went so wrong. Why couldn’t she handle all this like Wood once did? It all seemed so easy when Oliver Wood was captain. Well, at least, he made it all look that easy, she guessed. He always seemed a bit of obsessed for her, though. Well, Wood was obsessed, but that wasn’t all. She could clearly understand him right then. She could understand the pressure it had got on him and now, the pressure was on her.

"I think we'd better check with Puddlemere United whether Oliver Wood's been killed during a training session, because Angelina seems to be channeling his spirit,"*she heard Weasley say one day.

Ah, really, was the boy right to comment when, after all, he was one of her biggest problems? She knew from the very beginning that he was far from being... well, good – at least good. And, well, she had to be tough. She was a girl, after all. How could they take her seriously if she wasn’t tough? Even Oliver had problems with that and, yeah, he was a big, tough guy without even needed to add that attitude of his.

She thought she could count on Potter’s help with that friend of his, but Potter turned out to get her in trouble, too. How could there be a team if the Seeker got detention now and again? Potter was talented, but, without training, that meant nothing on the pitch.

And, just when she thought things couldn’t be worse, they punched him. The Slytherin seeker. On the Quidditch pitch. During the game. In front of Umbridge. Got suspended. SUSPENDED! Someone was so going to die! her hand!

Okay... Focus now...The banned ones: Potter, Fred, George... Beginning fight: George!

“George Weasley, you’re so going to die!” she shouted, following the read-headed boy, “You got yourself banned and, because of you, Fred is banned, too, idiot!”

“Oh, dear, I wonder why won’t you accuse me for Harry’s ban, too, after all,” he replied sarcastically, still walking. “Fred is not banned because of me! He’s banned because Umbridge wanted so!”

“Couldn’t you just stay calm at once?!” she continued shouting, walking faster than him because of the pretty big difference of height that made him make bigger steps.

“But couldn’t that moron shut his mouth, too?! He insulted my family!” he yelled once more, suddenly turning around, taking Angelina by surprise. His face was so unlike the usual playful, funny George that it got her almost terrified. Realizing that, he shook his head, getting back to his usual smiley face and sighed.

“I’m... sorry,” he told her, awkwardly, “I guess this affected me more than I expected. Sorry for the banning, anyways,” he added.

“No, you’re right... If Dumbledore was here, this would have never happened. I exaggerated, too,” she apologized.

“Know what, now that I’m not a Quidditch player anymore, there’s plenty of free time in my schedule. What about hanging some?” he said playfully, putting an arm around her shoulder, as they started walking slowly.

“You might be free, but I still have a team to prepare... a not really good one, starting from now,” she replied, without minding to take off his arm.

“Oh, refusing me for some Quidditch player – I get it!” he teased her, “You know, I was a Quidditch player once, too. But that was much time ago...,” he joked, as they continued their path.

“Oh, really?” she acted surprised, entering his game, ”And what happened, then?”

“You see, there was this annoying, still absolutely hot captain and... oh my... she could totally make someone lose his mind in both senses. And, know what? After I, by some unknown circumstances, was out team, I asked her out. Why do you think she said ‘no’?”

“Maybe she just didn’t have any free time,” she replied.

“Let’s try this once again: once, there were these two ex Quidditch mates walking this freaking path. The boy asks the girl out, but she refuses him for some Quidditch thing. Then he told her a story about how, a really long time ago, this Quidditch player...”

“When will you end this?”

“Are you giving up?”


“Then, never," he answered matter-of-factly, " So, the story said...”

*Quotes from Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix.

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Phoenix in the Ashes: Weasley, Welcome to the Grave!


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