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Phoenix in the Ashes by HPFF United
Chapter 137 : Lover of Search
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Boys were nothing but waste of time. She had given up. She had simply given up. She was so tired of marionettes. After so many years of dealing with such, it got her thinking: really, didn't men have a brain of their own? Yes, Fleur; You're so right, Fleur; Of course, Fleur. Was it that hard for them to create an opinion of their own?

That Ball date of hers finally got her to that conclusion. He haven't said a single interesting thing the whole night. Well... he was a good kisser, indeed. And... oh, yes. He told her how lucky he felt to have her as a partner. Well, that wasn't enough. She wanted someone she could feel lucky to have, too. It may have sounded crazy, but she wanted someone so much better than her, someone to make her feel so insignificant and so special at the same time. Was that much to ask for? Of course it was. It was, because there wasn't such thing on that all entire planet!

Well, that was the end! She wasn't going to pay any more attention to any of these annoying boys. They weren't worth it. The all just weren't worth it. She worth so much more! She knew she did. Who could deny that? Well, not one of those idiots anyways, right?

Fleur was so glad maman was there. She just couldn't wait for the last task to finally end, so she could talk with maman – just her and maman.

She was sure she wouldn't win this. She was already on the last place and she could agree that all the others champions, even though such brainless boys, too, were much ahead of her. Anyways, she didn't know if she'd actually be happy about it. Sure, that would be a win for her school and her name remembered forever in its history, but what would that mean for her? How would the others have seen it? Would that be added to the 'Too perfect to be real' facts about her or would it finally make them understand she was so much more than a doll? That was her main problem of hers when entering the room where hers and the others' parents were waiting.

"Ma petite Cherie!" her mother exclaimed just as she reached the door and she couldn't help but run in maman's strengthening arms.

Even though she had kept sending them letters during the whole year, maman and papa insisted for her to tell them every single detail of the Tournament, with compliments and worries added through the entire discussion.

Just much time later, she finally got the chance to look around for the other's families. She saw Cedric's father, who couldn't figure out enough words to say how proud he was of his son. A bit further, there was Krum with his parents, talking in Bulgarian, so she couldn't figure out a thing of what they said, and there was also Harry with two persons who, obviously, weren't his family. First, she knew, just as everyone else, that his parents were dead. Second, they looked too much unlike him.

The woman didn't draw her attention much, though. Instead, the man near her caught your eye. He couldn't be the woman's husband – he was too young. That, for some reason, pleased her. She found him somehow fascinating. He was handsome, indeed, but there was something more... in the detached way he talk, moved, and then looked at her...

Agh! He had noticed her looking already. There was no way she could turn her head then – he would have noticed it took her by surprise. That wasn't good. She kept looking and then she realized it was nothing about it that could bother her. Boys always got themselves looking at her. She smiled, just like anytime. But, well, he wasn't just 'one of the boys'. He was a man. It got her thinking what would a man look at an eighteen years old girl and she suddenly felt a bit of a child. Her Veela effect seemed such insignificant at the moment. He probably was a very popular man through 'real women' and, right then, thought about her something like: Look at that gazing darling little kid – she probably lost her toy somewhere round here... The idea made her blush, but she kept her head still high, proudly. She couldn't let him know was she was thinking.

As Gabrielle took maman and papa by the hand and out the room, insisting to show them something, the red-headed woman proposed for them to go for a walk.

"What do you think, Bill?"

The handsome guy flinched, as if he just observed her in a long while – so that was his name, Bill. He mumbled something about walking a bit alone through the castle, because there had been so many years since seeing it last, when he graduated. That made Fleur feels even smaller.

Harry and the woman left the room. It was just then when Fleur realized there was no one else around. Oh, God, if she hadn't been that caught in her stupid thoughts... Now the guy was coming closer. Running away would have been too childish – it would make his opinion about her even worse.

"Hey, I've just seen you staring at me," he said, smiling.

Of course he had...

"Gosh, you seemed terrorized. Mom told me I would get to scare someone with my hair and earring one day, but I took that as subjective motherly opinion," he added, running his hand through his long hair.

"I zink ze long 'air and eea-rring are great." What had made her say that? God, she had, for so long, kept complaining of the stupid, nonsense things boys were telling her and now she turned out to act such... That was a disaster.

Bill laughed, but it didn't look like he laughed at her – he had a lovely laugh, though.

"Well, thank you. I feel better now. So you're one of the champions, too, right?"

"Yes. You might be zurprised to zee a girl een such a competition, I guess," she finally managed to speak normally.

"Not really. I knew this day was going to come: soon, they will all find out women are not only more beautiful and gentle than men, but even stronger and smarter. I'm so going to lose everything," he joked with a charming smile.

She still felt little and stupid, but got to somehow enjoy it. She had no other man than her father that she could actually have a real conversation with. She always wanted something like an older brother. Why couldn't she have this man as such a friend? – because, obviously, she couldn't dream of anything more.

The discussion was going so well! It seemed like he always knew the right thing to reply, the good moment for a joke and the one which required a completely serious attitude. The conversation moved easily from a subject to another. She felt like there was no thing she couldn't tell and there was not an insincere word in anything he said.

"So, if you manage to get out alive from this very last task, of course, what will be your future plans?"

After giggling, she realized that, excepting her family, no one bothered to ask her such thing, so she was truly delighted to answer:

"Despite ze bad weazer and food, I always dreamed of living een England someday. I don't know yet what to follow, but I guess zat, until I decide upon somezing, I'll try a part-time job somewhere 'ere , maybe on Diagon Alley, so I could..err... eemprove my Eenglish," she replied, almost excited about all that.

"I think your English is really good, but, if you really want that part-time job, by September, there will be some spots left free at Gringotts, our bank. I work there. It's interesting and they do pay well," he offered.

"Zat sounds just great!" She found it truly exciting. A bank meant interacting much with people, which would really help her. And, besides that, Bill was working there, too. She was going to actually have someone to discuss with, without getting bored or even upset. What could have been better?

"Maybe, we could hang out some day after work, too," he added hen.

"You mean like a date?" she questioned a bit too fast.

Of course not... Idiot!

"If you'd like to..."

"Sure!" Again, the answer came a bit too fast, but the smile he's shown didn't look like that disturbed or even amuse him – he looked just content.

"Ma fleur, Gabrielle was right – ze castle iz ree-ly impressive," her maman came in, followed by papa and Gabrielle.

"Maman, you 'aven't seen the lake I was in yet!" Gabrielle added.

"We'll go zere, too, dear," papa replied.

"Fleur, are you coming?" maman asked her while opening the door again.

"Sure, maman," she responded, and then turned to Bill, "See you after ze task, zen?"

"Sure," he replied, as she and her family walked away.

"Ma chθre, what was ze z-ing you wanted to talk wiz me?" her maman asked.

"Well, maman, ze facts changed a bit, but I'm happy to tell you I realized my search wasn't over yet," Fleur replied.

"And who was ze boy you were talking wiz?"

Fleur waited some seconds before answering, thinking about it.

"Wiz a little luck, 'e might one day become part of ze discussion type."

A/N: Well, Gabrielle and Mr. and Mrs. were supposed to speak French when there were just them, but that would have been too much and too difficult French for someone who haven't had French lessons since the 4th grade. So, the best I could do was putting some accent in.

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