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Phoenix in the Ashes by HPFF United
Chapter 135 : Charming
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Lily made a beeline for Sev as soon as she caught sight of him. She and one of her dorm mates had almost got lost in the huge castle on their way to their first lesson. Lily had wanted to go with Sev straight after breakfast, but she'd also made friends with Mary McDonald last night, and so had excused herself from her childhood friend, to accompany Mary who had realised she didn't have her Charms book with her.

Lily could tell he hadn't liked it, but she attributed it to the fact that she had never brought anyone else when she played with him. Then, it had always been about magic, a secret between the two of them, which she couldn't have told anyone else anyway. And that wasn't the case anymore.

After a little pleading from her side, he seemed in a better mood again, quietly telling her she didn't have to be nervous.

"Will it be just like the flower I made grow?" she asked, biting her lip.

Although she'd asked the same question several times already since that had happened, he answered her patiently. "Not quite. This time, you have to channel your magic through the wand. Don't worry, it'll come natural to you after some practice." He tried to sound as reassuring as possible, and he could only hope he was right. He'd tried various spells, and managed satisfactory results, but he was reasonable enough to admit most of them would probably considered too dark here, and most would never master them. So far, he'd managed some minor changes, but the spells hadn't fully worked. He imagined what it would feel like transfiguring the hair of one particular obnoxious boy into snakes. That would serve him right!

Lily hadn't taken notice of his lapse of attention, as she leaved through her brand new book, something she had done countless times since she had bought it, and looked at the pictures with wide eyes. She would be able to do this! Everything was still so new, she barely dared to believe it. Despite all of Sev's reassurances, she still wasn't so sure she belonged here. What if she was nowhere near as good as the kids who had grown up with magic?

Then, Professor Flitwick walked into the room, and although she'd seen him at yesterday's feast, it still gave her a jolt of surprise to see such a tiny man.

"Welcome once again, first years. I hope we'll have an enjoyable seven years together, informative and benefitting to you all.

First, I'd like to call your names to familiarise myself with all your names. Right. Black, Sirius?"

Lily followed the roll call with interest. The first boy she knew from the train ride and because he was in Gryffindor as well. He hadn't left a good first impression with her, nor had his friend.

Others were called, and she tried her best to memorise all the faces, from the other Houses as well. Potter answered cheekily when called, causing a round of giggles. Lily thought it was a bit funny, but she felt scandalised he would do something like that, new school and all.

She thought the students with the same uniforms as Sev's looked at him and her strangely, but dismissed it quickly. They were probably just curious.

"Let's start with something easy," Professor Flitwick called out, clapping his hands excitedly. "It's called the levitation charm, and all you do is this," he demonstrated the swish and flick movement with his wand, and said the incantation loud and clear. Simultaneously, it was written magically on the blackboard behind him.

"Woah!" Lily muttered, so only Sev could hear.

"Let's try it," he said eagerly.

Lily was still unsure, but then she watched him copy Flitwick's movements. The cushion each of them had been given jerked a little upwards, but deflated soon enough.

"Let me," she whispered in anticipation. What had he said? Channel the magic into your wand? With her tongue between her teeth, she focused on the cushion, flicking her wand quickly. As soon as the words left her mouth, the cushion started floating up a few inches. She cheered, and almost let it drop back down. A smile blossomed on her face as she caught it in time, and it rose up again.

"Miss Evans, that is ten points to Gryffindor for an outstanding charm!" Flitwcik applauded, nodding approvingly at her.

"I did it!" Lily whispered to Severus, feeling hilariously elated. Maybe she wasn't so bad at this magic thing. She couldn't wait to learn more.

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Phoenix in the Ashes: Charming


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