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For The First Time by imaginary lines
Chapter 6 : Chapter Six
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Kara knew when James asked Rachel to Hogsmead, and she also knew the answer. Well, the whole bloody tower probably knew the answer the way Rachel’s voice went up seven octaves. It was rather annoying. And Rachel just wouldn’t just shut up about it!

“So how’d it happen?” Chloe asked for the trillionth time, her smile bright. Rachel giggled again and leaned back on the bed, the giggles never ceasing. Kara glanced Rachel, who seemed oblivious to everything going on around her and whom she might possibly be annoying.

“Well, he was all like ‘hey Rachel’. And James never says hi to me, so obviously that means something. And then I was all like “oh hi James’ and he was like ‘what’s up?’ and I was all like ‘nothing’ and he was all like ‘wanna go to Hogsmead with me?’ and I was all like ‘alright’.” Rachel yelped and she and Chloe busted into giggles.

Kara rolled her eyes and rolled off of the bed before making her way down to the common room. “Merlin” she mumbled, throwing herself onto one of the couches. She could practically still hear the giggling from all the way down in the common room. Rachel was an annoying twit and Kara used to make fun of her with James.


Something had happened between them, something that had never happened before. They were actually nice to each other, oddly formal. Fred and Michelle had commented on the change, even Albus and Rose noticed, but there was nothing wrong. She kept saying she was busy and James was saying he was plotting world domination and not to disturb him.

What that meant, well, Kara had no idea. He hadn’t let her in on his mindset yet. Besides, her attention had been focused on two things; Michelle and Aaron.

Granted, they weren’t things they were people, but in the moment, they were things. Michelle had mentioned to Fred the other night that Bridget was cheating on him, and at breakfast the next morning, a very public break up had endured. This, surprisingly enough, had led to Michelle and Fred talking more. The redhead believed her could trust the girl he had once called an ‘annoying twit’ and Michelle could actually deal with the ‘evil and possessed ginger’. It had surprised Kara, and she wondered how long Michelle had fancied Fred.

Aaron, of course, was suffocating her. Hogsmead was in one day, and he had asked her only three days ago to go with him, but he hadn’t stopped talking about it. Granted, she was excited, but not that bloody excited. He wanted to know her favorite color, food, animal, sign, light and other nonsense she was sure was part of a stupid plan. Obviously Aaron didn’t understand the meaning of ‘simple’ because all Kara wanted was a ‘simple’ lunch. Nope, he was going all out.

Quidditch was horrid as well. James started putting more stress on the chasers, and Kara was so busy training that she was slowly getting behind in her classes. If it hadn’t been for Michelle, she was sure that she would have fallen into the pit of no return.

Michelle walked into the common room moments later and sat down next to her friend, a small smile on her face and he cheeks oddly rosy. “Where were you?” Kara asked curiously.

She shrugged. “I was tutoring Fred on the grounds because he’s getting behind in Astronomy.”

Kara rolled her eyes. “How long have you fancied him?”

She blinked. “What?”

“How long have you fancied our dear Fredrick?”

Michele mumbled something about not having a fancy for Fred, but her cheeks bloomed with even more color. Kara rolled her eyes, knowing that it was pointless to argue. It was pointless to argue with someone as stubborn as Michelle sometimes.

The two fell into a moment of silence and Kara continued reading the chapter for Defense Against the Dark Arts. Knowing Michelle, she would probably bring up how James and Kara weren’t talking as much and would promptly stick her nose in other people’s business. Granted, they were best friends, but that didn’t mean that Kara wanted to discuss her feelings at the present moment. It wasn’t exactly the number one thing she wanted to do.

“So, what’s with you and James? You two haven’t been the same around each other…” Michelle asked her voice trailing off as she heard laughter coming from the other side of the common room.

The portrait to the common room opened again, this time showing a ginger and a brunette. Both males were punching each other in the shoulders, trying not to laugh before they saw their two girl friends sitting on the couch.

Suddenly, it got oddly quiet in the common room. James glanced everywhere but at Kara, Kara studied her book and Fred and Michelle shared a knowing look.

“Morning.” James mumbled, running his hand through his messy hair.

“Actually, its afternoon” Kara mumbled in return, letting another pregnant pause settle across the group.

James had had girlfriends before. Kara had had a boyfriend before. There was honestly no reason for the two to feel so awkward around each other, but apparently there was. They couldn’t even get a sentence out that made the other laugh.

Fred and Michelle had been discussing the manner their friends were in just moments before. Both had decided it was one thing; sexual tension. James and Kara were obviously attracted to each other and obviously didn’t want to admit it.

But when Fred opened his mouth to discuss the discovery, both Kara and James made an excuse as to why they need to retreat to their respective dorms, leaving Michelle and Fred alone again.



No, she wasn’t, but the brunette put on a brave smile and nodded to her date. “Of course, I’ve been looking forward to this date all week!”

He smiled at her brightly. “Happy birthday, by the way!”

Kara gave him a small smile. “Thank you.”

The two made their way towards Hogsmead, Aaron never shutting up. He was attractive, but obviously he needed to learn that sometimes, it was alright not to talk. Sometimes, silence was golden. Kara smiled and nodded when the moment was right and Aaron wrapped his arm around her petite waist.

Woah, too fast.

Well, not really, but it made her get covered in goosebumps. He liked her, and she hadn’t felt this way since Dmitri, and he was a mistake not to be repeated. James’s face always got red when someone mentioned that name. No, she was not going to think of that.

Nor was she going to think about James, who happened to be right in front of her, holding hands with Rachel. Insert Kara mentally gagging here.

Leaning into Aaron’s arms, she allowed herself to be led into Madame Puddifoot, one of the most romantic places in Hogsmead. Oh, she wished she could just have a relaxing date.

“You see the Chudly Cannon’s play this year?” Aaron asked excitedly “You’re a Queen, and rich people get everything. I saw them a couple of times with my dad this summer.”

Kara sighed. “No. My mother and I aren’t on the best of speaking terms.”

Aaron rolled his eyes. “Perhaps if you weren’t so difficult with her, you would. Mum says you two sound like banshees when you argue.”

“How would she know?”

“Our mothers are friends. They talk about us, you know.”

Hm. Perhaps she should have listened to her mother more often. She probably had met his mum multiple times, and just didn’t remember. After all, that was what happened more than not. Aaron continued to talk about how his favorite cousin was the chaser on the Cannons and how he wanted to go with the Cannon’s next year.

What she wanted to say was when he learned to throw he could join them, but instead Kara bit her tongue and nodded at the right moments. Soon, the two arrived at the entrance of Madame Puddifoot, and she said thank you when he held the door open. Apparently he was such the gentleman when he wanted to be.

“What would you like, Kar?”

Kara blinked. “I was thinking just a coffee, maybe some crumpets on the side. You?”

“Same.” Aaron said with a smile, and when the waitress came over moments later, Aaron ordered for the two. Kara smiled, not knowing if it was forced or honest. Her eyes roamed the rest of the café before landing on a handsome brunette male with his date.

Aaron’s eyes looked at what she was staring at, and instead of pretending that his captain didn’t exist, he waved. “Isn’t that James with Rachel O’Riley?”

She didn’t answer, only offered James a small smile when he looked over at the two. This was just blooming awkwardness. She watched as James whispered to Rachel, and was surprised by the look of annoyance that crossed her face. Soon enough, Kara realized that the look of annoyance had to do more with the fact that he wanted to sit by her and Aaron than anything else.

James, maturely of course, shook hands with Aaron and greeted him while Rachel continued to glare at Kara. Well, it wasn’t exactly her fault that James came over, now was it?

“I didn’t know the two of you were dating,” Rachel said, emphasizing the word ‘dating’ as though the idea that any human that wanted to even sit next to Kara was under a love potion.

Aaron suddenly looked nervous. “We aren’t. Just spending her birthday here eating crumpets and drinking tea.”

Rachel blinked and smiled. “Well then, happy birthday Kar Bear. How old are you this year? Twelve?”

Kara’s cheeks bloomed with anger. “Eighteen, thank you very much. So why don’t you sod off and try acting your age, not your shoe size.”

James cleared his throat, trying to suppress a grin.

“Kara, stop being rude. You’re being very mean to poor Rachel over here.” Aaron mentioned, frowning a bit. Kara blinked at him.

“And your being a bit of a prat talking about Quidditch the whole entire time, but you don’t hear me complaining.” Kara mumbled, but Aaron didn’t hear. Instead, he turned his attention to Rachel. Kara glanced at James, who shrugged.

“Evil people are meant to be together. No use fighting it.” He mumbled and Kara smiled. He had a point.

Her fingers twirled around the lion necklace and she sighed. At least if she were at Hogwarts, she’d be able to sleep…or sneak into the kitchens…maybe even gorge her eyes out, because that would be more enjoyable than this date thingy. Actually, as Aaron had so rudely pointed out, it wasn’t a date.

“Excuse me, I need to use the loo,” Kara said, standing up. Aaron gave some sort of grunt in response before turning his attention back to Rachel, who was talking about hair coloring…or something like that.

Kara walked out the front door, not even making an attempt to make it look like she was heading towards the bathroom. She simply stormed out of the café and began her walk towards something slightly more entertaining.

James caught up with her moments later, and the two sighed in union. “So Kar Bear, having a fantastic birthday?”

She cringed at the name. “If she ever calls me that, Jimmy, I will hex her. And you, if you ever call me that again.”

James cringed at his nickname. “Only mum can call me that. I don’t even know how you get ‘Jimmy’ out of ‘James’. Besides, James is a dashing name. Only cool people can have a cool name like that.”

A small silence fell over the two before James cleared his throat. “I could treat you to a shopping spree at Zonko’s, if that would make your birthday better.”

Kara shrugged. “My birthdays aren’t usually fantastic. Last year I spent it in the hospital wing after you pushed me off a tree branch.”

“It was my tree branch and you wouldn’t get off!”

“And the year before, I had detention pretty much all day for hexing a first year. Maybe if the first years knew how to walk in the corridors we wouldn’t have to hex them as often. But birthdays aren’t usually good ones.”

James thought about it for a minute. “I promise that when you turn nineteen, you old hag, your birthday will be amazing.”


Please review! Tell me what you would like to see or what I should think about changing. I love feedback and the knowledge that my writing could only improve <3

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For The First Time: Chapter Six


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