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I'll Be Seeing You by DeathCabForCutie
Chapter 27 : Enchanted
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For I don’t know how long all I heard was voices. I didn’t know what they were saying, but I recognized their voices. I kept drifting close to consciousness but when I was about to open my eyes I would fall farther back to sleep. Then late one night, I pushed through and forced myself awake.


“How long has she been asleep?” James whispered above me.

Lily’s small female voice answered him. “Two days…Madam Promfrey is healing her while she sleeps.”

“Why don’t you go back to your dorm? I can take a shift. You look like hell.”

“Aren’t you just a sweetheart?” Lily snapped at him.

I groaned and turned over, the soft hospital bed sheets brushing my face as I did so. Miserably I opened one eye and used it to glare at James. “James, you are so loud.”

“Well good morning to you too!” He smiled down at me earnestly. “You put your parent’s in a right state.”

“I love how you make it sound like it was my personal decision.”

He shrugged unconcernedly before turning to Lily, “Lily seriously go to sleep I got this. Tell her Rose.”

I nodded in agreement. “Go ahead Lils. I’ll be here in the morning if Madam Pomfrey has any say.”

“You sure?”



I knew she didn’t want to leave but I also knew that Lily wasn’t getting any sleep in here. Besides I was dead tired and every part of me ached, the less people around me the better. A minute later I looked up and felt James tucking in my covers.


“We worried about you little girl.” He softly brushed my hair out of my face.

I smiled; he hadn’t called me that in years. “Well I’m glad to see I can still get a crowd going.”

“Albus was in a right state when he owled me. Did you guys get into a fight or something?”

“Yeah. We did.” I closed my eyes. “It was stupid.”


He might have said something but I didn’t hear it. Instead I fell back into a deep heavy sleep. In my dream, I was lying on the most comfortable clouds. Around me were swirls of purple and pink. Then, I fell. When I opened my eyes this time I opened them all the way and found Albus and Hugo sleeping beside my bed. I pushed myself up to a sitting position and looked down at my hospital gown. There weren’t any bandages on me, but I could still see some minor bruising around my ribs and arms. I looked almost fully healed and I felt 70 percent better than the last time I was conscious. All in all though I was doing pretty good.


Hugo was snoring, as he was half sitting in my chair, half laying on the edge of my bed. His brown curly hair was stuck up at one side, it was adorable but he wasn’t the one I wanted to talk to. I leaned forward and tapped Albus on the shoulder.


Albus woke with a start, his glasses askew on his face. “Whassgoinon?”

“Morning.” I snorted down at him.

He starred around the room wildly before finding me. “Oh… hi.

“You get a good nap?”

“Yeah…sorry.” His green eyes starred into my brown ones with more intensity. “I really am about…well you know.”

I grinned down at him. “I know.”

“He’s not…” Albus’s face became very forced. “That bad… I suppose.”

“What changed your mind?”

“Well I haven't 'changed my mind.' I guess if it weren’t for him you wouldn’t be here, but I mean I can’t give all the credit of course but-”

I gave him a confused look. “What do you mean?”

“You don’t know?...Oh yeah you’ve been asleep.” He absentmindedly ruffled his hair. “He went to mum and dad once you weren’t on the map. Then after that they told him to stay after because they were going to take care of it. But instead he got Livi and Leighton to come with them. Since he did that he helped take down the people who were going to ambush our parent's. If they he wouldn't have they would have been able to get to you.”

“He did that?”

Albus looked slightly concerned about my response. “Yes well…Don’t get too excited. I mean Anthony did overcome an Imperius curse to take down the force field and if he didn't do that then would be dead now... And that Ravenclaw beater I think her name is Savage…she stunned Bethany as the force field came down and if she didn't do that Bethany would have definetely killed you... Plus Livi and Leighton trusted Malfoy because of you-”

“What happened to Bethany and John? Where are they now?” I interrupted his rant.

“They are in Azkaban awaiting trial.”

"Did you find out why they you know tried to kill me?"

He sighed, "Appearently John's birth father went crazy and murdered six people. Your father headed up the case and my father signed the death order. His birth mother told him that his father was wrongly accused and then she died. So when he was adopted he made it his mission to make our family pay."

"Which is why he made sure my death would be full of witnesses." I frowned thinking of the Great Hall. "What about Bethany?"

"She thought your family had it coming. Her aunt and uncle were Death Eater's and are currently in Azkaban."

"But why did they kill Flitwick? Everything else I can see as means to an end, but what did he have to do with me?"

Albus's face grew sad. "He didn't do anything. He just overheard John talking to Bethany about their plan. So he made his death an example to make him less of a possibilty and made other candiates more suspect."

"Poor Flitwick..." I hung my head. "He was such a sweet teacher."

"They are putting a statue of him next to the Charms classroom." Albus added lightly.

I shrugged, "Well that's something...What about your mum? Is she going to continue teaching?"

"Oh, no. They cancelled Charms and are going to hire a new teacher over break."

I nodded gratefully. “What about those people they were controlling?”

“All better now. Some more shaken up then others…” He added darkly.

“Lestrange?” I guessed correctly.

“Well since he didn’t do any of it on his own they reinstated him as a student but on a very short leash.”

Leaning back in my bed, I frowned. “Anything else?”

“Oh you’ve been voted Quidditch Captain.”

“What do you mean?”

He gave me a lazy smile. “We’ve agreed that you are a better captain then me and …I’d like more time to focus on other things.”

“Wait what?” I couldn’t believe my ears. “But you love being captain…it’s your life.”

"No it's not...I was trying to hard to make it my everything but honestly I don't want to do Quidditch after school. I love it but I have other things I'd like to focus on. There are more important things.” He smiled at me significantly.


Albus’s eyes became wet and mine did too. Before either of us said a word he threw his arms around me and hugged me. I fell into his arms and hugged him back tightly. We were both crying but neither of us did anything to control or stop it. When we did pull apart we both wiped our eyes with our sleeves and laughed. We would be okay.


“I should get your parents... Should I wake Hugo?”

I shook my head, “Nah let him sleep.”


Rising to leave Albus kissed my forehead and then navigated carefully around Hugo’s sleeping form. My stomach became tight at the thought of seeing my parent’s. The last time I’d seen them I’d been horrible to them. All their protective measures to keep me safe I’d disregarded and scoffed at. Did they hate me? What if they did? I deserved it. I’d done everything possible to make them loose all confidence and trust in me. They’d done everything for me to have a good life and I threw it back in their faces. I hung my head in shame. What could I possibly say to justify my actions? I didn’t have the time to think of an excuse and in five minutes time Albus appeared in the doorway with my parents.


Albus left almost instantly leaving me alone with them. I searched there faces for anger and bitterness, but found none. My father took five strides towards me and started crying on me. I was in shock. I’d never seen my father cry. My eyes sought out my mothers but she was above us crying silently.


“I'm sorry,” I cried quietly. "For everything."

"No," My mother frowned, her voice thick with emotion, "We are. We shouldn't have tried to make you into what we thought you should be."

I nodded tearfully, "I know you just wanted the best for me..." I glanced down at my dad worriedly, "Dad are you okay?"

“Don’t…” He started shakily, “Don’t do that again.”

I patted him on the back awkwardly. “Okay dad…Okay I won't.”

“I love you sweetie.”

“I love you too dad.” I laughed heartedly.


Six hours later, I was all alone and it literally took four hours for that to happen. My parent’s stayed for twenty minutes and we took turns apologizing to one another. My mother especially agreed that she would give me more space and let me make my own decisions. After that Hugo woke from his coma. I moved over in my bed so he could lay with me and we talked. He told me about his girl problems and how worried he was about his O.W.LS. It felt good to be there for him. When Hugo left the rest of the Quidditch team came in. Zach hugged me first, then Adam and then Anthony. They stayed for a bit and talked about the next game and what tragedies I wanted to go with. It was still weird to me that they had voted me captain but Albus couldn’t lie to me. He knew what I wanted to do after Hogwarts and he knew that making me captain would help me achieve that.



But soon they all left and I was left with my own thoughts for company. I knew it was only a matter of time before Madam Promfrey would scoot them all out and when she did I didn’t protest. She said I would be able to leave the next day anyway, so I would see them all soon anyway. My mind wandered to the one person who did not come to my hospital room. The whole time I’d tried not to think about it but after Albus brought him up I had trouble thinking about anyone else even hours later. It was stupid but I’d expected him to at least send me a note. Infuriated, I fell into a deep sleep.



The next time I woke up everything was …clear. In days before it seemed as if everything around was on hyper speed but now I was back to normal speed. There was a note on my table with some clothes folded neatly beneath it. Pushing myself out of bed, I reached over and grabbed the note.


Ms. Weasley,

All your tests came back clean as soon as you read this you may go but please do try to make it the rest of the week without needing another visit.


Madam Promfrey


I grinned at the note. Poor Madam Promfrey. I must drive her crazy. To repay her for her ongoing hospitality, I pulled on my jeans, threw on my Quidditch practice jersey and got the hell out of there. The minute I opened the door I found Livi, Leighton, Annabella, Charlie and Zooey standing together outside. I furrowed my eyebrows at the five of them.


“What are you guys doing?”

Livi took lead as usual, “Well tomorrow is the dance.”

My eyes bugged out. “Tomorrow is the 20th of December?”

“Yes and you still need a dress.” Livi finished knowingly, “All the rest of the arrangements are apparently all taken care of. So all we need to do is get you a black dress.”

I thought about fighting it, but stopped at the look on Livi’s face. “Can we bring Lily?”
Zooey laughed, her blue eyes sparkling for the first time in months. “She’s meeting us there.”



After walking through the serenly quiet halls uninterrupted by anyone I began to be suspicious. “Why do I get the feeling that we are sneaking around?”

“Because your paranoid.” Livi announced snapping her gum.

“Or,” Charlie interjected with a laugh, “Everyone’s at dinner.”

I sighed, “Where are we even going?”

“Don’t ask us any questions and we won’t tell you any lies.” Lily smirked from next to a very familiar looking statue.

“I feel like my parent’s wouldn’t want me leaving the castle.” I said half-heartedly.

Charlie rolled her eyes. “We asked your mother and we’ll be gone an hour tops.”

“Besides we were going to clear it through the proper channels…” Annabella began quietly.

“But the Headmaster seems to be having enough problems at the moment…without bothering with us.” Leighton grimaced.

I paused. “What do you mean?”

“Everything that happened happened right under the headmaster’s nose.” Lily explained evenly, “I’m not saying it’s his fault but a lot of people think that way.”

Groaning I leaned against the wall behind me. “That sucks.”

“I know.” She frowned, "But let's not let us worry. They'll work it out. Who wants to jump down first?"


I volunteered and waited patiently for the others. “So,” I voiced as the last person dropped down into the tunnel. “Do all of you have your dresses?"

“Yep,” Zooey answered as she and Charlie linked arms with me. “Livi got red strapless flowy thing, Charlie got this cute little pink number, Lily got a dark blue backless one, Leighton got this burgundy one with a swoop neck, Annabella got this olive tight v-neck dress and I have a silver dress.”

“Huh, did your dad hear about your dress Lil?”

She gave me an elfish smile. “Nope, but he’ll see it. Him and your dad are chaperoning at the dance as a favor to the Headmaster.”

“Oh god.” I clamped my hand to my head. “That should be great.”

“Oh honey,” Charlie smiled at me, tightening her grip. “Think of it this way. At least you have amazing friends."

"Thanks Charlie. That helps loads." I shot back at her dryly.



They navigated me through the streets of Hogsmede expertly, never for a minute leaving me alone. Every time I tried to ask any questions they would simply throw a dress at me and push me in a dressing room. There was something I was missing. I understood them guarding me but what was with the refusal to answer my questions? I had seen my family and them but there was still other people I wanted to see. Mostly though my thoughts just floated back to Scorpius and my heart ached. Where was he? Why wasn’t he there when I woke up? Why have I heard nothing about him? Why does Lily constantly try and put me in dresses with frills?!


“Lily!” I shouted in frustration. “If you give me another dress with frills I’m going to throw myself down a flight of stairs!”

She pouted. “Fine. Be difficult.”

“What about this?” Zooey asked from behind a rack of clothes.

I sighed. “That better be the dress.”

“If it isn’t we will let you leave willingly.” Charlie compromised evenly.

Livi snorted and put her hands on her hips, “Speak for yourself chickadee.”


Zooey slipped through Livi and Leighton and handed me a navy dress. It stopped a few inches above my knees and started just below my bra line. Moving into the dressing room I pulled it on and looked in the mirror. It hugged me tightly but wasn’t too stiff. The material felt soft on my skin and I couldn’t help but glow in it.


I heard Livi’s annoyed sigh. “You are taking far too long.” She wrenched open the curtain, gave me a glance and nodded. “I’ll be right back.” Thirty-two seconds later Livi was back with some black strappy heels. “Put these on.” She ordered me.

Groaning I put a hand on her shoulder to balance myself. “Why do I have to wear these?"
“Because you’re outrageously long legs will look even hotter in heels.”

“I will tower over any guy I dance with.” I told her honestly.

“Lucky for you,” She smirked, “Your date is taller than you.”


Before I could question her, she opened the curtain so the others could give me their opinion. I received rave reviews but I wasn’t thinking about that. I was thinking about the mischievous look on Livi’s face. So I waited. I waited until after I paid, after we left and after we reached the honeydukes cellar to question her. I hung back while the others talked in front and grabbed her arm.


“What did you mean when you said my date?”

She looked at me as if I’d gone mental. “You know…your date to the dance.”

“I have a date?”

“Of course you do. You’re Head Girl. You have to have a date. You open the dance."
My eyebrows rose. “Wait what?”

“It’s tradition. Every time there’s a dance the Head’s and their dates open the dance.”


My heart sank and I felt my eyes water. I’d been so stupid of course Scorpius couldn’t be my date. It was a school dance. Even now he was going to keep up pretenses. As we walked I wrapped my arms around myself protectively. I should have known that no matter how much I’d thought he’d cared about me there was always a limit. His pride, his reputation, our families, there was always something standing between us. And I’d been ridiculous to expect that to change. Maybe this was for the best. Maybe they’d found me a nice date. Who he was wouldn’t matter because at the end of the day I would never go with the person I wanted to.


The girls lead me to my dorm and surprisingly left me at the doorway. Slinging my dress over my shoulder, I paused at the entryway and frowned. He saved my life. He went to my parent’s to protect me but it wasn’t enough. I needed someone who I could take to family dinners. Someone who could take me out on a date without hesitance or embarrassment. Someone who I wouldn’t have to pretend to hate.


Earlier in the year, when I found those letters Lily Evans had written I thought the reason I’d received them was to fight for what I wanted and be with who I wanted and maybe I did. The problem was he couldn’t do the same for me. Tears glittered down my face as I looked around the rooms and thought of all the times we’d spent in here; fighting, kissing, together, apart. It had to end. For a few minutes I let myself cry before forcing myself to move towards my staircase. I didn’t survive a psycho ex to be defeated by this. I was in pain, but it would eventually pass. Maybe it would take years but I would do it. I didn’t need him and it was never going to work. After one last look at his staircase I trudged on, sobbing to myself with every step.


When I woke up the next morning, my sheets were still wet from the night before. Sleep, it seemed was done with me and was content with ignoring my pleas for it to come back to me. About an hour after I woke up on my own, I heard two pairs of feet coming up the stairs.


“This is,” Leighton started quietly as she opened up my door, “the stupidest plan you’ve ever had.”

Livi snorted behind her loudly, “That nonsense! My plans are brilliant and this is my Mona Lisa.”

"It's never going to work she's too stubborn." Leighton insisted.

Digging myself further under my pillows, I bellowed, “Why are you two in here?”

“Well good morning to you too.” Livi appraised me softly.

“Guys please just go. I’ll get dressed later. I set an alarm. I’ll be there all perky and ready to go.” I vowed in a cold monotone, “Just please leave me alone till then.” By their silence I could tell they were communicating to each other silently. I moaned dejectedly. “Honestly, just go.”

Leighton came and sat next to me. “What’s wrong sport?”

“I’ve given up.” I told her in sad composed tone. “You were right Leighton. I could have just stayed away from Malfoy and from now on I will. He’s a good guy but obviously he can’t give me what I want. So I’m going to lay here and mope until five. In which I will pick myself off this bed and pretend that I’m perfectly fine and dandy when really my heart is shattered."
Livi brushed my hair off my face softer than I would have given her credit for. “Sweetie, what is it that you want?”

I want him,” I answered instantly my voice cracking as I death gripped my teddy bear. “But he can’t be with me in the way I need him to be."

I raised my hand to cut Leighton off, my eyes crimson and my jaw trembling. “I don’t want to hear it okay? In a week I’ll be back. I’ll make up all my work. I’ll hang out with all of you. I’ll focus on Quidditch,” I gave her a poor attempt at a smile, “Now that I’m Captain I’ll have more to focus on but please don’t try and tell me I’ll be alright because I won’t. I’ll try my best to be the best version of myself and to excel in everything but please don’t coddle me. I just want to be left alone for a few hours. Is that really a lot to ask?”


The soft hollow tone of my voice seemed to get through to Livi. She grabbed Leighton’s arm and ushered her out of the room. Finally alone, I pulled my covers over my head and held Bernstein tighter. When it comes down to it the only thing that could give me support is a small, fuzzy, red bear named Bernstein. Bernstein never judged or said really much of anything he was just there and that was all I really needed.


Three hours later though, I got up as promised. I showered, shaved, pulled on my dress, put on some make-up. When I was finishing up with my hair, I heard a knock on the door. Charlie came in still dressed in jeans and a t-shirt.


“Charlie it’s 6! Shouldn’t you be getting ready?”

“No, because it’s 4.” She glanced at me knowingly.
Scoffing, I grabbed my watch and showed it to her. “That says six!”

“I can see that, but I also know that Livi changed all your clocks.”

A small flutter of irritation flared in my stomach. “And why did she do that?”

“Come with me and you’ll find out.” She informed me simply, holding out her hand.

“Wait a second.”

Dragging my shoes out from under my desk, I squeezed my feet into them, latched on the clasps and stood in front of her emptily. “Ready.”

Charlie went into my closet and handed me my black fall jacket. “Put this on.”

“If we’re going outside I’m going to need something thicker than this."

Then she did the most evil thing of all. She linked arms with me and smiled. “Rose, just trust me.”

Numbly, I followed her down the staircase, out of the common room into the empty corridor. “Charlie if this is one of Livi’s plots to liven up the evening…” I trailed off bitterly.

“Would you just shut up and do what I tell you? You must make the world’s worst hostage I swear!” Charlie walked me all the way up to the highest tower before stopping in front of the headmaster’s office. “Pumbernickle.”


Like a trained poodle, I tagged behind Charlie and wanted nothing more than for the evening to be over so I could mope in my own solitude. Sure when we got around people I would put on the face of a happy rescued victim, but right now I couldn’t even stretch my face into a natural looking smile. Charlie had other plans though. When we reached the office I didn’t find the headmaster. Instead I saw my mother.


“Why…?” My question hung in the air.

Charlie waved at us and closed the door.

“Honey come in. You look beautiful.”

“Mum, can you please tell me what the hell is going on?”

Her brown eyes, so much like my own, narrowed at me for swearing but she didn’t say anything. “I was asked to do something but before I do it I want to know something.”

“What?!” I groaned furiously, “I’m sorry mum, but I’m really getting sick of this. Whatever stupid thing Livi has planned I want it to be over. I just want to see everyone and then go back to my dorm.”

“What is going on between you and Scorpius Malfoy?”

I inhaled sharply but didn’t deny it. “We were involved.”


“It’s not going to work out okay? We’ve been through a lot and I love him but let’s be honest he isn’t as serious about me. So can we please just drop it?”

She glanced at me thoughtfully. “Do you know why I married your father?”

“Because you loved him.” I guessed wildly.

“Yes, but do you know why?”

I shrugged heatedly. “No. I don’t.”

“I kissed a boy before your father, but he was rather dim. Then when your father was with his first girlfriend I had a fling with another boy-“

“Ma,” I interrupted, scrunching my face up in disgust, “I really don’t want to hear about this.”

“Honey, just listen to me please.” Her voice was warm and kind not it's usual sharpness. So I let her finish. “It was a horrifyingly bad mistake, but I’m glad I made it because I’ll never have to wonder if I made the right choices. By the time I started dating your father I didn’t have second guess myself because I knew.”

I looked at her differently than I’d ever had. Suddenly she wasn’t just my mother, she was a woman. “So what are you trying to say?”

“I’m saying,” She put her arms on my shoulders, “That you have to let yourself make mistakes and trust people because if you don’t try you might always wonder what might have been.” My mother put a note in my hand. “There’s floo powder in the pot on the desk and the address is on the parchment. You do whatever you think is right sweetie. I’ll be in the Great Hall.”

“Mum?” I turned, “Does dad know?”

“Merlin no.” She snorted with laughter, “But honey as you said before it’s your life.”


I hesitated, for just a moment. I let every, 'what if,' swirl around in my head until finally I opened the parchment. She was right. If this is what i wanted i had to stopped chickening out. This was my one chance to finally choose and I choose him. Nervously, I grabbed a handful of floo powder and stepped into the fire. Immediately, I tucked in my elbows as my body began to spin more and more violently until I was thrown from the fireplace into an expertly cleaned foyer. I didn’t recognize my surroundings but obviously since I read the note aloud I knew where I was. Anxiously, I walked forward looking for some indication of where I was supposed to go. Before I became too confused a house elf appeared before me.


“Excuse me I was wondering where-“

She bowed to me, “This way Miss. Weasley.”


Taking a deep breath I tied my coat closer around me and followed the house elf. In ten minutes time we’d passed at least twenty bedrooms. I’d never seen a house so big in my life. Just as I began to wonder how many rooms there were in total the little house elf halted before the hallways split in two.


“Which way…?” I started but the words died in my throat as I peered down the corridor and I saw him.


He was sitting on the floor with his head in his hands, but he looked up at the sound of my heels. In all the years that I’d known him I’d never been able to conclusively say that I knew what he was thinking. His face always displayed expressions at most but now I saw everything. My eyes watered as I smiled at him. Scorpius stood up, every line in his face shocked. We each took a step forward and then at the same time we ran to each other. Throwing my arms around his neck I grinned so hard my face felt like it might split in two. He buried his face in my shoulder and held me as if he’d never let me go. I’d never been so happy. A week ago I thought I’d never see him again and now I was in his arms. He murmured something, but I couldn’t quite hear it.


You love me,” He repeated in disbelief, his voice weak with emotion.

I backed away with him with a laugh, my arms still locked around his neck. “How could you tell?”

“Your friend.” He breathed, “She convinced me that this was the best way to settle this once and for all.”

“Livi?” I laughed to myself, “What does the plan entail and what does it settle?”

He looked into my eyes as he swept my hair out of my face. “Well first I do this,” Scorpius tugged me forward and pressed his lips against mine. I reacted instantly, jerking him closer to me and kissing him more deeply. Reluctantly he pulled away from me and cradled my face in his hands. “And next I take your hand and take you into that room over there. You ready?”

I was going to ask ready for what, but I didn’t. Instead I took his hand and nodded. “Yes.”


In the next room, there was a large bed with medical equipment surrounding it small woman I recognized to be his mother. My grip on his hand loosened, but his didn’t. Scorpius brought me forward. “Mum, this is Rose.”

“It’s nice to meet you Mrs. Malfoy.” I told her gently.

“Come closer sweetheart.” She told me in a weak voice.

I did as she asked. Sitting in the chair next to her bed I leaned forward so she could see me. Her dark hair framed her pale sickly face making her vivid green eyes pop. “She’s more beautiful then you gave her credit for,” Mrs. Malfoy teased her son lightly.

Scorpius rolled his eyes. “Okay mum. Are you really going to do that?"
“Well thank you Mrs. Malfoy. I’m sure he just talks about how he tries to beat me on every test.”

“Tries?” Scorpius snorted, “Will see about that when take our N.E.W.T’s?”


I laughed at him and was happy to see how at ease he was. He wasn’t pretending to be anything or anyone he just was Scorpius.


“So I hear you two have a dance to go to tonight.”

Scorpius nodded. “We’ll have to leave soon.”

“Well don’t stall on my account my surgery isn’t for another three days.” She grabbed my hand, “And I hope to see you again Rose.”

“Me too.”


Moving back to the door, I waited for Scorpius. He lowered himself so she could hug him and pecked her cheek. I waved goodbye and walked out together. The minute Scorpius shut the door I hugged him excitedly. “I think she liked me!”

“What you were worried she wouldn’t?” He chuckled looking happily astonished himself.

“Yes, she was.” A cold voice sounded at the end of the hall.


Any euphoria I had froze in my chest. Draco Malfoy stopped in front of me dressed in a similar fashion as his son. Scorpius’s face became impassive as stood up straighter and raised his chin higher. “Father."
“What are you doing here Miss. Weasley?” His voice wasn’t hostile, it was more curious.

“I took her in to meet mum,” Scorpius declared boldly. If he was unsure or even a little bit uncertain his face didn’t show it.

Draco’s pale eyebrows rose as his eyes flashed to our joined hands. “I see and what do your parent’s think of this?” He addressed me distantly.

“My mother doesn’t mind and I haven’t gotten the chance to tell my father, but I’m sure he will have a problem with it.” I answered honestly.

“And that doesn’t bother you?”

I shook my head, “Nope.”

“I’ll be back tomorrow father.”

“Where are you going?” His tone was suddenly sharp.

Scorpius’s hand left my hand and wrapped around my shoulder. “School dance.”

“Scorpius-“ He began sternly but Scorpius didn’t stop walking. In fact Draco called his son's name several times and Scorpius didn't even pause.



On the way out Scorpius grabbed his coat and his tie. We stopped for a moment so he could put them on. I couldn’t contain my excitement. He told his parents! He introduced me to his mother! I couldn’t smiling and it was contagious. I had never seen Scorpius hold a smile for so long. As soon as he tugged his tie over his light hair and onto his neck I stepped forward and started tying his tie for him. After years of doing this for Hugo and my dad I was something of an expert. It took me a minute, but then I noticed that I was almost exactly Scorpius’s height with heels on.


He grinned at me bemusedly. I snorted to myself and he gave me a look. “What?”

“Livi…She said my date wouldn’t have a problem with my height.”

“Well do look a bit like a tree.”

Pausing I smacked him on the arm and finished with his tie. “Let’s go.”

Together we climbed into the fireplace and whispered, “Hogwarts.”


My balance in heels was not as sufficient as it should be. The minute the fireplace threw me out I almost fell flat on my face. Luckily, Scorpius grabbed me by the waist at the last minute.


“You okay there Red?” He cackled snidely.

“Oh sod off! You try wearing heels!”

Scorpius put his hand firmly on my back as I righted myself. “Want me to carry you?”

“No, I’m perfectly capable of walking on my own.” I snapped at him as we started down the stairs.

“Fine, be stubborn.”

I turned to him and with the utmost maturity I stuck my tongue out at him.

“Nice Weasley.”

“Weasley? Are we going back to last names?”

He jerked me into his arms so we were eye to eye. “Are you going to bicker with me the whole way there?”



“What time is it?” I asked him worriedly.

He rolled my eyes. “God forbid you’re late to one thing...”

“We planned this whole thing and we are opening the dance we can’t be late!”

“You sure you don’t want me to carry you?” He asked cockily as he saw me death grip the railing.

I set my jaw. “No, I’m fine.”


It took me twenty minutes to get down to the Great Hall and Scorpius spent the whole time laughing under his breath at me. I took a minute to reapply some of my make up and took off my coat.


“Hold this …please.” I ordered as I moved to smooth my dress and fix my hair. Once I was done I glanced at him for reassurance. “How do I look?”

His jaw was slightly ajar and his eyes were wide.

“That bad?!”

“No…no…You look….” He whispered. “Um…” Scorpius cleared his throat, “We should probably go.”

I smirked at him, “Wait, I’m sorry how do I look?”

“Come on!” He looped his arm through mine and put my coat over my shoulders. “No need for you to get a bigger ego then you already have.”

“Oh, but it’s okay for you to?”

He sneered, “Of course. It fits me.”           

“You’re insufferable.”

“Yeah, but you love me.”

I glanced at him. “You still have yet to tell me what Livi’s plan proves.”



The Great Hall doors opened interrupting him easily. A blush rose onto my face as he guided me through the hall to the center of where the Gryffindor table usual sat. Everyone was dressed in their best and they all were starring at Scorpius and I. The only person I wanted to see was Charlie to found out if I was correct about her date. I was. I caught her eye and beamed when I saw Albus’s arm around her tiny little waist.


“Yes!” I whispered under my breath triumphantly.


I pointed out the pair to him. “Charlie’s here with Albus!”

“Oh.” He sounded unenthusiastically.

“Please hold back your excitement,” I advised him sarcastically as he moved into a dancing stance. “Also go slowly I’m still sore from being in a bed for a week.”

Scorpius pulled me closer as we waited for the music. “I hate to tell you that’s not going to be the last time.”

“You’re right I do always end up in hospital wing.”

“I didn’t say that’s the bed you would be sore from.” He smirked mischievously.

I laughed at that. “Oh you think your cute don’t you?”


He was saved from having to come up with an egotistical retort by the start of the music. I recognized the beat of the music and frowned. “This isn’t the first song-“

“Just go with it.”

"But-" I fought my complusion to organize rising, but i held back at the firm look on his face. "Fine."


Elegantly, he began to steer me into a mild two-step. My mind was stuck on the music. We had picked the music a month ago and it was all current music. This song was one I knew, but it was an old muggle song which left the question who changed the music and why. I didn’t have time to figure it out. The opening dance was over quickly. As soon as the song ended Scorpius and I bowed to each other, he kissed my hand and Albus immediately appeared at my side.


“May I?” He asked oddly formal.

I shrugged and let him separate me from Scorpius. “Suuure.”

“So,” Albus started, his dancing far less graceful than Scorpius. “How are you?”

“Fine,” I eyed him suspiciously. “Why?”

His dark eyebrows raised. “Are you really going to do this?”

“Do what?”

“Be with…” He flinched, “Him…”

"We talked about this already!"

"Just," He spun me around, "Making sure."

I stopped moving and crossed my arms at him. “Yes, I am sure.”

“I wish you would rethink this.” He sighed angrily; throwing a hand threw his messy hair.

Letting out a breath of irritation, I starred at him evenly. “Albus, I love you. You’re family but no one is going to tell me what to do anymore. I want to be with him and if you have a problem with it, get over it because I’m not giving either one of you up.”

“What if he asked you to?”

“Then that’s his problem.” I reasoned immediately.

Albus set his jaw. “What about your dad?”

“I’m going to go tell him right now.”


Calmly, I navigated through the hordes of students doing complicated dance routines. Scorpius was on the other side of the room talking to some Slythern’s. It was better that he was over there. That way he was out of wand range if my father attempted to kill him. Ronald Billius Weasley was in the corner predictably with Uncle Harry laughing at something he said. I almost reached him when Livi blocked my path.

“What, what, what are you doing?!” Livi yelled at me.

I rolled my eyes. “I’m going to tell my father about me and Scorpius.”

“No you aren’t! I have a beautiful plan and your impatience is not going to ruin it! So you turn the cute little butt around-“

“Livi! Seriously! I’m going to be an adult. I’m going to tell my dad and just deal with the consequences. Why can’t you just let me do that?”

“Because,” She told me simply, her long blonde hair falling out of its delicate up-do. “If you do that then you are going to wonder.”

I played along, “Wonder what?”

“Wonder how much he really loves you!” She whispered in frustration like it was obvious. “You two play cat and mouse all the damn time but finally you have proven to him without a reasonable doubt that you love him and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to be with him. Now it’s his turn. If you don’t leave this alone then you are always going to regret not letting him do the same.”

“Please tell me he’s not going to sing to me or something ridiculous.”

She pouted. “Sadly, he refused to do that, but he is going to prove himself now give him the chance! You've come this far now just stop fighting it!”

“Since when are you on team Scorpius?” I questioned her warily.

“Since now! Okay? I want you to be happy! Now go over there and dance with Zach or something! Go!” Livi being the same height as me and an expert in heels moved me away from my father quite easily.


Aggravated I went and sat with Zooey, Adam and Leighton at one of the tables in the back. “You guys look great!” I told them honestly.

“You clean good too,” Zooey grinned at me, “Livi driving you crazy?”

“Yes! Why did you two let her turn into such a tornado of power?”

Leighton shook her head, “I tried to stop her, but you know how she get’s with an idea in her head.”

“Yeah,” I groaned miserably.

“Bright side?” Adam attempted, his hand in Leighton’s, “You’re alive.”

“Thank you Adam. That was SO inspirational.” The music stopped, I turned and I was shocked to see Livi get up on the stage. “Who the hell gave her a microphone?!” I questioned them in horror.



“Ah hem.” Livi cleared her throat, “Now this next dance is for those in love! Grab your boyfriend, girlfriend or maybe someone you are interested in and get on the dance floor.”


Of course she would. I couldn’t help, but feel sorry for whatever boy had the balls to ask her to dance. Right as I was about to share this theory I saw that I was alone with Zooey. She moved into the seat next to me, looped her arm through mine and rested her head on my shoulder. It was like nothing had changed between us even though everything had.

“Aren’t they cute?” She snickered pointing to all the couples we knew. Charlie and Albus, Leighton and Adam, Hayden and Annabella, Hugo and Alisha, Lily and her new boyfriend were all floating to the rhythm to of the song.

I nodded, “Yeah they are. I don’t know how Annabella is moving in that dress it’s so long.”

“She kept tripping on the way down here. If it was anyone else it would have been hysterical.” Zooey smiled, “Hayden eventually just picked her up and carried her down the stairs.”

“Awww.” I swooned slightly. My eyes widened when I saw Zach coming towards us, but his eyes weren’t on me. They were on Zooey.

He gave her a boyish smiled. “Zooey, would you like to-?”

“Yep,” She cut him off, giving my arm a squeeze and taking his hand. “Good luck!”

I saluted her mockingly but once she started walking away I couldn’t help but look for Scorpius.


This whole scheme was designed for him to make some kind of gesture but at the moment Livi tells all the couples to gather on the dance floor he’s nowhere in sight. I didn’t let it get me. It was stupidly romantic of her to try and make this a big deal. Life isn’t like that, men aren’t like that. He loved me, and I loved him and we would probably dance later. Yes apart of me understood what she was getting at but I knew Scorpius. He had already proven he loved me and wasn’t the type to outright say it or make a statement of it. His style was more understated and subtle than that. I began to let me smile as I watched my friends and family dance to the song. They all looked so happy, slow dancing in a soft sway in unison.


I'll be seeing you, In every lovely summer's day; In every thing that's light and gay.
I'll always think of you that way. I'll find you
.” I sung faintly to myself. I opened my mouth to continue when a red sunflower was presented to me.


Looking up, I was dazed to find Scorpius presenting it. He knelt in front of me. “I know it doesn’t go with your dress…” He told me tenderly. “But I know they’re your favorite.”

“Thank you…” I blushed deeply. “You didn’t have to-“

“I’m sorry it took me so long, but I had to ask permission.”

Blinking up at him confusedly I lowered my flower to my lap. “Ask permission?”

“To date you.”

“Who did you ask?”

His face was relaxed and cheerful. “Your father.”

“And what did you say?”

“I said, ‘Mr. Weasley, I’m sorry to bother you, but I’m in love with your daughter. If you don’t mind I’d like to start by dancing with her and then hopefully to date her. I know you will be opposed to this but I swear to take good care of your daughter.’”

"Honestly?" My jaw dropped as my heart clamped up, “And what did he say?!”

“He said no, but then your mom gave him a look and he said, ‘Fine, but if you hurt her I’ll kill you.”

I let out a choked laugh and glanced over at my dad. He shook his head at me in disapproval, but then he just shrugged as if he had no control. “So,” I began in amazement, “That means…”

“Would you like to dance?”

"Are you sure?" I asked my voice cracking.

He tilted his head at me. "Yes, Rose. I'm sure."

“Then yes,” I beamed. “I would love to.”


Scorpius walked me to the dance floor and as soon as we started slow dancing there was a hush of whispers surrounding us. Livi looked absolutely victorious and I couldn’t help, but give her a thankful smile, which she took in stride. Maybe her plans weren't so bad after all.


“Now what are you going to say to your friends and everyone who doesn’t approve?” I asked him playfully, my face lying on his shoulder.

He backed up and cupped my face, “I’m going to tell them to mind their own fucking business.” And with that he kissed me as if his life depended on it. My body errupted into goosebumps as he picked me up and held me closer. When he put me down I was blushing hard.

"Well," I laughed, "Now that's a kiss."

Authors Note:

This is sadly the final chapter of I'll Be Seeing You! In the summary is Only One By: Yellowcard. In the story towards the end the song they played was I'll Be Seeing You By: Billie Holiday. I want to thank all of you who have reviewed and read this story from the beginning! I honestly thought about abandoning it several times but your dedication to reviewing encouraged me to solider on. I will be editing this story eventually because i'm sure it is full of countless errors but for now all I have to say is THANK YOU!

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