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Typically Me by LunaLuver
Chapter 5 : The Reception; Part Two
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                                             perfect chapter image by blissfully.ignorant @TDA
*Disclaimer: Anything, or anyone, you recognizes does not belong to me. Only Miss Elizabeth English is my personal creation. ;)











"Olivia and Victor raised such a charming, well breed young woman. Not like the girls today, running around like hippies they are."

"What a lovely wedding."

"Narcissa and Lucius must be so proud,."

"I've never seen a happier looking couple."

"Astoria is a vision in white, don't you agree dear?"

"Yes quite. And Draco, such charming young lad I must say."

Those were some of the comments I was hearing as I skirted the dance floor. Dinner had been served a couple of hours ago consisting of five courses, ( which I have to say were utterly delicious ), and the cake has yet to be sliced.

Everyone seemed to be having a good time, the Champaign was flowing, people were dancing. Plus no former Death Eaters came bursting through the windows cursing the bride and groom into the next century.

"Hmp, I would have looked reams better in that dress than she does."

"Love you promised you wouldn't. Here, have another glass of wine."

Ah yes, I was wondering when I would run into them. The ballroom was huge, three walls made up almost entirely of tall arched windows over looking the gardens, hundreds of round tables three deep set up around the edges of the dance floor, and at the end of the room slight raised up was the bridal table. Not to mention to the extremely impressive bar which looks to hold every conceivable kind of liquor in the world.

Big ballroom yes, big enough to avoid to one and only sour grape here, no. I'll give you three guess shall I? Oh heck, you won't even need that many. Pansy Parkinson and 'date'. I'm using that term loosely.

Parkinson's had a scowl on her face all day, except when Draco is looking, the skinny twit. I feel bad for the guy she brought, he's the star chaser for Puddlemere United; Tall, dark, handsome, a really nice bloke from everything I hear. Right now though, he looks like he'd like to strangle Pansy, as he shoves a full glass of wine into her hand sighs.

Alrighty then, moving on.

"Champaign please." I say to the bartender leaning against the marble topped bar.

"Make that too," Says a silky voice from directly behind me.

Turning around, I'm met once again with the Caribbean blue eyes from earlier.

"I hope you don't mind." He smiles stand beside me, leaning his elbow against the bar.

"Not at all Zabini. I suspect you need a break after all the speech giving and dancing with Astoria's many, many girl friends." I casually comment also smiling a little, taking note of my hearts' quicken beats. Completely against my liking and will, just so you know.

"You noticed, did you?" He questions me with the slightest of smirks, nodding his thanks to the bartender as he places two Champagne flutes in front of us. "Call me Blaise, after all we aren't in school anymore."

I take a slow sip of my drink before replying. "I'm training to become an Auror, it's my job to notice these things."

"Ah yes, how is the job going? Catch any demented wizards in billowing black cloaks yet?"

"No, nothing that exciting." I laugh placing my glass down and grinning. "I did run into a demented ex of the grooms though."

Now it was Blaise's turn to laugh, as he glanced over at a table. "Dear Pansy, she's going to be hell to live with for while after tonight."

"I'm quite surprised Astoria and Draco invited her," I mused turning around so I could see the dancing, or in this case pouting, people.

"It was Daphne who wanted her here, the Parkinson's were invited regardless, would have been difficult not to have her here." Blaise explained tipping his glass in the direction of a very elegant couple talking with Lucius and Narcissa. "Daphne promised she'd keep Pansy in line."

"I hope she can." I sigh drinking some more of my bubbly drink. I really don't want to end my day by having to stop her from absconding with the groom, or attacking the bride.

"That makes five of us." Tipping the last of the golden liquid into his mouth and setting down the glass, Blaise pushed off the bar, extending his hand to me. "Would you care to dance, Miss English?"

Merlin, could he get any more charming? I really shouldn't. But why not? I deserve a little fun, it's only one dance, right? Why the hell not.

"I'd love to, " I say taking his hand with a smile. "But I thought we agreed to a first name basis?"

"Technically we never agreed because you never said anything." He points out, lead me to the middle of the dance floor.

"Well, I'm agreeing now, Blaise." I never said his name before without adding the Zabini to the end, its....different. Then for the first time I register what song the musicians has begun to play. "Oh I love this song!"

Blaise pulls me towards him a bit letting go of my left hand and placing his right on the small of my back. Bringing us almost touching, looking me straight in eyes has he then, much slower, takes my right hand in his and begins to lead.

"I believe you'd be hard pressed, either in the wizard or muggle world, to find someone who doesn't like this song." He says, replying to me last comment which I had already forgotten. "Frankie Valli is a legend."

"Wait a minute," Realizing where I was, and who I was surrounded by." This is a wizard wedding," I pause looking at him slightly confused.


"A pure-blood, wizard wedding." I add.

"Last time I checked," He replies looking amused. "Though I've always thought the Greengrass's had a few skeletons in the closet they didn't want getting out, so who really knows."

"Then why is there muggle music being played?" I ask. Come to think about it, I've been humming to quite a few songs I know.

Blaise chuckles before answering. "Astoria has always been fascinated with muggles. She's got a record collection that could rival the likes of even McCartney himself, a library filled with all the muggle classics, and a vintage Aston Martin which her parents got her for her seventeenth birthday."

"You have got to be kidding me!" I cry, earning a few odd looks from the other dancers, who I simply smile sweetly at before Blaise suddenly spins me out and back again, never breaking time with the rhythm.

"Nope," Her grins looking down at my flush face. "And because this is 'the brides day', she pulled rank and got almost everything her way. She was quite the fierce little fighter when it came to telling Lucius how this 'merging of two noble and worthy families' was going to be."

"You were there for the wedding planning?"

"For ever excruciating step of the way." He sighs, then noticing my questioning look he adds. "Astoria and I have been close since her third year. She's like my little sister. I'm actually the one who encouraged her love of all things muggle when no one else would."

The song had changed to something slower, a softer tune, during with Blaise had tighten his hold on me ever so slightly bringing us completely together without an inch to spare. I hadn't noticed til now, but now that I have, I have no intension of slithering out of his incredibly firm arms until he wants me to.

Yes, yes the 'Slithering Slytherin' pun. So hex me.

"I can tell you're not like every other pure-blood in this room," I admit tipping my head back so I could look at him more properly, shaking my curls off my shoulders in the process . "Tell me, what made you support her?"

"My mother was married to muggleborn at the time, had been for several years, he helped introduce me to things I never would have otherwise." He focus drifted off for a few seconds, like he was remembering something from long ago, be he quickly turned he attention back to our conversation. "We both, indulged each other if you will. Our families spent time together over the holidays, too many formal functions to count, we'd skive off occasionally, go up to her room, play a few records. Daphne and Draco would sometimes came too."

A pleasant pause followed, during which I tried to envision how he was back during our school days. He wasn't very different from what the guys in my house would have been doing; hanging out with friends, listening to music, slipping away from his mother when he no longer wanted to play to dutiful son. No house elf torturing with the lastest in the dark arts. It's been public knowledge for years that the Zabini family may dabble to keep up the appearance for those who need it, but they were never actively on the dark side.

"So," He suddenly said, shaking me out of my thoughts. "I've told you all about me, everything else you've no doubt read about in the papers."

"Guilty as charged," I reluctantly admit, relaxing further into his arms. It's the weirdest thing, I don't know how to explain it, they feel safe, welcoming. "I'm a girl who likes her gossip."

Now I don't want you thinking I'm the kind of girl who goes around falling into blokes outstretched arms hoping for a good time. That's more my sisters speed.

"Why don't you tell me some?" He asks with a mischievous smirk, to which I raise an eyebrow and he levels his blue eyed gaze on me. "About yourself."

I spent the new three songs telling him about my Auror training mostly, the endless research, shadowing of other Aurors and the physical training itself. Then he asked me about my parents; What did they do in the muggle world, anything interesting? Yes! If I do say so myself. Which I am.

I probably haven't mentioned before now, but my parents are both realtors. Growing up we always lived in the suburbs, about a half hour outside of London. Mum wanted to raise us girls the way she was, large family home, grassy back garden to play in, within biking distance to primary school. Course she didn't know at the time that she had two little dynamite witches in the making.

"Once Stacy and I were both at Hogwarts she joined Dad at the realty office, and now he can't get her to leave." I finished at the same time the musicians stopped to take a fifteen minuet break, the piano continued to play itself.

We walked over to an empty table at the edge of the dance floor, and of course being the perfect gentleman Blaise obviously seems to be, pulls a chair out for me, waiting to sit until I did. Who knew they still made guys like this?

"And your sister, Stacy, what does she do?" He asked passing me another glass of Champaign.

I nod my thanks then take a sips before saying. "She's in the fashion industry."

"Designer?" Blaise inquirers leaning back in his chair.


"No kidding?" He asks looking somewhat shocked and amused.

"No kidding." I reply.

"Wow," He muses finishing off his glass. "Talk about sisters from the opposite end of the spectrum."

"Tell me about it." I say to myself, placing my own, empty, Champaign flute on the frosted table cloth.

"There you are!" A sharp voice calls from behind us.

Swiveling around I see, blue dress flittering around her ankles and silver sash flying, the eldest Greengrass sister heads straight towards us. Or I should say, straight towards the man I'm sitting with.

"Honestly Zabini, are you going to make me do everything by myself?" Daphne stops directly in front of him, hand on her hips, a playful smirk pulling at the corner of her simmering pink lips.

"Oh come now, I'd hardly say you've been doing everything yourself. I don't recall seeing you at Draco's bachelor party last night." Blaise remains sitting, grinning up at her cheekily with a teasing look. "Not to say you wouldn't have fit in splendidly, and been extremely welcomed."

"I swear Blaise, that silver tong or yours is going to get you into a heap of trouble one day." She sighs looking down at him with an ever suffering expression.

"Who's to say it hasn't already." He counters standing up and buttoning his jacket.

"I'm sorry to just interrupted like this," Daphne says turning and smiling at me when I also stand up. "I'm Daphne." She introduces herself, extending a hand to me, which I immediately take.

"This is Elizabeth English," Blaise offers before I get the chance. "One of the Aurors working security tonight."

"It's a pleasure to met you," She smiles as we break the handshake. "Even if I never believed we needed armed forces here."

"Please Daph, not again." Blaise begs rolling his eyes, which can't help but chuckle at.

"Oh shush, " Daphne dismisses with a wave. "Either way I'm hope your enjoying yourself.''

"I am, very much." I reply truthfully. "This is without a doubt the most lovely wedding I've been too."

"Good!" She says with a satisfied nod. "Now you really are needed Blaise," She says turning to him. "Both Draco and Astoria have been looking for you."

"I have to say," Daphne began looking me up and down taking a few steps back. "That's is an amazing dress. I just love the cut and color."

"Oh, well, thank you." I stammer, feeling my cheeks burn slightly. I never thought I'd be getting a complement on my dress by Daphne Greengrass herself. She smiles once more before turning and retreating the way she came.

"She's right you know," Blaise interjects, looking at me again with that seductive, holding, gaze he gave me in the foyer this morning. "You look absolutely stunning." He adds, slowly taking my right hand and raising it to his lips, leaving a feather light kiss behind.

My voice is caught in my throat, and I'm sure I'm completely falling at hiding the surprise on face.

"I hope we can do this again sometime." He continues, letting go of my hand just at slowly at he took it. "Goodnight, Elizabeth."

With that, he tips his head ever so briefly, and leaves with one last charming smile.

"So do I." I whisper, finally managing to find my voice again. And I have the feeling, he heard me.

"Just so you, I'm no going to ask."

"What-" I turn around to see Neville casually leaning against the back of the chair I had previously occupied. "Where you spying on me Longbottom?" I inquire, trying to regain my composure.

"Not at all." He answers, raising his hands in innocence. "Merely observing my surroundings."

"Ah-ha, sure you are," I nod folding my arms, before I can say anything else, though what I should say hasn't come to me yet, a loud trumpeting sounds and I nearly jump out of my skin.

"What the bloody hell was that!" I demand, clutching my chest.

"That," Neville informs me, trying to contain his laughter. "Is 'The Warlocks Wedding Woes'."

"That what??" I ask

"'The Warlocks Wedding Woes,'" He repeats, then points to the dance floor to show me, where it seems, everyone has gathered. "It's a tradition at all wizard wedding."

"It sounds like a mix between the polka and a Russian...something."

"Exactly! He exclaimed, then grabbed my hand and preceded to drag me back onto the dance floor.

"Neville, what are you doing?" I asked bewildered as he places me directly in front of him.

"Getting you in the proper position." He answers me looking like its the most obvious thing in the world. Well excuse me, I've never done the Warlocks Weddings Woes before, call me muggle!

Then the music started full force and the next thing I knew I was line dancing, spinning, swirling, being dipped, laughing my head off, and having the time of my life.



I hope you enjoyed reading this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. So there it finally is, or should I say he, the main attraction of Typically Me. Well, maybe that's giving Blaise a little too much credit, this is Elizabeth's story after all, but he is a major part. Quite a doll huh? ;) Pretty please leave a review, I want/need to hear your thoughts about Blaise/Elizabeth and where you'd like to see this story go next. If I can, I will gladly and happily incorporate your ideas. It's you the reads who keep this story, and me, going.
I'll get to work on the next chapter as soon as I'm finished with the one I'm currently writing for LtGB. My authors page will be kept up to date with chapter statuses.

So until next time, my loyal and lovely readers.
~Luna =)

P.S. If you're wondering what song they first began dancing to, it was 'Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You'. That will be important for down the road, just so you know.


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