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Blood Links by TheFifthFounder
Chapter 1 : Back to Hogwarts
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Even then, as I travelled to King's Cross Station for my 6th year, I wondered how the hell dad passed his muggle driving test. Did he bribe them? Did he use the confundus charm? You can tell mum thought the same thing when he first passed, but now she obviously claims she trusted him the whole time. Pfft, doesn't fool me.

We all piled out of the magically expanded car, carrying our suitcases and in my case a large ginger cat under my arm. Sure this isn't how you're meant to carry cats, but she loves it. Even if her hissing and scratching may tell you otherwise.

Once we'd clambered onto platform 9 and 3/4 we bid our farewells (I tried to keep it brief as my cat seemed determined to remove the top layer of skin from my arm) and boarded the train. Me and Al walked down the corridor for a while until we see Scorpius sitting alone in a cabin with Trina Vasquez. What a bitch. I did my best to open the door with my elbow and fell into the seat next to him, letting go of the cat which stalked around the floor space complaining loudly. I see Scorpius look particularly relived by our entrance, Trina, annoyed, even more so when Al sat next to her.

"So guys, were you having fun without us. Alone." I waggled my eyebrows at Scorpius and heard a mumbled 'piss off' in reply. Trina however didn't seem to pick up on this.

"Yes actually."

Me and Al exchanged a sort of this-is-going-to-be-an-awkward-train-journey look whilst Trina shot me a sort of if-I-stare-at-you-enough-maybe-you'll-just-drop-dead look, Scorpius just ran a hand through his hair looking uncannily like James. I have to stop him hanging out with my cousins so much. Not that I can talk, Al is like my best friend.

"Room for two more?" Came a voice, we all turned to see Fred leaning round the door, James behind him, those two always did seem to feed off tense silences. No, they liked to enhance them.

"Sure, why not. Where's Louis, Hugo and Lily? If you get them we can have the whole damn Weasley family in here."

The two 7th year boys grinned stupidly and squeezed onto the same side as Trina, despite the fact there was clearly enough room on the other side. I'm not going to lie, the look on her face was totally worth it, a mixture of annoyance and disgust.

"What even is that thing?" She said pointing to the lump of fur and whiskers on the floor. I pulled him up onto my lap.

"This is a cat" I answered in my most patronising voice, "do you know what noise they make?"

"I mean, like, whose is it?"

"On account of the fact I brought it in, I'd say mine. And it is called Aslan."

You could just tell James and Fred were revelling in this, though they hid it well as let's be honest, how many boys don't want to get with Trina?

Trina just raised her perfectly manicured eyebrows and focused her gaze out the window to the scenery blurring by.

Fred made a whistling noise, like when something falls from really high up on a cartoon.

"I better go change into my robes, don't wanna be in a hurry at the end" I said

"But we have ages to go yet?" Pointed out James mock innocently.

"Yeah, but I'm gunna get a head start"

"Someone's a bit keen" drawled Trina

"That's me, keen for learning."

"I think I'll join you" suggested Scorpius, I'd point out I'm not getting changed with him there, but let's face it, neither of us are actually getting changed.

We both slipped out into the corridor and walked a bit along so we were a safe distance away from their compartment. It was fairly quiet apart from the rumble of the train and the distant 'Anything from the trolley?'

"Why can't you be nice to her, she's not that bad and in 1st year you two were really close, remember?"

"Oh yes, until she put bloody frogspawn in my bed"

"And she admits she's sorry!"

"To you, she's never mentioned anything along the lines of an apology to me. You know she's only saying she's sorry to you because she wants you on her side"

"Is this a competition of some sort? Because I didn't realise there were sides"

"The girl's an absolute knob Scorpius"

"Be nice just on the train, yeah?" Damn his eyes were persuasive. Technically they were grey, but I couldn't help thinking they were silver, not to mention that little fleck of blue on the top of his left eye which I don't think anyone else has ever noticed before, but it makes his eyes remind me of water, like the storm clouds with a single drop of rain. He's such an arse for having nice eyes.

"Fine. Just on the train." He sighed. I sighed. I saw him flinch like he wanted to sigh again, instead his mouth twitched into a smile. I smiled back. We have such a dysfunctional friendship I thought to myself, well I thought I thought it until he replied

"We so do"


As the thestral drawn carriages arrived at Hogwarts the sky rumbled and it began to drizzle. Me, Scorpius, Al, Aslan and Trina headed down to the Slytherin common room (have they not heard of heating?) to unpack our suitcases; I particularly needed to because like every year I had enormously over packed, I'm talking the sort of packing which goes a bit like 'would this be useful in any highly unlikely scenario? Yes. In goes my 64 pack of crayons'.

"We better go to our dorm, get a head start unpacking before the banquet" Chirped Trina with a sugary sweet smile that made me want to strangle her with her own hair extensions.

"If I'm not back in five minutes, call for help" I whispered to Al before following Mrs. Suddenly trying to be nice in front of Scorpius upstairs.

The dormitory was exactly the same as I remembered from last year, only some kindly house elf had cleaned the insect off the window which I had squished with my herbology book. Aslan trotted into the room and curled up onto the bed, directly in the middle so there was no comfortable way for me to lie down, does he plan these things? Any who I perched on the end and unclipped my trunk, it burst open, desperate to be relived of the strain of holding way too much. Only after I had started chucking things from the top layer onto the floor did I notice Trina glaring expectantly at me, tapping her foot irritably.

"Can I help you?"

"Don't act stupid, I know what you're up to."

"Enlighten me?"

"You’re being bitchy just because you know Scorpius likes me, and you’re jealous.”

Discarding the appealing idea of pelting the tennis ball I had packed (why?) at her head, I tried to think of something to say back, because I felt slightly lost here. Maybe she’s high off the fumes of her nail vanish?

"I'm not saying there's anything wrong with lying, but when it gets to the stage when you believe yourself it's worrying... Actually I think it's called denial, he hates you as much as I do.” This was a lie.

"You're a hypocritical cow, you know that?" This was true.

"I'm the hypocritical one? Yeah, sure, you just keep telling yourself that."

I'm pretty sure she retorted some petty comeback but I shoved the one item I'd taken from my bag back in, locked it, and hurried down the stairs because I couldn't stand to be in the room with her.

The common room was filling up, a surprisingly small amount of people were actually taking their things up, the rest were just sitting about talking, so this is what normal people do I thought, making a mental note. Al and Scorpius were sitting in armchairs by the fire place laughing, probably some Quidditch joke, don't get me wrong, I love Quidditch, but talking about it and making jokes about the typical mistakes famous players have made (I think that's what they joke about? I usually stop listening so I don't really know) just doesn't seem that appealing to me. Scorpius turns and sees me, at first he grins and begins trying to get my opinion on something that doesn't interest me, but then he sees my peed off expression and tries to look sympathetic.

"Things didn't go well?" He asked, only it wasn't really a question, "maybe next time, at least you tried right?"


I didn't really want to explain Trina's theory for why I didn't like her so I didn't elaborate. They carried on their convocation and I simply agreed at what felt like appropriate times, nodding my head like those bobbly head toy people you get. When they said they were going to unpack their things I just told them I’d meet them in the hall. It was packed in there and the first years were already cueing up to be sorted, I took my seat amongst the Gryffindors because apart from Al and Scorpius I never really got along with the Slytherins, their all snobby and irritable. Kellie, who I knew well from potions class, offered me the seat next to her, so I squeezed in between her and Karl Creevey who began recounting the story of when he was sorted here eagerly, apparently oblivious to the fact that I was there with him, I just let it wash over me. Unfortunately for me (sarcasm) Al entered the great hall just as Karl whipped out his camera to take a picture to commemorate the first day of 6th year or something.

“We have to sit with our house for the sorting” Al told Karl who looked crest-fallen that I had to leave, as we left he added, “good thing I came in time, huh?”

“Don’t look now but I think he’s taking a picture of you, his dad Dennis was I big fan of your dad”

“Trust me, I know. You have no idea how many times he’s assaulted me with questions about him, I think he knows more than I do about him though. It’s a bit creepy”

“Where’s Malfoy?” I call him that to annoy him, shame he wasn’t there to appreciate it though.

“I think Trina asked him if she could ‘have a few words’, poor boy”

“I hate that girl with a passion.”

Just as we sat down Professor Mcgonagall stood up and ushered the first years into an alphabetic line in front of the stall which the sorting hat slouched on. When she was done she stood back as the rip near the top of the hat began to sing. My stomach rumbled loudly, distracting me from the lyrics, not that they were of much importance. All I could think was how damn hungry I was. Even after the gruff voice of the hat had finished yelling house names after each student tried it on (followed by applause from the house they had been put into which I joined in only half-heartedly) Professor Mcgonagall was not done. She looked old this year, older than I’d ever remembered her, Her hair was much lighter grey, her wrinkles more distinct, I guess this was given since she had been fairly old when she had taught my parents, but she still looked powerful. She almost reminded me of the pictures of Albus Dumbledore Uncle Harry had shown me, minus the beard.

“This year, for some of you, will be exceptionally… Unique. Because as well as we have been trying to conceal it, though I think it may have been let slip to a couple of you, this year is very exciting as we are hosing the Triwizard tournament!”

It was quiet for a few moments whilst everyone let this information sink in.

“But we hosted it last time! People died last time!” Cried out a voice I recognised as Erick Coleman.

“Of course we have taken this into consideration, but Beauxbatons Academy of Magic have requested that it is not held at their school for an number of reasons, this does not however mean I find them reasonable, but we cannot force it upon them. As for the death, after much debate we have decided that this death was not to do with the safety of the tournament, but a scheme regarding Lord Voldemort, who, as you very much know, is dead.”

There was a lot of murmurs as people complained amongst themselves.

“Finally, as we believe that Harry Potter proved to be just as strong as many of his competitors, the age limit has been lowered to 16. If you think that this is dangerous or unreasonable, we suggest you simply do not take part. The students from Durmstrang and Beauxbatons will be arriving tomorrow, we thought we should give you time to settle in before the tournament preparations take full swing. You may eat”

With a wave of her hand delicious food appeared on each of the plates, hot and freshly cooked, if any moment could turn me religious, that moment would have. As I stacked potatoes and turkey onto my plate wishing I were already eating, I noticed Al was being considerably slower.

“Feeling alright?” I prompted not waiting for an answer before I crammed food into my mouth. Lady like? Me? Being lady like is over-rated.

“Do you think I should enter, I mean my dad won it, I’d be a bit of a disappointment not to, right?”

“I dunno, maybe I should enter, I mean, I’m pretty ninja.” Al laughed a little too hard at that I was thinking about taking it offensively when he spoke again.

“You realise there’s never been I girl competitor from our school right? Let alone you” Oh.

“Yeah, but there was that girl from Beauxbatons last time”

“You realise she came last right?”

I grumbled something indistinctive before continuing to eat grumpily. I’m so going to enter now.

“Oh, look what the cat dragged in” I said as Scorpius sat opposite us, starting to pick at some of the food. He gave me an odd sort of a look, somewhere between give-it-a-rest and challenging. Why so conflicting?

“What I miss?”

“Not much, only that our school is hosting the Triwizard tournament this year” I added casually. Al was paying no attention, he was deep in thought, well as deep in thought as someone can be whilst shovelling food into their mouth.

“Really?” He sounded almost bored, under reaction much?

“Yup, and they’ve lowered the age limit to 16”

“I’m so entering”

Was everyone going to enter? I mean I do love me some Hogwarts pride, but has no one noticed people die in this thing? I should persuade them not to, less people, less competition. Not that I was even that sure I wanted to do it, but I can be so stubborn if I want to. Plus my mum and dad fought Voldemort, how bad can I be? Rhetorical question.

When we had all finished eating we headed up to the Gryffindor common room, trailing behind Dylan Cantrell who was leading the first years up there. Good for us this meant we heard their password which is good considering how much time we spend up there because let’s be honest, the people there are nicer and it is warmer. The first years hurried up to their dorms (“this is so cool!”) so we took the sofa by the fireplace, now Louis and his friends had left school there was no one, apart from James and Fred, to kick us off those seats. Which basically means nobody because James and Fred spent the majority of their time trying to chat up girls.

“So, what exactly were the few words Trina wanted to have with you?” Al spoke the words from my lips. He got up from the sofa and re-settled himself in the armchair, putting his feet up on the coffee table. I didn’t need a coffee table, I had the space where he used to be sitting, I put my feet up laughing at Scorpius who scowled because I beat him to it.

“If I’m honest, they were about you Rose” Oh. Were they now.

“Told you the girl hated me.”

“No, she said she wished you’d stop being spiteful because she just wants to be friends” I stared so hard at him in a sort of attempt to send the images of what she said to me telepathically, only I think it came out as a death stare which works for me too.

“Do you think you’ll enter the tournament?” Al changed the subject.

I blanked out the rest of their debate as I tried to contemplate how much I hated Trina at that moment. Maybe I should put her name into the cup, if she got in she would most defiantly die. As if on bloody cue she waltzed into the common room, having only just got in because she had followed James and Fred. She stood in front of Scorpius and stared at the space were my feet were. She mares well have asked me to sit on the floor so she could have my space, there was no way.

“Do you want to move your legs?” She shot

“I’m perfectly comfortable as I am thank you,” I could see her grinding her teeth together. If she didn’t want me to annoy her she shouldn’t make it so satisfying.

“You know what I mean”

“Just let her sit down!” Exclaimed Scorpius suddenly. I almost hated him for making Trina look so happy. It was my turn to grind my teeth together.

“Thank you, Scorpy” She simpered. Oh dear lord, if I weren’t so distracted by the vomit rising up my throat I might have clawed her eye balls out. Was Scorpius so dim he didn’t pick up on how bitchy she was being to me? I cheered up a miniscule amount when I saw Al smirking to himself.

“Any particular reason for visiting?” I blurted, wishing instantly I hadn’t because I knew this would make Scorpius more annoyed and I didn’t want to be in an argument with him.

“Can’t a girl just visit her friends?”

“Yes, she can, but that doesn’t answer why you’re visiting us.” Damn my ability to come up with great comebacks on short notice. Ugh, now Scorpius looked as annoyed as she does. Wait, does he like her? He better not, I told her he didn’t, I’d look like a fool if he did.

“Ummm, could I quickly talk to you, like outside?” I don’t quite know why I said it, this was now going to look like I was jealous. Balls.

“Yeah” He stood up and indicated the portrait hole, we both left, not before I noticed the horror on Al’s face.

Only in the corridor did I notice it was getting late. It was so brightly lit in the common room I hadn’t notice it was dark outside. The hallway was very empty, I assumed most people were unpacking or catching up with friends, not standing with their best friend being told not to be mean to the evil girl who put frogspawn in their bed in first year because of an argument.

“I’m not even asking you to be nice to her any more, just civil. She said she was really upset that you said I didn’t like her.”

“Well you don’t, do you?” Please no, please no, please no.

“I don’t not like her”

“So you do like her?”

“Sort of,” the manipulative slut. What had she done to him?

“But she has always been downright horrible to me, you should be on my side in this, we’ve been friends for like, ever”

“See, you’re bringing up the whole ‘sides’ thing again. I’m not taking sides. It’s just, from where I’m standing it looks like you’re the one being horrible to her,” I can’t believe his stupidity some times. I wasn’t even sure what to reply to that. I could just see Trina doing a victory dance in my head.

“Well… you’re obviously standing… somewhere really… stupid then…” now where are my comebacks? I know I was only joking when I said they were good, but seriously, that didn’t even count. He obviously didn’t think it counted either because he didn’t reply, maybe I should try again. “All I meant was that she’s really nasty when you’re not around”

“But she says the same about you. Who can I believe?”

“ME! I didn’t even think that it was a question of who you trusted, I assumed that you would trust me more, everyone knows she’s a liar! Are you really asking that? Is this like a joke?”

“I can see you’re angry and everything, but you have been known to lie… not often!” He added defensively because I think I may have accidently growled, regardless he carried on, “maybe just once or twice, or just once! I dunno, it just seems like something you might do”

“You absolute arse wipe Scorpius Malfoy.” My god, I sounded like my mum when she's angry at dad. I couldn’t think of anything to add to that so I simply stormed down the stairs to the Slytherin common room, leaving him looking like he wished he hadn’t said anything at all. I felt the same. He shouldn’t have said anything.

I looked around the common room, it was so much less inviting than the Gryffindor one. Although there was a fire it seemed colder than theirs. It was as dimly lit as theirs was bright, the walls were bare, damp and stony whilst theirs were colourfully decorated by red and gold tapestries. Most noticeably, our common room only had two people in it, Slytherins were so much less sociable. Evidently everyone had done enough talking before and during dinner. I didn’t feel like talking either. No wonder I’m a Slytherin. I said a brief ‘hello’ to the only two people in there, I admired Judy and Brittney’s defiance against the Slytherin ways, and headed up stairs.

The dorm looked weary the only person who had unpacked was sitting cross-legged on her bed, nose buried in a book.

“Hey Chrystal”

No reply.

I decided to continue what I had stopped doing earlier and opened my trunk . A rubix cube? Really? Why? I asked myself. I started sorting my things into neat piles or putting them into the small table/cupboard beside my bed, it didn't take long because I didn't really move about and a lot of my stuff just stays in my trunk, still. I must have fallen asleep after unpacking because I woke up at the sudden arrival of Aslan who had jumped onto me and was staring expectantly. At first I thought he was just being a nuisance because that is what he does, but now I think it was a warning, his way of say ‘get the hell out! Now!’ Alas I did not heed his warning, as next thing I know I’m facing an unbearably smug Trina.

“I thought it was going to take ages to get Scorpius to hate you, but you did it all by you self,” she clapped a few times, dripping with sarcasm, “well done”

“I’m not going to give you the satisfaction of arguing” I closed my eyes again willing myself to fall asleep, but suddenly my body was all ‘noooooo, don’t go to sleep, you haven’t even brushed your teeth yet!’ Why now not earlier?

“N’awww is Rosie trying to be the better person? Shame nobody’s here to see it.” I opened my eyes and glanced at Chrystal, she shifted uneasily, this situation was unpleasant for everyone, “this is why Scorpius likes me, because I’m clever enough to be civil when he’s here, not when he’s not”

I looked at my alarm clock. 11.04pm. When did this happen? I don’t know if I have a disability where I leave during arguments, but I picked up my pyjamas and left an argument for the third time that day. Gosh. I passed Judy and Brittney on the way downstairs, I wondered why they weren’t in the dorm, when in the common room I travelled up the stairs that led to the boys dormitories. I hoped that they were all asleep. Luck was on my side because when I pushed the door open they were each sprawled across their beds completely unconscious. I shuffled over to Al’s bed and shook him so that he woke up. He blinked at me a few times looking like he’d been confunded, I picked one of his T-shirts off the floor dropped it onto him. I refused to speak to my cousin whilst he was just in boxers. Drowsily he pulled it over his head.

“Can we go top-and-tail? Trina is killing me.”

He sighed and agreed, he clearly just didn’t feel like talking and wanted to get back to bed, but I like to pretend it’s because he cared. I changed into my XL alpaca top and lay down, trying to ignore that his feet were in my face, I soon fell asleep because I was shattered and I had slept without a pillow many times before

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