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Enigma of Time by AccioQuill25
Chapter 1 : Her first Puzzle Piece
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Loud footsteps marched past Lira's bedroom door into her mother's room. Her eyes shot open as she heard an ungodly cackle come from across the hall as  her door slowly creeked open. Sinking down into her bed, she pulled her blanket  over her head and closing her eyes, while a dark figure stood closely by her bedside. She lay still until she heard more footsteps walk closer to the door. She quickly plled down the covers and glanced behind her, but only to see a glimps of long, silvery, bleach blonde hair wisp the side of the door before the figure disappeared into the comotion in her mother's room. 

Lira tiptoed out of her bed, and silently peeked through the old fashioned keyhole in her door knob. She couldn't  see anything but shadows. She could only hear shouts and whispers coming from across the hall. Her mother was crying and yelling her father's name.

Her father.

Someone she hasn't seen or heard from in a year... Lira listened more carefully.

"Jacin. Honey, you don't have to do this." Sophia pleaded, now sobbing.

"Kill the Mudblood...Do it Jacin...Do what must be done" This voice belonged to a women but she sounded wickedly raspy, and almost evil.

"I'm sorry, Sophia, The Dark Lord...He...I..I...Wait! Bellatr-" The man was cut off and sounded as if he was shoved aside. Lira recognized this voice as her Father's voice. She wanted to run out and hug him but her fear kept her in her spot. Jacin stopped stammering when a a streak of green light shot out of the shadows and a scream rippled though the rest of the house making Lira shake. Shouts and arguments erupted. She gasped for air as she sprinted to get under her covers, breathing heavily, as tears rolled down her face rapidly...


Lira tossed and turned in her seat while the Hogwarts Express chuffed through in and out of the emerald green vallies. Meanwhile, Hermione gently tapped Lira's shoulder as to wake her from her restless sleep.

"Lira? Lira? Are you alright" Lira's eyes shot open to see her friend's concerned face beside her. "Nightmares again?" Hermione asked quietly. She nodded slightly ashamed. She has had the same dream of that horrid night ever since she saw Harry use Parselmouth to talk to that snake, last year. It brought back memories of how her parents used to train and talk to animals.

"I came to return the book I borowed form you last month. It was very good, thank you!" Hermoine placed a copy of Fantasic Beasts and Where to Find Them on the seat. Although it was only their thrid year at Hogwarts the two were quite good friends from the beginning of their first train ride together to present day. Lira being in Slytherin didn't bother Hermione as much as it  Harry and Ron.  To Hermione, Lira wasn't the stereotypical Slytherin, and being in different houses didn't split them up

. Lira smiled and slipped the book back into her book bag. Just before Lira could explain to Hermione abot her nightmare, Neville Longbottom walked in with a pale face.

Hermione looked up. "Oh Neville, Malfoy's not at it AGAIN, is he?" She asked.

"I hate the lot of 'em" Neville huffed as he leaned into his seat. Hermione shook her head as she waved goodbye and left. Lira never understood the cruellties of Draco and his gang of the trolls he calls friends. In fact she didn't understand him at all. He seemed nice enough to her, but everyone else talks about him as if he was the spawn of Evil itself. Though, Lira found him a bit charming and cute, to say the least.  She shrugged off the thought and instead talked to Neville.

"Why is it that-" Lira was interrupted again, but by the train coming to a violent halt. The Windows began to freeze as the bright and coloful cheeriness was drained from the cabins. The air grew cold, and she shut her eyes tightly to avoid whatever was outside...



 After the Dementor scare on the train ride to Hogwarts, Lira dragged her exhasuted self up to the Slytherin dormitory with a stack of books in hand.  She hardly made it up  the stairs when she collided with somone and her books flung in all directions on the floor. It was Draco Malfoy.

"Oi! Out of my way, you pathetic excuse for a girl!" Draco chided. Lira half displeased with his comment, picked up some of her books and looked up.

" Well excuse me, pretty boy, but I wasn't the idgit running around like a careless little gnome, now, was I?" She smirked. Caught off gurad by her witty reply, he chuckled and picked up the remainder of Lira's books. Draco, admiring her wit and sharp tongue, gazed upon her school robes and noticed as they showed the Slytherin colors.

"Well look at that. You're a right viper, aren't you? " He said as he handed her her books. "The name's Draco" He held out his hand.

"I know. She said coldly. "I'm Lira, Lira Marr. " with her only free hand, she grasped Draco's hand shook it awkwardly.  They bothed laughed and he followed her  to the Dormitory, where they sat in front of the fire place.  H sat next to Lira as she opened one of her books to read.

"So are here?"  Draco leaned back on the couch.

Lira looked up from her book and at Draco, a little annoyed. "No." She said flatly, "I've been in Slytherin for three years now, genius...I can see you're observant."

Draco let out laugh, trying to hide his embarrassment.  "You've got some nerve, Ms. Marr."

"I'm fully aware."

"You know I hardly see you around. Come to think of it you are never in the common room when everyone else is, or even at the table."

Lira bit her lip and set her book beside her. Lira, slightly on edge, due to the fact that Draco's reputation on blood status wasn't all that settling, tried not to mention her friendship with Harry, Ron, and Hermione, or as Draco called them: "The Golden Trio." Draco, studying Lira's features raised an eyebrow at her.  She didn't want to admit that she spent most of her time with Gryffindors- especially Hermione. Realizing that she had been silent for quite a while, Lira collected her thoughts.

 "I um- I don't like big crowds. I tend to spend time in the Library." She smiled weakly trying to hide her lie.“I don’t really know many people in our house…”

“Well you know me! And I can assure you there is no one in this house more important than me.”  Draco winked at her and smiled playfully.  .

Feeling like she slighted herself with her own lie Lira quickly changed the subject.

"So...what classes are you taking?" She looked desperately to not push Draco away from the conversation.

"The usual. Dark Arts, Charms, you know?" Lira nodded. "They are honors classes though so I'm probably gonna have to actually do my work this year" Draco laughed then continued. "Except for Study of Magical Creatures. 'Probably not gonna be my best." Draco made a disgusted face." I can't belive that they have that brainless oaf, Hagrid teaching that class" Lira bit her lip trying not to make a scene about Draco insulting Hagrid.

"I could help you, if you'd like! Magical Creatures are my specialty" Lira smiled and tilted her head as she made the generous offer. Draco smiled back and nodded in acceptance.  

“How do you know so much about it?”

“My….” Lira hesitated. She hadn't told anyone about her parent's except Hermione, but she didn't see the harm in talking to Draco, either. She just didn’t want it to be awkward.

"My parent's trained magical creatures for a living.”

“Maybe they should be teaching that class.” Draco chuckled to himself.

“They were brilliant.”


“They died a while back.”

“I’m so sorry, Lira.” Draco rubbed his neck not really knowing what else to say.

“It’s quite alright.”

“What did your parents do?”

“They specialized in the study of magical creatures. They both taught me everything I know. My father even taught me Parsal Tongue...It facinated me, but then..." Lira trailed off trying to recall her childhood. Draco's eyes lit up at the mention of her ability to talk to snakes.

"Then what?" Draco suddenly interested, moved a little closer seeing that Lira grew quiet and teary eyed.

"My father went away and my mother nearly went mad. For a year he was gone. No letters, warnings. Nothing. Then one night he showed up. The morning after I found my mother dead.I assume my father had the same fate. Now I live with my mother's sister. She's not that bad. 'Says my father was a piece of work though." Lira laughed at that. She remembered her Aunt, Talia ranting about how she wished she was a witch like her sister, and how Lira's father, being in Slytherin always caused trouble when he came over to her mother's house."My a muggle" Lira added timidly. She hadn't told many people about her personal life, but since they were getting to know each other she let it slide this time. Draco twitched and made a scrunched face at the word "muggle", then sat up to continue listening.

“She tries hard to relate to me, but I mean as far as muggles go. I don’t really talk to her very much.” Lira shrugged it off then stood up. “It’s late…I best be off to bed.”

“Goodnight, Draco.”  She smiled at him and walked up the stairs disappearing into the shadows.

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