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Panorama by Blue Flame
Chapter 1 : Haunted
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The forest floor was harsh against her bare feet, ragged breath catching like broken glass in her throat. Her heart hammered to keep up with her steps, a beating drum against her chest that was going to explode.Thorns and leaves snared at her hair, the witch giving a shriek of pain as she stumbled over a root and landed heavily on her knees. Dirt stained and hair wild around her face, her light colored eyes were a mixture of panic and fear.

Had she escaped? What was she running from?

She didn't know.

All she knew was that adrenaline was a toxin coursing through her veins, dirt clinging to her with the intent of bringing her down into its depths. She’d never felt such terror, such a powerful emotion that clung to every nerve and rang through her mind, eyes squeezing shut a moment to try and block out everything around her. Childish, perhaps, but what other choice did she have? Escape was but a fools hope, every tree a mirror of another, every shadow sending her bolting in another direction. Each sound rang of death and decay in a forest of many horrors.

A howl sent shivers down her spine, body wracking with sobs that refused to leave her.

Forcing her eyes open, the only light was the bright moon above, luminescent and eerie, as if taunting her from the heavens. She crawled forward on her hands and knees, slow going and panting, until her hand caught in something sticky and she shrieked, sliding further into it.

Pulling back…she shuffled clumsily backwards, eyes glued to the form that had appeared from no where. Exposed skin coated in blood, ravaged by the claws of a moon invoked creature. Robes had been reduced to rags, drenched in the life blood of a damned soul. Pitiful sobs came from her throat, threatening to choke her with terror. The blonde hair of the body was recognizable, and for that she felt only further terror for herself, not remorse. There would be time for guilt later on. Survival was all she could think about for now, an impossible, daunting feat…

More howls…more movements…a never ending forest…running…so close to escaping…claws tearing…creatures shrieking…tantalizing words breathed against her ears…

Rose Weasley awoke with a jolt, entangled in her sheets and panting, body feeling slick with sweat. She forced herself to breath more slowly, carefully as she tried to banish the dream from her mind. So vivid, so real and yet just a horror in the confines of her unconscious mind, likely the result of too many horror movies with her cousins over summer break.

Swinging her legs over the yellow clad bed and swiping the curtains aside, she ran a hand through her long red hair and sighed. Nightmares were a recurring thing, the witch having been plagued with ones since the age of four, and this was not any better. The vivid images and feel of sticky blood against her hand lingered, flashing through her mind like scenes of a broken movie reel. Normally, were she at home, she would speak with her father. He always had a joke or two up his sleeve, or at least reassuring words to make her realize it was just a dream.

But the school year was in session, and the fifth year Hufflepuff could only shake it off and force herself to get ready for the day. To face the prospect of classes, conversation and much too needed cover up for the ever present bags that remained under her eyes. A daily routine that would help her shed the feelings of horror by forcing her to concentrate on other things.

Standing up, she moved to get a glance at herself in the mirror that hung by her bed, expecting to see a tangled mess of red hair and blood shot eyes staring back at her.

Instead, the forest flashed, the body covered in blood, the lifeless eyes of the man who she’d not even tried to save…she gave a horrified squeak, covered her mouth and forced herself to look away.

Haunted images were too much a daily part of her life. She could let them scare her, or ignore them and chalk up divination like her mother always did.

It would not begin to rule her life again. Not this year.

‘So, I just managed to get through the last few sentences before I realize it’s not due this Thursday, but next Thursday. I could have positively kicked myself! Rose…Rosie are you even paying attention? I’m speaking of tragedy here!” a frazzled looking brunette rolled her eyes, snapping her fingers in front of the red heads face. “Earth to Rose, dilemma in isle Aria!”

Rose jerked in her seat, elbow slamming against the table and face contorting in pain. “Ow…sorry…just out of it, I suppose. Long night. Yeah, that‘s not due until next week, I told you that tons of times…” she picked up her glass as she spoke, forcing herself to gulp down a few sips, anything that would help to wake her up.

“Is it the dreams again?” Aria asked, eyebrows shooting up and gaze narrowing in concern, well aware of the way her friends behavior temporarily changed after a nightmare. “You sure have one weird imagination, Rosie. Should ask for a dreamless sleep potion, those really do wonders. And let me tell you, bags under those pretty eyes is not a good sight,” the other girl continued, picking up a piece of toast and biting into it, barely chewing it all before she started speaking again.

“Thanks, Aria. I wasn’t aware of that at all until you pointed it out,” snappish reply dripping with sarcasm dealt, Rose merely received a laugh. Aria was always blunt and honest. Most days the Weasley loved it, but this morning it made her want to throw her toast.

Which she might have done, had the golden pieces not been so sodding yummy.

“Oh, look, there’s the group we all know and love. We still going to try to sneak dung bombs into their bags?” she asked, gaze now glued to a group of fellow fifth years.

One tall, gangly and absolutely annoying, a Slytherin by the name of Demetrius. Rose let her glare settle on the group, knowing that even if they saw it only amusement would ensue. Flanking him on both sides were Justin, an idiot with an unfortunate knack for charming hearts, and Scorpius, a heartthrob whose blond hair was apparently meant to make one swoon.

Rose had only ever gagged at it. She’d heard too many bad things about Malfoy’s growing up to do anything but.

“Absolutely. We can do it sometime this week, probably during potions when Slughorn makes everyone put there bags to the back for the exam…” she trailed off, ears catching the faint mutterings of the passing snakes.

“So all you have to do is spend one night in the forest. Just one, and you’ll totally win her over when she hears about it. Girls love that sort of bravery.” What? A knight in shining armor risking himself in the forest? As if, Rose could have laughed at that, and Aria did. That earned her quite the look before Scorpius responded.

“Of course, that combined with my looks will have her flocking to me and finally realizing what a catch I am.” Rose rolled her eyes as the voice of Scorpius met her ears, barely stifling a snort of laughter. Such an idiot, he could be…

A feeling came over her, finally realizing they’d said forest.

The dangerous forbidden one they were told to stay the hell away from.
The one that held werewolves and terror- her dream came to mind, the image of that body imprinted on it and not leaving.

All too familiar blonde hair.

The stench of death.

Her heart clenched in dread, an ice cold feeling washing over as she realized her dream might soon be a reality.

Or she was being absurd and thinking too much on an empty stomach, the red headed witch taking the last bite of her toast and grabbing an apple. Slinging her bag over her shoulder, she muttered a ‘see you later’ to Aria, hustling out and trying to leave the awful feeling behind.

It had been a dream, and while some of hers had come true in the past, this one wouldn’t.

Just a silly, overactive imagination generated dream.

Hey all! Here is my first attempt at a bit of a Scorpius/Rose fic, which I’ve been itching to try for ages! I'm hoping this will at least have a unique start! Please read and review if you’ve the time, as I’d really appreciate it. 

3.o6.12 Edit: my muse ran away for a bit, but I've got it back so the next chapter will be up ASAP <3 Thanks for all the amazing reviews!!


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