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And Mayhem Ensues by starryskies55
Chapter 1 : Damsel in Distress
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A/N: edited- 18/03/12

My first ever fanfiction, and I'd love any feedback. THANKS, LOVE YOU! xx

Most of the Gryffindors had gone to bed, tired out from their first week back at Hogwarts. Saturday night, and there was absolutely nothing happening. Or so it seemed.

James Potter and Sirius Black sat on a sofa in front of the dying fire. God, they were handsome. Dark and dangerous, the sort of boys your parents warned you about. Not that you would have much chance with either. Sirius was usually taken by some ‘lucky’ girl, who would last for a while, then was traded in for a newer model. James could have had his pick of the girls too, but he ignored them to pine over Lily Evans- who quite rightly thought that James Potter was the most arrogant sod who had ever walked the earth. The boys’ shirts were stained and untucked, their ties undone and hair attractively and deliberately mussed. James was consulting some parchment, tapping his wand absent-mindedly on his knee.

Remus Lupin sat on a chair apart, his legs up on the arm, toasting his feet on the embers of the fire. His fair hair was short and flat, his brown eyes serious. He was lazily flicking his wand, creating pastel sparks which danced upwards towards the ceiling. He was the kind of boy your parents wanted you to marry and have lots of pretty, clever children with- once you’d both settled down in your high-end Ministry careers, of course.

And finally, Peter Pettigrew was plump and had brutally short, wispy, mouse-coloured hair which he was attempting to grow. He rumpled it ineffectively as he sat on the floor by Sirius’ feet. “Anything happening, Prongs?” he asked James.

“Nope,” James said, starting to fold the parchment away.

Remus held his hand out. “Give it here, you never look properly.”

James reluctantly handed it over.

“He’s just been staring at Lily’s dot for the past ten minutes,” chipped in Sirius. “Potter lurrrves Evans, Potter luuuuurves Evans...”

James hit him, and Remus tossed back the parchment. “Left bottom corner,” he said. “Told you.”

Sirius and James peered at the corner Remus had indicated. The parchment showed four emerald dots cornering a scarlet dot. Four Slytherins against one Gryffindor. Their names uncurled themselves above each dot: the Gryffindor was called Eva Llewellyn.

“Maybe they’re just talking?” Peter said, leaning over too.

“It’s past curfew,” Remus said, sighing.

James stood up. “It’s an excuse to go out,” he said. “Come on.”

They stood, Sirius stretching exaggeratedly, but Lily blocked the portrait hole. Lily Evans was simultaneously the bane, and the love of James’ life, and he never missed the chance to ask her out- as a consequence, spending a good few nights in the Hospital Wing. Annoying Lily Evans can be hazardous to your health. “Where do you think you’re going?” she asked, hands on hips.

“Evans!” said James. He nervously flattened his hair. “We’re just going for a walk.”

“No, you’re not.”

“Is that because you won’t let us, or you don’t believe us?” asked Sirius, giving her his winning smile, which usually worked with just about everyone.

Everyone but Lily Evans.

“We thought we heard someone shout,” Remus intervened. “A girl. We just want to make sure she’s okay, Lily.”

“Out of the goodness of your blackened, shrivelled hearts?” Lily asked.

“Yes!” Sirius pressed a hand to his heart and pretended to be offended. “You should come too,” he said with a sly glance at James. “If we’re telling the truth, you’ve done a good deed. If we’re lying, then you can put us all in detention.”

She glared at them all, weighing up the rule-breaking with the potential good she could do. “Fine. But this does not class as a date, James!” she snapped. James’ face fell.

They clambered out the portrait-hole and were soon wandering the corridors by wand-light. Sirius, Remus and the map were in front, with Peter walking a few paces behind. James and Lily walked after; James attempting to regal Lily with impressive stories of wrongdoing and mishaps, and Lily threatening James while he paused with various disfiguring hexes.

“This is ridiculous,” she finally said, after they’d been walking for about ten minutes. “There is no way that you heard someone shout from this far away!”

But Remus turned around and shushed her. “We’re nearly there.”

James tried to loop his arm around Lily’s waist, but there was a sharp intake of breath and a hissed curse as she bent his fingers back. “Drop dead, Potter,” she whispered.

They rounded a corner, and Sirius held up his wand higher, shining the light further along. Halfway down the corridor was a group of four boys. “OY!” he yelled loudly, startling them.

“HOLY SHIT!” one of the Slytherins shouted in surprise; only just realising they had an audience. He grabbed another and started to run down the corridor. The other two followed, their feet echoing down the stone halls. James, Sirius and Peter gave chase, but Lily and Remus stayed to help the girl on the floor.

She was battered and bruised, blood running from a cut lip and matted in her long brown hair.

“Are you alright?” Lily asked, crouching down beside her.

“They’ve got my wand,” she coughed. A yell sounded from down the corridor. Lily looked up, meeting Remus’ eyes.

“Go and help them,” she said, and Remus sprinted off, pounding on the stone. “Don’t try and move,” she told the girl. “What’s your name?”

“Eva,” she said. “Thanks.”

Lily smiled. “It’s the boys you should thank. I’m Lily.”

She sat next to Eva as they waited for them to come back. “My head really hurts,” she said, closing her eyes.

Lily chewed on her lip worriedly. “I’m not good at healing,” she said. “I don't want to risk something going wrong. It would be better to wait until we can take you to the hospital wing-”

Eva’s head tipped forward onto her chest.

Lily touched her shoulder. “Eva? EVA!”

Her breathing was fine, but her face was ashen, and then the boys came running back towards them.

“Is she okay?” Remus panted.

“She’s unconscious,” James said, kneeling beside Eva. He scooped her up into his arms, wedding-style, and stood up slowly. “Padfoot, Wormtail and Lily, you go to get help. Me and Remus will take her to the hospital wing, okay?”

The three of them shot off down the corridor, calling loudly for teachers, while James set off towards the hospital wing, careful not to jostle the limp girl in his arms. Remus walked ahead with his wand out, casting a faint glow over the corridor.


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And Mayhem Ensues: Damsel in Distress


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