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Enemies with Benefits by dobbyismyhero22
Chapter 10 : The Snowball Fight Tradition
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thank you callisto for the amazing chapter image that makes me drool anytime I look at it...sorry, that was a bit too much information...


I think that there are only a handful of fortunate people out there that can say that they were woken up at seven in the morning on a Sunday by Lily Potter screaming, “SNOW!” at the top of her lungs, and then jumping up in down like a four year old on drugs.


I am one of those lucky people.




And normally I’d be more pissed about a psychotic fourteen year old waking me up on one of the two days a week that I can actually sleep in, but because it was tradition, I didn’t mind too much.


You see, every year when the first big snowstorm hits, whomever wakes up the earliest out of the Wotter and plus clan (all the Wotters, the Blazers, the Scotts, Logan, Sydney, and Scorpius), which is usually Lily because the little freak likes to wake up at ungodly hours in the morning, has to start waking everyone else up.


It’s always a girl that starts off the waking chain. We once told the guys that they had to come get us one year, but that idea was quickly nixed because James’ way of waking up people is farting in their face.

Let’s just say that Dominique was not at the snowball fight that year.


Once everyone is up, we have to go outside and have an epic snowball fight in whatever we wore to bed. It certainly gets interesting because a lot of the time, the blokes are only in boxers, and the girls are just in tank tops and shorts. The only thing extra that we are allowed to put on is boots so that way our precious little toes don’t fall off from frostbite.


I suppose it’s a good thing that it’s a Sunday though because if the first snowstorm happens on a weekday then we usually lose Rose, Lucy, and Sydney because they wouldn’t dare miss a lesson. Then we usually lose Hugo too because Rose forces him to come along or she’ll tell their mum.


You don’t ever want to cross Rose Weasley. That girl is seriously scary when she gets angry.


“Lily Luna Potter, get the fuck out of my room before I castrate you.”


Roxanne never really liked the snowstorm tradition. She’s not exactly big on getting up before noon if she doesn’t have to.


“Fuck yes, snow!”


Heidi, on the other hand, absolutely loved it.




Sydney was biased.


“Oh come on, Rox! Up! Up! Up!” Lily screeched, jumped directly on top of Roxy, and started bouncing up and down.


You would think because they are cousins, you would know that doing such a thing to her this early will result in the death of little Lily Potter.


And because I didn’t think that Ginny and Harry would want to be short a child, I said, “Lily, I really don’t think that’s the best idea in the world.”


I know I was right too because Roxanne’s face just oozed the desire to kill.


Stupid Lily didn’t listen though. No, instead she decided that it would be wise for her to smack each of Roxy’s cheeks repeatedly.


She obviously inherited the same brains that Weasley did.


“Oh dear,” Sydney whispered from her bed, as she watched the scene of Roxanne glaring at her cousin murderously unfold before her very eyes.


Heidi looked extremely amused as she rummaged through her trunk for her snow boots.


“What the hell is going on?” Asked a very confused looking Rose, who was flanked by fifth years, Dominique and Lucy.


I suppose I’d be confused too if I had walked in on my cousin sitting on top of and smacking my other cousin.


Rose was wearing an oversized Gryffindor quidditch tee shirt that I can guarantee had the name ‘Malfoy’ on the back, and her auburn hair was in a long, thick braid to the side.


Dom’s stupid veela genes let her look gorgeous despite the fact that she was yawning widely with her silvery blonde hair thrown up into a disarrayed pony tail and wearing a holey tee shirt and ratty old sweat pants that were about three sizes too big for her.


Lucy looked like a mini version of her sister, Molly, aka the girl that my brother is currently fucking. Her long, wavy brown was cascading down her back, looking a little messy from sleeping, and she was fortunate to have slept in a warm looking navy blue sweatshirt and plaid flannel pajama bottoms. The only difference that Molly and her had was the fact that Lucy had glasses covering their identical golden brown eyes.


There was a moment of silence as Lily finally took the hint that she was infuriating her cousin, and stopped hitting her seconds before Roxy screamed at the top of her lungs, “GET THIS LITTLE BINT OFF OF ME!”


She’s not very pleasant in the mornings if you haven’t figured that out.


Lily quickly scrambled off of Rox right before she went apeshit all over her arse.


“Deep breaths, Roxanne.” Dom said, giving her a cheeky grin to which Roxy responded by chucking a pillow at her head.


“I hate the fucking snow.” She growled, and buried her head into her other pillow.


“You don’t hate the snow, you just hate getting up early.” Rosie pointed out.


“Same difference.” Roxy muttered.


“Not really, love, but nice try.” Heidi laughed cheerfully as she made her hair in a braid that mimicked Rose’s.


“You’ll feel better once you get to throw snow chunks at your family,” I said, and Roxy brightened considerably, which to be honest, kind of frightened me a tad.


“Am I allowed to put on a sweatshirt?” Sydney asked, holding her Holyhead Harpies sweatshirt in her hands with a hopeful look on her face.


She, like me, only wore a tank top and boxers to bed, which basically meant that we were fucked.


Lucy, the buzzkill, shook her head. “It’s tradition.”


“You’re only saying that cause you dress like a nun to go to bed,” Roxy muttered in an annoyed voice.


She was in a far worse boat than Sydney and I because she was in just a sports bra and athletic shorts, which is basically what she lived in when she wasn’t in class.


“Since when is a sweatshirt and pajama bottoms dressing like a nun?” Lucy asked, sounding irritated, folding her arms across her chest.


“Your mum,” Was Roxy very clever reply.


…She’s special.


“What are you talking about?” Rose asked looking far more confused than when she first walked into the room.


“It’s too early for me to be functioning! LEAVE ME ALONE!” Roxy cried dramatically, and flopped herself down on her bed.


Like I said, she’s special.


“Can we go wake up the boys now?” Lily pleaded with an extremely bored looking expression on her face.


“We need a game plan first.” Rose said of course, wanting to plan out every second of her life. “Who is waking up who?”


“Dom wakes up Louis,” I started, and Dom’s pretty face got a very evil looking grin on it. “Lucy wakes up Hugo. Rose wakes up Scorpius, but nothing inappropriate, love.” I said, and Rosie blushed scarlet to which everyone in the room smirked. “Lily wakes up Al. Sydney wakes up James. Roxy wakes up Logan. I wake up Weasley. And Heidi wakes up Tosh. Questions?”


“I don’t want to wake up Tosh,” Heidi said quickly with an annoyed looking grimace that was shot at me. Well, looks like her good mood disappeared.


“I’ll wake up Tosh!” Lily exclaimed with an excited expression on her face.


Lily adored Tosh and Tosh adored Lily. Tosh is like the older brother that never picked on her, and Lily is like the adorable little sister that he never had.


“And I want to wake up Freddy. I don’t trust you with waking him up, you’ll probably smother him with his pillow or something. And besides, I have to get him back for eating all of the fried chicken last night,” Roxy said, after pulling on her snow boots.


I sighed unhappily. Waking up Weasley on snowstorm mornings was possibly that most fun thing that I could ever do. Weasley can be nearly as bad as Roxy when somebody wakes him up when he doesn’t want to be woken up.


On year, I threw an entire bucket of water on him, and he had to go outside with his cotton sweats soaking wet. It was hilarious especially because he got a really bad cold the next week, and had to miss all of his classes so I didn’t have to deal with his stupid, annoying face for a whole entire marvelous week.


“Fine then, I’ll wake up Al. Heidi, you wake up Logan. And Lily, you wake up Tosh. Good?” Everyone nodded happily. “Right, let’s get this show on the road!”


Lily jumped on my back without any warning whatsoever causing me to stumble slightly and then cringe as she screeched in my ear, “TO THE SIXTH YEAR DORMS! GO! GO! GO!”


Don’t be fooled by all the screaming and yelling, I know that she may appear it now, but Lily Potter really isn’t an annoying little bitch.


She just gets crazy hype over snow. Almost scarily crazy hype. Honestly, it’s slightly worrying.


Normally, she’s actually pretty calm and sweet. She’s also like the little sister that I never had.


I spend a whole shit load of time over at the Potter’s with James, Tosh, Al, and Lily because during the summer they are one of my go-to houses for staying at when Greta is being a psychotic cow or when my uncle and aunt act like total arses.


Roxy’s house is, of course, my first go-to place, but unfortunately, Angelina has this crazy obsession to travel to all of these really wonky sounding foreign places so they aren’t always home, and I rarely feel like being around Weasley when it isn’t necessary.


Mason’s flat is my second go-to place, but it is too small for anything long term. I can only stay there for about a night before getting fed up with only having two square feet to do my morning piss.


I would go to Heidi’s house, but her mum has a sick obsession with cats so I cannot go over there without violently sneezing and not being able to breath, which royally sucks.


Sydney’s parents are evil freaks, and I swear to Merlin that her little sister, Sapphire, tried to kill me once. No lie. She honestly tried to kill me. I woke up in the middle of the night and she was standing over my bed looking like some kind of murderous creep. I nearly shit my pants.


So the Potter’s place is my third, but more like second, go-to place because I get to hang out with my Potter boys and goof around with Lily. I also get to spend time with my lovely baby brother because Tosh is literally over there the whole entire summer.


Unlike me, Tosh doesn’t even have a milligram of tolerance for my aunt, uncle, and cousin so the Potter’s pretty much adopted him as their forth child. They absolutely love the kid, and Tosh sees them as his parents.


My forth go-to house, which was only needed once, is Molly’s house. I stayed there with Mason and Tosh a few years ago and the whole night was sufficiently awkward because my brothers kept getting dirty looks from Percy because he didn’t like the fact that his little Molly was so close with a boy, and Lucy used to be obsessed with Tosh so she was fawning over him the whole entire night. If only he knew that Mason was now fucking his daughter off and on, and that the boy that his baby used to be obsessed with is now going to be a dad. That would be sure to blow his fucking mind to outer space.


We ran up the boy’s steps, me with Lily on my back, and Lucy and Dom ran into the 4th Year boys dorm and almost instantly I heard the sound of Louis shouting, “DOM, WHAT THE HELL?!” and poor little Hugo screaming, “GET THE SPIDERS OFF OF ME!!”


Sounds like Lucy and Dom decided to get a little bit creative with their attack method. I feel for those boys, I really do.


But then again, Hugo needs to get over his fear of spiders. I mean, he’s fourteen. He’s going to start getting beat up if he keeps screaming and crying every time he encounters something with eight legs.


Rose shushed us, putting a finger to her lips, and motioning for us all to walk quieter as we neared the 6th Year boy’s dorm.


“Good luck, my child.” Heidi said in a voice that seemed as if she was attempting to sound wise, placed a hand on my shoulder, and looked me deeply and seriously in the eyes. “It’s all up to you.”


“Complete your mission, and your fate will seal it’s self.” Sydney said in the same wise and ominous voice, but she added in placing her hands together and bowing to me.


“It is your destiny. When the time comes, you’ll know what to do.” Roxy said mysteriously, closed her eyes, and started backing her way up the steps, and moving her arms about as if she was dancing to inspirational music.


“I won’t let you down,” I promised, closed my eyes, clapped my hands twice, and threw them up in the air as if praising the sun, which was slightly difficult to do with Lily still on my back.


I love my friends and our ability to spew random shit out of our mouths that is honestly quite worrying to the rest of the world.


“You guys are so fucking weird.” Rose muttered as they backed away, Heidi and Sydney mimicking Roxy’s wonky dance thing.


I wasn’t really sure if that was a compliment, but being the lovely little optimist that I am, I decided that it was, smiled, and said brightly, “Thank you!”


“Just open the damn door!” Lily ordered impatiently, and kicked Rose in the arse to which she squawked indignantly, and hurriedly opened the door, making an effort to do it quietly.


Like every time that I’ve been in the 6th Year boy’s dorm, the first thing that I noticed was the smell.


“It smells like arse and sneakers.” Lily whispered, and I could just see her nose crinkling in disgust.


“My sentiments exactly, dear Lily.” I responded with the strong desire to hold my nose.


Rose immediately went over to Scorpius’ bed, and stared down at him lovingly while he slept. I don’t know whether or not I find that cute or extremely creepy. It’s a complicated toss up.


Lily hopped down off my back and went over to Tosh’s bed. She paused, as if she was thinking about the best way to wake him up. If I were she, I would just do the good old fashion smack across the face. Definitely gives the best results.


Albus Potter looked so goddamn adorable when he was asleep. He was lying slightly diagonal across his bed with his sheets covering the lower half of his body. His deep blue tee shirt was ridden up slightly, showing off a little bit of his well-defined abs. His head was to the side and his mop of unruly hair was even more messy than usual. His mouth was parted into a slight ‘o’ as he breathed in and out deeply.


I want to steal this fucking child as my little brother…Toshie can share. He looked so bloody peaceful and I almost regretted the cruel way that I was about to wake him.


I had been tossing two ideas around on the way over, and I settled for the crueler, but funnier one.


I very, very slowly put a knee on his bed, and being extremely careful so I didn’t move him, I pulled my other knee to the opposite side of him. Basically, I was straddling him on the bed without putting any actual weight on him.


Just call me Dessie ‘The Prostitute’ Blazer. Has a lovely ring to it, don’t you think?


I bit my lip and turned around quickly before I proceeded to see how the other girls were making progress.


Scorpius’ hanging were currently shut and I heard giggling so I don’t even want to know what the fuck is going on in there.


Lily was in the middle of conjuring what looked to be a bucket full of ice while stifling her laughter.


I took out my own wand and transfigured my face to look exactly like Al’s aunt Muriel. See, this woman is absolutely mental. And just down right evil. Al is terrified of her. When I spent Christmas at the Burrow one year, Muriel was there and she made Al cry by constantly picking apart his hair, his clothes, his posture, and his manners. The poor bloke was only twelve.


Then she told me that my eyes were weird, made fun of the fact that I was muggle born, and said that I was flat chested.


I was bloody thirteen and she expected me to have fucking DD’s or some shit like that.


Plus she said it right in front of Weasley and James and I didn’t hear the end of it the entire night. They called me ‘Below B Cup Blazer’.


Awful, awful children, I tell you.


I leaned down right in his face, and said in a raspy voice, attempting to sound like Muriel’s, “Albus Potter!”


He stirred, and opened his eyes slightly. He caught sight of who was on top of him, and they flew the rest of the way open. He let out a terrified squeak, slammed his eyes shut again, and muttered, “It’s just a nightmare, it’s just a nightmare, it’s just a nightmare.”


Feeling bad for the poor scarred little boy, but trying not to laugh at the same time, I transfigured my face back to normal. In my usual voice, but more patronizing, I mumbled, “Al, darling, open those pretty eyes.”


He slowly opened one eye, and upon seeing that it was really me, he sighed in relief and abruptly tightly hugged me around the middle, pulling me down on top of him.


Now I was straddling him and lying on top of him. I’m just all around whoring it up today it appears. I laughed as he said in a shaky voice, “That was so so mean.”


“I’m sorry, love, but it had to be done. First snowstorm of the season,” I said grinning, and I rolled myself off of him so that way I was lying to his right rather than on top, and I took his hand comfortingly.


“So so mean!” He whined and buried his head in the crook of my neck like a small child.


Why is Al Potter so bloody cute?


All of the sudden, Tosh’s yell filled the room followed by an evil sounding giggle.


Both my and Al’s head popped up simultaneously to witness Tosh doing a weird little jig as ice flew out his shirt and the bottom of his boxers.


Nicely done, Lilster.


“I’m so going to get you, Lily!” Tosh yelled, but there was definite affection behind his tone as he chased the fourth year around the door, finally catching her, and tickling the hell out of her.


“Stop! Stop!” She cried between giggles, and threw playful punches at Tosh while sitting in his arms.


He grinned mischievously, but then caught sight of Al and I, laying extremely close together with entwined hands, and immediately frowned.


“Why the hell is my baby sister in your bed, Potter?”


“Potter?” Al asked with an amused tone, raising an eyebrow.


“Baby sister? I’m older than you, you stupid fuck!”


“Yeah, but you always call me your baby brother, and that’s beside the point!” He said, sounding irritated. “Why are you in the same bed?”


“Didn’t we tell you, mate?” Al asked, with mock shock. “Dessie and I are in love, and we are getting married!”


“We were originally going to wait till the wedding night, but I just couldn’t keep my hands off him any longer!” I exclaimed, quickly playing along as I ran my fingers through his hair affectionately, kissed his cheek, and placed my head on his shoulder.


We both smiled winningly at Tosh and Lily who both, despite the fact that they knew we were just kidding, had disgusted grimaces on their face from us telling them that we basically just fucked all night long.


“Why are Scorp’s bed hangings closed?” Al asked, peering over to the corner where his best friend’s four-poster bed was. His expression was abruptly angry as he realized that his favorite cousin was most definitely getting snogged senseless while he was less than twenty feet away.


“Rosie! Stop snogging your boyfriend before Al starts flipping out!” Lily called cheerfully, as she squirmed out of Tosh’s arms.


The word ‘fuck’ and instant scrambling was heard from the bed, and ten seconds later Rose and Scorpius emerged, both looking out of breath with their hair messed up and their lips swollen.


Damn, going at it this early in the morning. Now that’s what I call horny as fuck.


“Could you please not snog my cousin while I’m in the same bloody room? That would be fucking fantastic,” Al snapped, glaring at Scorpius who was grinning sheepishly.


She’s the one that seduced me, for the record.” Scorpius said, earning him a punch from Rose who blushed.


Rose Weasley? Capable of seducing? Well, that takes the cake for the funniest thing I’ve heard all week.


Al opened his mouth to start telling off Scorpius, I’m sure, but Lily interrupted by saying, “Let’s head down to the common room. The others will probably be all awake by now.”


We walked down together with Lily on Tosh’s back after she attacked him the same way that she attacked me, Al shooting malicious glares at Rose and Scorpius’ entwined hands, and me holding Al’s hand to remind him not to go attack his best mate.


Lily was right. Everybody was already there.


Hugo was scowling while Lucy begged him to forgive her. A spider was crawling on his shoulder, and Rosie kindly picked it off of him as she passed by. He shuddered, and glared hatefully at Lucy.


Louis was arguing with Dom. “But it was funny, Lou!” “Jumping on my bed and shoving old underwear in my face is not funny, Dom!” “It is if you have a good sense of humor!” “More like a twisted sense of humor!”


James pulled off his sobbing wet shirt, and started wringing it out on an unsuspecting Sydney, who screamed, and smacked his chest while they both laughed their arses off.


Logan’s face was completely green…literally. Heids must have used some sort of Weasley product. She was grinning at her work, and Logan busted up laughing, saying how he looked like a piece of broccoli.


Last but not least, Weasley and Roxy were sitting together. Roxy was wearing a very self satisfied smirk and Weasley a sour grimace.


I immediately dragged Al to where they were sitting, dying of curiosity of what Roxy did to make Weasley so angry…and if she could give me some tips.


“How’d you do it?” I asked eagerly, grinning when Weasley shot me an irritated look.


“I transfigured myself to look like Voldemort and then I jumped on top of him,” Roxy said, laughing when Weasley shuddered.


We pretty much had the exact same idea! Except I chose a bitter old lady and she chose the darkest wizard of all time…same difference really.


“Nice!” I exclaimed, and gave her a high five.


“What you did was worse though!” Al said, in a still slightly scared voice. “She transfigured herself to look like Aunt Muriel!”


“Aunt Muriel?” Weasley gasped, looking horrified. “That’s just plain wrong, Blazer.”


“Yeah, Dessie. That’s kind of sick.” Roxy said, looking at me with wide and scared eyes.


They are acting like I just killed a whole patch a innocent puppies. Not that I ever would kill innocent puppies. I mean, really? What kind of person kills innocent puppies? I’ll bet Hitler killed puppies…Voldemort probably did too. Hell, Voldy was so bloody evil, I’ll bet he ate puppies for breakfast, upchucked them, and then at the puppy barf for dinner.

That’s how much of a sick bastard he probably was.


“You transfigured yourself into fucking Voldemort who killed hundreds and hundreds of people including Al’s grandparents and your dad’s twin and I’m the sick one?” I asked indignantly, throwing my hands up in the air in exasperation.


They all nodded immediately.


Are you bloody kidding me?


“I’d rather face Voldemort over Aunt Muriel any day. She said that I was a tomboy that would never get a boyfriend and end up alone in life!” Roxy whined, and Al patted her shoulder in a comforting way.


“Yeah well she said that I was flat chested!”


Weasley promptly burst into laughter. “I forgot about that! Below B Cup Blazer!”


I scowled deeply, but then I remember something else. “I wouldn’t be laughing, Weasley. Didn’t she say that your voice sounded like a little school girl’s?” I asked, and smirked when he flinched.


“My voice changed eventually!” He exclaimed defensively.


“So did my cup size,” I countered.


He smirked, looked very pointedly at my chest, and said, “That it did.”


Such a bloody creep.


Roxy smacked her brother on the head, and yelled, “Stop being a pervert!”


I always knew I liked that girl for a reason.



“But I don’t want to be a captain!” Lucy complained, stopping her foot like a prissy little girl.


“I’ll be captain!” Al offered immediately, raising his hand, but Dom punched him, effectively shutting him up.


“You have to be captain, Luce. We have to follow the tradition,” Rose explained and pushed her to stand next to Weasley who was the other captain.


Every year, as part of the snowstorm tradition, the Wotters pick two names out of a hat for who are going to be the captains. I swear to Merlin that Al tricks the hat somehow because he is one of the captains every bloody year. This is honestly the first year that he wasn’t chosen in all the years that he’s been at Hogwarts.


He was a little more than slightly disappointed when Rose called Lucy and Weasley’s names.


Literally, the bloke practically threw hissy fit. I’m serious. His arms crossed, his foot was stomped, and his bottom lip even jutted out.


It really wasn’t a pretty sight.


“Lucy, look on the bright side! At least now you won’t be the last one picked!” Lily said happily with a cheerful expression on her face. Lucy scowled and shot an icy glare at her cousin.


“I would like to start off this year’s tradition snowball extravaganza by saying that I am deeply, deeply overjoyed to be have given the chance to fight with each and every one of you,” James announced loudly in sentimental voice that would be used by a crying celebrity as they accepted an award.


“I consider all of you to be close family and friends, and I just feel so blessed to be allowed the opportunity to chuck heavy ice chunks at your heads. Thank you! Thank you!” He took a bow, started blowing kisses to us all, and even threw in a couple of fake tears.


He’s a truly special human being.


We all started applauding because James always got really pissed when we didn’t. We were quickly cut off by Roxy though, who pushed James into the snow, and said, “Now that we have James’ stupid speech out of the way, can we get on with the fight, please? I’m bloody freezing!” She was rubbing her arms and dancing around, trying to stay warm.


Now anyone that was even remotely smart placed a heating charm on himself or herself, but there is only so much it can do when you are out in the heavy snow, wearing hardly anything, and in ten-degree weather.


“I pick James,” Weasley said immediately. James pulled himself out of the snow, shot a hateful glare towards Roxy, and fisted bumped his favorite cousin after joining his side.


I kind of had to feel for poor James. I mean, after the bloke took off his dripping shirt to get Sydney wet, it left him only wearing boxers.


Logan, Louis, and Weasley were also shirtless and the latter was quite distracting because of his abs…Merlin, why did they have to be so perfect?


Like honestly, it’s completely wrong to give a bloke a perfect set of abs. It goes against nature.


Lucy sighed tiredly, and quickly scanned all of us. “I pick Logan.”


Logan’s face instantly became sour as he moodily walked to the team that didn’t have his best mates in it while said best mates laughed at his sorry arse.




“Which one?” Tosh asked, after we both took a step forward.


Weasley pointed at me, and said, “Sorry, Tosh, but I need my Chaser team.”


I grinned, slightly surprised but happy at the same time that I didn’t have to be on Lucy’s team, stuck my tongue out at my scowling brother, and joined Weasley and James. James instantly put his arm around me and whispered into my ear, “Aw, your widdle boyfriend picked you to be on his team!”


Weasley overheard and we both hit James at the exact same time. Weasley punched him on the arm, and I smacked him across the chest.


Stupid git.


Weasley gave me an appreciating nod, before hissing to James, “I picked her because she’s one of the best throwers in the whole damn school, not because of our…er, arrangement.”


“Suurrreeee.” James laughed disbelievingly and smirked, which earned him more abuse from the pair of us.


“Tosh,” Lucy said with her cheeks coloring slightly.


Ew, was there seriously still a small obsession there? Well, I suppose not for long when she finds out that he knocked up another girl.










“Er…Lily,” Weasley said, after glancing around at the remaining people which all consisted of girls.


Roxy threw her arms up in exasperation. “Really? You’re choosing Lily over me? Lily?!


“Hey! I’m good at snowball fights!” Lily shouted indignantly.


“Yeah, but I’m definitely the next most capable girl here besides Dessie because she’s a Chaser and I’m a Beater, so he should have chosen me if his head wasn’t stuck up his arse!”


“Maybe you should think about that the next time you wake me up as Voldemort in disguise,” Weasley told her with a smirk, and she growled at him.


Like literally growled at him.


My best friend is a freak.


“You can be on my team, Roxy.” Lucy offered with a bored looking expression on her face.


This caused Roxy to shoot her twin the bird, which caused him to smirk even further.


“You really shouldn’t have done that, you know. Roxy’s going to go apeshit all over your arse now.” I said, looking up at him with an face that clearly read you are going to get the shit beat out of you.


“I’m pretty sure that I can handle my little sister,” He said with an amused expression.


“Keep believing that, love. Ignorance is bliss.” I said in a patronizing voice, and patted his shoulder.


He ignored me. Surprise, surprise. “Sydney.”


Heidi yelled, “Dammit!” And Sydney stuck her tongue out at her, and said, “You owe me ten sickles!” as she skipped happily over to our team.




I honestly think that Lucy just picks whatever name she heard the voice of two seconds previously because she is certainly making a pattern of that.




“Seriously?!” Dom whined. “Why am I the last one?!”


“Because you throw like a girl,” Louis said helpfully, and Dom glared daggers at him before sulking over to Lucy’s team.


Why do I have the feeling that there is going to be a lot of brother-sister blood shed in the next hour?


“Team names?”


“We’ll be Team Gryffindor, I suppose.” Lucy answered lazily.


Wow, it must have really taken some skill to come up with that one. She must have been racking her brains for hours to make that creative masterpiece.


“Really, Lucy?” James asked in a surprised voice. “Not Team Slytherin?”


“Slytherins are the bad guys, James!” She scoffed.


“Well, we’re Team Death Eaters,” Weasley said immediately with a mischievous look on his face that made me smirk.


“Why be Team Death Eaters when we could be Team Voldemort?” I asked innocently. “Why not go all out?”


“I like it, Blazer! Way to think outside the box!” He exclaimed with a grin, and gave me a high five.


“TEAM VOLDEMORT!” James yelled, threw up his fist up in the air, and the rest of our team cheered.


We have some serious spunk.


But really, should the nieces, nephews, children, and family friends of Harry Potter and the rest of the Golden Trio be cheering for Voldemort?


Probably not.


But the question is…do we care?


Absolutely not.


Lucy was the only one on the other team that didn’t look amused at our team name. Everyone else looked sort of jealous of our team spirit, to be honest.




“Team huddle everyone!” Weasley shouted.


We all wrapped our arms around each other’s shoulders, me in between Weasley and Louis, and leaned our heads into the circle that we had all just created.


Weasley popped his head up to look at Lucy’s team who were all staring at us weirdly. “They’re spying on us!” He hissed. “Move back! Move back!”


Somehow, all of us managed to shuffle as a group far enough away that Lucy’s team wouldn’t be able to hear what was going on at our team huddle.


Yes, some of us take these snowball fights very seriously. I am one of those people so stuff it.


“What’s the game plan, boss?” Sydney asked from in between James and Al, and Weasley smirked at being called ‘boss’.


Way to go and inflate his head even more there, Syd.


“I have a fool proof plan. Honestly, it’s sheer brilliance.” Weasley said with a grin, and we all looked at him expectantly. “We go out there and kick some Team Gryffindor arse!”


We all started cheering again before we were reigned back in by Weasley. “But seriously, I want Rose, Sydney, and Lily to be on the snowball making job. Make them fast so that way James, Blazer, Al, Louis, and I can whip them at Team Gryffindor with lightning speed.”


“Why the hell do we have to make the snowballs?” Lily complained, obviously pissed that she wouldn’t get to harm her family members.


“Do you really want me to answer that question?” Weasley asked, raising an eyebrow, and I stifled a laugh at Sydney, Rose, and Lily’s outraged expressions.


I love being a boss at throwing.


“Are you bloody done yet?” Heidi yelled from thirty feet away where the rest of their team was waiting impatiently.


“Just a second!” Weasley called, before turning back to our huddle. “Go easy on Heidi.”


Sydney looked at me with a panicked expression on her face.




“Why?” Al asked curiously, raising an eyebrow.


“Weasley,” I said, warningly, digging my nails into his shoulder as a reminder to keep his trap shut.


James was the only one in the circle that didn’t look confused.


“Just do it, okay?” Was all he said before calling back to Lucy that we were ready.


“Everybody has ten minutes to build their fort, and then it’s game on!” Rose yelled, and both teams started sprinting off in different directions.


It looked like their team was heading up to the green houses while our team went down to the Black Lake.


Sydney caught me by the arm, and held me back from the rest of the team. “Does Fred know about Heidi?”


I nodded grimly. “So do James and Logan.”


“Heidi is going to kill you, you know.” Sydney said.


I didn’t tell them. They figured it out on their own.” I told her truthfully.


She grinned and said, “Yeah, Roxy wasn’t too convincing with the Turnip story.”


I laughed and open my mouth to respond, but I was interrupted by Weasley screaming for us to hurry the fuck up because he needed more girly help to design the fort.


Stupid, bloody sexist.


After we made pretty much the most awesome fort on the face of the universe…with a little help from our good friend magic, we checked the time, and we had approximately ten seconds to spare before we were allowed to attack.


Thankfully, we had managed to make a good amount of snowballs to keep us going for the initial attack.


“I w-wish there was a b-better way t-to carry these things,” Louis said, shaking from the cold, carrying a huge arm full of snowballs that were pressed right up against his bare chest.


James and Weasley shivered in agreement as we trucked up the snowy hill to get up to Team Gryffindor’s fort.


This is what they get for being morons and going to bed without shirts on…well, technically, James was wearing a shirt, but then he took it off so I’m still calling him a moron.


I mean, yes, I was freezing also because my tank top wasn’t very thick and the water from the snow was seeping through it, but I was still in better shape than them.


“Wait a second,” James paused with an excited look on his face. “Al, take off your shirt!”


“Didn’t know that you rolled that way, James. To be honest, I’m a little bit creeped out that you like incest also.” Al said with a grin as James immaturely stuck his tongue out at his brother.


“It’s so we can wrap up the snowballs in the shirt so that way we don’t have to hold them right next to our skin, dumbarse!”


I had to give James some credit, it actually wasn’t that bad of a plan.


“No way! It’s your stupid faults for not wearing shirts to bed!” Al exclaimed, and started backing away from his cousins who were looking at him with very determined expressions on their faces.


“Come on, Al, take one for the team,” I told him, and Louis, James, and Weasley nodded in agreement at my words.


“Fine! Fine!” Al growled, set down his snowballs, and pulled off his shirt.


Don’t let Albus Potter’s adorable face and behavior fool you, he actually has an incredibly hot body. Not as great as his brother’s or Weasley’s but it’s still definitely up there.


We wrapped all of Al’s, Louis’, and a most of James’ snowballs up in the shirt, but it still wasn’t enough.


Very, very slowly, all of their head’s turned to me.




“You have got to be high or drunk off your arse if you think that I am going to take off my tank top just so you stupid fucks won’t be cold.”


“Come on, Dessie, take one for the team.” Al mimicked, cocking his head to the side with an evil grin on his face.


I am going to castrate that boy in his sleep.


I scowled and muttered, “You all owe me,” as I whipped off my black tank top, and chucked it at Weasley’s smirking face.


This left me in only my thin red and white polka dot boxer shorts and a black lacy bra.


I hate the idiot males of Team Voldemort.


“Stop looking at me!” I complained, folding my arms across my chest, while they all grinned like the stupid creeps like they were.


“If we don’t start moving, they are going to attack us fir-“ I started, but a huge snowball hitting James in the face cut me off.


“Told you,” I said cockily with a smirk, but was then hit right in the boob by a snowball that felt like it was completely made of ice.


“Fucking hell!” I screamed, and grabbed my aching chest while Weasley started laughing his arse off at my pain.


Really?! A boob shot?! That isn’t even bloody fair. That’s like me going up to a guy and kneeing him right in his man parts.


It hurts just as sodding much.


“Stop laughing at me!” I yelled, and threw one of my snowballs so it hit him in the face.


His expression quickly became annoyed and he threw a snowball at me for revenge. And three guesses where he aimed the blasted snowball? That’s right, my other boob.


Great, now I’m going to have two sore boobs.


Stupid fucking Weasley.


“Ouch! That bloody hurts, you arse!” I shrieked, and chucked another snowball at his head, which he dodged, and reciprocated by throwing and hitting his target, which was my face.

Now Weasley and I were having our little snowball fight just between ourselves.


“Um, guys? You do realize that you’re on the same team, right?”

Louis interjected weakly, looking back in forth between the two of us as we threw snowball after bloody snowball.


We ignored him, of course.


“We are going to lose the game if you two don’t stop fighting!” Al complained.


This, surprise, surprise, did absolutely nothing, and I chucked yet another snowball at Weasley and he did the same to me while I screamed ‘Arse!’ and he yelled ‘Bitch!’


“IF YOU TWO DON’T STOP THIS RIGHT NOW THEN I AM GOING TO TELL EVERYBODY ABOUT YOU-KNOW-WHAT!!” James screamed, and Weasley and I immediately dropped our snowballs. Then James got hit on the chest by a snowball by someone from Team Gryffindor from wherever they were hiding.


We even managed to look slightly ashamed.


This is a big step for us. Be proud.


“What’s ‘you-know-what’?” Al asked curiously, but he was ignored.


“Truce, Blazer?” Weasley asked, raising an eyebrow, and holding out his hand.


I looked at it for a second deciding whether or not that I would get some sort of a disease by touching it before grudgingly shaking it.


“For the sake of the team,” I muttered still shaking his hand.


“Very nice bra, by the way. I wasn’t aware that you owned anything that scandalous.” Weasley nodded appreciatively with a smirk. Why does he always have to smirk? Is it physically impossible for him to bloody smile?


“What? Do you expect me to wear granny panties?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.


“You mean, you have matching knickers?” He asked, still grasping my hand, his eyes widening slightly, causing me to grin.


“Well, duh. You don’t expect me to not mat-“ I was cut off by at least twenty snowballs all raining down on our group at the same.


Louis screamed, “INCOMING!!” And I finally let go from Weasley’s hand because he pulled me down to the ground as about thirty more snowballs pelted us from above.


It really was our fault to stop on the middle of a hill like sitting ducks while their fort was at the top of the hill.


Not our best plan in the world.


“On three, we run as if our lives depended back to the fort, wait for them to come, and attack the fucking shit out of them.” Weasley ordered to all of us, and we nodded as we got pounded by what just felt like pure ice hammering on our backs.






“THREE! RETREAT!” Weasley shouted, and we jolted up, and ran down the hill screaming and yelling like crazy people as we continued to try to dodge snowballs.


But you see, running down a snowy and slightly icy hill isn’t the easiest thing in the world.


In fact, this action might cause you to slip/trip and go sliding/tumbling the rest of the way down the hill.


It also might make you take out whoever is right next to you, causing them to do the same.


Then, the person that you took out will most likely start a chain reaction and take out everyone else, which is really something that only happens in movies but somehow magically made it into real life.


All these actions together will probably force whomever you lead to their sliding/tumbling death to scream, “I’M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU!”


But it’s alright you see, because when you get to the bottom of the death hill, you hit the lovely snow fort that you built rather than go straight into the icy, freezing cold lake.


And thankfully, you built the fort well so it didn’t get completely destroyed when you and four other teenagers came crashing into it at high speeds.


But unfortunately, the force of you and those four other teenagers was enough to make part of the top wall to fall directly on your head, burying your barely clothed body in freezing snow.


Doesn’t all this just sound like a fucking party?


Yeah, I didn’t bloody think so.


For the second time this morning, all heads slowly turned to me, but this time the faces on those heads looked either furious or amused.


“Er…hello?” Was my reply to the random body parts and appendages that stuck out from the huge pile of snow that had just flew down on us all.


We all managed to have our heads above the snow, but not much more than that.


“You, Dessie Grace Blazer, are the biggest git on the face of the planet.” James told me as he pulled his arm out of the heap of snow, and rubbed his head.


“Thank you, James Sirius Potter. That means a lot.”


“You’re welcome, Dessie Grace Blazer. I’m glad to hear it.”


“Hey, Fred Arthur Weasley, any ideas on how to get us out of here?”


“No, Albus Severus Potter, I don’t. Dessie Grace Blazer, I’d like to add to James Sirius Potter’s initial statement of calling you a git and say that I think that you are also a complete moron.”


“Aw, that’s so sweet, Fred Arthur Weasley. I thank you dearly for that wonderful compliment, but I would just like to say that I DIDN’T DO IT ON PURPOSE.”


“Louis William Weasley would like to know when we can get out of here because if you all haven’t noticed, Team Gryffindor is coming down the hill.”


I looked in the direction that Louis nodded with his head to see that Tosh, Logan, Dom, Roxy, Heidi, Hugo, Lucy, and Scorpius were all charging down the hill, each with arms full of snowballs.


Shit. Fuck. Damn. Crap. Balls. Shit.












Is it sad that the most scared that I’ve ever been is when eight teenagers are about to slam me with snowballs and I have no way to escape?


Okay, good. I didn’t think so.


“What? What happened?” Lily asked excitedly as she, Syd, and Rose came running out of the fort. Her face quickly fell when she saw that we were trapped in the snow.


I pointed with my free arm at Team Gryffindor coming down the hill at an alarming rate, and the expressions on their faces told me exactly how screwed we were.


“GET US OUT OF HERE!” Louis shouted frantically with an extremely panicked face.


“Please, please tell me that you made a whole fuck load of snow balls?” I asked hopefully as they, and anybody that had free arms, started digging us out.


“What else did you expect us to do while you guys were gone?” Sydney responded, and grinned as she freed James while Rose freed Al, and Lily pulled out Louis.


Once Rose and Sydney freed Weasley and I, we quickly ran inside the fort, and devised a game plan.


“Alright, we’re going to do a one-on-one thing here,” Weasley said, as I shivered into Sydney’s slightly warmer arms. “Each of us is going for a different person. We need to split them all up.”


We nodded as Weasley explained further. “James, you get Logan, Al, you get Hugo, Louis, you take Dom, Sydney, you take Heidi, Rose, you take Scorpius, Blazer, you take Roxy, and I’ll take Tosh. Questions?”


Everybody looked pleased with who they got to attack in the near future, especially Rose who I’m assuming is going to find some way to seduce her boyfriend in a disgusting manner, and Louis who was evilly grinning about which way he was going to get payback on his sister.


I was the only one who was not happy. Really? He gave me Roxanne? Bloody Roxanne!?


“Weasley, you take Roxy. She’ll kill me if I try to go against her. She goes apeshit when attacking people like this.” I complained, and rubbed my arms to try to warm up my cold body.


“Are you kidding me? She’s already pissed at me, she’ll bloody murder me!” Weasley exclaimed with a slightly frightened expression his face, which almost made me laugh.


“Aw, widdle baby Weasley can’t handle his widdle sister?” I said with a pouty face, and I patting his cheek patronizingly.


“I can handle Rox,” Weasley insisted with his eyebrows pulled together in an annoyed expression.


“Great, then you can fight her!” I exclaimed and smiled winningly causing him to look even more irritated much to the amusement of the rest of Team Voldemort.


“Whatever,” He growled, and then added, “Is everybody ready?”


We all nodded eagerly to meet our doom that resided about thirty feet outside the door, charging down the hill like maniacs.


We each grabbed as many snowballs as possible, James screamed, “FOR TEAM VOLDEMORT!” and then we all ran out the door shouting the same thing like idiots.


Spunk filled idiots, that is.


I spotted Tosh immediately, ran over to him, dodging snowballs on my way, and pelted him with as many snowballs as possible.


He, after glancing around and realizing that we were each targeting a different person, grinned and then started throwing his armfuls of snowballs at me.

Eventually, we both ran out, and he must’ve thought to hell with it all, and he charged towards me and before I could run away, he threw me over his shoulder.


Seriously? Am I just a thing that people decide that they can just casually pick up as if it’s not annoying at all? Since when is it not necessary to ask consent before throwing someone over your shoulder? What the hell is the matter with the world?!


Then again, we are in the middle of a war, but that’s beside the point.


“PUT ME DOWN!” I screamed and started pounding on his back.


He’s younger than me! Should I be doing this to him? Curse blokes and their bloody muscles.


“Why aren’t you wearing a shirt? You look like a prostitute.” He said, frowning, put me down, took of his shirt, and then gave it to me.


“Weasley,” I growled and instantly took it, grateful for the warmth that it provided from his body heat.


Tosh grinned slightly. “Why am I not surprised?”


I grimaced and glanced around at everyone around us.


Scorpius and Rose were snogging oblivious to everyone else and the murderous glares being sent towards them by Hugo and Al.


Dom was shrieking and running away as Louis chucked about fifty snowballs at her at once with the help of his wand, which was technically against the rules.


Lily was looking rather bored as Lucy had curled up in a ball and cried surrender after Lily had started after her.


Heidi and Sydney seemed to be threatening Logan and James. Logan was attempting to touch Heidi stomach like the blithering idiot that he is so I can only assume that Sydney told Heidi that the boys know and she was making sure that they would keep their filthy mouths shut.


Roxy and Weasley were screaming and yelling at each other while pelting each other with as many snowballs that could get their hands on. The sibling love was absolutely endearing.


Tosh was assessing everything as well, and I think we both came to the conclusion that neither team was necessarily winning and the fight had gone to shit.


He turned to me, raised and eyebrow, and said, “Want to sneak into the kitchens and score some hot chocolate?”


I smiled, jumped onto his back, said, “I thought you’d never ask,” and he carried me the rest of the way back to the castle like the amazing, carefree little brother that he is.



A/N: Hello there! This was the longest chapter that I ever wrote and while it’s just a filler, I like they slight fluffiness to it. I know I said that there was supposed to be a Dessie/Fred snogging scene in here, but it just didn’t work out that way. On the bright side, there will definitely be one in the next chapter, which I already have ideas for.


I think that in the next chapter Heidi will have her first doctor's/healer's appointment so there will be that to look forward to.


Did you all like this chapter? What do you think of the rest of the Wotters that got slightly introduced? Any favorite quotes or parts? Let me know!


Tomorrow is my birthday, by the way. I’M GOING TO EAT TEN POUNDS OF CAKE. BE JEALOUS.


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