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Off Limits by frini19
Chapter 1 : A Teeny-Tiny-Totally-Not-Big-Mini Crush
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In the kitchens, I grabbed ice cream, pudding, cookie dough, brownies, and cupcakes.

In short, I grabbed everything needed for dealing with a break up.

No, I wasn't the one broken up with. I'm flattered you thought that though.

Because even though I am part Veela, boys don't like me.

Ironic, isn't it? Merlin must really hate me.

I ran up to the Gryffindor common room (all the supplies were in my bag because I couldn't carry them) and when I reached the Fat Lady, yelled "Moonstone!” and ran past everyone in the common room (without tripping!) and up to my dorm as fast as my legs would take me (which wasn't very fast).

Once I opened the door to my dorm, gasping for air (you try going up seven floors of stairs and not gasping for air. I dare you), I saw that the scene was even worse than when I left.

Gabrielle was sitting on her bed, surrounded by blankets and tissues, her heavy make up flowing down her face, her dark hair going in twenty different directions, and sobbing. Madison was sitting next to her rubbing her back and trying to calm her down (and failing epically).

"Oh Gabby," I said going over to her bed and dumping all the food I brought out. I took the cartoon of ice cream and opened it and grabbed the spoons I managed to steal (the house elves are surprisingly protective of their silverware). I shoved the ice cream into Gabrielle's hands. "It will be alright, honey."

Gabrielle stuffed the ice cream into her mouth between sobs and somehow managed to say, "No it won't! The one boy I ever loved dumped me! He-he dumped me! I love him so much!"

"Honey, he was a Hufflepuff," Madison said. I could tell where she was going and was trying to send her a telepathic message not to go there. "I don't know how much you could've loved someone who was in Hufflepuff." Apparently she didn't get my message.

This only made Gabrielle sob louder.

In case you couldn't tell, Madison sucks at comforting.

"Madison how could you say that?!" Gabrielle wailed. "Of COURSE I still loved him! If anything it made me love him more! I just want him back! How could he do this?!"

Madison was about to say something but then caught my look and shut her mouth.

When neither Madison or me responded, Gabrielle through herself into her pillow, sobbing into it. She was still talking but all I could catch was "I love him!" and "How could he?" and "I'm gonna die alone!".

She is such a drama queen.

But she's my best friend so back off.

"Gabs," I said, rubbing her back while Madison cleaned the ice cream that fell on the bed. Madison isn’t super good when Gabrielle is having one of her major drama queen freak-outs. Actually, Madison isn’t really good at understanding Gabrielle in general. "Honey, it will be okay. If he's dumb enough to let you go, then be smart enough to let him."

Gabrielle responded with something that sounded like, "But I don't wanna, Tor."

"You might have to though," I said. "Do you think you could go to sleep maybe that would help you stop thinking."

"Yeah," Madison said, trying to help. She must have felt bad for what she said earlier. "Just go to sleep. Go to dreamland."

And just like that, Gabrielle was asleep. Crying must have really worn her out. (Gabrielle has always been able to fall asleep super quickly though. So maybe that helped too).

Madison and I got off of her bed and headed toward the door. Madison cleared the path to make sure that I wasn't going to trip over anything. Once we were out of the room, I asked Madison, "Did she tell you why Scott broke up with her?"

"Nope," Madison said. "She didn't. She just went on and on about how she loved him. We're too young to be in love. We just started fifth year for crying out loud!"

"I don't know, I think she did love him," I said. "She was always so quick with boyfriends dumping them after a few weeks and then with Scott, she was with him for nearly a year. I think they were in love, but they were in puppy love."

"I'm not sure if it was puppy love or obsession. They had to talk about each other all the time! It was disgusting," Madison said. It was true. Scott and Gabrielle looked at each other and probably had fights over who was more adorable and who was more amazing and gross stuff like that. They would be cute if they weren't so disgusting. I couldn't even be in the same room as them if they were together because I'd always feel lonely and left out and unloved. While Gabrielle had a new boyfriend each week, I’ve never even had one. So to see her with yet another boy, one she apparently “loved” made me feel really unloved. You would think that being a Veela would make all my friends jealous of the attention I get from boys. Nope. The Veela gets no attention from boys.

"I guess that's true," I said. "I don't want a love like that. I feel like if you and Aaron keep going out though you could be in love. Not like that though. But real love. Because you don’t seem like the kind of person to argue over who is cuter."

"Merlin, if I ever get like that please slap me Tori," Madison said.

"Oh, don’t worry, I will," I said, smirking at her as we reached the common room.

"Oi! Madison! Victoire! Over here!"

We both looked out and saw Aaron (Madison’s Boyfriend), Jason and Michael, the male half of our group. Madison's face instantly lit up when she saw Aaron and she went over to the couch and sat on his lap. They didn't kiss or make out, she just sat on his lap and he put his arms around her. They didn't need everyone to know they were together by grossing all of us out. They knew. That was all they needed.

I started walking over when I tripped and landed on my back.

"Ow," I said, with my eyes closed.

"You alright Vic?" I heard a male voice say. I knew that voice without having to open my eyes. I would know that voice anywhere.

"Yeah, I'm fine Teddy," I said. I opened my eyes and smiled at him crouching down next to me. He was two years older than me, but he's been around my family forever. In fact, everyone expected us to get married. None of my family knows that I have a teeny-tiny-totally-not-big-mini crush on him.

"Let me make sure," he said. Instantly, his hair changed from the sandy blonde he keeps it at, to bright bubblegum pink. "What color is my hair?"

"Bright bubblegum pink," I said to him. He opened his mouth again but I cut him off before he could say anything. "Just like your Mum's hair was."

Harry told Teddy stories about his parents, and then Teddy told me them. We used to tell each other everything before he went to Hogwarts and got other friends, while I was stuck at home with Dominique and the million babies my family produced. Even when I got to Hogwarts, we were still distanced and soon we made friends in our own years and only met up in passing. Sadly, I am normally on the floor because I tripped in these passings.

He smiled and his hair went back to it's sandy blonde while he stood up. He stuck out his hand to help me up and I took it and pulled myself up. I checked myself, making sure all clothes were still cover area's they were supposed to, and looked up at him. He wasn't that much taller than me, me being five foot nine and a half inches and Teddy almost hitting the six foot one mark. He was also very good looking. That was pretty easy to do when you can change your appearance. But Teddy didn't do that. He looked the same as he did when he was a baby (I've seen pictures. He could only change his hair color then).

"You gotta be more careful, Vic," he said squeezing my hand. "Your mom said that you being a klutz was just a phase and apparently it's a very long one since you've been a klutz forever." He smirked. "You know that being clumsy is looked down upon."

"Hey!" I said, hitting him on the arm with my free hand. "You know how much I tried to stop being a klutz! I was scarred for life when you told me I could never get a job or get into Hogwarts because they don't allow klutzes in! Besides, your Mum was apparently a klutz too!! So you have klutz blood in your veins! You’re probably a secret klutz! HA."

Teddy laughed at this, his brown eyes twinkling. "You're ridiculous. But I guess that's why I love you."

"Eh," I said, ignoring how my heart fluttered. He only loves me as a friend, nothing more. "Your alright."

We stood there smiling at each other, until one of his friends yelled at him to come back and help him with his homework. He said bye and squeezed the hand he was still holding and then headed over.

I went over to my friends and sat down in the free armchair. I looked down at the hand he was holding and when I looked up, I saw all of my friends staring at me.

"What?" I asked.

"So what was that?" Jason asked.

"Oh, I fell," I said.

"Not that," Madison said from her perch on Aaron's lap. "But that. You. Flirting with the Head Boy over there." She nodded her head in Teddy's direction, where he was helping his friend.

"Madison, we weren't flirting," I said. No one knew about my teeny-tiny-totally-not-big-mini crush on him, but Madison always suspected. Madison may have sucked at comforting people, but when it came to reading body language, she was an expert. "He was making sure I was okay."

"Yeah because I totally make sure my friends are okay by holding their hand, and smiling at them like I wanna shag them right on the spot," Michael said. He seemed kind of angry too. Which was unusual for him because he was normally a very happy guy. In fact sometimes he was so bubbly, I thought he was a poof (I'm pretty sure he isn't though).

"Michael are you okay?" I asked.

"Me? Oh, yeah I'm fine," he said, still in the angry tone. "I just gotta go do some homework that's all." He got off the couch and stomped up the stairs.

"What's with him?" I asked.

Jason and Aaron looked at each other with knowing glances. "Nothing," Jason said. "He's just been having problems with homework and it's pissing him off. You know how stressed he is about the O.W.L.S this year."

"Yeah but it's only the beginning of November" I said. "He has tons of time to stress out about that later!"

"Yeah, well, Michael's a weird guy," Aaron said. He kissed Madison's shoulder and said, "I'm gonna head up to bed. It's getting pretty late."

Aaron and Jason both left to go up to bed and then it was only me and Madison.

"Okay, Victoire," Madison said. "Boys are gone. Tell what was really going on with Lupin. Don't give me any of that crap you were saying before or anything else. I've been your roommate and one of your best friends for five years. I can tell when you like a boy."

"Madison..." I said. I didn't want to get into the whole Teddy thing because it was too complicated and confusing to deal with at 11 at night. "I've known him forever-"

"And I can tell that you've always had a crush on him," Madison said. "I may not be great at dealing with people, especially Gabrielle, but I can read you like an open book."

I looked over to where Teddy sat, alone now, reading a book. He looked so peaceful, just sitting there, reading, not caring about the girls in the common room practically sighing from just looking at him (in case you couldn't tell he was very sought after here at Hogwarts. He's had a few girlfriends but none of them have lasted long). I looked back at Madison and saw her looking at me with that...Madison look. It’s a look she does where she bites her bottom lip and raises her eyebrows. You can tell she knows the truth just by looking at her eyes.

"Please don't tell anyone," I said. "I don't even know how he thinks of me and I don't want to be considered another girl who is under his spell and..." I looked back at Teddy. "I don't want him to find out and them for things to be awkward between us."

"Tori," Madison said, using her special nickname for me. She was the only one to call me Tori, just like Teddy was the only one to call me Vic. "I promise I won't tell anyone. Not even Gabrielle." She stood up and looked over at Teddy right when he looked up from his book and saw me. He started making faces and changing his nose and I couldn't help but laugh and he laughed along with me. I forgot Madison was there until she said, "But Tori, I think there's a very likely chance that he would feel the same way."

I broke eye contact with Teddy to look at Madison, but she was already heading up to the dorms. And when I looked back at Teddy, I saw that his nose was back to normal and that he was reading his book again.

I had a hard time believing that he could ever be harboring any feelings beyond friendship towards me.


I hope you all liked it! Please review! I promise it will get better, I know this chapter kinda sucked.

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