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The Quidditch Bet by mollytaylor
Chapter 2 : and they told me i don’t need to worry
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chapter image made by MLTaylor @ TDA (aka, me!)


I winced as Dom screeched in my ear. However, despite how loud she was, her parents had barely heard her. It was loud, though not unusually so; at least, not for the first day of school. Parents were busy saying their goodbyes, and students were busy catching up on others lives, waiting to get on the train so they could all head to Hogwarts for another fun filled year of magic.  

Dom ran up to her parents and many uncles and aunts. Minnie’s parents were there too, though it seemed to be more a formality, then anything else. So, I stayed back as Minnie quickly followed Dom, staying close to my parents. It wasn’t that I didn’t like the Weasleys, or anything. Quite the contrary, I loved them; Dom’s mother was just amazing to me, especially after I told her I wanted to learn French (she’s been teaching me since Christmas of my second year), and I always enjoy talking about Quidditch with Dom’s father and various uncles.

My main reason for avoiding them this particular morning, though, was standing next to his father, chatting away with one of his many cousins. James Sirius Potter was very well the bane of my existence – of course, he had help with his two cousins, Fred and Roxanne, and his other best mates, Frank Longbottom (ironic that he’s the brother of my best friend, as well) and Callen Stryker, but James seemed to be the ring leader, and he was often the one poking fun at me when ever a prank seemed to happen. And I just didn’t want to deal with that. Not this early in the morning.  

James paused his chat with his lovely younger cousin, Hugo (one of the Weasley’s I really don’t mind), when Don came over. He said a quick hello to her, before slowly scanning the crowd. Eventually, his gaze ended at me, and our gaze met. A small smile played on his lips, but I just scowled, and turned my head.

“Alright,” I said to my mother and father, trying to distract myself, “well, I think I'll be off.”  “Bye Mum,” I said, giving her a hug, then going over to my dad to do the same, “Bye Dad.”

They both returned the hugs, giving me a small peck on the cheek, and wishing me luck. Then, I quickly scurried away, trying to see if I could see James out of the corner of my eye. However, there were far to many people moving around, and I couldn’t tell if he was around.

“Hold on, mate,” I heard Minnie call as I made my way towards the train. I gave a small smile to my friend as I briefly paused, waiting for her to catch up. Eventually, Dom met up with us as well, and the three of us made our way onto the train. We slowly walked through the corridors of the train, pushing our way through with our heavy trunks. Eventually, we found an empty compartment. It didn’t take long for the three of us to get comfortable as we waited for the train to start moving.

Soon enough, the door to the compartment opened, and another blonde hair stuck her head through the crack. Although the view of the lovely face was mostly obscured by a pair of rather large sunglasses, I could tell by the messy blonde bun and practically flawless skin that this was none other than Ariana Moon.

“Hey girls,” she squealed, her American accent as evident as ever, as she made her way in. Her neatly manicured fingers brought her sunglasses to the top of her head.

Ariana Moon was the epitome of a lady. You wouldn’t think that she had come from America with the way that she acts, but she’s really just the most well mannered girl you’ll ever meet. I’ve never heard her curse, or seen her get angry or upset (I’ve seen her get ‘disappointed’ though, which for Ari is just as bad.). She’s a prefect, and she’s probably the only person my age that I actually respect.

“So Ari,” Dom said with a coy smile as Ari sat next to her, “meet any hot Aussie blokes over the summer?”

A small smile appeared on her face as she looked down at her hands. She almost looked as if she were embarrassed by the question.

“Well, yes, actually,” she said as calmly as she could (typical Ari), “I actually met him a couple years ago, but we’ve been keeping in touch…”

"Wow, he must be a special guy," Minnie cooed, "If he can get the mighty Ariana Moon to act like that."

She finished off her sentence by wiggling her pointer finger towards Ari, all while she and Dom started giggle. I couldn’t help but smile as well.

"What about you guys," Ari asked, gaining the composure that I was so used to seeing her have, "How was your summer?"

Before any of us could respond, the train lurched forward, signaling to us the ride was about to start. The four of us quickly rushed up to the window, looking for our parents and hoping they would see us too. Quickly enough, I found my own parents, and waved as they finally looked at me, the train slowly starting to move.

“Au revoir, Mama. Au revoir, Papa,” Dom called as she waved to her own parents.

We sat there for a few minutes, just waving to our parents as the train slowly moved, until they were completely out of site.

“Hey,” Minnie said as we slowly moved away from the window, “Has anyone seen Avril?”

As if right on cue, the door slammed open, and a small, young, raven haired girl entered the compartment. She flopped down in the nearest empty seat, sinking into as much as she could, closing the door with her foot. She was heaving heavily, and sweat was dripping down her forehead. Her legs were stretched across, lying on the chairs on the other side.

“… Oh, hey mates,” she said with a smile on her face, as if she just now realized who we were (and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what actually happened.). 

“Hey Avril,” Ari said with a smirk. Avril just looked up at her, and rolled her eyes.

“Late again,” Minnie asked.

Avril’s curly black locks bounced on her shoulders as she nodded.

“Even though I sent her three owls last night, Ari interjected before Avril could reply, “reminding her not to be, because the train wasn’t going to wait just for her.”

“It’s not my fault,” Avril defended herself, “But Tobi’s home, and he just had to take all of our parents’ attention.”

We all stared at her, giving her what was only known as the Hufflepuff Stare. I mean, really, we all knew her brother, Tobi Lee, was a big deal when he came home. At the bright age of twenty, he was already making I way up the ladder of success in the Ministry of Magic. Avril’s parents loved her, but they held high expectations towards her. We knew all this, yes, but we also knew Avril, and we knew that she was at some fault.

“Okay, fine,” she said, sinking even further into the seat, “I also may have slept in, just a little.”

We all laughed; typical Avril. She was so sweet, but her oblivion towards the world was sometimes a bit to much to handle. Actually, Avril in general was sometimes to much to handle. She was a lot like Dom – adventurous and occasionally brash – but she also had the ability to attract trouble all on her own. I loved her like a sister, but when around her, I tried to be extra careful. She had a tendency to just be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Dom shook her head, her blonde hair falling in her face.

“Doesn’t matter, you’re here, “ she said, lifting Avril’s legs, then scooting over to sit across from her, placing them in her lap, “Anyway, you’ll never believe all the ideas I have for this year. My Uncle George gave me some awesome new stuff…”

Oh, did I forget to mention that Dom and Avril are pranking queens?  Every week they seem to be coming up with a new plan for a prank. I’ve learned just to ignore them when they start talking about these things – I can’t get into trouble if I don’t know what’s going on.

Yeah, I know, I could try and stop them for getting into trouble. But, that’s pretty much impossible; once they get going, you just can’t seem to stop them. I tried once, third year, but that just turned into a huge pranking war between them and James an his posy. It stared out friendly enough, but it ended when Professor McGonagall threatened to expel them all if it didn’t stop. Although the year ended peacefully enough, it just fueled to the two girls with more energy, and it’s been going strong ever since.

Ari slid over next to me with a smile on her face. This always seemed to be the game that Ari and I always played when the two started talking about pranks; especially as a prefect now, Ari too tried to ignore Dom and Avril when they got into one of their ‘talks’ We liked to play innocent.

“So,” she said, “I’ve heard through the grapevine that one Sarah O’Connor was planning something big for this coming year…”

I knew, essentially, that was her way of asking ‘Hey, what’s going on? Anything I should pretend not to know about?’ I turned towards Minnie, hoping she would help get me out of this, but her nose was in some book. My stare turned back to Ari, a small, innocent smile on my face.

“I just want this year to be different.”

Which was completely true. And I was going to make sure that happened. And if I got in trouble a long the way, so bit it. Of course, I wouldn’t go looking for it, like Dom and Avril seemed to a lot of the time, but if it happened to come around, I’d be ready for it. But I couldn’t tell Ari that, could I?

No. Not if I didn’t want a long Ari lecture.

“So… no big plans?”

I shook my head.


“You sure?”

“Yup… I'm just gonna do something in a ‘spur of the moment’ kind of way, I guess.”

“Alright… jus warm me, as far in advance as you can, okay? I don’t want to get my roommate in trouble. I love her to much.”

I looked up at her, and saw a caring smile. I knew she would be there for me, no matter what. I really adored Ari, she was like the older sister I had always wanted. Even though I wouldn’t consider her a ‘best friend,’ I knew I could trust her with pretty much anything.

“Thanks,” I said with a smile.

We embraced in a small hug, without saying a word. Then, we started talking about her summer, her hot Aussie owl pal, Riley, and pretty much anything else that normal girls talked about. Dom and Avril had started a game of Exploding Snaps, giving us their input on whatever it was that Ari and I were talking about, and Minnie just went on reading her book. This was the kind of stuff I liked most about my friends; we could just be complete and total girls, doing whatever we wanted to do, with out any judgment.

“Well,” Ari said, after watching Dom and Avril finish another game of Exploding Snaps, “I should be going. I’ve got a prefects meeting to get to.”

“Uck,” Dom said, rolling her eyes, “well, have fun with that.”

After she and Avril quickly said their good-byes, they started another game of Exploding Snaps. Minnie simply waved from behind her book, whispering out a small sort of sound, sounding like a small ‘bye.’ I simply waved to her, telling her I’d save her a seat at dinner, and then she was off.

I watched intently as Dom and Avril started their next game, although soon enough the door to the compartment opened for the third time that morning. I looked up, thinking I would find Ari coming back, maybe to get something she had accidentally left. But, whom I found instead was much less exciting.

“Oh, ‘ello O’Connor.”

“Potter,” I spat out.

Okay, so, I guess I should say that this story is set in the present day-ish (the 2000s), because I have this weird thing where I don't really like writing stories set in the future. So, let's all pretend that Harry and the others went to school during the 80s instead, okay? 

Now, don't forget to review, okay? I love to hear what people have to say, even if it's just 'your story is great!'

EDIT;; SEPTEMBER 7TH, 2011 So, a couple of people have voiced their concerens (more so, questions then concerns, really) about the characters, and why they're in the Hufflepuff house; if you are one of those people, please look at M'n'M's review on chapter 2 (it should be the second or third review, if you view them in 'oldest first' setting); it talks about why I put each character (except for Ari, and Sarah, really, though it does talk about her a bit...) in Hufflepuff. So, please, if you're a bit confused as well, go read my response to the review, and I hope it makes more sense after that.

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The Quidditch Bet : and they told me i don’t need to worry


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