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Annabel by daliha
Chapter 1 : Annabel
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I tapped my fingers against the table bitterly. Why in God's name I was here was beyond me? My blue eyes traveled around the room, everyone was happy. Happy because Dominique had finally married. I should be happy too, I should walking around the room telling people how happy I was for my brother.


But I couldn't. Instead it nauseated me to hear everyone's well wishes towards my brother. I wished nothing more than to hex him into an oblivion right about now, even if none of this was his fault. Instead Dominique was an innocent bystander.


I stood up walking over towards the bar, my older sister's eyes followed me around the room. My guess was that Teddy Lupin had let her in on my dirty little secret. On any other occasion I'd have tried to murder Teddy, but I didn't have the strength.


“Firewhiskey” I muttered to the bartender in an angry tone. The man warily took my glass and turned his back on me. I cursed under my breath while tapping my fingers on the counter. The sound of it relaxed me, even if only a bit.


I was a coward. If I had only spoken sooner, maybe, just maybe I could have avoided this situation.


“Louis” whispered a soft voice. I frowned avoiding her gaze.


“Victoire” I said using my elbows to prop my myself on the counter. I tried to make small talk, “How's Teddy?”


She sighed impatiently, I knew she was probably flipping her hair, “fine, but you know very well that's not what I'm here to talk about.” I knew she was staring at me, waiting for me to turn my gaze upon hers.


I couldn't, instead I took the glass that now sat before me. Just as I had my fingers around it, I felt Victoire pull the glass away. Her eyes narrowed at me reminding me of my mother when she was angered. She made me feel like I was five years old instead of twenty-five.


“I know you love her Louis” she slammed down the glass attracting the attention of those around us. I knew though Victoire could care less. She whispered “- but you have to let her go!”


I clenched my jaw. Why should I let her go?! Why should everyone get their happy ending except for me?! “Why?” I asked bitterly, my eyes itched. My breathing had begun to slow down. The curious eyes were still on us.


Her eyes softened as I spoke Pourquoi a-t-elle fait l'a-t-elle choisi ? Pourquoi pas je Victoire ?”


Victoire rubbed my back “Je ne connais pas Louis...”


I snorted turning away from her. Someone pushed the glass of Firewhiskey towards me. I took it downing it in one gulp.


“Whoa, Louis!” the glass had been pulled away from me by a tall blue haired wizard. Teddy Lupin pursed his lips at the empty glass “guess I was a couple seconds late.” I paid little attention to Teddy, behind him I could see the newlyweds being pulled onto the dance floor. My brother shook his head as my mother released him, his wife on the other hand smiled as Rose walked away from her.


Dominique seemed to sigh as he pulled her closer to him. Annabel shook her head as she caressed his face.


I saw her face light up at the sight of him, her green eyes sparkled. Without notice the tears traveled down my cheeks as they began to sway. Victoire hugged me while Teddy went to get me another glass despite Victoire's glaring. This time I felt I would need something stronger than Firewhiskey...


You're French” she said with sudden realization. Her green eyes glazed over as she leaned towards me. My nostrils had suddenly been filled with the scent of cinnamon that came off her breath. The smell of Firewhiskey always attracted me for some strange reason.


Oui” I answered with a small smirk. Annabel and I had been friends for the past few years. I met her after a Quidditch game when she accused me of trying to knock her off her broom, at the time I laughed at her reminding her I was a beater. Not a gentleman.


Despite of our Quidditch rivalry we had become good friends by the end of our fifth year. The only time we ever fought was when Ravenclaw was facing Gryffindor in a Quidditch match. We'd even make bets towards the outcome of the match which Fred loved.


Annabel and I had always been there for each other, no matter what. We even get ourselves in trouble just so the other wouldn't be alone. By the end of our seventh year I was madly in love with Annabel Wood.


But I couldn't bare to destroy our relationship. I didn't want to lose my best friend over a stupid crush. So I went out with other girls hoping that someday I'd forget Annabel.


And that day had yet to come.


I heard Teddy argue with Victoire about whether I should have a drink or not. I ignored their argument as I watched Annabel lay her head onto my brother's shoulder, all whilst her whispered something into her ear. I slammed the glass on the counter asking the bartender for a stronger drink.


Had I been any other kind of man I'd have taken advantage of the fact that she was currently drunk .


Though it had never occurred to me how strange this was. See Annabel was a stickler for the rules, which meant she was against getting drunk during the season. She knew if her Captain caught she'd get into trouble.


That's soooo sexy” she slurred falling onto my lap. I chuckled, for once Anna was the drunk one and not me. Usually it'd be me in her apartment sleeping on her couch after a night out.


Yes it is” I said helping her sit up straight “but the true question is why are you here?” She frowned turning towards me pouting, as if the answer was obvious.


I just miss you Louis” she said with a child-like smile. I raised an eyebrow as she leaned in. I couldn't accept her to kiss me while she was drunk. It was wrong.


No” I pushed her away shaking my head “go to sleep Anna, you're drunk.” I didn' t notice it then but she looked hurt.


That night I watched her sleep on my couch. Even while she was drooling Annabel managed to looked beautiful.


I pulled myself away from Victoire, she called my name as I ran towards the door past James who was talking to my father. My father eyes followed me, I knew he wouldn't ask me what was wrong. My father would simply sit by me and let me cry myself asleep if he had to. He knew I'd end up spilling the beans sooner or later.


I kept running, I couldn't bare to see Annabel with him. My Annabel was married to Dominique. If he were any other man I'd have ripped her away from his arms a long time ago, but I couldn't hurt my brother. He had always been there when I needed him, in fact it was who helped me get my flat...


I held the towel around my waist as I made my way towards my room. After a year at Gringotts I had managed to get my own flat. It was small with small kitchen space but it was something I could call my own. Even if I loved Fred, and James I couldn't bare to live with them for another second. Those two were pigs! I smiled at the thought of my cousins, those two were insane. I remembered that I could never leave my things lying around for fear of them ending up in some sort of explosion.


I heard a loud knock at the door. It was probably one of my cousins.


Comin'” I called quickly pulling up my trousers. The knocking went on, this time louder. If this was James's idea of a joke, it wasn't funny.


I said coming dammit!” I yelled walking towards the door zipping my trousers with one hand while with the other I pulled the door open. I turned my back on my guest looking for wand.


Louis” I heard her whisper. I loved the way she said my name.


Annabel” I breathed, I heard her close the door behind her. Annabel walked towards me, today she seemed off. Usually she'd have laughed at the fact that I was currently only in my trousers blushing like an idiot. Or she had faked disgust and ran to get me a shirt. Instead she looked like she was on the verge of tears.


Is it true?” she asked, her voice hollow. Her green eyes devoid of their usual laughter. I knew what she was talking about. In a week I'd be going to Brazil on an assignment for Gringotts, so far I knew I'd be there for a year.


You knew I wanted to be a curse breaker-” I licked my lips.


But you never said you had to move to South America!” she yelled throwing up her hands “besides your dad's a curse breaker-” Annabel pointed out only to have me cut her off.


I got assigned a job Annabel!” I snapped “I signed a contract!” I ran my fingers through my blonde hair impatiently,”I'll write Annabel-”


She shook her head, for the first time I had seen Annabel sob. “No! No!” she yelled now poking my chest. “You” her poking slowed down “can't leave me Louis...”


Annabel just stared at me chest, I felt my heart drop. What else could I say? I was sorry, I didn't want to leave but if I ever hoped to achieve my dream, this trip would be necessary. Or I could always just pour my heart out and tell her how much I loved her.


I held her face pulling it up so she her eyes met mine. “Anna, I'll write...” She sobbed shaking her head .


Louis, please” she begged placing her hands on mine. I felt the heat that came from them, they were so small compared to mine. “I love you...” she whispered, my heart stopped.


She loved me... my Annabel loved me...


At first my lips barely touched hers. I was so unsure, what if Annabel rejected me?


She pulled me closer allowing my tongue into her mouth. I had kissed other girls but no one like Annabel. She was passionate yet loving. Her lips were sweet as they were strong.


I let my hands run through her hair, down her back.


I felt her hands pull at my trousers. Smiling I pulled away “having trouble?” Annabel blushed as I undid my pants. I watched her look up at me, my smile faded slightly. I had sudden realized...


I'd be Annabel's first. “Anna if you don't want to I'd understand -”


She nodded “I'm sure Louis” she whispered as she created circles on my chest with her finger. “I love you.”


I kissed her, slowly I undid her clothing.


I felt someone try and pull me up, I could tell it was a man. By the looks of his hands it was Teddy, behind him I could hear James ask what was wrong. By this time I was sobbing.


I could never get her moaning out of my head, or the feeling of her lips on my skin. I loved her, I'd forever love her.


“Louis!” yelled Teddy pulling me into a hug “stop it!” he whispered angrily. “She's not worth it!” I shook my head sobbing onto his chest.


“It's my fault Teddy” I pulled myself from him. “I shouldn't have put my career first!” His eyes softened, I could see them true blue like they usually did when he was saddened. James who understood nothing wrapped his arm around me.

“Louis” he began shaking his cup to get my attention. “If who ever she is loved you” he went on taking a glance at Teddy “she wouldn't have caused you pain...”


For once James had said something mature. Smiling I nodded, my cousin was right. “Thank you James, say bye to my parents for me...”


At my words Teddy frowned as if he realized what was going through my head “Louis please-”


“Take care of Victoire Ted” I said pulling away from James, before Teddy could grab me I vanished. 

This was written for a challenge. My pairing was a Louis/oc. I liked the challenge and enjoyed writing this. :) Thank you SpringSinger19 for the challenge.

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Annabel: Annabel


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