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Dance of Defiance by Ms_D_Longbottom
Chapter 3 : Just what Hogwarts needs...
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“Will you quit dragging me!? Potter! Black! Stop this at once! Remus help me!?”  I begged as James and Sirius tried to drag me into Zonko’s joke shop.

But my so called friend just watched and laughed as his two friends picked me up and carried me under my arms and by my ankles into the joke shop. Peter following us all at the rear.

“Tah dah! Welcome to Zonko’s Evans!” Sirius bellowed as he set me down again.

“I have been in here before Black!” I huffed, flattening my ruffled clothes and re-adjusting my woollen hat.

James pretended to faint into Remus’s arms before bursting into fits of laughter.

“Lily Evans in Zonko's, I never thought I’d see the day”

“I said I’ve been in here before! Doesn’t mean I enjoyed being in here! Now get out so Remus can help me pick presents for you two!” I said jabbing my fingers on James then Sirius’s chests in turn.

“Aw! Prongs you never said she was going to get me a present too! Don’t get me any dung bombs; I’ve got a trunk load already!” Sirius yelled as he and James were pushed out of the door by Peter.

“Right I want to get Sirius those hiccup sweets... and then we can go get Peter’s scarf from that little place down the street and then we’re done!” I yelled gleefully to Remus.

“What about James?” He quizzed

“I owl ordered both yours and his present. Now let’s pay for the hiccup sweets and get out of here before someone see’s me in here!”


“What is it?!”

“James its Christmas day, I wasn’t planning to open presents ‘til much later, after breakfast. If you want to open yours so be it but stop pestering me about what I got you.”

“Fine I’ll just open it!”  He ripped open his present, tossing the wrapping to the floor. He gazed at the gift before him and said nothing.


“I don’t know what to say Lily” he whispered.

“It’s called ‘thank you’ Prongs old buddy. Thanks for the sweets Evans” Called Sirius with a mouthful of sweets. “What’d she get you anyway?”

“Brand new dragon-hide quidditch gloves” he murmured.

“Wow nice one Evans! You got all of us just what we wanted!” Sirius yelled “Give us a look Prongs”


“Ready for the match James?”  Sirius asked, but no reply came back “James? Prongs? Earth to James Potter! Are you ready for the match or what?!”

“Hmmm? What? Oh sorry yea I’m ready” James replied looking up from his hands.

“They’re just gloves James; you don’t have to stare at them. If you don’t like them I can exchange them....” I started.

“NO!!!” he yelled “I mean... no, no don’t exchange them. I love them Evans they’re great” he replied smiling.

“Okay then well you’d better get down to the pitch...”

“She’s right Prongs come on!” Sirius barked pulling him up from the Gryffindor table. I could of sworn I heard him ask ‘what was all that about?!’ But I just shook it off and made my way down to the pitch myself.


“And Gryffindor chaser James Potter has the quaffle! He shoots! He scores! That’s Gryffindor 230 slytherin 100!” The announcer called out to the ground. This was met by loud cheering from the Gryffindor, ravenclaws and hufflepuffs and booing from slytherin’s.

“Go James!!” I cheered clapping along with the rest of the Gryffindor’s.

“Slytherin is in position of the quaffle! Wait... No! James Potter steals the quaffle back! He’s heading for the goal posts.... OUCH! That has got to be a foul! Oh SHIT! JAMES POTTER SLIPPED OFF HIS BROOM! HE’S FALLING! SHIT SOMEONE CATCH HIM!”

The crowd gasped and I watched in dismay as a slytherin beater slammed into James. Making him fall from his broom and begin to plummet to the ground. Sirius tried to catch up to him but he was falling too fast.  It looked almost certain that he would smash into the ground at full force; I froze with fear, what if James was to die right before our very eyes?

A bright light shot from Dumbledore’s wand and caught James; lowering him slower and ran onto the pitch followed closely by Madame Pomfrey and professor McGonagall.

I watched as James was loaded onto a stretcher and levitated towards the school. I didn’t know what I was doing, all I know is I somehow manage to battle my way through the crowd and get into the hospital wing moments after James.



“When’s he going to wake up?” I hear Sirius’s strained voice ask.

“Whenever he feels like it Mr Black. Now either stop pacing and sit down with your friends or leave the hospital wing” Madame Pomfrey huffed.

“Come sit with me Sirius...” Yup, that was definitely Evans voice...EVANS!?

“Huh?” I ask opening my eyes grudgingly

“James!” Sirius, Remus and Evans say in unison.

“Hey guys...”

“How you feeling Prongs?”Remus asked quietly

“Like my head is going to explode” I stifled a laugh. “Where’s Peter?”

“Don’t know. I didn’t see him at the match. Maybe he’s in the library or something” Evans whispered.

“Are you alright Lily? You’re rather quiet”

“I just watched you almost plummet to your death... Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go back to the heads common room before I have another heart attack” She said getting up from her seat and leaving the hospital wing. Red hair whipping back and forth as she did so.

“What was all that about Prongs?” Sirius quizzed.

“I have absolutely no idea...”


(Back to lily's p.o.v)

I returned to the heads room and picked up the mail from my desk. There was a box from my parents, a letter from the head master and one which I recognised the hand writing of instantly; I opened that one first.


I know I upset you confronting you about Remus. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Please.


Pft, yea right! Not anytime soon thank you Severus, I said to myself and tossed the letter and it’s envelope into the roaring fire. Next I opened the box from my parents; it was filled with my mom’s home baked cookies, my favourites. There was a little card in the box too.

Hey Lily sweetie

Hope school is going well, your father and I are off on a trip to Spain for a week tomorrow so I thought I’d send these before we left. Your father sends his love as does Petunia (even though she won’t admit it). Speaking of Petunia she brought Vernon around again yesterday. He’s invited her to move in with him... Isn’t that exciting? Hope to hear from you when we get back from Spain. Love you sweetie.

Love mum.

I put the card back in the box and replaced the box from where I got it. Then retrieved Professor Dumbledore’s letter.

 Dear Lily

I wish to congratulate you on your great work so far as head girl. You and James are doing a marvellous job. However I think the school needs a little... ‘Pick me up’ if you will. I entrust the both of you to come up with something creative. I want to hear ideas by Saturday next, good luck to you both.

Professor Dumbledore

Hogwarts Headmaster


I think I have just the thing Hogwarts needs...



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