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Playing House with Malfoy by DMlover
Chapter 7 : The Engagement Party
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AN: FYI I had to make a few changes to the story. And for those of you who have followed this story from the very beginning make sure to reread from the first chapter so you won't get confused later on.

AN: I don’t own anything from Harry Potter.


               Hermione stood in her closet trying to figure out what to wear. What the hell did one wear to a Pansy Parkinson event? Was it okay if she wore a t-shirt and jeans or did she need to wear a dress? The invitation said informal. But that could still mean anything. Ugh this was so frustrating! This is one of the subjects she did not excel in…fashion.


                She looked through all the clothes she had hanging in the closet, until she found a cute simple sundress with royal blue flowers all over it. It had an empire waist, so it would be nice and loose around her tummy. It was casual but not too casual and not overly fancy either. She took if off the hanger before she could change her mind…again.


                She laid it on a small upholstered bench that was placed along the back wall of their walk in closet and began to pull off the t-shirt that she had been wearing. When she heard a clearing of throat, heard him clearing his throat. She spun around clutching her hand over her chest.


“What did I tell you about knocking?” she yelled at him clutching her hands tighter to cover up her chest.


                She still had her bra on, but she didn’t want him to see it. Even though her hands weren’t doing a damn thing, since she kept noticing his eyes wondering over her torso and back up.


He shrugged. “I cleared my throat. I figured that was enough to announce my presence without having to make a big spectacle about it.” He smirked.


“You know when I’m in here changing you’re not allowed to come in. and I give you’re the same privacy. That’s why we agreed to knock if one of us needed anything.”


“I never agreed to anything like that. That was your rule that you made up and just assumed I follow along with it. But you should know by now that I’m not one who usually plays by the rules. Besides it’s not like you were naked or anything.”


She just glared at him. “What do you want Malfoy?” He started to step into the closet. “Don’t come any closer!” she stopped him. “Just say what you have to say and get out.”


He rolled his eyes at her. “Are you scared of me Granger?” he teased.


“No…I just want some space and privacy when I change clothes.”


“I’m just going to grab a shirt and then I’ll leave you alone.”


                This time she rolled her eyes and turned around. Quickly grabbing her dress and throwing it over her head, then over her body. She still had her jeans on, but she wasn’t going to remove them until he left the room.


                It wasn’t until he left and went into the bathroom to take a shower that she removed her jeans and put on some wedge sandals that went well with her sundress, and then walked out of the bedroom to get Crissy ready for the party.


                 Hermione was putting together Crissy’s diaper bag when Draco walked into the room, wearing dark jeans and a black button up shirt that was rolled up to the elbows. With her super sensitive nose she could smell him from all the way across the room. And he smelled amazing, sort of a spicy, woodsy smell that wasn’t too strong or overpowering, just right and perfect.


He went over to Crissy’s playpen and picked her up. “Well don’t you look pretty.” He told Crissy.


                Hermione dress Crissy in a teal green baby doll dress with purple poka dots. And put her hair in curly pigtails, secured with tiny purple bows.


“Are you ready to go?” he asked walking towards her.


She was packing Crissy pajamas into the bag, “Yeah just a second.” She packed in an extra bottle and her blanket. “Do you know who will be at the party?”


“How should I know Granger?”


“I don’t know. You know Pansy a lot better than I do. Who usually comes to her parties?”


“I don’t know Granger. I’ve never been to an engagement party thrown by Pansy.”


Hermione rolled her eyes at him.


“Honestly she’s never had many friends except me and Blaise and a few other Slytherins.”


Hermione looked away and bit her lip.


“You know you’re cute when you get all nervous.” He teased her.


She glared at him.


“You got all nervous and worried the other night and it turned out fine. I’m sure nothing is going to happen tonight. And I have no idea who is going to be there and who’s not going to be there. So I’m in the same boat as you of not knowing anything. For all I know it could be just you and me attending tonight.”


“I’m not nervous. I just don’t like going into something blindsided and unprepared.”


He rolled his eyes and shook his head. “We’re going to a bloody party not into battle.”


                They arrived at Blaise and Pansy’s house. It was almost impossible to find since they had to drive all the way out there, instead of just apparating. They were driving for Crissy’s sake.


                Hermione was nervous, she didn’t mind hanging out with Blaise and Pansy, but she really didn’t want to spend the evening surrounded by Slytherins or other various people she didn’t know. She parked their van in the driveway of a posh looking Tudor style house. At night the exterior of the house looked dark and cold, but she had no doubt that in the daylight it was breathtaking.


                Draco unbuckled Crissy from the back as Hermione grabbed her purse and the diaper bag. They walked up to the front door and waited as Draco knocked loudly three times on the door. Pansy opened up right away with a huge smile on her face as she greeted them. Pansy immediately gave Hermione a tight hug, something Hermione still wasn’t quite used to yet. She tried to relax her tense posture as much as possible.


“I’m so glad you made it.” She squealed then looked past Hermione’s shoulders at their vehicle, “But you didn’t have to drive here. You know you’re more than welcome to apparate here anytime.” Pansy said.


Whoops, so much for trying to do things as normally as possible. “Well we were in the area anyway, so we just decided to drive.” Hermione lied since she couldn’t really tell them they weren’t exactly allowed to use magic.


Draco bent down near her ear. “I told you we should have apparated.” He whispered so only she could hear.


She swatted him away with her hand; she didn’t need him that close to her, her nerves were already all over the place as is. “It doesn’t matter now since we’re already here.” She whispered back.


Blaise walked up behind Pansy to greet them. “Ah mate you made it!” Blaise said to Draco as they shook hands.


“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Draco said back then handed him a bottle of expensive aged firewhiskey as a house warming gift.


                When did he have time to go pick that up, she had no idea. For all she knew he had a stash of it in their house somewhere.


Blaise accepted the gift and glanced at the label with approval. “Very nice.” He said then in a stage whispered spoke to Draco. “We guys are definitely going to need it after this party. You don’t even want to know what Pansy has in store for this evening.”


Pansy smacked Blaise in the arm. “Hey I’m standing right here you know. And I can guarantee that this evening will be a blast.” Blaise rolled his eyes, as Pansy stepped up towards Draco. “Let me take this precious little girl off your hands as you join everyone else in the living room.” Pansy reached out and took Crissy, who went willingly into her arms. “How’s my precious little girl?” Pansy cooed.


“Pan-y” Crissy said tugging on Pansy’s long hair.


                Hermione but back a snicker, it almost sounded like Crissy called her Panty. She glanced towards Draco who was also trying hard not to smile. She heard laughter coming from the other room that wasn’t from Blaise. She was nervous but also curious to see who else was here.


                She followed Draco into the living room and immediately broke out into a huge grin as she recognized two men she would know anywhere. One with ginger hair and the other with dark rumpled hair and glasses. She shot passed Draco and ran towards the two men in question.


“Harry!” she practically screamed and threw her arms around him.


Harry looked shocked and surprised at her outburst, but hugged her back.


“You have no idea how good it is to see you.”


Harry laughed. “It’s good to see you too Hermione.”


She pulled away and lunched herself at Ron. “And Ron! You look so grown up I can’t believe it.” Ron looked uncomfortable but hugged her back anyway. “What are you guys doing here?”


                She kept staring at them. They looked exactly the same…but grown up. It was completely mind-bogglingly.


“We were invited of course.” Ron laughed as if it was completely normal that they got invited to a party hosted by Blaise and Pansy.


“The loo’s free.” Hermione heard someone say behind them.


                Hermione turned to the female voice behind her and she could have sworn that her eyes bugged out of her head or at least he jaw was about to hit the floor.


“Ginny?” Hermione said in shocked awe, her eyes tearing up as she watched her waddle into the room.


“Ginny you’re pregnant!” Pregnant was putting it lightly; she looked like she was about to combust, Hermione walked towards her, still in complete awe. “Oh my god, I can’t believe it.” Suddenly it hit her, if Ginny was pregnant, than that meant that her and Harry were…she looked at Harry who was smiling proudly at his…wife? “Harry you finally did it.” Hermione smiled.


Harry looked confused. “Uh did what?”


“You and Ginny are married!”


Harry, Ron & Ginny took this opportunity to stare at her as if she gone mad.


                She felt someone’s arm go around her waist and was lightly tugging…or more like dragging her out of the room.


“Don’t mind her; she’s been out of it all day. Hasn’t gotten very much sleep.” Draco announced to the group, once they were out of earshot he bent down and whispered to her. “What is wrong with you? They are going to think you’ve gone completely mental. For all we know we could have hung out with them last week. And clearly the Weaslette in there has been pregnant for a while now. I’m sure that’s something you would have known already instead of just discovering it today.”


Hermione blushed. “I’m sorry okay. I was just caught off guard that’s all and I wasn’t exactly expecting all three of them to be in attendance tonight.”


“I know I was just as shocked to see them here myself. But we need to be more careful, anymore slipups and everyone is going to wonder what is going on between us.”


“Okay, okay I get it. Now can we please go back in there? I want to see my friends.” She had to admit she felt a little embarrassed that she was the one getting out of hand, when normally she was the one telling him to play it low key.


                They walked back in the room, Draco still had his arm around her waist and when she tried to move away he would snag her back to his side.


“You can let go of me. I’m not going to do anything stupid.”


He looked down at her and smirked. “I know.”


                She rolled her at him. Ugh he is just messing with her…again. She tried to pull away from him again and this time he let go. She walked into the room as nonchalantly as possible. Luckily everyone was busy talking amongst themselves so it wasn’t like they were waiting around for her to give an explanation of herself. Ginny came up to her and pulled a tiny bag that she hand shrunk down magically out of her pocket and handed it to her.


Hermione took it. “What’s this?” she asked.


“There some of the maternity clothes that you lent me. The ones meant for your second trimester, as you can see I out grew them and don’t need use of them anymore.” Ginny said rubbing her belly. “And a little birdy told me that you’re expecting.”


“Hmm, well that little birdy was correct.” Hermione said smiling.


“That’s wonderful! Congratulations!” Ginny reached out to hug her, but her belly collided with Hermione, which made both girls burst out laughing and leaned in for an awkward over the belly hug. “I swear I’m like a walking road block with this thing” Ginny gestured towards her huge belly. “I can’t go anywhere or do anything without ramming into something.”


“Haha, well it’s a good look for you.” Hermione said.


“Oh god, don’t let Harry hear you say that, if it were up to him he’d get me pregnant again as soon as this one pops out.”


Hermione laughed. “You say that now, but once you have one you’re going to want another.”


Ginny smiled. “So how far along are you?”


“Almost 10 weeks.” She completely guessed, since she really had no clue.


“Wow, you’re that far already? Why didn’t you say anything before?”


“Well we didn’t plan it, so we weren’t really expecting it to happen so soon. And we actually just found out about it recently.” That was close, Hermione thought; they were heading into unknown territory with this conversation. “You would think I would notice all the warning signs, but I just thought I had the flu the first couple of weeks.” That sounded believable right?


“Have you met Ron’s new girlfriend yet?” Ginny asked.


“No. Who is she?”


“Her name is Vicky, she’s from Australia.”


“Australia? What is she doing all the way up here in England?” Hermione asked intrigued.


“Ron met her there when he was down there for a holiday. Apparently it was love at first sight. He thinks she’s the one.”


“Really?” Hermione glanced over at Ron who was talking to a blonde woman with tanned skin and violet eyes, she didn’t even notice her when she came in the room, and she was too busy getting over the shock of seeing Harry and Ron.


“He’s only known her for two weeks and yet he’s completely smitten.”


They made a cute couple Hermione thought. “Do you like her?” she asked Ginny.


“Yeah she’s okay, but I haven’t really gotten to know her all that well. Ron’s to busy keeping her all to himself. She kind of reminds me of Lavender Brown only less crazy and less clingy.”


Hermione snorted. “I don’t think anyone can be as crazy as Lavender.”


                Hermione and Ginny walked up to Vicky who was now talking to Pansy, who was still holding Crissy on her hip. Crissy obviously loved the attention she was getting. Hermione introduced herself to Vicky and soon the four girls easily fell into conversation, mainly to gossip. Pansy handed Crissy off to Ginny as she went to the kitchen to grab some appetizers for the guests. Hermione glanced over at the boys who were also in some deep conversation…well maybe not deep since one of them would crack up laughing at something someone else said and then thump each other on the back, the way guys do when they’re having a good time with their friends. To her surprise Draco seemed to be having a good time with Harry and Ron at least he was laughing at something Harry said, but not in a condescending kind of way.


                A little later on she followed him into the kitchen to refill her glass ice tea and gets some munchies. Draco was getting another drink as well. After she made sure they were alone she stepped up to him.


“Thank you.” She told him.


He looked over his shoulder at her, noticing she was behind him for the first time. “For what?” He asked warily.


“For being nice to my friends.”


He rolled his eyes. “I wasn’t doing it for you. I only did it so they wouldn’t get suspicious and start asking questions.”


She smirked. “Sure keep telling yourself that Malfoy.” She teased.


                She snuck around him to grab a carrot stick that was on a vegetable platter on the kitchen counter in front of him. When she turned to leave he grabbed her wrist and stopped her.


He leaned down to whisper in her ear. “I’ll continue to play nice with them if you give me a kiss in return.”


                Hermione tensed. Goosebumps raised up on her skin as his lips came dangerously close to grazing her earlobe as he spoke to her. Heart pounding she managed to escape the hold he had on her wrist and move so there was a good three feet between them.


“Nice try Malfoy, but it’s not going to happen.” She was proud of herself when her voice came out steady and not shaky and unnerved as her insides felt.


He stared at her in that intense way of his, like he did earlier when he trapped her in the laundry room, one side of his mouth tilted up as he began to smirk at her. “Keep telling yourself that Granger.” He threw her words back to her.


                He came towards her then, and no matter how much she felt like running, her feet stayed put, not moving an inch. She stared at him, wide eyed as he came closer. He reached out and she could have sworn he was about to touch her face, when he grabbed the carrot stick out of her trembling hand instead, and took a bite. Then without another word walked past her back into the living room.


                Once she was alone in the kitchen she let out a shaky breath. Get over yourself, he’s just messing with you, he gets some sick pleasure with making you squirm, he doesn’t actually want anything to do with you, she mentally kept telling herself. Grabbing a few more carrot sticks, since he took hers, she left the kitchen to get back to the party.


                Hermione managed to avoid Malfoy most of the evening, every now and then she would feel his eyes on her. During the dinner portion of the evening, she made sure to sit on the opposite side of the table as he did. She was occupied feeding Crissy anyway, so nobody seemed think it was strange that she wasn’t sitting next to him.


                It wasn’t until after dinner that things became interesting and not necessarily in a good way. When everyone entered the living room once again, Hermione noticed that the furniture had been completely rearranged and duplicated, the sofa and side chairs had been replaced, and what was once a basic living room setup was now transformed into four loveseats that were placed into a circle in the middle of the room. Everyone crowded off to the side wondering what was going on. Hermione and Ginny shared a glance of confusion.


“Oye, what’s all of this?” Ron asked.


Pansy squeezed through the crowd until she was standing front and center in the living room. “Oh good it’s all setup.” She clapped. “Okay listen up everyone, for the remainder of the evening we’re going to play a special game.”


“Oh bloody hell, here we go.” Hermione heard Blaise mutter somewhere behind her.


“I saw this on the telly the other day and thought it would be absolutely perfect for this evening.”


Since when did Pansy Parkinson watch the telly? Of course she really didn’t know Pansy all that well, so she had no room to judge.


“Okay Harry and Ginny you take that love seat there.” Pansy pointed to the loveseat on the far wall.


“Vicky and Ron, you sit in the one across from them. And Hermione and Draco you sit on the loveseat by the windows.”


                Everyone reluctantly took their assigned seats. The loveseat was more like an extra-wide chair, barely enough room for two people. Hermione sat down first and Draco followed after her. So much from avoiding him all night, now she was smashed up against his side, with no room to scoot away. Their bodies were touching from shoulder to hip, and hip to knee. Hermione tried her best to move away from him as much as possible, but had no such luck. All the while he just smirked at her discomfort and draped his arm around the back of the chair to make more room for himself and her. She sat as straight as possible and refused to lean into him the way her body wanted to.


                As they waited for further instructions, she could feel his fingers playing with the ends of her hair and she did her best to just ignore it. But it became almost unbearable when his fingers started stroking and tickling the back of her neck. Her body shuttered without her consent. She tried to elbow him in the side, but they were so mushed together in this seat it was almost impossible to move.


“Stop it!” she whispered fiercely to him.


“What was that honey? I didn’t catch that.” He teased.


“I said stop that.” She tried to twist around to swat his hand away but failed.


“Am I making you uncomfortable?”


“Yes you are. Now cut it out.” She glared at him.


                He snickered at her, but fortunately his fingers stopped playing with her neck. At least now she could semi concentrate again; she couldn’t think when he did things like that. Crissy was playing on the ground in the center of all the action surrounded by various toys. It was already way past her bedtime and Hermione debated whether or not she should go put her down to sleep in one of the bedrooms.


As if reading her thoughts Draco leaned in serious now and whispered. “Maybe she’ll sleep through the night if we let her stay up a bit longer.” She nodded in agreement, but she still didn’t like the idea of disrupting her routine that Crissy was used to.


“Okay now that everyone’s situated we can get started.” Pansy said getting everyone’s attention. “Okay so the game that we’re going to play is a relationship game. Where you take couples in different stages in their relationships and ask them questions to see which couple knows each other the best.”


All the boys in the room either groaned or looked around completely confused. Hermione had a really bad feeling about this.


“So in this case Ron and Vicky will represent the dating couple, Blaise and I are obviously the engaged couple, Harry and Ginny are the newly married couple and Draco and Hermione are the old married couple…well not old of course but you’ve been married the longest, so you’re more experienced. In a bit I’m going to ask the boys to leave the room as I ask the girls a series of questions and they we’ll write our answers down, then I’m going to call the boys back in and ask them the same questions. If your answer is the same as your partner then you get a point. And the couple with the most points wins.”


“Exactly what questions are you going to be asking?” Ron asked nervously.


“They’ll be questions about your relationships like where you met, first kiss, things like that.”


                Hermione’s stomach dropped, she didn’t know any of that stuff about her and Draco. There was no way they were going to do well at this. Of course it was just a game…not a test or anything.


“What do we get if we win?” Ron asked again.


“The title of being the best couple.” Pansy said, the boys all groaned again, she rolled her eyes at them. “Okay so you’ll get two tickets to the quidditch world cup in Ireland.”


 “What! Where did you get those? I thought they were sold out.” Blaise asked shocked.


Pansy shrugged. “I’ve got connections.”


“You mean you’ve had them the entire time? Why give them away when we could use them for ourselves?” Blaise whined.


Draco snorted at that. “Blaise that’s not very good sportsmanship. Besides if you win then you can use them.” He told him.


“You mean when we win!” Ron chimed in.


“We’ll see about that Ron. Harry and I will send you guys each a postcard from the World Cup when we win the tickets.” Ginny said.


“Ginny look at you. Your about to explode and the World Cup is three months away. Surely you’ll be too busy taking care of your baby.” Ron teased his sister.


“Or I’ll just give you a call and you can come over and babysit while Harry and I have a nice holiday in Ireland.”


“Okay, okay. So does that mean everyone wants to play?” Pansy asked excited.


Everyone nodded while Hermione just shrugged. “What you don’t want to go to the World Cup?” Draco asked quietly.


She glanced over at him. “You do know that we don’t have a chance in hell at winning this right? We don’t know anything about each other.”

He shrugged. “So we’ll just either guess or make stuff up.” Hermione sighed; this was going to be a disaster.


“Okay so boys will you please leave the room. And wait until we call you back in. and no cheating!” Pansy said.


                Before the boys left Hermione made Draco take Crissy with them and told him to try to get her to go to sleep. Crissy was starting to get fussy probably because she was so tired. Hermione pulled out her special dragon from the diaper bag and handed it to Crissy, then handed the bag to Draco which had diapers and her pajamas in it.


                Once the boys all left the room Pansy silenced the area so the boys couldn’t eavesdrop from the kitchen. Then she handed out a piece of parchment to each girl, keeping one for herself. Then passed out enchanted quills. The quills had a special enchantment where the ink will only appear on the parchment when asked. So the idea was that Pansy would ask a question and the girls would have to write down their answer, but the parchment would remain blank until it was time to reveal its answer.


                Some of the questions were fairly basic and generic, either about themselves or their partners. In Hermione’s case they were questions about Draco like ‘what was his favorite color?’ Um black? Even though technically black wasn’t a color. But she couldn’t see him saying his favorite color was blue or something…maybe green. But she was going to take a wild guess and say his favorite color was black.


                Other questions were more tricky like ‘what did they do on their first date?’ um? She couldn’t really say dinner and a movie, but she needed to write something down…um…stargazing up on the astronomy tower? She was embarrassed by such a cheesy answer, but she honestly couldn’t think of anything else. Did Draco even take girls on dates?


                And then there were questions that just made her blush like ‘where did they first make love to each other?’ How the hell was she supposed to know the answer to that? And why would she want to know? As far as Hermione was concerned Draco never touched her and she was artificially inseminated to make Crissy…and baby number two. Oh shoot, Pansy was already asking the next question, she needed to write down an answer…um in the room of requirements? Ack, she didn’t like this question, and she definitely didn’t want to know that kind of information about Ron, Harry and Ginny. But she didn’t know what else to put…where else did people sneak off too at Hogwarts to snog and…do other things. Oh god unless they decided to wait until their wedding night to become intimate…but she couldn’t’ see Malfoy wanting to wait and she probably wouldn’t have either, if given the choice.


                Once Pansy asked and had all the girls answer 15 or so questions, they finally called the boys back in. Draco didn’t have Crissy with him, so he must have been able to get her to go to sleep. Just looking at him now walking towards her, she blushed thinking about some of the questions they had to answer. It was definitely going to create an awkward night ahead of them.


“Okay so now that you boys are back. I’m going to ask the same questions to each of you one at a time and we’ll see if your partner wrote down the same answer.” Pansy said.


Draco sat back down next to her and draped his arm around the back of the chair behind her shoulders. “So do we have a chance at winning?” he whispered.


She glanced at him. “No not really.” She whispered back.


                Draco leaned back further in the chair crowding her space until she was once again plastered to his side.


“Okay so are we ready?” Pansy asked, everyone in the room nodded. “Okay then will start with the dating couple Ron and Vicky. Okay Ron first question. What is your favorite color?”


“That’s the question? That’s easy I was expecting something more detailed.” Ron said clearly relieved to get such an easy question. “Um okay I guess my favorite color would be blue.”


Vicky frowned.


“Okay Vicky what was your answer?” Pansy asked.


Vicky held up her piece of parchment displaying her answer. “I thought it was green.” She said disappointed.


“It’s okay babe will get the next one.” Ron reassured her.


Next was Blaise and Pansy turn to answer the same question. “Purple.” Blaise answered.


Pansy stared at him shocked. “Since when has your favorite could even been purple?”


Blaise shrugged. “It’s always been purple. I thought you knew that?”


“Did you know his favorite color was purple?” Pansy asked Draco.


“He might have mentioned it once or twice.” Draco said carefully trying not to laugh.


“Well what was your answer then?” Blaise asked.


“Well it clearly wasn’t purple!” Pansy held up her parchment where the word Gray was printed in her curvy handwriting.


                Harry and Ginny went next and they didn’t answer correctly either, Harry said green while Ginny said red. Maybe this wouldn’t be that horrible after all if no one could answer a simple question like that correctly. Finally it was Hermione and Draco’s turn. Hermione found herself holding her breath anticipating his answer.


“Black.” He said simply.


                 A rush of air left her lungs; she couldn’t help but smile as she held up her piece of parchment with the word black written on it.


“Well finally someone got the answer right.” Ron said.


“Good so Draco and Hermione get one point. Everyone else has zero.” Pansy said glaring at Blaise. “Okay now Draco give your wife a kiss.”


Hermione tensed. “What? Why?” she asked trying not to act panicky.


“It’s part of the game. Each couple that gets a point also receives a kiss from their partner. It’s to help encourage each other to keep answering the questions correctly.” Pansy explained.


“Um well, I’m sure he doesn’t want to kiss me right now. I uh have garlic breath from dinner. Not very romantic.”


                Draco rolled his eyes and grabbed her chin, but instead of kissing her lips like she thought he might do, he kissed her cheek instead.


“Oh come on man. You call that a kiss? She’s your wife; you should kiss her like a man kisses his woman. Besides you shouldn’t be shy. The way you two kissed each other at your wedding was practically pornographic.” Blaise teased.


Hermione blushed a deep red. “It was not!” she said embarrassed, she couldn’t imagine them getting carried away like that in front people much less in private.


“Okay so maybe it wasn’t pornographic, but it probably would have been if you two were alone.” Blaise winked.


                Hermione blushed even more. All the guys laughed along with Blaise at Hermione’s discomfort. Finally Draco grabbed her face again and kissed her hard on the lips. Hermione froze and stopped breathing. It wasn’t until he softened his lips against hers that she melted against him. Damn him for having such a strong effect on her. The kiss ended as quickly as it had begun. And when they pulled away the crowd cheered. Was it really necessarily for them to start clapping over a stupid kiss? Draco just smirked next to her clearly enjoying himself as she blushed deeper and tried desperately to burrow down into the chair and hide forever.


The next set of answers started.


If you had a choice between having a dog or cat for a pet what would you choose?


Ron: Dog

Vicky: Cat

(Ron & Vicky: zero points)


Blaise: Dog

Pansy: neither

(Blaise & Pansy: zero points)


Harry: Cat

Ginny: Dog

(Harry & Ginny: zero points)


Draco: Both

Hermione: Both

(Draco & Hermione: 2 points)


                Hermione wasn’t entirely sure she wanted to win anymore, in fact she prayed that they would get every answer wrong from here on out. Anything to prevent her from having to publicly display affection towards Draco in front of her friends. Draco bent down to her; she was so tense she would probably break if someone touches her right now.


“You need to relax otherwise everyone is going to think something is wrong with you. We’re supposed to be married so you have to at least pretend to like me.” Draco whispered so only she could hear.


“I’ll relax once this game is over.” She whispered back.


“Is it that horrible for you to have to kiss me? Do I disgust you that much?” he asked harshly almost sounding upset and disappointed…hurt?


She looked at shocked he thought she was disgusted by him? “I thought it was you who was disgusted by me? This is why I’m finding it a bit unnerving that you even want to kiss me in the first place.”


He sighed. “Let’s not talk about this here.” He said as if expecting the conversation was over.


“Well you brought it up.” Hermione couldn’t help but add.


He frowned at her.


“And for the record…I’m not disgusted by you…I’m just not used to all of this, like I said its unnerving and I’m not very good at having to pretend we’re anything more than classmates.”


“Well get used to it because I have every intension of winning this game.” He smirked at her, back to his usual self, she rolled her eyes.


“Hey you two, I hope you’re not over there cheating.” Pansy said breaking them out of their conversation.


Draco wrapped his arm around Hermione’s shoulders and smiled at Pansy. “No not cheating. Just whispering sweet nothings to each other.” He said then winked at Hermione.


                Hermione snorted and couldn’t help but smile. Yeah that’s exactly what they were doing just now…not. Draco didn’t remove his arm from around her shoulders and she didn’t make any move to remove it right away. It was already their turn again to answer question number three. How many children do you want someday?


Draco didn’t take any time to think, instead answered immediately. “Four.”


Hermione’s eyes almost bugged out. “Four? You want four kids?”


He shrugged. “I was an only child. I wouldn’t mind having a large family someday. Why what’s your answer?”


“I said two, maybe three at the most.”


“Hmm, we’ll have to work on that then, I’ll convince you some way or another that four is the perfect number.”


She arched her eyebrow at him. “Right. Well I’m already carrying baby number two, so three and four are going to have to wait…for a while…a long while.”


“Not unless this one is twins.” He teased and reached out and rubbed her stomach.


She swatted his hand away. “I doubt it.” She laughed.


                The next questions were a bit harder since they had to do with everyone’s dating life. What did you do on your first date? Hermione cringed anticipating Draco’s answer. He snuck a quick glance at her, she could tell he had no idea what to say and was a bit worried.


“Uh snogging up in the astronomy tower?” He said unsure.


She held up her parchment for him to see.


“Stargazing?” He said amused. “If I took you to the astronomy tower we wouldn’t be stargazing, at least not for long.” He winked at her. “Maybe I led you up there under the pretense of stargazing with an ulterior motive instead.”


She shrugged her shoulders. “Whatever.”


“So do we get a point?” Draco asked Pansy.


“You two had different answers.” Pansy said.


“But they were close enough.” He said back.


“We’re still in the lead so it doesn’t matter.” Hermione told him.


Question number five: How old were you when you started dating each other?


Ron: 24

Vicky: 24

(Ron & Vicky: 1 point)


Blaise: 19

Pansy: 19

(Blaise & Pansy: 1 point)


Harry: I was 16, Ginny was 15

Ginny: he was 16 and I was 15

(Harry & Ginny: 2 points)


Draco: 18

Hermione: 18

(Draco & Hermione: 3 points)


Question number six: How does he take his coffee?


Ron: 2 creams and lots of sugar

Vicky: 2 spoonfuls of cream and lots of sugar

(Ron & Vicky: 2 points)


Blaise: Black

Pansy: with cream and sugar

(Blaise & Pansy: 2 points)


Harry: 1 spoonful of sugar

Ginny: 1 spoonful of sugar

(Harry & Ginny: 4 points)


Draco: Black

Hermione: nauseatingly strong

(Draco & Hermione: 4 points)


“We’re tied with Potter we need to step up our game.” Draco whispered to her.


“The World Cup isn’t for another three months, which means we probably won’t be here any longer and won’t be able to attend.” She whispered back.


“I know but that doesn’t mean I still don’t want to win.


“Okay next question.” Pansy said. “Where was the strangest place you’ve ever shared a kiss?”


Draco glanced over at Hermione and smiled. Hermione blushed; apparently he was thinking the same thing she was.


When it was their turn he answered. “In the laundry room.”


                Hermione held up her parchment, which read Laundry room, and blushed deeper thinking that it had only been earlier that day when it happened. The next question just made her want to disappear altogether. Where was the first time you made love with each other? She purposely tuned out Ron and Harry’s answers that was just something she never wanted to know or think about…ever.


When it was their turn, Draco started joking about it, “The question is where haven’t we done it? Like this morning I couldn’t get her off me.”


Mortified she slapped his arm. “Shut up!” She hissed. “What is wrong with you?” She wanted to sink into the seat cushions and die.


“Ah I’m just teasing.” He said as she crossed her arms over her chest and glared at him.


“Yeah, yeah you like to shag your wife we get it. So what’s your answer mate?” Blaise asked laughing.


Draco sneaked a glance at Hermione, serious now…kind of. “Um in the room of requirements?”


                Hermione cringed inwardly, was he reading her mind or something? She held up the parchment displaying the same answer. Without even really thinking about it now she turned her head to receive the kiss waiting for her. Getting more and more used to the feeling of his warm soft lips against hers. He tasted like coffee and chocolate…a really good combination. The more they did this the harder it was getting to pull away each time.


“Good answer Granger.” He said against her lips.


“I can’t help it if you’re extremely predicable.”


“Just so you know I’ve never taken any girl to the room of requirements before.” He said.


“Then why did you say that?”


He shrugged and pulled back. “It just seemed like the right answer.”


“Okay next question. Does your…oh…um?” Pansy stopped and looked nervously at Draco for some reason. “Um actually let’s scratch number 10 and move on to question 11, um question 10 isn’t necessary to this game. Okay so let’s see…question 11 is…”


                Why was Pansy acting so weird right now? She kept giving nervous glances towards Draco.


“Wait. Why are we skipping question 10? That’s the one about the father-in-law right?” Vicky asked.


“Because it’s not really necessary like I said. So moving on.” Pansy explained…kind of.


As if catching on to something Hermione was completely not getting right now Ginny stepped in. “Yeah Pansy right, um maybe we should skip it.” Ginny said nodding. “Right Hermione?”


“Uh?” she didn’t know what to say so she just shrugged.


“Oh come on it can’t be that bad or as revealing as some of these other questions have been.” Ron said.


“Yeah and we actually have a chance at getting this one right this time.” Vicky chimed in.


“Um okay.” Pansy said unsure. “But you two don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. I can’t believe I didn’t catch it before. I should have known better.” Pansy told her and Draco.


                Hermione and Draco looked at each other confused. She couldn’t even remember what the question was or what it was about or why this question was suddenly causing Pansy and Ginny to act all weird.


“What was the question?” Draco asked.


“Um…well it was um, do his parents like or get along with your partner?”


Draco shrugged. “Sure I guess. I mean they wouldn’t have let me marry her if they didn’t.” He said as if it was no big deal.


                He was met by nervous, confused and blank stares followed by a really uncomfortable silence. What was going on? Did they miss something? Why was everyone acting so strange?


Finally Blaise broke the silence. “Um your joking right mate? I mean you can’t really be serious…are you?”

“Uh, why wouldn’t I be serious?” He asked his friend, Hermione could feel the tension starting to form in his body next to hers. “What’s going on? Why are you all acting so weird?” He asked tensely.


“Well we know it’s a really sensitive subject for you…talking about your father, since he’s in Azkaban …after what he did to Hermione.”


All the breath left Draco in a whoosh and she could tell he was trying to control his anger. “He’s where?” Draco asked in a harsh whisper.


“I’m sorry Draco it was just one of the questions on the game. Like I said I wasn’t thinking.” Pansy tried to explain.


               Draco got up and walked out of the room leaving everyone gap after him. Hermione had no idea what was going on, how did everything change so quickly? Things were actually going well and she was actually starting to have fun.


She got up to go after him. “I’ll just go check on him. Please go ahead and continue on with the game we’ll be back shortly.” She started to go but Pansy stopped her.


“Hermione I’m sorry I didn’t catch it…”


“It’s okay I didn’t either. It’s not your fault.” Hermione tried to reassure her even though she still didn’t know exactly what happened.


                Hermione found him in a room that looked like an office of some sort. He was standing by a window looking out, his back was towards her. His shoulders were bunched and his hands were clinched in fists. She walked in and quietly shut the door behind her then silenced the room with a silencing charm so no one would eavesdrop on them.


He didn’t acknowledge her when she walked towards him. “Draco?” she asked quietly. “Are you okay?”


“I just found out my father locked up in Azkaban. Why would I be okay?” He asked back angrily.


She walked a little closer. “I don’t know what to say?” she said worried that his anger will make him do something drastic.


“Why do you even care Granger? You probably think that he’s deserves to be locked up in prison since he was a deatheater; fateful servant to Voldmort. You probably hate him after everything he’s done.”


“I never said that.” She whispered.


“But you thought it. Don’t deny it Granger.” He yelled angrily turning around he stocked towards her until he stood a couple inches from her face. “Don’t you dare come in here trying to act like you care how I feel? Because I don’t give a damn about you.” She tried not to flinch at his cruel words. “To me you will always be a filthy mudblood and I will NEVER think otherwise.” He whispered harshly.


                Tears sprung in her eyes, she didn’t know why he was so angry at her? She understood he was angry in general for what he just found out about his father, but what did she do to him? And she didn’t know why his words were so hurtful, he’s called her a filthy mudblood millions of times before, but never had it hurt so much as it did just then. She didn’t know what to say. He started walking towards the door.


“Draco wait…” He stopped but didn’t turn around, hand fisted at his sides. “Where are you going?”


“Out! Don’t wait for me.” He said harshly then apparated out of the room.


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