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Ginerva Weasley's crazy story by ABC123 do re me
Chapter 1 : Muggles,Sneaks,&Wizards
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Chapter 1: Muggles,Wizards,&Sneaks


My name is Ginerva Molly Weasley and I am abnormal as you muggles would say, but in my world I’m well not perfectly normal but I am NOT a freak. You see I am a witch in my final year at Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. There is something else I fell you should know my school was just reopened after my boyfriend harry potter defeated the darkest wizard of all time. The funny thing is I still won’t speak the name but here it is he defeated lord voldermort.  But my beloved prat of a boyfriend thought he ‘had to’ dump me or else I would be tortured and murdered after only a 2 month long relationship. But after he, my brother Ron, and the best mate Hermione finaly came back from a year long adventure to save the world and  harry defeated tom riddle  we got  back together and we both went back for our final year at Hogwarts since he missed his 7th year. And now I’m going to sneak him out of his evil muggle aunt’s house and bring him back to my mum’s house.


***10 minutes later**

“Harry ready to go?” I whispered as my silvery horse patronus silently galloped up stairs through his window. ‘Yes’ is all that the silvery stag said before disappearing into the dark.  A moment later I dived to avoid being hit by a falling trunk just in time to slow it down with a flick of my wand a moment later harry plopped down on top holding a sleeping tiny barn owl in his cage “HARRY JAMES POTTER if you EVER do that again I will break out my Bat-Bogey Hex on you!” I said not bothering to keep my voice down until I heard his uncle mutter something from upstairs “Gin, lets do this later I still got to apparate back to your house carrying my trunk and prongs without spliching me or him  so I’ll meet you there ok?” he asked before pecking me on the cheek and turning on the spot before I did the same I took in the surrounding and cursed under my breath at the dursleys

*** 1 minute later***


“Mum!!!!!! Me and harry are back if you care at all. But of coarse I think we’ll just go shag each other if your busy” I said almost crying from laughing so hard as my mum rushed downstairs in a dressing gown and slippers “ I swear Ginerva one of these days. Harry! If I’ve said this once I’ve said it a thousand times before those bloody muggles are starving you thin come sit I’ll get you some food.” She said pushing harry into a chair and rushing towards the refrigerator before I stopped her in her tracks “mum! It’s almost 1:00 in the morning just let me go to my room and he can slip into Ron’s room and go to SLEEP before you shove food down his throat! Please mum or I will pull out my bat-bogey hex. And I will mum. Now goodnight! Harry honey you can put prongs with pigwidgeon then go to Ron’s room” I said kissing them both on the cheeks then skipping upstairs to my room before plopping down on my bed 

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