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Nothing Sirius by ElectrixxSoul
Chapter 17 : The Perfect Couple
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Though Melora and Sirius kept the exact details of what happened that Valentine’s Day secret from their friends, it was clear to everyone that they had made up and that things were better, if not all the way fixed.

However, after that Valentine’s Day, it also became clear to the students at Hogwarts that not only was the rumor that Melora Jones was pregnant true, but the rumor that Sirius Black was the father was true as well.

The two hadn’t been alone on their walk to the Shrieking Shack and the jealous Gryffindor behind them with blue eyes, perfectly curled blonde hair, and a name that started with ‘E’ was more than eager to report what she had overheard to anyone that would listen.

Which left Melora more than happy to leave the school the following weekend to attend her healer appointment. It wasn’t so much the snide comments, whispers behind her back, or jinxes sent her way that bothered her, but the constant stares Melora just couldn’t take. She was a private person and having everyone watching her constantly again had put the blonde girl on edge. She just wanted another rumor to come up and take the attention off her, but it didn’t seem to be happening anytime soon.

So she left Sirius at Hogwarts with the remaining folders of potential adoptive parents, assured her mother via owl that she would be fine on her own, and headed off to St. Mungo’s to finally be left alone.

The glorious thing about the maternity wing at St. Mungo’s was that Melora wasn’t an oddity at all. Sure she was younger than most of the women, but everyone there had other pregnancies to worry about and Melora was left on her own.

Well almost on her own.

“Is this your first deary?” The teenager’s head shot up from her Charms book to the woman next to her. She had bright red hair and a warm face, her belly more than twice the size of Melora’s was.

“Yes,” Melora said with a slight flush.

“Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl yet?”

“Oh no, I’m going to find out today,” Melora replied politely, “Do you?”

“No, my husband and I want to be surprised,” She looked down affectionately at her stomach, “But I’m hoping for a girl.”

“Is she your first baby?” Melora asked.

The woman laughed, “Oh no, I’ve got three little boys at home.”

Melora smiled, “I can see why you would want a girl.”

She laughed again and offered a hand, “I’m Molly Weasley.”

Melora shook it, “Melora Jones.”

“When are you due Melora? You hardly look a month along!”

“July,” Melora said, “My mother tells me I’m lucky I’m this small still.”

“Your mother’s a smart woman,” Molly nodded, “I don’t know how I got this big,” she shook her head, “None of my first three caused me this much trouble. Thank Merlin I’m due in April so this baby doesn’t get much more time to cause its poor mother any more pain.”

Melora opened her mouth to respond but was cut off by Healer Jacoby opening the door across the hall, “You can come in now Melora.”

Melora stood and smiled back at Molly, “It was nice to meet you Mrs. Weasley.”

“Oh please dear call me Molly.”

The two women shook hands again and Melora headed into the examination room.

“Have you felt the baby kick yet Melora?” Healer Jacoby asked after Melora had changed into a paper gown.

“A few times at night,” Melora replied, “I woke up because of sharp pains in my stomach that felt a bit like a kick, but not more than that.”

The Healer nodded and scribbled something down in Melora’s chart before handing her a sea green potion. Melora made a face as she swallowed it, the potion tasted of metal and spinach.

“Have you narrowed down your choices for adoptive parents?”

Melora bit her lip guiltily, “No I’m still going through the files.”

Healer Jacoby put Melora’s chart down and began waving her wand over Melora’s stomach. “I recently met a young couple who were unable to have children I think might be a good fit,” The Healer said. A small glowing image appeared above Melora’s stomach and Melora smiled at the sight. The little baby twitched and wiggled. “They’re looking for a baby girl just like this one.”

Melora’s eyes widened. “It’s a girl?”

Healer Jacoby nodded, “It’s a girl.”

Sirius met Melora in the library later that day. Melora was still pouring over the folder Healer Jacoby had given her

Jacoby was right; Kendra and Daniel Wright were the perfect couple to adopt the baby.

Melora read over their chart on her way back to Hogwarts. They had both been in Ravenclaw at Hogwarts. David worked for the Department of Magical Sports and Games at the Ministry, Kendra wrote for the Daily Prophet. They were both in their late thirties, both came from mixed blood families, and they had been trying for a child since they married ten years ago without avail.

And they really wanted a little girl.

“What’s that?” Sirius asked sliding into the seat next to her. Melora jumped in surprise, but upon realizing it was Sirius, thrust the folder into his hands.

“Healer Jacoby showed me this couple today that’s interested in adopting the baby.”

Sirius scanned over the papers and the photo of a young handsome couple, beaming at the camera with their arms wrapped around one another. “They look nice,” he said.

“Nice?” Melora exclaimed, “They’re perfect! They even want a little girl! It couldn’t be a better match.”

Sirius gaped at her.


“A little girl?” he said softly.

Melora flushed, “Yeah, it’s a girl.”

Sirius stared at her stomach in amazement, “A little girl,” he repeated.

“A little girl for the Wrights.” Melora reached out and lifted his chin so he met her eyes, “Right?”

“Wright, right,” Sirius nodded with a small smile at the word play.

Melora laid a hand on her stomach, “Healer Jacoby said she could arrange for us to meet them at the next Hogsmeade week—oh!”

Sirius looked at her worriedly, “What is it? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I just…” Melora smiled and grabbed Sirius’s hand, laying it on top of her stomach where her own had sat moments ago.

Sirius looked alarmed, but when he felt a small kick on his hand, he understood. “Woah,” he murmured.

Melora nodded and giggled. “She’s strong,” she said.

Sirius grinned, “Just like her mum.”

A/N- lol, my foreshadowing is not subtle at all, is it?

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Nothing Sirius: The Perfect Couple


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