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Landslide by confusedlover
Chapter 1 : Oh, the Pain
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             I sit as I stare at the brass clock resting innocently on the green wall in front of me, mentally cursing myself for allowing sleep to keep me awake for so long. It is only eleven thirty, but after unwilling staying up until after two the last five nights in a row, I still find myself hoping tonight will be different.

             I stand in frustration and saunter through the quiet tunnel that connects the Slytherin Common Room to Hogwarts castle and climb up into the trapdoor that opens in the dungeons. I’m searching for something, and I know of only one place nearby that could possibly provide support. I ascend staircase after staircase until I reach the seventh floor, knowing I’m safe because of my prefect status. There, I finagle through several corridors until reaching what would appear to be a dead end.

             But I know better. Softly I whisper the words that have failed to find me ever before, “I need help.” I turn the knob on the wide door and push it in, unprepared for what I discover waiting for me inside.

             Within sits a girl whom I would recognize anywhere. Her eyes are closed tightly as she lies on a couch but her face is puffy and red, suggesting that she had recently been crying. I’m surprised. Usually I locate this room unoccupied.

             “I’ve got nothing to hide so stay if you want.” I know that voice, and its welcome frightens me a little. What could she mean? Would she tell me what was wrong? Was she going to talk to me at all?

             I sit down on the couch across from her and frown. She still has not opened her eyes. She would not be saying that if she knew who I was. Absolutely not. But then again, it doesn’t appear as though she would care. Something more urgent is on her mind and against my better judgment I want to learn what it is.

             But how? It is not as though I can simply begin a conversation with Hermione Granger after all. That is certainly not allowed. But then again, isn’t this entire situation frowned upon? A Malfoy never asks for help, not from a person and especially not from magical doors. And since when does Hermione Granger decide not to be stubborn and actually let herself relax?

             I’m still confused.

             I sit in silence and wait for a sign that something should change. It comes several minutes later, in the form of Granger’s voice.

              “Have you ever felt that despite your best efforts to appear otherwise, you are invisible to those who really matter?”

            I certainly do. My lousy father cannot see past his own vain commitment to the dark side and my mother, regardless of her absolute and unconditional love, refuses to recognize my great potential. Pansy is still under the assumption that we are ‘in a relationship’ and the other hoodlums I hang around can care less about what I do unless it directly involves them. I have no real friends and therefore might as well be forgotten throughout the world altogether. Except, I still have my one task to complete…

             “All the time,” I reply, wholeheartedly.

             She sits up and opens her eyes but does not appear shocked or upset to see me sitting across from her. She wipes the tears from her face but her swollen eyes remain puffy.

             “I hate being a teenager,” she admits, eyeing me slightly and then turning her attention to her feet which rest on the coffee table centered between us.

             “Well don’t hold it all inside. You can talk to me if you want.” I’m unsure if I said the right thing but decide that I have nothing to lose. She appears to be so miserable. Maybe in attempting to help her with her problems I will get what I asked for and have mine solved in return.

             “It’s Ron.”

              That is all the explanation I require. Everyone who has spent at least one class with the two of them throughout our years at Hogwarts knows that she fancies him, everyone but Ron himself. But what could be the problem? I know from my years of observation that he is deeply in love with her. Had they not worked that out yet?

             “He doesn’t know yet?”

             “No, and at this rate he will never will. I’m being the most obvious I can be without blatantly telling him and it’s still as if he’s digesting nothing. I’m not cut out for this. I’m definitely not very good with these things and he is making it even more difficult for me. He and Lavender are over but even so, nothing had changed yet.”

              I’m speechless. How can I tell her that it will all work out when I have no idea in the world whether it actually will or won’t? I find myself wishing I could tell her the answers, yearning to discover whether we really are as similar as we seem…

             So I turn my eyes so they meet with hers and I tell her the truth, the very last words she wants me to say.

             “Ron’s an idiot.”

             I stand and exit the room quickly, but not before I hear the gentle sobs of a girl in distress.

             Somehow, someway, I do actually feel as if this visit brought me what I needed after all.

A/N: Just something I got a little plot bunny for and decided to put into action. There's not a whole lot in this chapter but I'm hoping once I get this story rolling it will be worth it. At the moment, I'm not expecting this story to be more than five chapters long but that is subject to change.

I hope you enjoyed this and please leave behind a review. I'd love to get some feedback. Thank you for all of the support! (:

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Landslide: Oh, the Pain


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