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The Flower by Elizabeth Lucia
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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Lily stood on platform nine of Kings Cross Station with her older brother Al. They had their backs turned to their parents, waiting for their cousins Hugo and Rose to arrive. Their father, naturally, was trying to teach their mother how to read a muggle train schedule. He did this every year on September first, and every year, Ginny Potter managed to forget. Apparently, being a witch didn’t exempt Lily from having humiliating parents. 


 “Lily!” came a shout from platform five.


 “Rosie!” Lily called back to her cousin and best friend, Rose Weasley. Rose, who was going into her seventh year at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, barreled down the platform to envelope Lily and Al in a huge bear hug, with her little brother Hugo not far behind. Hugo was sixteen, Lily’s age, and Al was the same age as Rose. It had been no surprise when all the Potter and Weasley children had been sorted into Griffindoore. This year was going to be as wonderful as any other. Only one thing was going to be different. James Potter, Lily and Al’s older brother, had graduated the year before and was now working for their uncle George at Weasley’s Wizard Wheeses in Diagon Alley. 


 “What took you so long?” asked Ginny. 


“Your brother had to stop for a plate of nachos. Really!” said Hermione rolling her eyes. 


“Honestly Ronald, it couldn’t have waited? What if the children had missed the train?” asked Ginny in her ‘don’t you have any common sense?’ tone. 


“I know a way we could have gotten them to the school if they had missed the train” said Harry under his breath, but no so quiet that his wife couldn’t hear him.


 “Harry! Don’t even suggest that I would allow my children in such a ridiculous contraption as that flying car! Just because you were able to find and fix it does NOT mean that it is qualified to carry our children around, and furthermore –“


“Alright Hermione, he was only joking” said Ron in an attempt to save his friends neck. Hermione humphed at him, but said nothing more. 


“Well” said Ginny “Perhaps we had better get to the platform. Lily, Albus!” she motioned towards the wall between platforms nine and ten and the children ran through onto platform nine and three quarters.




 Once on the Hogwarts express, Rose and Lily searched for their friends Scorpius Malfoy and Collin Finnigan. They boys were both seventh years, and they had been riding the train with Rose and Lily for as long as they could remember. “Hello Collin” said Lily in a misty voice when they found them. Lily had always had a soft spot for him. Her first night at Hogwarts, she had gotten lost. When she had run into Collin, he had remembered that she was Rose’s quiet cousin from the train, and he had helped her get back to the Griffindoor common room, even though he was in Ravenclaw. They had been best friends ever since. And everyone knew that Rose and Scorpius had a thing for each other…as much as it would sicken their parents if they knew that they were even friends. The four talked about their summers until someone slammed against the door of their compartment. Lily, fearing the worst, whipped out her wand and slowly opened the door. She was greeted by shouts of


“Get a room!” and


“Yeah Al!” and


“What is your problem?!” A blonde girl in a Ravenclaw uniform was pressed between the wall and Al. 


“Following in our brothers footsteps, are you Al?” said Lily quite loudly, so that everyone for several compartments in either direction could hear her. Al looked at the floor slightly ashamed. Figuring she had done her job well, Lily went back into her compartment. After she had gone, Al took one more look at the girl, said


“meet me in the prefects bathroom on the fifth floor during the feast” and scurried off.








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The Flower: Chapter 1


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