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Gryffindor's Dark Side by SlytherinXPrincess9
Chapter 1 : How did this happen?
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The air was stale with the stench of damp. The room had darkened windows which only let it tiny specks of light. The crackle of a fire could be heard coming from the huge marble fire place. Two big chandeliers hung from the ceiling emitting a small amount of light through all of the thick dust. A long table stood in the middle of the room with only several people sat in high back wooden chairs that had snakes engraved on either side. One of those people happened to be none other than Draco Malfoy, a pallid faced boy with platinum blond hair. He didn't even acknowledge the girl with bushy light brown hair that had been forced to her feet after being bound and gagged. He knew who this girl was but he couldn't face her not now she knew what he had become. Apart from her muffled pleas of mercy more muffled voices filled the drawing room. Draco lifted his head to see that two adult figures had been brought into the room. Pettigrew forced them forward as Voldemort turned to face them. His red eyes were pulsing with anger and his slits for nostrils flared. He twisted his Yew wand in his hand with his bony fingers.

"Draco, stand!" Voldemort said without taking his attention of the two people that were knelt before him.

Draco hesitated for a moment before he started to walk towards Voldemort. He felt for a moment that his legs were going to turn to jelly but he tried not to let it take hold. If Voldemort sensed either a bit of fear or hesitation then you'd be as good as dead. Draco tried not to let his eyes meet the girl, who was knelt off to the side being watched by Bellatrix. But he couldn't fight the feeling that he felt towards her. Their eyes locked together. Her beady brown eyes looked at him pleadingly whilst his grey eyes showed no emotion.

"You've failed us Granger!" Voldemort hissed.

Bellatrix grabbed a handful of the girls brown curly hair and pulled her head back at an awkward angle. He watched as the girls breathing quickened and eyes widen with fear. Bellatrix removed the gag so Draco could get a better look at her face. He knew who it was even with the gag. How could you not recognise the bushy brown curls of Hermione Granger? He bent down as she parted her lips as if to say something but stopped herself. Draco bent forward slightly as if to inspect her face further. He felt her warm breath graze the side of his face. He inhaled the sweet scent of her perfume that she always wore.

"Draco...please!" She whispered harshly in his ear.

The blood that ran through his veins turned to ice. He heard a hint of fright in her voice. It was also unusual for her to use his first name. It was the shock of her saying this that surprised him.

"Why do you think we brought you here Granger?" Voldemort asked.

What would she say to Voldemort? Would she tell the truth but risk getting killed or would she lie and end up getting both her and Draco killed? Either way the outcome was bad but she had to choose one or the other. Draco closed his eyes just for a second thinking of what to do but he heard someone whisper in his ear.

"Please Draco! What should I say?" Hermione whispered.

Draco swallowed, his throat turning to sandpaper. His grey eyes met hers once again this time he saw deep down what she was feeling. He knew the reason why she was here. She had failed what Voldemort asked her to complete. He looked down to her left arm where he caught a glimpse of the Dark Mark burned into her pale skin of her forearm. He looked over his shoulder to see her parents trying to struggle from the rope that bound them.

"You are going to have to pay the price Granger!" Voldemort snapped. "But first I think I'll start with your dear parents!"

Draco stood up, backing away from Hermione. If he could he would untie her from the robes and release Bellatrix's grip before apparating her away to safety. His feelings for her had grown strong over the past year. He knew that it was the same for her but they kept it a secret. He watched as Voldemort tortured Hermione's parent’s individually letting their screams and pleas for help fill the room. Draco's eyes drifted over to Hermione who was struggling against Bellatrix's grip. Her eyes began to fill with tears that slowly fell down her face leaving silvery trails. Hermione wasn't the Mudblood that he thought she was. He learned that in his fourth year that Hermione had been adopted after she had been born. She was in fact a pureblood and daughter of Alexia and Harper Montague. Suddenly a blood curdling scream filled the room. Draco lifted his head up fast just in time to see a bolt of green light aiming straight for Mrs Montague's chest. Draco didn't know what to think or do. Hermione was still struggling trying to get herself free but without success. Voldemort cackled as he shot another jet of green light at Mr Montague. Draco looked on wide eyed as he saw Mr Montague's body fall to the floor the look of fear etched on to his face.

"NO!" Hermione screamed managing to get her hands free from the rope.

Draco grabbed his wand from his back pocket and with one swift movement he stunned Bellatrix. Hermione was able to push herself off the floor, her chest heaving. Her eyes were fixed to the floor where the bodies of her parents lay with the ghost of their expression fixed on their faces. She stumbled over to Draco who caught her as she almost fell to the floor. He looked round the room seeing his parents looking outraged that he was helping Hermione, the girl who failed her mission and was due to be killed. Even though she was a pureblood witch his parents still disapproved of her knowing that she was brought up by Muggles. Voldemort's attention had now turned on to them. His red eyes narrowing and his bony hand was clasped around the handle of his ivory looking wand. He looked ready to kill. Draco had to get them away from there as far away as possible. This wasn't how it was meant to of happened.

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