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Stuck Like Glue by mindifislytherintom
Chapter 2 : "I won't pull you, if you don't pull me, got it?"
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                                                              Ch 2

   Professor Dumbledore led the way to the Room of Requirement. Draco, and Hermione followed at a normal pace. They refused to look at each other, but they had done as the headmaster suggested and laced their fingers together to keep from pulling the skin on their hands. Neither of them were happy about it though.




  “Here we are,” he said as they stopped in front of a stretch of blank stone wall.

    “Walk back and forth asking the room to change into what you require, but first you may want to discuss exactly what it is you need,” he said sensibly.  

   “Well, we’ll need somewhere to sleep, separately,” she amended quickly. ”And to study as well,” she said.

  “We also need a place where we can shower, or go to the bathroom in privacy,” Draco added.



 “Alright it sounds like you know what you want so go for it,” Dumbledore said jovially. They looked at each other hard, and began walking back and forth thinking on what they wanted the room to become. Then a door appeared out of the wall.

     “Whoa!” they both said, and then glared at each other again.

    “Shall we go in then?” Dumbledore asked them, and they nodded.

   Dumbledore opened the door and ushered them inside. There wasn’t a lot to the room. There was a desk, with two chairs, and a sofa near the fireplace. On the other side of the room was a pair of twin beds with a skinny nightstand between them. In the center of the room was a large stone cubical, with two doors.

    “What is that thing?” Draco asked staring at one of the doors.

    “Let’s take a look, shall we?” Dumbledore said kindly, and opened one of them.

    Inside lining the innermost wall, was a toilet and a shower. The other room was just the same, but on the opposite side. Hermione looked confused.

 “Sir, how exactly are we to do this?” Dumbledore’s eyes twinkled.



     “Well, why don’t you try entering them? You on the right Miss Granger, and you on the left Mr Malfoy,” they looked at each other, and shrugged, then walked into their stall. Their hands passed right through the wall. Dumbledore beamed. “Oh, that is brilliant magic is it not?”

   “It’s fine sir, but how are we to dress? All of our uniform garments require two hands to put them on,” Hermione asked in a worried tone. Draco rolled his eyes.

    “We use magic of course! Honestly, have you never gotten dressed using magic?” Hermione shook her head, and blushed hating that Malfoy could make her feel so stupid.

    “Yes, it’s a simple enough charm my dear. I’m sure Mr Malfoy will be glad to help you with it,” Draco glared indignantly at her. ”Now, do you have any questions?” they both shook their heads. “Well then, you’d best scurry on to class. I believe you have Delores next?” they both nodded. “Then off you trot before she gives you detention,” he turned, and walked out of the room leaving them alone together.

   “Maybe we should just hide in here. I do not want my other friends seeing us like this,” Draco sneered thrusting her school-bag at her.

    “We have to go to class Malfoy. Do you think I want my friends seeing this either? They’ll never let me live it down!” she wailed. He sighed.



    “Come on, let’s get this over with then,” he laced his fingers through hers. “I won’t pull you, if you don’t pull on me, got it?” she nodded, and they turned and exited the room together.



   They walked into Defense Against the Dark Arts just as the bell rang. Hermione sighed with relief until everyone turned to stare at them. Crabbe, and Goyle must have spread the word about what had happened, because several of the Slytherins were sniggering. Harry, Ron and Neville looked worried.



   Hermione gave them a withering look, and followed Draco over to his seat. He motioned for Goyle to shove over one seat so Hermione could sit with him. She bit her lip, and sat down feeling more self-conscious than she had at the Yule ball.

    “Why can’t we sit over there?” she asked him. “Everyone’s staring at me.”


     “You’re the first mudblood to ever sit with us. You’re like a zoo attraction. Enjoy it while it lasts,” she snorted.

 “If they don’t knock it off I’m going to turn around and yell boo at the top of my lungs!” he snickered, and then recovered quickly. The corner of her mouth quirked up a little bit. “Fine, but you have to sit at my table at dinner. Fair’s fair, after all.” He rolled his eyes.

    “Fine just don’t expect me to sit by Weasley, or Potter,” she huffed.

      “If I can sit by Goyle, it won’t kill you to sit by Harry, or Ron,” he was about to respond when Umbridge came in the room.

    “Sorry to delay, I was chatting with Mister Filch regarding a new detention method. Now let us begin. Wands away please,” no one had taken out their wands to begin with. “Now please turn in your books to chapter five,” she glanced over the class, and her eyes lit on Draco, and Hermione who were trying to open their books one-handed and were making quite a show of it. “Mister Malfoy, Miss Granger, boys and girls are not to be within eight inches of each other, surely you remember that?” she flicked her wand at them, and they were forced apart, but since their hands were stuck they couldn’t let go of each other, and they almost pulled each other into the floor.

    “Now really! While I understand young love, and all of that this is a class room! Now release each other!” she said her voice getting higher as she got more flustered.

  “But, we can’t! We are stuck Professor! We had a mishap before class, and now we are stuck like this! You can ask Professor Snape, or the headmaster. They both know what happened, and it has nothing to do with young love” Draco cried tugging Hermione closer to him again. Umbridge eyed them suspiciously, and then walked over to examine their hands. She looked up, and huffed.

    “Fine, but you will stay as far apart as you can, and you will not disrupt class. Is that clear?” they nodded, and she turned to address the class. “Copy the text from chapter five three times, what you don’t finish is homework. There will be no need to talk,” she sauntered back to her desk, and sat down primly.


   “Damn!” Draco swore under his breath.


   “What is it?” Hermione whispered.

    “I cannot write left handed,” he hissed through his teeth.

    “Enchant your quill. Use a quick-quote spell,” Hermione said softly.

    “I don’t know that spell,” he admitted. Hermione sighed and glanced up at Umbridge. She was reading over some papers, so she took out her wand and pointed it at his quill.

 “Quotus Locomotus,” she whispered, and the quill jumped to attention on his parchment. He looked at her expectantly.

  “What now?” he asked quietly.

  “Just whisper to the quill and it will write what you say,” she replied, and went back to copying from her book. He whispered to it, and it began to glide across his parchment. He looked impressed, and squeezed her hand. She looked up and he mouthed “thanks” She gave a tight-lipped smile, and went back to her work.

  The rest of the class passed without incident. When it was over, they packed away their things, and Hermione steered them over to her friends. Draco didn’t want to go, but he figured they’d have to know what happened, and that it wasn’t his doing that they were stuck together.

   “What happened?” Harry asked. Hermione explained it all.

    “And just to clarify, it wasn’t my bloody fault! It was Weasel-Dee, and Weasel –Dum’s fault for having that crap out in the corridors. I should have given a detention!” he growled.


   “It was Goyle’s fault too. He rammed into Fred on purpose!” Hermione added. Draco nodded.

   “Yeah it was. I should give him a detention too, for getting me into this mess,” he shook his head, and Hermione looked at him in surprise. “Why didn’t you tell Snape that he did it on purpose anyway?” he asked.


    “It wouldn’t have done any good to tell him. He’d have just made it my fault somehow if I’d said one of his precious Slytherins had done something wrong. I thought he’d be more apt to help if he thought it was all an accident,” he nodded.

   “You’re not so dumb after all Granger,” she rolled her eyes.

    “I have to go to the library before dinner. Come on,” he slung his bag over his shoulder.    

   “Merlin, what did I do to deserve this?” he complained.


     “You were born!” Hermione snapped. “And then you taunted and tormented me, and so now you’re stuck to me! Karma!” she said in high mocking voice. “You’re stuck to the one person in this school who you hate beyond reason!” she seethed.

  “Right you are mudblood!” he growled, as they walked away from Harry and Ron. “Anyway, it’s not like you’ve ever been nice to me either. In fact it was you who started this between us,” Hermione pulled him to a stop.

   “Excuse me? How did I start this between us?” he rolled his eyes, and sneered.

  “The first time you and I ever really spoke, your first words to me were insulting my quidditch skills, before you ever saw me play! “he retorted, and started to walk on, but she stopped him.

    “I was sticking up for my friend! You insulted him! It was your fault!” she cried.

    “Of course you think that, but I was there too. I was talking to Weasley, not to you. If you’d just kept your bloody mouth off of me, and your damn nose out of things that didn’t concern you, there wouldn’t have been a problem, now would there?” he fired back.

    “Oh please! Even if I hadn’t said anything you’d have found some way to hurt me, because you hate what I am! You wished me dead!” she replied, on the verge of tears.

    “When? When did I ever wish you dead?” he asked.

    “Well, let’s see, besides the not so veiled threat in the corridor that evening when Mrs. Norris was attacked, you told Harry, and Ron you wanted the monster to kill me,” he stared at her hard, and then scoffed…

    “That’s preposterous! I never told them anything like that!” she smirked.

    “No, you told Crabbe and Goyle, or at least you thought that you did. How was it you said it? “The last time the chamber was opened a mudblood died. It’s only a matter of time before it happens again. As for me, I hope it’s Granger,” she sneered. “Ring a bell?”

    “How in the hell did you hear that? We were our common room!” he roared.

    “Oh come on Malfoy! It was Harry, and Ron you were talking to! They were disguised as Crabbe, and Goyle , and, like I said, you wished me dead! I’ll bet you were skipping around all sunshine, and daises when I got attacked weren’t you? Weren’t you!” she yelled, and he winced. “Bad day for you when they un-petrified me huh?” she pushed him away a little, and turned her head to wipe her eyes on her sleeve, then turned back to glare at him. He looked angry, but there was the slightest hint of remorse in his eyes. She shook her head, and swallowed hard. “Come on, I need a book for my homework, and I’m hungry. Not that you care.”


   He looked confused, and let her lead the way to library without a word. He’d been ready to fire back again. After all, it was her who started on him, but when she’d started to tear up it gave him pause. If she hated him so much, then why did it matter to her that he’d wished for her to die? Furthermore, why did it bother him that he’d made her cry, or that he’d said those things?

    “Look, that was a long time ago. I was twelve!” she rolled her eyes.

    “It wasn’t that long!” she said. He bit his tongue, and scowled.

     “Anyway, I thought I was talking to my friends. That was very sneaky of you lot! How’d you do it?”

    “Polyjuice Potion,” she replied.

    “Where the hell did you get that?” he asked.

   “I made it, where the hell do you think we got it?” he tugged her to a stop this time.

    “You brewed Polyjuice Potion second year?” he asked, clearly stunned, and not a little bit impressed.

    “Of course I did, why? You think a mudblood’s not up to the task?” she wanted so badly to cross her arms, but she couldn’t.

    “I couldn’t have done it second year, and I’m way better at you in potions!” he said.

    “The only reason you get better marks in it than me is because you’re Snape’s pet!” she retorted. “He hates me too, probably for the same reason you do.” Draco rolled his eyes, and started to walk again.

    “He just hates that you’re a show-off, and a know-it –all. You always go overboard, in class, on assignments, for exams. If I were a teacher I know I wouldn’t look forward to reading an essay that was three feet longer than it needed to be!” he sniggered.

    “So I should dumb myself down for the likes of Snape? I don’t even think so!” she replied frostily.

    He stopped talking, and looked away. It was pointless to fight with her. Hermione was red in the face from arguing with him. If she didn’t get it under control she was going to have a bloody heart attack before they made an antidote. She hated how he was getting to her, and worse still she was stuck holding his hand, so that she couldn’t even get away from him to be upset properly. And she would not let him see how much he hurt her.

    They finally made it to the library. Hermione handed a note to Madme Pince, and then headed back to the restricted section. He followed, and perused the shelves for a minute, until he saw what section they were in.


   “This is for Transfiguration?” he asked. She nodded, and ran a finger along the spines of several dusty books, looking for the correct title. “What book are you looking for?” he asked.


     “Transfiguration Horrors, and Mishaps, by Gloderin Devolven,” she replied. He nodded, and began looking for it too. She looked confused. “Why are you helping me?” he shrugged.

  “I’m hungry too. The sooner we find it, the sooner we can eat,” she gasped and put her hand to her heart.

    “Did we just agree on something? I guess pigs just learned how to fly!” he bit back a snicker, and turned his attention to the shelves. Who’d have thought it? Granger actually had a sense of humor!


    A/N There’s chapter 2! Hope it was good! I hope you all like it J Tell me what you think.

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