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Innocent by scarlettandgold
Chapter 1 : The Crush
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A/N: Hello! Here's my new Draco/Astoria story. This is my first time trying something like this, so I'd really appreciate feedback. Thanks and enjoy! 


It was an understatement to say seeing him here was surprising. It was beyond surprising. He hadn’t been seen out in months, and here he was, sitting in a bar and drinking away like it was nobody’s business. I could hardly believe my own eyes, but there he was, dressed in a dark button down dress shirt and dark-washed jeans. His hair was shorter than I had ever seen it, but I had to admit he looked good. He looked damn good. 


Calm, Astoria, calm. Here was the boy I’d had a crush on since I was just a small girl running around in poofy pink dresses and pig tails. Honestly, my fashion sense hadn’t improved much, but boy had I grown up since then.


I was trying to be subtle in my staring at him, but obviously I was failing miserably when I was not-so-kindly nudged by my bitch of a best friend. “Seriously. Why don’t you just walk over there and take a picture. It’ll last longer,” she said, smirking. I punched her arm playfully and took another sip of my drink. Maybe I would, actually. I was kind of sort of drunk, I had to admit. Okay, fine I was already quite a bit past drunk and judging by the number of shot glasses laid out before him, he was too. 


Before I could even process what I was doing, I was walking, teetering would actually be a more apt word given the height of my heels, towards him. “Tori!” someone hissed from behind me. Screw it, I didn’t care. We were both drunk, what could even happen? 


“Hi, Draco,” I said as I reached him, sitting myself down on the stool next to him. He raised his eyebrows and gave me a once over. That’s right, appreciate it, I thought smugly. I worked hard for my body, damn straight it should be appreciated! 


“Daphne?” he asked finally. I cringed internally when he said the name. Of course. Of course he didn’t recognize me. I had to admit, I was quite flattered that he mistook me for my gorgeous bombshell of an older sister. But seriously, if you had golden blonde hair like hers why on earth would you trade it for my mucky brown hair?  Besides, my sister would never be caught dead in a bar like this. 


I shook my head. “Astoria,” I corrected him. I studied him closely and saw his eyes were red, bloodshot. Was he upset over something? He didn’t reply to me and simply took another sip of his drink. Even in this drunken misery, he looked better than any other guy here in this bar. 


Again, before I could process what I was doing, I was leaning in closer towards him, my lips brushing his ear. Curse my drunken ambition. 


“Draco,” I whispered again, drawing out his name into multiple syllables. I was hoping he would give into me, even just this once. I wanted him to touch me, I wanted him to want me. I wanted him to look at me as more than the useless little sister. 


Without waiting for a reply, I pressed my lips into his. He was stone still for a moment, but the drunken me didn’t give up. Finally, I could feel his lips move gently against mine. Aha, so I had won. 


I ran my tongue along his bottom lip, tasting the alcohol he had consumed. I heard him let out a small moan, or maybe it was a growl, who knew. I got up off my seat, never once breaking the kiss and straddled him with my legs. I deepened our kiss, our tongues intertwined like I had dreamt of for so long. 


“Astoria,” he murmured softly, sending my heart off into exited jitters. Me, he wanted me, he was calling my name! In the back of my mind I knew this wasn’t true. He was drunk and would take just about anything with tits and an arse that came his way. But it was nice to believe that when he called my name, he meant it and he wanted me.


I ran my hand through his soft blonde hair and pulled him closer, so our upper bodies were completely touching. “Shh, Draco, you don’t have to say anything,” I repeated, kissing his jawline all the way down to his neck. His arms were around me now, like he wanted every part of me just like I wanted him. These were the same arms I had dreamt of being in a million times before. He was kissing me back, hungrily, like he couldn’t get enough, his hands were running up and down my back, and mine through his hair, our lips moving in synchronization. 


So much of my wanted to believe he wasn’t doing this because he was drunk. He wanted me, Astoria Greengrass. The woman who had loved him from afar for years. But even so, right now I was in the arms of Draco Malfoy, and it was my name he was calling. 


“Take me back to your apartment,” I suggested. We apparated back to his house, and his hands were all over me again, like a thirst he had to quench. He led me to his bed, his arms still roaming freely around my body, exploring and touching everything, and I did nothing to stop it.


His touch was electrifying. He was electrifying. “Draco,” I moaned again as his lips trailed down from my lips to my neck now to my breasts. His hands expertly untied the back of my halter top and discarded it like yesterday’s newspaper. 


I pushed him back, unbuttoning his shirt to expose his perfectly chiseled chest. I ran my hand over his abs lightly as he let out a small shudder. Dear God, this man was absolutely perfect. He then lifted me up and carried me over to his bed. He easily discarded what little clothing I did have left as I hungrily rid him of his jeans and boxers. 


My heart was flying. He was all around me, all I knew, all I could see was Draco Malfoy, all around. For this once, for a few moments Draco Malfoy was with me, and he was mine. 


A/N: Thanks for reading! Again, if you enjoyed this or hated it, etc, please please leave me a little review. Thank you! 


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