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The Resistance by nitenel
Chapter 2 : Deaths and Meetings
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A/N: To clear up any questions, this is not the Ana Lucia from Lost. I’m just borrowing the name… and actress… and a little bit of the temperament…

A hand started shaking Ana awake and she groaned sleepily. “Go away…”

“Ana! Wake up Ana!” a voice said anxiously in her ear.

She was instantly awake and shot up quickly, almost knocking over Andromeda. “What’s going on?”

“They’re attacking the perimeter as we speak,” said Andromeda tiredly.

Ana stood up and grabbed her wand and gun. She turned to one of the barricades, and hesitated before turning to Andromeda. “It was an honor to serve you.”

Andromeda watched her go, a sad look in her eye. She called after her, “If this is the end, you must leave.”

“I will not leave my post,” Ana snarled, turning around briefly before continuing to the barricade.

Sighing sadly, Andromeda pulled out a pen and paper and started writing a report of the battle and a letter to Teddy and Harry. First she wrote the report:

June 6th 1998

The battle has become hopeless. We have barely fifty men left as I write this and more are dropping as I write this. We have fought as hard as we could, but there is little hope. With any luck, this letter will make it to you. But by the time you get this, I will be dead.
With Fond Memories,

June 6th 1998

I give you complete custody of Theodore Brian Lupin, my grandson. I know that you are in a deep coma now, but I wish for me to know that he will know his parents through you eventually. If you are reading this, you are awake and will have little time to watch him. It is okay. You must defeat my sister, Bellatrix. It is the only way Teddy will be able to have a normal life.

June 6th 1998

My darling grandson, by the time you read this letter I will be long gone. I want you to know that your parents and I loved you very much. It was cruel that we had so little time together. I am sure though that Harry is taking good care of you and is telling you all about your parents. I wish now that I could say good-bye to you and kiss you on the forehead as you sleep.
Forever and Always,
Grandma Andromeda

Andromeda sighed deeply and closed her eyes tightly. Opening them, she looked for Ana desperately.

“Ana! Ana Lucia!” she yelled.

It was at that moment that there was a large crack and exploding sound. The wards had fallen. Instantly, Death Eaters started apparating into the town square, shooting killing curses.

Ana ran over, panting. “What is it?”

Andromeda thrust the letters into Ana’s hands. “Go.”

“Go? Are you crazy?” Ana repeated incredulously.

“You must go, Ana Lucia,” commanded Andromeda.

A Death Eater ran over to engage them. Ana cursed and shot a hex at him and he fell to the ground. Looking over, she yelled, “I will not leave!”

Andromeda growled and ducked as a curse shot over her head. “You must leave.”

They became separated as the masses of Death Eaters pressed towards them. As a large clump surrounded Andromeda she looked directly at Ana. With a pointed stare at her, a green light hit her in the chest and she collapsed on the ground.

A quick survey around her showed Ana that she was the only one left. All the other living people must have disapparated away. She shot a glance at Andromeda’s lifeless body and disapparated to Godric’s Hollow.

She appeared in front of the large church that served as their headquarters. She nodded at the guards and strode into the church. She made her way to the small gym, where the command center was located.

Ana pushed open the door and greeted the assembled people with, “Tiverton has fallen. Andromeda is dead. The line is broken.”

“The line is broken again?” repeated John Dawlish fearfully.

“Yes, that’s what she said,” snapped Sturgis Podmore. “Fortunately though, we have a backup plan.”

Ana quickly walked over to where Hermione Granger was standing next to Ginny Weasley. In the last few weeks, they had bonded over the meetings and how pointless they were. Nothing was ever accomplished.

“Andromeda’s d-d-dead?” whispered Hermione sadly as the conversation around them continued.

“Yes,” Ana said. “I have a letter for Harry and Teddy from her.”

At the mention of Harry, Ginny’s eyes started tearing up. Hastily she changed the subject. “What’s happened?”

“All of the border towns have fallen. The line’s been redrawn. It follows the Taw and Dart Rivers,” said Hermione.

“We’ve lost too much territory,” Ginny said.

“What are the casualty reports?” asked Ana.

“There are no exact reports,” Hermione said tiredly. “At least a hundred though…”

“Damn it,” swore Ana.

Hermione nodded and motioned to the ongoing conversation meaningfully. Ana rolled her eyes and started to pay attention.

“We have to contact the French Ministry,” Bill Weasley was saying.

Ana stood up. “I second that motion. We can’t fight this war on our own.”

“I say if we lose another battle, we contact them,” said Hermione calmly.

“Why would they join us then?” asked Bill. “Ask them now when we have some chance of winning.”

“We need to start winning first,” Ginny said loudly.

The room went silent. The frail figure of Minerva Mcgonagall stood up. “Ms. Weasley is correct. The only way we will be able to get foreign help is if we can show them that we’re worth fighting for.”

“We need a victory,” said Ana.

The door opened and Ron Weasley stepped in. He looked around and said, “Sorry I’m late. There was some confusion with the Home Guard.”

The Home Guard was the first part of the growing army to be formed. Its sole responsibility was to protect the council and headquarters.

“Come in Weasley,” said Samuel Porter.

“Which one?” George Weasley asked with a slight edge of humor.

“Ronald, of course,” Porter said confusedly.

He started blankly at George for a few moments. He slowly turned away and addressed the rest of the council. “Ana is correct. We need a victory.”

Hermione nodded. “I propose a liberation of Wales.”

Instantly a loud roar filled the room. Everyone had different ideas and was vocalizing their opinions.

“QUIET,” roared Porter.

The noise slowly quieted down and Porter turned to Hermione. “Why would we attack Wales? It has no strategic importance. Our intelligence reports say that there is minimal forces there.”

“Exactly,” said Hermione, beaming. “If we can take Wales for our own it would make us look more impressive.”

“I agree,” said Ginny.

“I will leave it to a vote then,” announced Mcgonagall. “All those in favor?”

Ana, Hermione, Ginny, Ron, Bill, Porter, and Neville raised their hands. Mcgonagall nodded and said, “I cast my vote with them. Eight votes then. All those against…?”

Podmore, George, Flitwick, Elphias Doge, Hagrid, Megan Oxford (a muggle intelligence officer), Muriel Weasley, Noah Dunlap (a muggle general) and Dawlish all raised their hands. Mcgonagall counted them. “And nine. Abstentions?”

Luna, Percy, Slughorn, and Nathaniel Medson (a muggle politician) raised their hands. Mcgonagall glanced at them half-heartedly. “A vote of eight to nine with four abstentions. The motion fails.”

Ana sighed as Mcgonagall said, “This session is adjourned. Tomorrow’s session will be held at one o’clock sharp. If you are unable to make it, let myself or Porter know by noon.”

Before leaving, Ana dropped off Andromeda’s letter to Mcgonagall. She then left the church and headed to a small cottage that had been assigned to her when she had arrived in Godric’s Hollow.

She collapsed onto the small bed, finally able to mourn Andromeda and all the others lost during the battle. It was a while before she fell asleep.

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The Resistance: Deaths and Meetings


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