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Different life by Cyra23
Chapter 1 : How it all began
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Running for your life is never easy, and that's exactly what is happening to Severus Snape.

1 hour before....

"Severus snape" called Lucius, "please step forward" Snape looked up nd dropped his hood as he went forward to be in front of Lucius. "Well Snape looks like today is ur day" he stated while wearing an evil grin nd pointing to the little muggle girl..."do as u wish with her" he said while laughing maniacally along with the other death eaters.

Snape moves forward and normally he can hide his disgust from the death eaters nd do glamour charms so they believe he really hurt the muggles but today he made one slip nd they noticed the disgust in his eyes. When they noticed his slip Lucius threw a cutting hex towards snape. Snape realized a second before his mistake and threw up a shield charm and ran.

Problem was the shield charm was not as strong due to the fact he hadn't been concentrating hard enough so part of the cutting hex got him. Running and bleeding he realized there was only one place to go.... A place on Private Drive with his least favorite person and even though he truly didnt want to go to that one place he had to. so he apparated into the living room of the house and before passing out on the floor of the living room he cast a blood halt charm on the wound on his hip thinking well atleast I'm safe...even if I is potters house. And the next thing he knew was darkness for the next few hours...

Finding out about the past....

It was 7 am nd Harry potter 13 years old woke up and looked around his room... It was dudleys second bedroom he didn't want nd it had an old dresser, the bed he laid in was lumpy and the springs poked his back as he slept. It was just another day another summer with the dursleys. As Harry got up he grabbed his clothes and went to the bathroom to shower knowing he probably wouldn't be able to shower later since uncle Vernon liked to punish him like that.

As harry made his way downstairs to make breakfast for those lazy slobes he notices a bundle of clothes on the living room floor as he gets closer he realizes it's a body and it's Professor Snapes body!!! He quickly gets over and helps his professor onto the couch and as he does this the professor starts to stir...Harry quickly realizes he must get him upstairs before anyone comes down if not he was done for... As the professor opens his eyes he groans and Harry tells him "professor quick I must get u upstairs before anyone notices ur here..."

As Harry states this he hears noise upstairs and footsteps coming down the stairs. "O no not now"Harry thinks.

Petunia started coming down the stairs thinking who was that groaning downstairs? Better not b that lazy good for nothing nephew! As she steps into the living room she sees her nephew and a man in wizards robes on her couch. She says "boy wat have u brought home now another freak? Better get him out before ur uncle wakes!!!"

Before Harry could reply professor snape says "tuney shut up." Aunt petunia goes white as a ghost and whispers "Snape?" He says "well u haven't changed very much still as bossy as ever I see.."

Petunia says "I thought u were dead wat are u doing here?"

As the conversation is going Harry wonders how do they know each other?

"Well tuney" states professor snape "don't worry so much I'm only here to rest up and get a note to someone then I'm out of here." Petunia replies "fine but u must stay in Harrys room and not b seen or my husband will have a fit"

Petunia turns to Harry " get him upstairs now and then come back down and make breakfast"

Harry just stands there not hearing his aunt thinking "how in the world do they know each other?" the next thing he knew his aunt had cuffed him biome the head saying "boy stop daydreaming and get Snape upstairs" Harry looks at his aunt and his Professor and asks "how do you know each other? "....

Well how do they know each other??? Find out in the next chapter... I have the whole story in my head so it will be written once this one is done being validated so please review!!! The second chapter is being validated and is longer than this one!!! Please review I would love some feedback

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Different life: How it all began


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