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If It Means A Lot To You by ATL
Chapter 2 : Forget About It
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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter!


Chapter 2: Forget About It

I stood in front of the Potter’s fireplace for a good twenty minutes, gripping some floo powder tightly in my clenched fist. I know I was being ridiculous for being too scared to go home, but this was the first time I had ever truly fought with my mum. When it’s with my dad, he usually welcomes me home with open arms and an apology. You never know what will happen with a mum like mine. Things could turn out well, or they could turn out badly.

“Are you just going to stand there all day?” Uncle Harry asked as he walked into the living room. His hair was the usual untidy black mess and he held a steaming cup of coffee in his hand. It was only eight in the morning, but I decided I should get home early. Besides, there’s only so much boy gushing I could take from Lily in one day.

“I’m thinking about sitting.” I said cheekily.

Uncle Harry came over to me and wrapped me in a one-armed squeeze. “They can’t be too angry with you, it’s Christmas Eve!” He said. “And if they are at least you have Christmas Day at the Burrow to look forward to.”

He was right of course. “I know, I’m just, er, nervous.” I shifted my weight onto my right foot and almost fell face forward as Uncle Harry nudged me towards the roaring fireplace.

“Go before I throw you in there myself.” He said. Sighing heavily, I threw my fistful of floo powder into the grate and watched the flames turn emerald green, and then I stepped into them and shouted my home address. The next thing I knew, I was spinning in an inferno of flames.

After what felt like an eternity, I stepped, well stumbled actually, out of the fireplace and into the familiar, and thankfully empty, living room of my home. I swept some ash off of my shoulder, and quietly headed upstairs to my room.

Since it was indeed Christmas Eve, I assumed my parents would still be sleeping. There was no doubt in my mind that Hugo was, though Rose could be up and about, being the early bird that she is.

I had the intentions of showering and changing before I confronted my mum, so I made my way up the stairs trying to be as quiet as possible, but of course every step creaked as I put my weight onto it. It was one of those moments where you try to be quiet, but your breathing is really loud and you make more noise than you would if you were walking normally. Basically I ended up sounding like a raging elephant.

I thought I might just get away with sneaking in (kind of ironic, huh? Usually it’s sneaking out I have to worry about,) after I passed by my parent’s room, but quiet footsteps on the wooden floor from inside and the sound of their bedroom door creaking open proved me otherwise.

“Riley,” I heard my mum whisper and I turned around, silently cursing to myself. She was standing just outside her bedroom door and gestured for me to come with her, then pointed downstairs. I got the message it was time for ‘a talk’.

I followed mum downstairs and back into the living room where I had just come in from. If only I had left the Potter’s earlier instead of standing in front of their fireplace for twenty minutes like an idiot. Then maybe, I’d be up in my bathroom taking a nice, hot, de-stressing shower.

Mum didn’t sit down on the perfectly white couches that were the main furniture in the living room, so I decided it would be safer to stand too, in case I had to run at any time. Who knows if she was about to explode, though I must admit, she didn’t really look too angry. That just meant she was probably waiting to catch me off my guard before she attacked.

As it turns out, I didn’t have to be on my guard, because the next thing I know my mum had engulfed me in a hug telling me how sorry she was for being so insensitive. Huh, I guess there was no reason to be scared about after all. That Harry Potter is one smart man.

I patted my mum awkwardly on the back telling her it was fine and that we should just forget about the whole thing. Sometimes, I really feel like I’m the adult in the family rather than the child.

My mum pulled away and held me at arms length like she does whenever I get home from school as if she’s checking to see how much I’ve changed in the time we were apart. “I want you to listen to me Riley.” She said in her ‘do as I say voice’. I know better than to argue. “I am very proud of who you are and I love you just as much as I love Rose and Hugo, so don’t ever think I care for you any less no matter what kind of trouble you get into.”

I knew she was referring to what I had said last night. It was probably along the lines of ‘you aren’t proud of me and don’t love me as much as you love Rose and Hugo and care for me less because I get into all kinds of trouble!’ Yeah, that sounded about right.

“Do you understand me Riley?” I nodded, somewhat touched and I felt my eyes tearing up, though that might have been because I got a whiff of my armpits. I seriously need a shower.

My mum gave me another hug and then nudged me towards the stairs, probably trying to imply my need to freshen up in a nice manner, and headed toward the kitchen to make herself a cup of tea. That was definitely not how I expected my morning to go, but hell, I wasn’t complaining.

One hot shower later and I was downstairs fully dressed and hair done with the rest of my family, well, minus Hugo. That boy spends more time sleeping than anyone else I know. He’s only thirteen; shouldn’t he be like, lively? I guess I don’t really understand teenage boys well.

I sat down at the kitchen table next to my dad, whose face was buried in today’s edition of the Daily Prophet. My mum set down a plate of eggs in front of me as I sat down. It was a tradition we had since Rose and I went of to Hogwarts. Every Christmas Eve my mum would make us all breakfast, and then we would spend the day at Gramma and Grampa Granger’s home. Dad would make us breakfast on Christmas morning, and then we would spend the day at the Burrow. This really was special because neither of my parents liked to cook, so us children were left to make our own breakfast. It really makes me miss Hogwarts.

I glanced over at Rose, who was sitting with her legs crisscrossed on her chair while she ate. She had a book propped up against a milk jug and was reading it intently. “Magical Hieroglyphs and Logograms,” I read the title. “That sounds fascinating.” Rose spared me an annoyed look before immersing herself in her book once more. Don’t I feel special.

Not too long after, Hugo entered the kitchen in nothing but a pair of red boxers and a dirty white t-shirt. His red hair was so messy it could rival Uncle Harry’s and his eyes were dull from lack of sleep. Wait, lack of sleep? Probably just not as much as the kid’s used to.

“Look who’s decided to bless us with their presence.” I said as Hugo started shoveling eggs into his mouth. Like all Weasley boys he has the appetite of a starving hippo. He didn’t even acknowledge my comment. Doesn’t anyone respond to sarcasm in this family?

My dad folded up his newspaper and tossed it onto the kitchen table. I looked up at him expectantly. “Right,” Dad said once he got everyone’s attention. “You lot know the drill. We’re going to your mother’s parent’s place for lunch, then going to the Burrow to help set up for tomorrow.” We all nodded. This wasn’t news to us.

An hour later, Rose, Hugo, and I were shoved in the backseat of my father’s new car on the way to our grandparent’s house. It would have been so much faster to floo, but seeing as they’re muggles, their fireplace isn’t connected with the floo network. Bummer.

Needless to say, the ride was long and uncomfortable, seeing as I was stuck in the middle next to Rose who was still reading her Ancient Ruins book, and Hugo who had his ear buds in and was listening to some loud music from the muggle Ipod Granddad Arthur got him for his last birthday. I was quite relived when we pulled into the driveway of the Granger’s house.

Lunch was a rather boring affair. I loved Gramma Jean and Grampa Mark, but this was nothing compared to what Christmas with the entire Weasley family was like. After a few hours of pretending to be enjoying myself and really wondering what my cousins Dom and Lily were up to, and then thinking about Jay and wondering what he was doing, we finally got ready to leave. There were many hugs and kisses and wishes for a happy Christmas, then we were all packed up in the car and on our way to the Burrow. The atmosphere was much lighter now that we had gotten lunch with mum’s parents out of the way. No one would ever mention that out loud, but I had the feeling even mum didn’t really like going there.

I climbed out of the car after Rose once we got to the Burrow; a tall house with a ton of floors which looked like it would topple over at any second. Then I remembered it was held up by magic. Hugo slumped into the house ahead of me with the attitude that he was too cool for family. Oh the adolescence of a teenage boy.

The Potter’s were already here. I saw Aunt Ginny wave at us from the kitchen window. I think my family and theirs would be the only family here today along with Granddad Arthur and Nana Molly. Everyone else wouldn’t be coming until tomorrow.

The kitchen smelt like the inside of a sweetshop. Nana Molly and Aunt Ginny were both working on making desserts for Christmas day and mum instantly went over to help them. I gave my grandma and aunt big hugs before leaving to the living room.

Here I found James and Al battling it out by the door to the dining room. On closer inspection, I saw a pair of extendable ears had been slipped under the door. Uncle Harry, Granddad Arthur and my dad must be talking about something important. Sitting on a small couch were Lily and Hugo, who were exchanging bets on who would win. James finally managed to push Al out of the way and reach the extendable ears, and a scowling Hugo fished out a galleon to a very smug looking Lily.

I sat down on the armrest of the couch next to Lily. “Where’d Rose go off to?” I asked to no one in particular. It was Al who answered.

“She’s with Scorpius.” He said like it was obvious. Right, I had forgotten about that guy.

The rest of the day passed quickly. The kids, not including Rose and Scorpius, who no one had seen since we arrived, spent most of the time playing games of exploding snap and helping the adults whenever we were asked to hang up garland or mistletoe. At one point, James and I got caught hanging up mistletoe together, so my cousin gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and ruffled my hair, just because he knew I hated when he did that. Git.

All too soon, I was stuck in the middle of the backseat of our car on the way home. I always hated leaving the Burrow, but at least tomorrow’s Christmas.

* * * *

I woke up the next morning, my vision blurred and my eyelids drooping. Whatever possessed me to wake up at- I glanced at my alarm clock- five in the morning had better let me sleep before I kick it in the arse.

I heard it again then, a quiet creaking noise. It took my sleep befuddled brain to realize it was the sound of my door opening. I jerked up right, resulting in a head rush, as Hugo poked his head around the opening, his red hair tousled but his blue eyes wide and excited. It just goes to show that you’re never too old for Christmas.

“Riley,” He whispered when he saw I was up. “Get Rose, it’s Christmas!” He than scampered off, probably to go and wake mum and dad. Leave it to Hugo to make sure everyone wakes up at five on Christmas morning to open our presents.

“Rose,” I yawned rolling over in my bed and tossing my pillow at her from where she slept on the other side of the room. This is what sucked about being a twin. We didn’t get our own rooms. Even at Hogwarts we were in the same dorm.

Rose jerked awake when my pillow made contact and she glared at me. “What?” she snapped. Whoa, someone needs their beauty sleep.

“Hugh wants to open presents.” I said tiredly as I dragged myself out of bed. I slipped my feet into a pair of fluffy pink slippers and wrapped my green robe around myself for warmth. Yawning, I made my downstairs to where the Christmas tree was in the living room. Hugo joined me in a moment dragging a tired mum along with him while dad followed slowly behind them. Rose came down moments later.

I was pretty happy with the haul of gifts I got this year. Mum and dad got me a new broomstick, the Nimbus 3000. This was perfect. I was going to flatten any Ravenclaws in my way in the next match with this. Rose had gotten me some really cute tops that were definitely a style I would wear. Hugo had gotten me some Wonder Witch products from Uncle George’s joke shop. It looked like he just picked the first things he found on the self by the looks of the blemish banisher cream. I do not have pimples, but it’s the thought that counts.

The Potter family had all chipped in to get me a broomstick repair kit. I was half hoping I wouldn’t need this; if someone messes up my new broom, I will murder them. Granddad Arthur and Nana Molly gave me an assortment of my favorite sweets, bless them, and Dominique got me a pretty silver necklace with matching earrings. Uncle Percy and Aunt Audrey got me…books, being the studious people they are, and Uncle Charlie sent me new Dragon-hide gloves for school. Teddy got me this really good smelling perfume, which surprised me, until I realized it was from his fiancé, Victoire, as well. Problem solved there. And, as always, Uncle George and Aunt Angelina sent me the latest merchandise from Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes.

I loved all of my gifts, except for the books; those would probably stay in their box. It was my broomstick that I loved the most though. I ran my fingers over its perfectly polished handle marveling at the thought of actually owning it. I couldn’t wait to see the look on James’s face!

After all the presents were opened and the wrapping was cleared away, I trudged back upstairs to get ready for the day. I decided to dress nice, well somewhat nice, and put on a pair of black jeans and a cream colored top. Then slipping into a pair of black flats and putting on the necklace I got from Dom, before heading back downstairs. We weren’t going to waste our time driving to the Burrow when we could floo, so I soon found myself stepping into the green flames and spinning away for a day of fun and Weasley drama.

And drama there would be.

So this is pretty much a filler chapter. Sorry about that, but all stories need to have them. It's basically building up for what's to come at the Burrow with the whole Weasley family.

Sorry for any grammar mistakes. I did my best to fix any errors I had made, but I might have missed a few mistakes.

Anyways, leave a review if you get the chance. I'd love to hear what you have to say!


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