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Final Chance by HermyBug12
Chapter 21 : lets take a walk down memory lane
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 AN: im not JKR i own nothing but the plot line


The Journey from Kings Cross Station seemed like forever to blaise, mainly because Ginny was digging hre nails into his knee with anxiety. she didnt know how she was going to deal with her parents. as they were pulling up to the Burrow Hermione told the boys to stay in the car, that them coming in would only cause more problems for everyone involved. "Drive around if you want we will probably take awhile packing all her stuff." and with that the two girls kissed their boys and started walking to the Burrow. Hermione grabbed Ginnys hand and smiled, as she knocked on the door, Mrs Weasley answered the door.




"Hello Mrs Weasley, im glad your home.-" she started




"Hermione, why on earth are you knocking on the door? you know well enough you can jut come in, this place is as much your home as it is mine." she said so matter-of-factly, which she tended to do alot actually.




"No thank you Mrs Weasley, i am here with Ginny, like she told you i would be to help her pack her things." Hermione stated not taking her eyes off Mrs Weasley, knowing Ginny was probablly going crazy.




"Oh yes, sure- Ginny, you dont really intend to marry this boy do you?" she questioned indicating to the car because the boys were still out front. "i never would have thought you would be the one." Ginny took one look at her former mother and stomred awsay into the house. the two went up to Ginnys room and Hermione performed a locking spell. they packed everything in what seemed like only a few minutes, remembering all the old times.




"Hermione- look at this. its my robe from my first year. surely i can get rid of this now that ive graduated." Ginny said smiling, "Ill never forget my first year, not only was i finally at hogwarts where all my brothers have been for years, but i was possessed by Voldemort when he made me open the chamber of secrets again, and i still feel horrible about that, i mean i was the reason you were petrified, and i never actually apologized for that."




"Ginny, please, dont. its completly fine." Hermione smiled and gabbed her hand. after that the two girls kept packing all of Ginnys stuff until they were almost done. "GInny, look what i found!" Hermione squealed while dancing around in Rons dress robes from the Yule Ball.




"What on earth are those doing in my room?" Ginny giggled while remember Ron opening the dress robes at breakfast before the Yule Ball, while packing the last few things of hers. she looked out the window to see the boys still sitting in the car outside. "Mia, the boys are still sitting outside, we've been here for almost five hours! they must be dieing, lets bringall this down so we can leave."




and with that Hermione levitated everything behind the two of them as they walked out of the house, not saing anything to anyone, they got to the car and both boys jumped out. "Thank God!" "FInally!" they shouted simultaneously. :Why did you wait here? We said you could have taken the car and gone anywhere." Hermione stated, confused as to why theyh stayed.




Blaise and Draco laughed. "and how would you expect us to do that? neither of us know how to drive, dearest baby sister." blaise laughed.




"dont you 'dearest baby sister me' your only a few minutes older than me and i guess i forgot im the only one who knows how to drive a muggle car. sorry, if i had remembered i would have enchanted it or something." and with that they all got into the car after loading Ginnys stuff into the back and headed off to Zabini Manour.


RR please! sorry it took so long to update. ive been super busy with Senior year and getting ready for college. but im back n action

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