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The Unspoken Truth by HannahLizzieeex
Chapter 2 : The Raven
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A/N - The second chapter of my new story is here! Now the story really begins! Please leave a review! I'd love to hear what you all think! Much love! (': xo


I’d never noticed her beauty and grace before. Not until now anyway. Her long blonde curls fell down her back, catching the light as she threw her head back as she laughed her addictive melodic laugh. Her pale blue distant eyes were mesmerising, it was impossible for me not to stare. Her skin was flawless, if only she’d let me reach out and –

“Hello! Earth to Draco! Have you been listening to me at all?” Blinking out of my unrealistic daydream, I acknowledged the irritated expression of my best friend sitting beside me. Nala raised her hand and waved it in front of my face twice more before continuing.
“Well finally,” She said rolling her eyes, “Now that you’ve stopped drooling over that loony,” I didn’t like the way she said that word, as if it were some kind of disease, “can you puuurlease listen to me? I need your help on the potions essay for Snape that’s due for Monday.”
“Ah, shit. The essay.” I’d completely forgotten about the assignment Snape had set us.  
“Oh my god, Draco! You seriously need to get a grip, you’ve been distant recently… no doubt dreaming about the day you’re going to get to the raven’s haven. I hate to be the one that has to pull you back to reality, but it’s never going to happen.” Slamming her hands on the Slytherin table to support herself as she stood up, I watched her sulk off out of the dining room. Yeah, she was pissed at me again. I should have been thinking of ways to revive myself, however it wasn’t the first time Nala had been pissed at me this week. The last time I had simply left her alone for an hour and we were back to normal… maybe it’s just PMS? Ugh, as much as I love her, she can keep her personal girlie problems to herself. I’ll just go with the flow, maybe buy her some of those disgustingly sweet chocolates that she adores for reasons that are beyond me. That sounds like a plan.

Sooner than I should have, I was back to gazing at my golden goddess that sat two tables away from me. It was actually a mystery to me how I hadn’t noticed her exquisiteness before. Her extraordinary interests just added to my fascination in her. Unlike many other people, I’d gladly sit with her and listen to her talk about the magical features of a Crumple-Horned Snorkack – yes, I had purposefully walked slowly behind her as she was telling Penelope Clearwater about her fathers recent article about the “fantastic beast” in his magazine, The Quibbler. Later on that week, I slipped to Hogsmeade and bought the latest five editions of the Quibbler, completely enticed by the bizarre creatures and plants that her father described.

Yes, I was perfectly aware that I probably needed therapy or a restraining order or something to that effect to deal with my obsession, and if she ever found out, I would be the laughing stock of Hogwarts, especially considering who her group of friends were. If Potter, Granger or either one of the Weasleys found out that I, Draco Malfoy, had a thing for Luna, then that would be the end of it. If they ever found out, I think I may actually consider pitching myself off the astronomy tower, not the most attractive way to die, but hey. Now, I should probably explain that when I say it’s not the most attractive way to die, I don’t mean that I’m totally gay and spend an hour every morning making sure I look A-okay. No, that’s definitely not the case. Like every other guy, I go for a quick wash (looking good is nothing compared to smelling good!) and shove on whatever I first lay my eyes on. Usually, it’s me complaining at Nala for making me wait so long, honestly, that girl takes forever.

When I saw Luna get up and leave, I knew perfectly well that I should have stayed exactly where I was and started a conversation with Blaise to try and get some answers regarding the potions essay. I glanced over to him, he was far to busy laughing with Pansy as she batted her eyes at him to have a serious conversation with me – hey, I was only his best friend. So instead, I muttered some lame excuse about needing to talk to Snape and hurried out of the hall. Technically, that wasn’t actually a lie, I did need to go and see Snape about the potions essay, but we all know how easy Snape is to talk to… not. Besides, they never have to find out that instead of going to Snape I settled for following Luna. I hadn’t put much thought into what I was going to say to her, just being in her presence was enough to get my heart racing, so when I turned the corner and saw her sitting peacefully on the windowsill, head pressed against the cool glass, I did nothing but stand and watch her breath cloud up the glass.

“Hello, Draco.” I heard her dreamy voice greet me. Instead of acting all cool and replying “Hey, Luna.” I stood there, completely stunned that without even looking at me, she’d known I was there and she’d greeted me as though I was a friend.
“I understand if you don’t want to talk to me, not many people do. They think I’m strange.” She continued. Clearing my throat I finally plucked up the courage to talk to her.
“I, ugh, I don’t think you’re strange.” Nicely done, Draco, nicely done. That’s when she looked at me. She looked confused at first, her head tilted slightly with her protuberant grey eyes looking deep into my own. I shifted uneasily, when the girl of your dreams makes eye contact with you (and is not yelling at you for something or other), what are you suppose to do? This was the first time I’d ever been alone with Luna and I was acting like a complete and utter loser.
“No, you don’t.” She said simply before returning to gaze out of the window.
“I enjoyed your father’s article about the Wrackspurts!” I said hastily, desperately trying to keep the conversation flowing. No way was I letting this opportunity pass me by, even if I was acting like an idiot.
“You don’t have to be nice to me, Draco,” She said coolly, “I never really thought of you as the type to feel sorry for me. I’m used to people laughing behind my back. I have my friends, they’re all I need. Thank you, though.”
“I wasn’t just being nice,” I said, pulling out the most recent edition of the Quibbler from under my cloak. She smiled at my mild blush.
“You’re a lot nicer than people think, aren’t you Draco?” To say that she caught me off guard with this comment would be an understatement. Once again she had stunned me to silence. That was almost a compliment. Luna actually just complimented me. Oh my god. Before I got the chance to answer, Nala strutted around the corner, her lips curling as she caught sight of Luna.

“I never thought you had it in you to actually use a silencing charm, Lovegood,” She sneered, “I’m actually quite amazed you know what one is.” I rolled my eyes at her, she had the worse timing. Ever.
“I’m not under a spell, Nala.” I clearly stated, giving her what I imagined to be my worse look.
“That’s a damn shame,” She laughed, “Anyway, you’re coming with me! We have an essay to finish. Or in your case – start.” As she started pulling me away by my wrist, I snatched it back.
“I’m talking to Luna, Nala.”
“Whatever.” She snorted, reaching for my wrist again.
“I mean it, Nala. Go and finish your essay without me, I’m talking to Luna.”
“You know, it is rather rude to leave someone mid-conversation. It’s very offensive. Even if you are a Slytherin, Draco, I don’t think you’re impolite. Actually, in one of daddy’s articles, it had been proven that-”
“Again, I say a big whatever to you, Loony. And as for you Draco, if you really want to stay and talk to her, I’ll leave you be. You’ll make it up to me.” After a wink and a hip bump, she wiggled off in the direction she had come. Yes, she was my best friend, but really… if she wriggled that butt of hers any more, I swear she’d break something.

“She’s tortured.” The tone of Luna’s voice surprised me. It had changed from her usual distant dreamy voice to a more serious tone, laced with concern and curiosity.
“What?” Nala had seemed her usual self to me.
“She’s not a horrid person. Not really. Something’s making her like this, something from her past. She wants to appear strong and powerful, but really, she’s just a fragile scared young girl…” Luna trailed. A moments silence past – I know, another silence. But honestly, I felt blessed to be in presence of this girl.
“How can you tell?” I whispered. I knew that the death of Nala’s mother and father had moved Nala. It had made her a stronger person, her guard was always up. She wouldn’t let anyone in, anyone but me. I was the only person she trusted with all her heart, she told me everything. And I mean everything. But of course she had to let her guard down occasionally, not often, but occasionally.
“Everyone has a reason for how they act. I know that I haven’t done anything to her, so there must have been another reason,” she shrugged, “Although, I’m quite sure she was so horrid to me because you were talking to me. She’s very protective of you…” She paused and tilted her head to the side again, as though she was listening to the silent whispers of the hallway, “It’s like, you belong to each other. You’re hers and she’s yours, y’know?"
“Yeah, I know. She’s been my best friend since her parents died when she was two.”
“I’m sorry to hear that. My mother died when I was nine. She was a very extraordinary witch. One day she was experimenting with some spells and one went horribly wrong.”
“And you witnessed it?”
“Yes, I was playing with my enchanted Trollz. That’s why I can see Threstals.”
“You can see wh-?”

“Is he bothering you, Luna?” I heard the voice of Ginny Weasley come from behind of me. I turned to see her, followed by Potter, Granger and her Weaselbee brother, approaching the two of us with aggravated expressions.
“I better go.” I sighed. I didn’t want to leave Luna, but it was clear that we weren’t going to be alone for much longer. To my surprise, she smiled sweetly and said;
“It was nice talking to you, Draco.”
“Yeah, you too Luna. Thank you.” Just as the four of them had reached us, I started down the corridor, not really sure where I was going.

I soon realised that my legs had guided me towards the dungeon and I was in fact returning to the common room. As I’d expected, Nala was sitting at our favourite table near the fire, chewing her lip as she scribbled down her potions notes. I ducked behind one of the large concrete columns, took out my wand and whispered a spell, conjuring her favourite box of strawberry chocolates. Taking a deep breath and roughly going over my apology in my head, I walked over to the table and sat opposite her. She glanced up at me before returning to her essay.

“Sickly sweet strawberry chocolates, just how you like them.” I pushed the pink box across the table and watched her face light up. Chocolates were always a safe bet, and never failed.
“Aw! Draco!” She beamed, “You know how I love strawberry chocolates! Thank you!” She leaned over the table and pulled me into a tight embrace. She was back to being my Nala, and boy was I glad about that.
“In return,” I started as she sat back down, “I ask for your forgiveness, I never should have blown you off for Luna, you’re my best friend and I’m truly sorry.”
“You charmer, Draco Malfoy! You are, of course, forgiven!”
“Great! Now,” giving her my cutest smile, “Can you help me with my potions essay?”
“How else are you going to get an A?”

And just like that, I had my Nala back and I had had my first encounter with the most beautiful girl in the school.

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The Unspoken Truth: The Raven


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