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Moonlit Meetings by KilledByDrapery
Chapter 18 : Of First Kisses and Hogsmeade Visits
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Moonlit Meetings
Chapter 18: Of First Kisses and Hogsmeade Visits

The walk down to the Hogsmeade meeting point was uneventful (unless you count me tripping over air and falling into a group of first years as eventful) and we quickly met up with Lily and Mary; in that order.

Lily, who was standing with a group of Hufflepuff guys, barely noticed when we walked up behind her. Sean Lewis, a well-built seventh year, was talking.

“It was nothing, really,” he shrugged. “I mean sometimes you just feel The Snitch, you know?”

“That’s so interesting,” cooed Lily, her eyes glued firmly to his.

Stella didn’t waste the opportunity to get a stab at Lily. “Yeah,” she said, eyes wide. “Like, that’s so interesting! I never knew you were, like, uh, a telepath!” She grinned broadly, pretending to be super intrigued. “You’re Sean, right? The Hufflepuff, like, Quidditch Captain?”

Sean’s brow furrowed and he nodded. “Yeah?”

“Wow!” I swore I saw her eyes sparkle. “That is just, like, so cool! You’re like, my hero!”

Sean’s mouth twitched into a smirk and he shrugged his shoulders, crossing his arms over his chest. “Well thanks,” he replied proudly. “I mean, it’s just like a gift, you know?”

I couldn’t help but giggle as Stella continued. “Oh, definitely!” She batted her eyes bashfully. “Well, we, like, have to go…” she trailed off and pushed her pout out sensuously into a smile. “We’re kinda on a mission…”

“Oh yeah?” Sean asked, intrigued. I knew Stella totally had his full attention. “What kind of mission?”

Stella giggled, waving a hand at him. “Oh, it’s just, like, girl stuff. Thong shopping, you know?” She winked at him, batting her eyes one last time to keep him hooked and then adding, “Well… bye!”

She hooked her arms around Lily and I, steering us through the crowd so we could get in a good laugh at his expense. Lily was the first one to push out of our embrace.

“You didn’t have to do that!” she scolded.

That was when Stella and I were able to get a good look at her. She was wearing a pair of her own kitten heels and was sporting a low-neck blouse covered in a sheer material I had no knowledge of. Lily was also wearing a pair of dark skinny jeans. Her hair was done and I tried to remember if she had left the dorm like that.

Stella chuckled, looping her arm around Lily again, shaking her head. “Honey, if you really want a guy like that, there are plenty more wankers where he came from.”

Lily rolled her eyes with a sigh. “I wasn’t going to take him home or anything, Stel. I just wanted to have a bit of company tonight while you and Edmund go tromping around!”

“I’m not tromping,” I pointed out.

She looked at me disbelievingly. “But Stella said you had a date with Casper…”

A dark shadow loomed above me and I turned to see—guess who—Casper himself. His mouth was stretched into an amused smile as he looked down at my dressed up figure. He then leaned over and put his arms around me, squeezing.

“What have you been saying about me, darling?” Casper asked, his voice breezy. “Have you told them about us yet, love?”

I rolled my eyes, struggling against him. “Oh hush!” I scolded. My escape plan didn’t really work out, however, because Casper had about ten more years of quidditch under his belt than I did (and that does a lot for the muscle department).

Casper held me tight for another moment before letting go. “We didn’t plan anything,” he confessed; confusing Lily further.

“You’re not dating?” she asked tentatively.

Casper and I broke out into laughter and I was internally relieved that we were on the same page. “Nope,” he replied. “We’re not dating.”

Casper quickly explained to me that him and a bunch of his Ravenclaw quidditch buddies were going to the Hog’s Head for “drinks” (He later explained that a certain mate of his knew a certain bloke who had a knack for getting firewhisky to the under-aged) and if I, or any of my lovely friends, would like to join them we would be most welcome. I figured he was only asking to be nice and that he really didn’t want to babysit a group of sixth-years, so I politely declined and a kiss on my cheek later, he was off to find his friends.

Lily watched him go, a look of calculation on her face. A moment later she turned to me. “I think he likes you.”

“Of course he likes me,” I said with an eye roll, “we’re friends!”

Stella raised her eyebrows but didn’t comment on the matter.

Not long after, the group began to move toward Hogsmeade and we finally found Mary. She was near the front of the group and was wearing exactly what I remembered seeing her in. A practical girl like myself (most of the time), Mary had opted to adorn a long silver sweater, black jeans and sneakers. Her left arm was out of its sling now, but it looked like Madam Pomfrey had adjusting it to a thin splint, easily concealable beneath her sweater’s sleeves.

Mary spotted us first, running over with a grin. “I just saw Eddddmuunnnddd,” she said, wiggling her shoulders suggestively. “He looks every bit the stud you need.”

Stella grinned as well, pressing her tongue against the bottom of her canines.

“Where are you meeting him?” I asked, remembering that I had never asked.

“Zonko’s,” Stella said dreamily.

Lily coughed a laugh. “How romantic!”

Another five minutes of walking and we were at the Hogsmeade border. The chatter started to build and it seemed everyone had their own agenda because it didn’t take long before I was standing, completely alone, on the sidewalk. Lily had said something about stationary had darted off not long after Stella and Mary headed over to Zonko’s. So, not wanting to look like I didn’t have things to do too, I began strolling along High Street.

I passed Honeydukes rather slowly and before I knew it I was standing stock-still outside the window, staring inside. Mr. Flume (the shop owner) always made his own fudge and believe me, it was to die for. I bet that fudge is really fresh, I thought longingly. I bet he just got a new shipment of Canary Creams and Fizzing Whizbees… Oh! And I bet the Licorice Wands are extra licorice-y today… Licorice-y? Was I serious…? As my sweet tooth started to act up again, I tried to tear my eyes away from the window. It was so hard that I actually didn’t notice that a certain somebody was standing next to me until they began to speak.

“Resisting the urge?”

I think the fact that I didn’t jump straight out of my skin speaks to the idea that I’ve been around these loons too long.

“Hardly,” I said jokingly.

Sirius looked from me back to the candy store. “Well, if it makes you feel any better Fizzing Wizzbees are made from dried Billywig stingers.”

I grimaced, but couldn’t help but laugh. “That’s disgusting.”

“Yeah, but they’re still delicious.”

I didn’t know if his sweet tooth was as over-active as mine, but if it was he would know how much I longed to enter the building. After a second of deliberation, I decided that I could wait if it meant I hooked back once I was done at Dervish & Banges.

I glanced up at Sirius, a thought popping into my head. “Where’s the rest of your crew?”

Sirius cocked an eyebrow, amused. “I have a ‘crew’ now?” He crossed his arms against the wind which had just picked up. I was suddenly very happy I had worn my sweater. “James is off at the Hog’s Head with Casper,” he continued, “and Remus convinced Peter to stay back and study.”

I turned, smiling and wondering to myself why Remus hadn’t been placed in Ravenclaw. As I continued down High Street, Sirius followed me faithfully.

“Where’re we headed?” Sirius asked after a moment.

“Dervish & Banges,” I explained. I reached into my bag and pulled out the broken-up scrap of wood that used to be my wand. “I need to get it fixed.”

“Merlin, Colton!” Sirius exclaimed, taking a long look at the twig I was holding. “What’d you do, shag on it?”

I rolled my eyes, shoving it back in my bag. “No, just broke it.”

Part of me wanted to tell him what had happened, but I wasn’t quite ready to let him in—yet? Was I really about to think ‘yet’? I shook off the thought and kept walking.

Sirius shoved his hands in his cloak pockets (he was just wearing his uniform minus the vest and tie) and exhaled slowly. “That’s going to cost your firstborn.”

“It’s just Rowan…” I said after a moment, hoping that would change his mind.

“What’s inside?”

“Chinese Fireball heartstring.”

Sirius shook his head as he pulled the door open for me. “Be prepared…” he muttered.

I stepped inside Dervish & Banges slowly, letting the warm air rush over me. I hadn’t really thought about how much it would cost before, but now I was worried. I thought back to my savings and wondered how much I had on hand.

A man in his mid-sixties met me halfway to the counter. He had a receding hairline and salt-and-pepper hair. He wore a casual business suit and rectangular glasses that sat low on his nose.

“Can I help you?” he asked, his Scottish accent mixing with years of being around British blokes.

“Uhm… yeah,” I began. “I need to get my wand repaired.”

I heard Sirius snigger behind me, but I pointedly ignored him. The man forced a smile and directed me over to the counter. “My name is Gio and I’ll be the one working with you today,” he said as an after-thought. He walked around the counter to face me.

I put my wand between us and he looked at it with a frown. It looked like he wanted to ask what had happened to it, but he didn’t even touch the subject.

“Where did you purchase this wand?”

I thought back to my first-year shopping, nearly smiling at the thought. “Ollivander’s.”

“I don’t want a wand,” I pouted.

“But you need to get a wand, Serena,” Tyler sighed, rubbing his temple with his thumbs. After fifteen minutes of my sobbing, he was beginning to lose his cool. Especially since his friends were waiting for him at Quality Quidditch Supplies. “Everyone has to get a wand. I had to get a wand, Dumbledore had to get a wand, and you have to get a wand.”

“Who’s Dumbledore?” I asked with a sniffle.

Tyler sighed again, trying his best to be patient. “He’s the headmaster at Hogwarts, remember? Listen,” he said, turning me around and pointing me at Ollivander’s. “Just go in there. The man is extremely nice and he’ll help set you up with the most perfect wand the world has ever seen, okay sis?”

“No!” I hollered, stomping my feet against the ground. “You’re just dumping me off! I want to go get quidditch supplies with youuuu!”

I looked up and saw a guy wearing a blue button-up who now stood behind Tyler. He twirled a coin in his left hand, slipping it between his fingers skillfully. The blonde smiled at me warmly. “Hey kiddo,” Casper greeted me. He stepped forward and ruffled my hair. “What’s wrong?”

“She doesn’t want to go get her wand,” Tyler explained in a huff. He crossed his arms.

Casper watched Tyler for a second, “Everyone’s waiting.” He then turned to me. “Why don’t you want a wand, Serena?”

“He’s going to leave me here and I’ll have to go in by myself…” I sniffled. “I don’t want to go in alone.”

Casper turned to my brother. “Want me to take her?”

Tyler sighed and finally shook his head. “Serena, you need to learn how to do things by yourself. I’m not always going to be around to hold your hand, you know.”

I narrowed my young eyes at him, angry. “I do do things by myself!”

Casper stayed quiet, but I could tell he disagreed. I tried to narrow my eyes even further so Tyler would know just how angry I was. Tyler uncrossed his arms, pulling a small change pouch out of his pocket and dropping 7 Galleons into my palm.

“Prove it.”

I slipped the coins into my jeans pocket, pushing my chest out and straightening my shoulders. At that moment I decided I wasn’t going to let him think I was still a kid. I was eleven. I was going to go to Hogwarts this year. I could go into this shop and get a wand; no big deal. Right…? “Fine.”

I turned and, without another look back, waltzed into Ollivander’s and slammed the door behind me.

Gio fingered the wand silently for a second and then wrote something down on a slip of parchment. “Ten and three-quarters inches…” he muttered as he wrote.

Sirius leaned toward me. “Pay by the inch…”

I elbowed him.

The man looked back up at me as a younger man peered over his shoulder curiously. Gio pointed at the parchment which I guessed had all of the particulars about my wand on it.

“23 Galleons should cover it,” Gio said after a moment.

My eyebrows shot up to the ceiling. “Twenty-three? Galleons?” My jaw dropped. “You’ve got to be kidding me… That’s more than three times what I paid to buy the stupid thing in the first place!”

“We can have it done for you in about a week, maybe two.” The man over Gio’s shoulder added.

I peered over the counter, catching a glimpse at his nametag. By now I was pissed and he wasn’t going to make my day any worse. “Richard…Richard, Richard, Richard… Listen to me. That isn’t going to work. I need it done tonight and I need it done for no more than thirteen Galleons.”

Richard and Gio shared a hearty laugh before turning back to me. All traces of amusement lost from their faces. “Not going to happen, Little Witch. Don’t you know what goes into fixing a wand?”

Gio continued where Richard left off. “You can’t really ‘repair’ wands. You have to make a new one or there will always be a chance it could back-fire.”

I narrowed my eyes. “So you’re trying to get me to pay you three times as much as I would if I just went back to Ollivander’s?” I asked tentatively, my brow furrowing.

Sirius stepped forward, blocking my view of the men. He put a hand on the smooth surface of the counter and took a long, deep breath. “Listen,” he began slowly in the most calming voice I had ever heard him use. “Obviously this isn’t going to work. From my understanding of the situation, you could potentially make a new wand to the exact specifications she has given and it could possibly work even more horridly than it is now.” He cocked an eyebrow inquisitively. “Am I right?”

Richard shrugged. “The wand chooses the b-witch…”

Am I the only one that just caught that? He totally was about to call me a bitch… I curled my hands into fists and went to take a step forward but Sirius put a hand back to stop me from moving. I steadied myself but sent my best if-looks-could-kill glare at him. Sirius didn’t bother giving me the “stop” glance, but I could tell he was willing me to stand there and shut up.

“So you want 23 Galleons and two weeks to ‘fix’ a wand that can’t be fixed and without any guarantee that it’s even going to work?”

Gio gave Sirius a pointed look. “It’s not a perfect fix, no. But that’s our job, boy, not yours. Don’t go sticking your nose into things you know nothing about.”

Sirius plucked my wand from the counter with a slight bow of his head. “Thank you for your time.” He then proceeded to grab my hand and lead me out of the store.

Once we stepped back out into the chilly air of High Street, he handed me my wand. “They were totally ripping you off.”

I stared down at the broken wand, biting my bottom lip. “What am I going to do now?” I asked nobody in particular.

Sirius watched me for a minute until an idea popped into his head and a smile spread across his face. “Honeydukes?”

I looked up with a smile of my own. “Sounds perfect.”

I shoved the useless piece of hardware into my bag, using my freehand to pull my sleeves down a bit further as the wind began to pick up again. Freehand? I glanced down, noticing that Sirius was still holding onto my hand protectively. Needless to say, my face turned bright red and I began worrying about what people would think if they saw us—especially Stella, Mary, and Lily! I dropped his hand quickly, wrapping my arms around my body.

Sirius glanced at me, his cheeks pink from the wind. “Cold?” I barely had time to open my mouth before he had pulled his cloak off and handed it to me. “Here,” he said plainly.

Somehow I managed a thank-you and I set my bag down as I pulled on his cloak. Slinging the bag back over my shoulder, I looked up at Sirius with a weak smile. Why am I so bloody nervous now?? The cloak was large on me, but as I wrapped it further around my body I felt the warmth begin to seep into my skin, protecting me against the wind, and I couldn’t help but smile down into the fabric as I tried to avoid eye-contact with the wizard next to me.

It didn’t take long before we were standing outside Honeydukes and Sirius held the door open for me. Once I stepped inside, the rich aroma of sweets filled my nose and I grinned, going straight over to the fudge counter.

“Serena, good evening!” Mrs. Flume greeted as I stared longingly down at the plethora of flavors her and her husband cooked up that morning.

“Good evening!” I responded, nearly bouncing as my eyes caressed each piece of fudge individually.

I was so engrossed with my decision that I hardly noticed that Sirius was standing behind me, his arms pressing against the counter on either side of me. Mrs. Flume noticed this behavior and tipped her head at the dark-haired boy.

“Sirius,” she greeted.

“Hey,” he said coolly as he watched me scan the chocolates.

“Oo!” I squealed, pointing a finger down at a piece of red and brown paradise. “Is that raspberry fudge?”

Mrs. Flume smiled at me, pulling a pair of tongs out of a bucket. “How much, dearie? One slice?”

I glanced over my shoulder at Sirius in time to see a look of longing cross his face and couldn’t help but chuckle. “Might as well make that two slices.”

Once she had wrapped my fudge (and the two Fizzing Wizzbees that Sirius bought), we made our way back out onto High Street and across to the Owl Office. Sirius waited near the door while I plucked a quill and a piece of parchment off the counter.

Dear Mum and Dad,

So, I have a favor to ask. I have managed to break my wand and I kind of need a new one as soon as wizardly possible. I assume Ollivander remembers me, (doesn’t he remember everyone?) so I’m sending you my old wand and I need a replacement. Yes, I checked at Hogsmeade, but it seems as though everyone here is incapable of helping me out… I suppose we could go shopping during the Christmas holidays to pick out the perfect wand (2.0). So if you could talk with Ollivander and see what kind of arrangement could be made in the meantime, that would be fantastic.

All my love,


I gave my letter to a nice young lady in a deep purple dress along with five Knuts to cover the costs. She mumbled a “thank you” before shuffling off to the back of the store.

“Where to now?” Sirius asked as I met him out front. He was leaning against the side of the building and now he pushed himself off with his foot, his hands stuffed in his pockets. He added a quick, “my lady,” giving me a sweeping bow that made me dissolve into a fit of giggles.

“Wherever,” I replied with a wave of my hand. “As long as I get to sit on my butt and eat my fudge, I’m good.”

By then I was feeling extremely tired even though I had managed a full eight hours of sleep last night. I dragged my feet as Sirius began walking off in an unspecified direction. By the time he stopped and waved toward an empty bench, I almost flopped down from exhaustion.

Sirius chuckled gruffly, sitting down next to me and unwrapping his candies. “Tired, 07?” He asked with a smile, using my quidditch number.

I yawned, trying my best to sit up straight. “Of course not.”

He chuckled again, but didn’t say anything else for a few minutes as he popped a Fizzing Wizzbee into his mouth, chewing thoughtfully. I dug down into my bag, producing the boxes of—delicious looking—fudge from Honeydukes as well as a plastic fork the lady had given me. As I started to tuck in, it wasn’t long before Sirius leaned over and picked up a big piece with his fingers. I smacked his arm.

“Gross! I don’t know where those fingers have been!” I scolded.

“Sorry,” he said, catching me off-guard. He then proceeded to take the fork out of my hand and he stabbed another piece, shoving it in his mouth. “Better?” he grumbled between bites.

I rolled my eyes but I had to admit my heart fluttered a bit when our hands brushed. A slight pink blush rolled across my cheeks. “Better, I suppose,” I said after a moment. “But that’s my fork.”

He bit the last piece of fudge off the fork and handed it back to me. Oh Merlin, if the girls saw me now…

“Be my guest,” he said as he popped the second Fizzing Wizzbee into his mouth.

Against my better judgment, I took another bite of the fudge. And let’s just say I could taste the fizzy deliciousness of Sirius’s candies as well as the raspberry flavor of the fudge. My cheeks grew a shade darker.

“You feeling okay, Colton?” Sirius asked after a moment, amused. He cocked an eyebrow and plucked another piece of fudge up between his fingers, careful not to touch it to any of the other pieces in case I decided to yell at him again.

“Yeah, peachy.”

Sirius leaned over to get a better look at my face, pushing my hair out of my eyes. “You don’t look okay.” He put his other hand on my forehead. “Are you sure you’re not sick?”

And that’s when I said it. And, believe me, I have absolutely no idea why I said it. Maybe it was because I had just sent a letter to my mum, so all of her silly naggings were on my mind, but I just don’t know what possessed me to blurt out, “Do you want to come to my place over the holidays?” It took a few seconds for both of us to register what I had just said, and for those few seconds it felt like the world was standing still. His hand was still tangled up in my hair when I opened my mouth to add, “I mean, uh,” I blushed even darker. “That is… maybe for a bit, like, uhm, if you’re not doing anything else… And I’m not trying to imply that you don’t have anything else to do! I mean, you don’t have to… It’s just that my mom thinks I have no friends and she’s constantly bugging me to invite someone over and I, uh, figured maybe this year I would get a group together, so it’s not like I’m just singling you out or, uhm, anything…there would be more people there, so you don’t need to feel obligated to say yes or anything, I mean—“

He shut me up with a kiss. At first my thoughts stopped completely and I just sat there with my eyes wide open in an expression of complete and utter terror. And then, slowly, I gave in. My eyes closed and my thoughts started up again and the only thing I was aware of was how very warm his lips were on mine, and how very close we were. Oh Merlin… Oh Merlin… But, much to my dismay, he broke it off as soon as it started and he was standing up again, his hands stuffed into his pant pockets like nothing had happened at all.

“Yeah,” he said after a moment. His face was almost completely blank. The only thing I could find on his features was a very slight look of confusion and… regret? Is that really regret? My heart dropped.  “Are you going to invite James and the rest of the guys?” He motioned back toward High Street. “It’s getting late; we should talk while we walk back up to the castle.”

I wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but my body seemed to turn itself on autopilot as I gathered my things and pushed my bag up onto my shoulder. I looked around, and when I realized we weren’t really anywhere near other people, I was suddenly relieved. I didn’t want anyone else to have seen what just happened, especially with the way Sirius was acting now…

I stood, managing to put one foot in front of the other as I followed him. “Uhm… yeah, I guess so.” I told him after a minute. “I’ll be inviting the girls too…”

“Your mum must be proud of you,” he commented, still facing forward and avoiding eye contact with me.

I shrugged, watching the ground. “I haven’t told her I was going to invite anyone over, though… but yeah, I guess so.”

I looked up at the sky, noting how quickly the sun was dropping, but I realized we still had an hour before the group would be making their way back to the castle. I voiced this to Sirius, who just looped his thumbs through his belt loops with another shrug.

“Well, I’m going to go find James and the guys.” He glanced down at me for a fraction of a second before looking around at the surroundings. “Want to come?”

It didn’t really sound like an invitation, so I just shook my head. “Nah, I’m gonna go find Mary and Lily. I’ll see you back at the castle.”

Sirius began walking off, but stopped for a second and added, “Quidditch practice is tomorrow morning at six, by the way,” before continuing on his way.

Ugh. I knew more thoughts should have been going through my mind at that moment, but the only thing I could concentrate on was the fact of ugh. It’s not like I hadn’t been kissed before; I really had. But the main difference was that all of my past “boyfriends” were muggles I met over summer vacation. I knew it wasn’t exactly ideal, but with everything that happened in my life I wasn’t really up to dating and finding “that special someone.” Considering how that turned out for Tyler and Charlotte… And keeping magic a secret from them just helped me keep all of the other secrets from them too…

But now…? I pressed two fingers against my lips which were still burning from his kiss. Why can’t I just let it go? He obviously didn’t mean to do that… But part of me—a big part—hoped that wasn’t true.


Fifteen minutes later I bumped into Mary who was coming out of the Three Broomsticks with Lily propped up against her. I rushed forward, taking the other side of Lily, who looked utterly defeated.

Mary began explaining before I even had the chance to ask. “She managed to slip and fall off of the bar…”

My eyes widened in shock. “Why was she on the bar?”

“One of the Ravenclaw girls dared her to, and let’s just say that on one-too-many fruity drinks Lily will not be out-shown by the likes of a Ravenclaw.” Mary rolled her eyes.

It would have been an understatement to say that I was aghast, but after everything else that had happened today, I wasn’t entirely sure whether any of it was really happening. Maybe it was a full-moon again and this was all just some sort of sick dream…

Lily groaned as she limped on her right ankle, holding a pair of broken heels in her hand. “I feel horrid…” she muttered.

“I bet,” Mary replied with another eye roll. “You sure did take a nasty fall…”

“You didn’t drink anything…illegal, did you?” I asked tentatively, watching Lily rub her forehead.

“No,” Lily grumbled unhappily. “I didn’t. Just got a little carried away, that’s all…”

Mary couldn’t help but laugh. “I don’t ever want to see you drunk, then!” After a moment, she leaned over to me and whispered, “Have you seen Stella?”

I shook my head. “Nope, have you?”

Lily tossed her heels aside, readjusting her position between us. “I saw her leaving Zonko’s with Edmund; I think they went over to Madam Puddifoot’s.”

Mary cringed at the thought. “I absolutely hate that place,” she said, sticking out her tongue in disgust. “It’s like walking into a world that’s Valentine’s Day every day of the year…”

“Or maybe your problem with it is that you’ve been celebrating Single’s Awareness Day one too many years,” I retorted with a wink.

Mary couldn’t help but laugh at my comment. “But really I didn’t know someone could like pink that much…”

Lily elbowed Mary in the side. “Hush. I bet they’re having fun there, despite the large number of naked babies plastered over the walls.”

“Well if they can get through an evening at Puddifoot’s, they can get through anything, right?” 


It was nearly eleven by the time we got upstairs into the dormitory and I hadn’t seen Sirius or any of the guys on the walk back. Felicia was in the common room with some of the seventh years and we still hadn’t seen Stella yet, so I claimed the bathroom to get some alone time.

I pulled a nightgown and knickers out of my trunk before slipping into the bathroom. Once inside, I stripped down and stepped into the shower, hoping to get some clarity of the evening.

I closed my eyes, letting the warm water caress my face. Although my mind was spinning with the idea of Lily dancing on the bar of the Three Broomsticks, my thoughts kept crawling back to the warmth of Sirius’s lips and the feeling of having his hand in my hair, drawing me close.

I sighed, shaking my head in a desperate attempt to clear it. Why did he look at me like that? I thought, thinking back to the moment after the kiss. He looked like… I don’t even know… I pressed the back of my hand against my lips, closing my eyes again. And, for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why I wanted him to burst down the door and kiss me again.

I turned off the faucet, scrunching the water out of my hair and wrapping a towel around my frame. The scratches across my stomach burned a bit because of the heat of the water, but other than that I thought they were healing up nicely (especially for being only a day old).

Wiping a circle of fog off the mirror, I sighed as my reflection looked back at me. For someone trying to sort out their issues, I sure did have a lot problems still.

Once I got dressed and headed back out into the dormitory, Stella was sitting in her bed with a huge grin painted across her face. Mary and Lily sat on the edges of their beds as well, obviously waiting for me to make an appearance so Stella could begin spilling her guts about the evening.

“Serrr-eeennn-naaa!” Stella sang, nearly bouncing up and down on her bed.

I raised an eyebrow, wondering what exactly could have gotten her even more excited than she was before the date. “Yes?” I asked tentatively, taking my respective place on the end of my own four-poster bed.

He kissed me!” she squealed, no longer able to hold in her secret.

I smiled as she began delving into her evening, but I felt bad that my mind was so cluttered that I couldn’t concentrate on what she was saying. Was I happy for her? Of course! Was I upset that I couldn’t do the same thing with my news? Unfortunately, yes. I thought back on my night as the girls chattered happily about Stella’s love-life.

The idea popped into my head suddenly and I looked down at my trunk where I had thrown Sirius’s cloak. Remembering the way he brushed my hair out of my face and how he had held my hand as he lead me out of Dervish & Banges, my face turned pale and I nearly forgot to breathe.

Wait a second…Did I just go on a date with Sirius?


A/N: Thanks a ton for reading!! :) I hope it lives up to your wonderful reader standards. Just as an fyi, I got my wisdom teeth removed right before I wrote this chapter, so I'm actually not totally satisfied with parts of it... Pain kind of makes ya write differently Heh.. So yeah. The next chapter should sound more like me if this one doesn't. But, ZOMG, Sirius?!?! Leave a review and give your opinion on the situation!! What do you think about Serena/Sirius? What about Serena/James? Or even Serena/Casper? Maybe even a little Serena/Remus? How about Stella and Edmund? Who are you rooting for? Lemmie know! Your opinions DO matter! :) Rate/Review, please!!

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Moonlit Meetings: Of First Kisses and Hogsmeade Visits


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