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Cold as you. by EnchantedToMeetYou
Chapter 1 : Full of awesome people and prats.
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If you ask a person to describe me I guarantee they would reply with, “Narcissistic bitch, lazy, arrogant, mean, conceited, sarcastic and foul mouthed.”

They are obviously delusional.

However, if you asked me to describe myself I would reply with, “Awesome, amazing, the best chaser ever, beautiful, gorgeous, witty, fun, smart, brave... Did I already say awesome?”  

I’m Elladora Antoinette Chase (Ella or Elle will do unless you want your wand sticking so far up your-). Anyway, I’m 17, a seventh year and a member of the Gryffindor house. I’m also freakishly tall, and I have uncontrollable long blond curly hair, blue eyes and a slight trace of freckles across my nose. I play on the Gryffindor Quidditch team as a chaser… the best chaser.

I have two best friends: Evie Davies and Dominique Weasley; both are barking mad.

Dominique (Dom if you want to live) is in my year and house. She is beautiful. I’m not just saying that because she is standing next to me holding her wand in a threatening manner. No, she’s part Veela, around 5’8’’ with pin straight hair and stunning blue eyes-Ouch! Dom, I said stunning! Sheesh. She is the most sarcastic, outgoing, violent and down to earth person I have ever met. She does however have one downfall: she thinks she’s always right. She’s not by the way, she’s just too stubborn to admit that she’s wrong, the silly girl. Dom’s also on the Quidditch team but she’s our keeper.

Evie is also in my year and house. She’s stunning; with her gorgeous hazel eyes and her soft long brown curls she stands at about 5’7. She’s kind, understanding, polite, well-reasoned, calm and collected. I know what you’re thinking, what’s a nice girl like her going round with those two for? Am I right? Yeah, we don’t know either, but we need someone to level us out. She’s also a prefect so she gets us out of loads of trouble. Bless her.

Introducing the PRATS.

Freddie Weasley, Dom’s cousin, is quite alright actually, but he thinks he’s irresistible and gorgeous. Pffft, next joke! He’s 6’1’’, with light blue eyes and swept red hair. He’s also on the Quidditch team and plays beater. Freddie likes to have fun and is super immature and irresponsible, a lot like his dad and fellow cousins, the git.

Ayden Wood is a complete sex god. No, seriously, with his perfect blonde hair, sexy Scottish drawl, sparkling green eyes and incredibly perfect arse he is every girl’s dream. He stands at about 6’2’’, and he is a fellow chaser on the Gryffindor team. Lucky me! He is also smart, fun, easy going, laidback and just plain adorable. Sigh.

Last and certainly least is James Sirius Potter, another of Dom’s many cousins. James is Quidditch captain and the last of the chasers. He’s a complete arse. Some girls think he is equally as hot as Ayden, but they’re totally wrong; he’s repulsive. He’s 6’2’’ with hazel eyes hidden behind a large pair of horrible glasses. He has unruly windswept chocolate brown hair that’s falls into his eyes and a light splutter of freckles on his cheeks. Okay, so maybe he isn’t that repulsive, but he is Satan. No, seriously, who else would make you run fifty bloody laps around the Quidditch pitch, then proceed to tell you that you run lopsided so you should probably lay off the bacon? The cheeky bastard. 

Clearly my life can't get any better.





BETA - horseyrosierb

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Cold as you.: Full of awesome people and prats.


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