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Nine Lives? by Zora Weasley
Chapter 2 : Changes
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Everything you recognise belongs to the great J.K. Rowling

Chapter 2: Changes

This place was strange. There were no cages with animals in there. I couldn´t see any other animals at all.

The thing I was sitting on, after someone had taken my out of the basket, was very nice and a lot softer that my usual cage. I was sitting on Roses bed.

I think it is strange to have one place where you always sleep. I have a few places in the house and in Hogwarts where I like to sleep. But I suppose humans have this beds because they are bigger and they can´t lie around everywhere they want. Although I have seen people sleeping on tables and on books in Hogwarts. But I´ll come to that part of my story later.

As I said: I was sitting on Roses bed looking around in the room. There where a lot of colours, much more that the usual dark ones from place I had been before. The most interesting thing for me wasn´t the person standing in front of the bed, looking at me, but the big red closet standing opposite to the bed.

So I jumped of the bed and went there. I pushed the door open with my mouth, ever tried that? It´s not that easy. But after that a real surprise happened. I tried to jump up to one of the shelves to have a better view on the room, but I didn´t catch the board, just a piece of blue material and suddenly I was back on the floor, buried under a big pile of cloths.

As I tried to find my way out of the pile, I heard someone laugh. I guess Rose found it hilarious that I couldn´t climb an that I made a little bit of a mess.

When I finally made the way out of the pile she was sitting on her bed, still laughing. I decided to pretend the incident never happened and started cleaning myself, because that is a very appropriate behaviour if you just fell down with a pile of cloths.

Cloths – another strange thing humans use. I guess they need it to keep themselves worm not every creature can have a nice fur like we cat´s, but when it is worm outside, I don´t understand the use of them.

After I cleaned myself I decided that it was a good time to explore the rest of the room, but I stayed away from the closet, just to be save.

First I went under the bed. I there were a lot of things down there and a lot of dust. Suddenly someone or something was staring at me. I stopped moving instantly, hoping it wasn´t someone mean hiding there. After a while I noticed that the eyes weren´t moving or blinking, so I decided that I wasn´t in mortal danger and crept slowly nearer towards the eyes.

I couldn´t smell another animal as I crept nearer. As I was near to the eyes I saw that they belonged to a little dog, who seemed to be dead, because a, as said before I couldn´t smell any smell of another animal. But he didn´t seem to be death either, there wasn´t a smell of something dead either.

I decided that it was another if those strange objects humans use, partly because it smelled like the cloths that had just been piled in top of me, and made my way slowly out from under the bed.

The second I came out two hands grabbed me and I landed on Roses lap. Like earlier that day she started stroking my head and my tummy. This is so nice. I love it when people stroke me. Oh that is interesting: I even purr when I think about it.

Suddenly the door opened and the mum, the Big One with the bushy fur, came in.

“ Rose, come down stairs, dinner is ready. You can bring Alianna with you she needs to eat too.”

That was how I learned that I was named Alianna, nothing like “Hey how do you like the Name Alianna? Or would you rather like something less pompous like, Millie or Sophie or something like that.” Well at least it is an interesting name.

For dinner I had one of the best meals had ever had in my live. Well not as good as the food in Hogwarts is, but I didn´t know about Hogwarts then. I only had the leftovers from my family, but that chicken was still a thousand times better better than the food in the place I had been before.

The next few weeks went not very eventful. I explored all the rooms in the house and the gardens, except the little kittens, Hugo´s, room, he doesn´t really like me, so he always locked the door, to prevent me from coming in.

One time I did go in its room, when I thought he was somewhere else in the house and had forgot to close his door. I only got a few glances and saw that his room was not as colourful as Roses, it had only one colour everywhere. Almost everything was orange.

Before I could inspect the room more closely someone screamed “Get out!” and I was hit by a big orange thing was flying in my face. It was soft but thrown with a lot of force, so I was swept off my feet. The moment I recognised the flying object as a pillow I was picked up and thrown out of the room by the other human kitten. Of course I landed on my feet, but from that point on I was sure that Hugo wasn´t a friend of cats.

I got on well with Rose, she often played with me, sometimes she also played with other human kittens at our house and sometimes she went away to play with them. In those times I continued my adventures around the house. When the other human kittens first saw me some, of them especially the female ones, squeaked and called me cute and were starting to pet me for a while, but the excitement was soon over and they started to move through the air on some weird pieces of wood and throwing balls around.

Whenever they played the throwing-around-balls game I would ran around an try to catch one, but they were always to high up in the air.

A few times I managed to catch one of the mice in the garden, but the family didn´t seem to appreciate me bringing in the kitchen, so that they could eat them. I just meant it as a thank you for the food I got every day and to show them that I was fond of them, but they just screamed at me and through the mice out in the garden again. This humans are strange, throwing a perfectly nice mouse out and not eating it.

Then one morning everyone in the house was really excited and was running around, throwing thinks into a big box which had clothes and other things that belonged to Rose in it. They seemed to be in a panic to get somewhere. I was sitting on the living room couch when they were finished running around and headed to the door to the street. The father was now carrying the big box.

Suddenly little kitten was pointing at me and said to his sister “Don´t forget your stupid cat, I don´t want her here while you´r at Hogwarts”

“Oh! Oh my god! I can´t believe I almost forgot you Alianna” she said while running towards me.

With me still in her arm the humans climbed into a big metal thing that the father and the mother always used to get somewhere if they where taking the kittens somewhere.

While we were moving somewhere I climbed out of Roses arms and into the pocket of her long cloak, which was lying next to her. That place was going to be one of my favourite places during the next few years. I love to sit in that pocket, get carried around and watch everyone who passes by.

But lets get back to that morning. When the metal thing we sat in stopped and we all got out we walked into the biggest room I had ever seen, well I didn´t walk I was carried. There were people everywhere. And then those huge metal things, much bigger that the one we came there in and there were people walking in and out of them and sometimes on of them, the metal things, not the humans, would just leave into a big hole in the walls.

The family wasn´t as impressed as I was and walked fast through the building, until they suddenly stopped in front of a wall.

“Rose do you want to go first? We´ll follow with Hugo.” the father said.

Rose just nodded and started to run towards the wall. First I freaked out a bit and was about to hit her with my claws, but then we were already through the wall and stood near another one of those metal thinks.

This trains are really one of the few things I find quite clever about humans, not like beds or cloths, they are really practically. I would not like to walk everywhere I want to go by foot.

We met with some of the other kittens Rose and her sibling often played with. The one which was the closest to Rose seemed really worried. I jumped out of Roses cloak pocket, yes I had still been sitting in there, and went to one of the kittens with red fur standing around. She was one of the kittens that always fussed over me and always were nice. I greeted her by walking a few circles around her legs, she didn´t seem to like it as much as she usually does, so I decided to explore the surrounding a bit.

Walking between this big humans is really dangerous, especially when they have lots of thinks with them. Two times I got almost hit by a box falling down from one of the things that they used to push the boxes around.

After the second time I returned to the family. Exploring is nice, but not with the dangers of being stepped on by a careless human or squished by a heavy box.

On the way back I could hear Rose call “Alianna, Alianna where are you? Come here. Come, come here or we will leave without you.”

As I could see her though some legs, she just turned to the mother and said worried “ What if she got lost on the platform? I don´t want to go to Hogwarts without Alianna.”

The mother just petted her shoulder and said “She will be here. She is a clever little cat.”

That was the moment I decided to show myself. Rose squeaked and run towards me and picked me up a if she hadn´t seen my in days and I, happy to be safe from all those human feet, rubbed my face on hers and started to purr.

Seconds later there was a loud noise and everyone panicked once again. “Hurry, hurry! You will miss the train.” said one of the Big Ones standing around.

Rose and the human kitten closest to her, I later learned that his name was Albus, were one of the last ones to enter the big metal thing, that was already stuffed with lots of other kittens.

I was still sitting on Roses arm, while they waved to their parents till we couldn´t see them anymore. 

So my second chapter is up.  Thank you for reading it.

I hope you liked it and I hope you take the time and review to tell me everything you think about the story.


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Nine Lives?: Changes


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